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Sean Cook

1107 Guerrero St. Apt A. San Francisco, CA 94110
(858) 610 8633


CONSULTANT Independent Analytics and Marketing Consultant TECHNICAL
Jan 2018 - Present SQL /Hive Attribution
Periscope Data
ProServe technical consultant for customers. Python Schema Design
Technical and content marketing.
JavaScript A/B Testing
Woopra HTML/CSS Periscope Data
Project management and product marketing for new website.
Tableau AWS Services
Wootric Statistics Adobe CC
Ebook: Growing your CX Program from Startup to Enterprise.


PERISCOPE DATA Senior Analyst, Content and Community Manager
Communications Professional
Oct 2016 - Jan 2018 Lead Analyst for Marketing. Lead Marketer for Analysts. Writing
Team Player
Developed lead scoring, EMRR estimation, attribution models and Community
P. Management Development
determined ROI for marketing efforts across all channels.
Web Design Data
Created the Periscope Data online and offline communities — from Visualization
site construction and moderation to content development, event
planning, speaking and organizing guest speakers.
Lead writer for the Periscope Data Blog, focused on analytics and
technical content. San Diego State University
MS in Geography; Emphasis in Watershed Science
All But Thesis Completed

INTUIT Senior Analyst San Diego State University

Oct 2014 - Oct 2016 Lead Analyst for QuickBooks Net Promoter Score BA in Geography; Emphasis in Analysis
Dec 2007
Worked across teams and departments to bring a customer-cen-
tric, deeply analytical approach to business decisions.
Designed reporting and analytics connecting the user experience Building a Customer Health Score in SQL
to in-product behavior, LTV, firmographics, retention and acquisi- Informed Marketing with Periscope Data
tion. Net Promoter Score and Survey Analysis in SQL
Python: Write a Create Table Statement and Load a CSV into Redshift
Provided analytics for a variety of projects using marketing, click- 3 Ways Communication Can Help Analysts Be More Successful
stream, product, financial and customer data. This includes open- How to Get Started With AWS Spectrum in Minutes
ing new global markets, digital advertising and in-product discov- SQL Query Order of Execution
SQL Text Analysis with Donald Trump’s Tweets
Using Raspberry Pis to Build Beautiful Wall-Mounted Dashboards
EXELATE Marketing Analyst
Dec 2012 - Oct 2014 Led the Data Insights Team within the Analytics Dept
Responsible for data quality control and monitoring. Designed
and implemented data quality metrics and automated reporting.

Created D3.js dashboards for visualizing data accuracy, scale and

DB health in real time. Python, R and SQL on a Linux.

Visualizations and backend for big data driven products, including

marketing analysis platforms for campaign measurement.

Wrote whitepapers, weekly emails and other marketing materials.