365 Days of Poetry

Flowers Staring, Gazing at this dazzling domain on the hillside, An endless expanse of raging reds and violent violet violets, Watching this majestic mountainside, Joy abounds in my heart, mind, in my soul. The open feeling that these flowers of freedom create makes me fly, The barrage of beauty beating a drum on my retina, Creating a rainbow of colors and emotions. A feeling of exploration, of things yet to be discovered. A sense of relaxation, a calmness that cascades through me, making me forget about the world for a time. Color and joy are the pollen these plants emit, and I feel bathed in the happiness of these flowers.

Memories I walk across the room of my old house, I see the memories that I left behind, And, now, there's nothing there, no, not a mouse, But still I wonder what in here I'll find. Some vestige of my life, perhaps? a clue? I sense this old junk heap has much to say. To me, this house is vast as oceans blue; My mind was lost into the breaking day. I wander 'cross the boards of my domain, Wondering what times I had in this sad place, My past has gone as quickly as the rain, Left me: a blank expression on my face. My house's ashes lie upon the ground, My memories gone, now: never to be found.

Dancing The day begins, the sun rises. A morning breeze frolics playfully across the world, Licking the dew-covered grass with airy tendrils, As the day begins the great eternal song. The leaves rustling quietly, high above, The birds chirping excitedly, happy the sun is out to play, The backbone beat of twigs cracking under our feet, As the world sings and hums to us, here in our meadow. Moving our feet to the rhythm of the world, We dance a slowly moving step, Ushering quietly in the world to the world, Welcoming the daybreak into our minds. The day continues, and we dance slowly onwards, As the sun stretches further into the heavens, The great illuminating, all-seeing orb, Bringing the day to a middle, and the slowness to an end. The birds soar quickly overhead, Building, Working, As the bees buzz all day, Building, Working. We transition from the slow of the morning, to the speed of the afternoon, jumping climbing, sailing flying across the world with boundless jumps of joy, as our dance turns from welcoming to love. The speed not ceasing, time continuing, We dance on in the shade of our pine, In the warmth of our sun, in the green of our grass.

The sun slowing, deadening itself to the world, Vanishing in a slow flash of golden red beauty, The silvery white orb, pale as death and beautiful as her, The moon rises, bringing with it a dance of farewell. We dance our last, green grass in our toes, gusting wind in our hair, Feet bare on the ground of Nature, embracing us in love, Rocking, back and forth, to and fro, as the earth falls silent, Swaying to the owls, the wind, and the soaring sphere above. A dance to the sun, the moon, the grass, the sky, A dance for the wind, the birds, for us... for love, A dance for the day, a pledge of existence, But every dance is heavenly... and every dance must end.

Leaves As a bud, life is begun, Absorbing and eating what there is, Straining at gusts, disturbances, As we are welcomed into the world. As summer arrives, we are full grown, We sparkle with dew in the morning, beautiful as the dawn, And as the day begins, the wind pulls at us, Calling us forth into the great wide world. With the fall comes our freedom, And we listen to the whispers of the flow, We breathe deep of the fresh new air, And we float away, leaves on the wind. With winter arrives our demise, The end of our dance on this planet, But we will never forget what it was to be, To laugh, to live... to soar.

You You pick me up, You make me laugh, You get me through, And I love you. Eyes like the moon, Flowing face and loving lips, Bounce in your step as you move, And I love you. Wit sharper than razor, Will harder than steel, You don't have a clue, How much I love you. Everything thought out, Intelligent to boot, Skin ever so smooth... P.S. ... I love you.

Wandering I walk among the people, And although I cannot see, I hear smell realize, That they're as blind as me. Hearing their cries-complaints, Feeling the ground crack under the stress, Smelling the acrid acid sadness, Tasting the air, and the lack of happiness. Walk through the city, Let all the people see, That though they still have their eyes, They're still as blind as me. In the hallways of my school, People point and laugh and jeer, But even as I wander blind, I can feel them stare and sneer. People of the world, Open your eyes mind, For it appears I can see farther than you, And you're not I am blind.

Sleep Your head becomes light, and heavy, Fog fills your mind like the clouding of mist upon a beach, Blissfully, painfully empty of thought and emotion, concentration shot to hell. Eyes begin to droop as your mouth hangs open at the hinges, gaping like a black hole, a rip in time and space as a tear in your mouth and consciousness. Noises generally unheard and ignored become hypnotic and grandly beautiful, ideas float just inches beyond your reach, and you struggle to grab them, to hold them, but they float away, leaves on the wind. You continue to try to think, Hopelessly and to the hilarity of the surrounding, Your mind creating spiderwebs of tangents, Intricate webs of drowsiness, Ideas drip through your head as so much water through your hands, as sleep reaches out and claims you.

Valentine¶s Day A day. A measurement of time flowing by, yet this day has a name. A title whereupon sits the hopes and dreams, The aspirations of a generation of pupils. A symbol. A representation of something it is not. Without people, the symbol is meaningless. But with enough people... A name. A title by which to call something, And by giving it a name, we raise this day above all other days. We make this day special. How strange. A feeling of odd displacement. Why make a special day to spread our love? A special day to show our real feelings. How frustrating. A feeling of anger towards a noun. How annoying that a name, a simple title, Can say the words I cannot. How amazing. We have a day to love each other, We have a day to care, A way to say simply three words: I love you.

Seasons Summer The sun shines at its brightest, The rains do cease to come, The world seems at its rightest, It's time to have some fun! The children run out to play, The teens relish the break, No matter what adults do or say, We have fun for our own sake. Fall The sun begins to hide, The leaves do disappear, Children do stay inside, It happens every year. School resumes its course Mud presents its show, The children feel remorse, That summer had to go. Winter Creatures vanish from sight, We get our days off school, The cold does not seem right, With lack of swimming pools. The snow starts to appear, Thats when we truly know, We have nothing to fear, Winter's begun its show! Spring The growing of the plants, Sprouting of the shrubs, Along with them come ants, And little, tiny, grubs. Lakes start to defrost, The snow begins to thaw, And now forth comes the moss, And the prettiest leaves you ever saw.

The year passes with school, And though we cannot see, That we are all just fools, The earth changes, as much as we.

Think I don't know what to think. I love you and I hate to hurt you, I don't want to, I don't try to, But I do. I do what is right by you, I tell the truth to you, I show you me and my thoughts of you, They grow, Unwatched, Untended. The dancing in your heart equaled only in my mind and pen and paper, The beauty in your eyes echoed only in my soul. I show you my heart, You get confused, I show you my soul, You are conflicted, I show you me, You are upset. You say it's okay, But you do not stay to speak to me. I trust you, I love you, to the point of stupidity. You know that. ...right? Don't betray me, for as others trust me without spoken word, As do I you. If you hate me, it's myself that will be

hurt. Speak and think as you do and will, Your mouth and mind are not mine, But as a forewarning... ... the rest can be guessed.

Trust You can talk about anything, Lives are thrust into other hands, Emotions allowed to run free, With another to see them. "Taboo" doesn't exist, Nor does the word "ashamed" For this love is unconditional, This love is open. A person to talk to, Someone who will listen, A person to listen to, Someone who will talk. A relationship for the ages, One that endures through the years, And that person is your other half, More necessary than sky or grass or water. A loving, caring hand, Put our for when you need it, For when you don't need it, For when you need someone to look at. Love: A condition of the heart, soul, and mind, where the happiness of oneself depends upon the happiness of another.

Down Deep Digging into the earthen soil of my mind, Burrowing faster, curious as to what I may find, Unaware of what lies in the depths, Oblivious to the oncoming terror. Corpses and the smell of death follow me, Follow me all the way, Warning signs of what lies ahead, Simple prequels to what waits what lies in the dark. The light grows dimmer, The corpses diminish in number, The smell diminishes in intensity, Both afraid to walk in the unknown realm. I reach the deepest pit of my hellish mind, Where light refuses to shine, And the darkest demons tread not. A box, darker than the black that surrounds me, A box with numbers and letters, The letters are words I have spoken, The numbers are days I have walked and lived. Without an idea what awaits, With a mere thought, The box flies open, And within lies me, and what lies behind me. Staring at the raw terror, The horrible events of my past, I push myself back from Hell itself, Back! back! back! to before Pandora's box. To fly from Hell... The corpses and death cannot compare to that box, ... my box... my past.

Information Every touch upon the paper, A world of information flows, From mind to finger, finger to pen, pen to paper, paper to eyes, eyes to mind. Ideas passed through the generations, Generations of mind to pen practices, Survive, Only now, From readers reading for faith, for joy, for relaxation, for love. Information conveyed through so many mediums, received and understood... ... and forgotten.

Dreamcatcher My defense from the outside world, Protection from demons and gods, Assurance of a safe sleep, Intricate webs of beaded love. As I lay, restless, You grasp a thought I cannot, You pull this away, To think of happier nouns. My mind begins to wander as my pen begins to move, Each stroke intentional as the sound of rain, Each word containing meaning for those who read them. Startled, as I wake to find myself alive and well in the world once more. Oh! dreamcatcher, you provide me safe harbor from nightmares, But it's the real world I need protection from.

The Forest At the edge of The Forest, Like the edge of a cliff, You stand between mankind and nature, Between life and death. Stepping off the road, Stepping off the map, The grassy ground beneath your fee, The woodland creatures run over your toes. Walking without a clue, Deeper and deeper into The Forest, As the trees grow thicker, You stroke a branch and The Forest sighs. A ripple goes through The Forest, Like a pebble in a pond, And though you know that you are lost, You know you'll never be alone.

Conversation Words tumble from my mouth so open wide gaping as words like vomit upon your shoes. Babbling wildly with no sense has abandoned me to fate which seems to have given up in my mind the factories and computers have stopped. Ideas form in my head un clearly I'm not made for speech isn't my strong suit that I wear while I write. You talk and seem so thought out is where I'm running to escape fills my mind and clogs my heart belongs to you even through word death. The love I feel for you cannot be expressed with any language is so limited constricting binding me to thoughts of others so empty and devoid of love. I write so that I won't have to talk about rambling morons over there I go again trying desperately to express impress my love for you in a language without words.

Love I see you walking, step, You talk to your friends, speak, You stop at your locker, ever graceful, You stop next to me, your friend. Thoughts like a river flow through my mind, The adrenaline second log in a rapid, The testosterone third log, Yet my love for you finished before they started. Greetings are greeted then rejected, Good words must be chosen, But what words could do justice to your beauty, Your stunning allure? As I stand waiting for words that stood me up, Your lips begin to move, The English language flows, ever graceful, As though reading from a script not written but thought. Kind, gentle, loving, sweet, gorgeous, Sparse words, ill-fitting as to describe you, As you finish your sentence I realize I've been cheated, Trapped by an empty language, devoid of proper words. As I open to reply, My heart runs as 'twere that I was dying, Every breath is a challenge, but made good by your intoxicating bouquet, Every breath out only made to breathe back in. I put together words in an order, I order myself to speak, Reminding myself to breathe, I obey. You laugh, a sound like birds, but less meager, A sound like bells, yet more musical, A sound like wind, but more freeing, A sound like water, yet more peaceful. Have I misspoken? wonder I, as you turn to walk, Yet no, you motion for me to follow, My heart breaking speed limits and records,

I walk forward, eager to be with you, yet fall. The hall hears sees me, lying at your feet, Books and binders alike, level with my eyes, Tears, as pain hits harder than reality, I stand shakily to right the wrong, yet fall. As people laugh and cameras are clicked, Who offers me their hand, but you? I reach to grab, to grasp, And feel your skin touch mine. Skin smoother than silk is memorized instantly, Your pulse beats gently, calmly in my hand, Your eyes shine into mine, and I stand, Oblivious to the eyes around me but for yours. Standing up, your life's drum disappears, As I, no, we pick up my effects. And you turn, holding half, And carry them. (Swooning ensues) Love is hardly logical or choice, Love is hardly identifiable, measurable, Yet a life would not be worth living, Without this crazy quirk of happiness. We walk down the hall, you Beauty and I the Beast, Words, albeit without sense, tumble out easy, As I finally turn to you as you looked at me, And talk to you.

Flight Soaring. Heightened by love, Flying across mountains and clouds, Between trees green oceans blue and ice caps crystal. Knocking the snow off the tallest alp. Realizing. This world is damaged, This world is sick, The mountains rise and fall like the sea and forest so green, This world needs a doctor, a helper, a savior. You. Flight may be beyond you, But the forest is still green for you, the sky is still blue for you, and the ice caps still crystal for you. Laugh Learn Love

Word Block I feel frustrated, sadmad, So much to say, talkspeak, No one to listen, hearsit, No words to say it with, lackempty. So many conflicting feelings, thoughtemotions, So many new ideas, brainimagine, Love to distribute to loved, attachliked, No way to deliver, recievesend. Sadness at the potential lack thereof, maybesomewhat, Disappointment at communication failures, ChineseLatin, Made sense in the past, previouslybefore, The present is a bad, terriblestutter. The figureback part, recedingwalking, Words splutter to the ground, liedie, To wait unspoken unthought, heartmouth, For your back-to-front-to-return, reverserecede. The language of love isn't spoken, tellgive, But thought in symbols lack meaning, ¬œ, Thus forgive my demeanor lack thereof, fluttershudder, And look to my eyes for truth, loveyou.

The Hill Tumbling down a hill, Ever closer to the bottom. Gaining speed as I gain momentum, As gravity grabs me and pulls me down down down. Rolling, I hit a small rock (pain), Soaring, flying and fast! It's over all too soon, As gravity grabs me and pulls me down down down. Careening to the bottom of jagged rocks and jagged death, With but a glimpse of sunlight thrown through the trees. The ground grows moist with mud and mush, As gravity grabs me and pulls me down down down. The smallest sound a safe haven of hope, Water not running moving, but existing. A splash as I touch the lake of open minds hearts souls, And I learn to escape gravity's pull down, down down... ...yet up.

Roller Coaster Roller Coaster: Up and down Side to side Lean in Lean out Upside-down Falling. Me: Feeling happy, then sad, Emotions change with a turn of the track, Getting involved in things I shouldn't, Staying out of things I shouldn't, Losing friends I didn't know I had, Betraying trusts I didn't know existed, Landing. Missing things in front of me, Ignoring the few things I manage to see, Enter the loop, To be tossed, Flying, From the midst of loved ones. Falling, Landing, Dying. ...start another day: repeat.

Helping Hand I sit at my desk, I stare at the wall, I stare at the paper, And the world spins on. I sit at the bar, I stare at my friends, I stare at my drink, As the world spins on. I get up to walk, No incentive notwithstanding, To walk to the door, To walk in the world. Sun shines and birds chirp, People laugh and live and love, No change made by me, As my shadow walks in shame. To have laughed is to have loved, To have loved is to have lived, To have lived is to have learned, And I wander, unchanged, unchanging. I walk to the park, Wandering, as the dusk takes the land, I reach the construct of trees, And allow the sweet silky sunset to stretch upon me.

Apocalypse A rumbling shakes the earth on which we walk, The sunset seems to shiver in its wake, Much more of this I don't think we can take, We will be powder just as so much chalk. The people of the world will cease to talk, This world that gods and demons both did make, They force the planet and waters to shake; Our doom is now on us just as a hawk. We face our fears, Our lives collapse, Our world is gone. For all our years, We had one lapse, We now are song.

Poetry: A Definition An open book, A new book. A blank page, A medium for expression, Flowing, words like liquid merging, A mixing bowl of ingredients: Two cups of paper One cup of ink, A hint of pepper with a dash of love. A bridge between worlds, Your heart soul mind, The pen ink paper... A release. The open arms of an attentive listener, A good friend, A trusted companion, A loved one. There when you need them, There when you want them. The inner workings of our selves, Flowing from medium to medium to last everlasting never ending on paper.

Breaking Up Words, spoken without accompanying malicious intent, Spoken with meaning, with love, with sorrow, Tearing at me as a pack of half-crazed dogs, Ripping my souldreams and future apart. A step backwards, trying to flow back through time, Trying to escape this now, this here, My mind melting to avoid the moment, My world soaring far away, far out of reach. The searing pain of my heart etched upon my face, My body dying piece by piece, Sinking slowly deeper into the fire of my love, Falling far down into the volcano of my passion. The destruction of my self not enough pain, I gaze into the endless ponds of your eyes, Deep, fathomless, all-knowing, beautiful, And I see the waters clouded with many muddy sorrows. I sink ever deeper downwards, drowning in your stare, Mindlessly, I attempt speech, flinging words like weapons, Pushing at your will, your world, you drop a tear, And I fall. Lying, brought to to your feet, my knees, The sun sets on our love and our life, Leaving me, alone, sobbing in the darkness, As a new moon rises, and a new world begins.

Flowers A trinity of color, cascading down the mountain like a waterfall designed by the gods. Each droplet another world of beauty, each little part of the whole splashing silently upon the world below. The land covered in molecules of sensuous smells and attracting aromas. To this hillside I would travel with you, the whole world lying below us as we are swept away by the rambling river of the mountain. The earth stretching out in front of us, the endless expanse of life, blanketed in by the all-covering clouds above, and the great blue above that. All the life on our hillside quiet, save my whispers, your laughter, and the gentle twittering and whistling of birds, chasing love across the sky. From our viewpoint we watch the world, sunrise, sunset, moonrise, moonset. Time ticks by, and we are lost within ourselves... our love... our flower. "In the realm of possible things, I'd like a sunset to sit and watch with you. In the realm of things not so possible, I'd like a never-ending sunset to sit and watch with you."

Fog A haze. A mist, maneuvering over forests, A floating liquid, Making life fuzzy. Flowing in and out, The air as a road, traveled along, stopping at trees, leaves, lovers. Flowing though and around the lagoon, The boat and emotions, floating, The haze mists, mist hazes, And I see clearly evermore.

Talk To Me I'm here to talk to, As a friend, As someone trustworthy, As someone loved, To talk to. About things you won't can't shouldn't want to but do. I like it, Yell at me, Hate me, Hit me, Not them. Feelings will pass, And you won't hate them, But they'll hate you. Hate me in their place, It's fine. Let go. Bottling it all up letting it burst, these are bad things. Say what you think say it then not later. I like other people, Their problems, Things I can help with, Their feelings, Your feelings, I love them. I give (bad) advice, Yet humor me, Let me listen, Let me try, Let me in.

Me Trusting in who I love, Loving that who I know, Knowing all that I see, Seeing all that there is. Aware of my stupidity, Stupid to the point of ignorance, Ignoring what I hate to hear, Hearing the insults I receive. Enjoying all the attention, Attending to all my fears, Fearing that truths are what they say, Saying that I don't care, Caring about all of their comments, Commenting only to compliment, Complimenting all too much. Hating that they're right, Feeling that I'm wrong, Wronging those I love, Loving all I know. I manage to find friends, talkers, Talk to them in class, Classing them as trusters, Trusting who I love. A nice person, a thinker, Thinking about my life, Living in a test-tube, an experiment, Experimenting on those that I love. Turning inwards my hate, Hating myself for living, Living only for the sake of others, Others that I love and trust. Disgusted with my actions, Acting always wrongly, Wronging those I love, Loving those that love me back.

Paradise Trees scrape the sky with outstretched fingerbranches, Whispering the secrets of the forest to the heavens, Stroking the underbellies of the clouds with their leaves, As the big blue sighs in return. Endless expanses of earth and sky, The wind blows ever gently on forever, never ceasing, Softly, sweetly, lovingly rustling the limbtrees, As the sky completes the circle of gossip. A river, the babbling bubbling bumbling brook, The river flows gently, like a breath, nay, a secret upon the air, Clearest river, ever flowing yet neverending, Reflecting the shining sun by day, and the starry skies by night. During daylight the dazzling dominating dome of light, Does deem us undoubtful and deservant of itself along with its dear and delightful decor, Dangling high between the earth and the heavens. As doth the sun set, the starry skies show themselves, Soaring high after solaris is sleeping, Singing and showing us signs and sights... somewhere seemingly sinister, yet simple stunning. Serene, though night and day may come and go, Beauty exists in ever corner of This Valley, With scattered birds drifting and twittering above, As we sit and laugh and love below. We watch as the clouds tumble by, Rolling across the sky as so much fluffy fuzz, Lighter than air and glorious as the dawn, Brighter than life and beautiful as a goddess. As said dawn shows itself to the world, As the sun completes the circle of life, We gaze, ever content to watch, Gaze and marvel at the wonder of it all. Reaching rosy red fingertips over the earth,

Grasping mother nature and all else, Dousing the planet in golden light, And we feel it roll over us, we two. As the day wears on, the birds do sing, They sing of our lives, our loves, And the river bubbles back, Responds with tales of oceans and horizons yet unseen. The sun begins to set, just as wondrous as the dawn, The world begins to darken, but all is well, And we lie back, and sit, and laugh, and love, As we relax, ever content with this paradise.

As Once it Was, So Shall it Ever Be flows as so much liquid, water and grass mingle together as a single organism, sharing a simple goal of survival and ultimately to be beautiful, beautiful as the stars floating high above us surrounded by nothingness yet burning so bright as to be able to impress their wonder upon a world of people times away, to be able to strike confusion and joy abounding in the hearts of darkest men, men whose very demons turn and run from them in fear of what awaits them were they to confront this evil, the stars, as beautiful as the flowing rivers of water and grass, turn these darkest of dark, darkest of men, to seek higher heights and greater goods, standing upon the hilltop of tumbling souls, gazing up and down, marveling at the intricate design and freedom of the universe as the wind, carrying scents from across the plains of the earth, gusts upon their faces while the leaves hanging low over ponds lying low drip drops of the morning dew onto the glassy surface of such, with beauty in their rhythm and love in the very sight, singing their song as the day goes on, continuing the wandering of the water, drifting on through trickles and streams, bordered by reeds, with the sound of caring precision and love while the The Universe

The Stuff of Dreams Flowing, ever endless, Migrating through emerald worlds of grass, Sapphire universes of water, And feeling the wandering wind upon your face. You feel every thought, See every beat, Hear every taste, Love every minute. Existing as everything, yet only watching, Watching as the game you started plays, As you interact without moving thinking, The game you will finish. Thoughts are yours, as they flow around rivers, Every word a tantalizing world of information, Every book read in twenty and seven lifetimes, Yet finished before the second is out. Answers to problems you've never seen, Memories of future conversations, Past events that haven't transpired, Yet all seems so real inside... Trapped by this wondrous world, Powerful walls that neglect to release, Peaceful wars that fight without cause nor victim nor victor, Perhaps the perfect world can't exist. Hours flow by like the seconds so long, Friends you knew and will, Enemies meet and greet you, Something broken, something bad. You sense the world is wrong, Something bad, something broken, It all can't exist, can't all exist, Despite the hopes and wishes of a lifetime. Water runs backwards as you run forwards, Across the Sahara forests, Swimming through the river Sphinx, Along the landlocked coast of the world.

The one of your love, The love of your life, Speaks not to you but to others, Of your previous yet oncoming demise. As your heart rips in half, as does the universe, Abandoning hope and reason, For what reason is there without her? without you? A blankness, a world devoid of nothing and everything, No black no white no up no down no time, No time to live to write to laugh... to love. A world without love is abandoned, As is the last attempt by your mind and heart, To keep you blissfully woefully ignorant, As you see with your eyes once more.

Snow Falls to the ground, Falls all around, Lands without sound, Easy to be found. Falls from the sky, Falls from on high, Beauty for mine eye, And to foxes sly. Individual as a child, Comes only once a while, Adults think it vile, Sure to make me smile. Snow's very rare, Treasure while it's there, Cold without a care, Beautiful as maidens fair. Protect that which you love, Be it snow from above, Or a friend, peaceful as a dove, But when push comes to shove, Stay close to your love.

Just Sitting It's like sitting beneath a tree. Underground, overwater, above earth and sand and cloud until there's nothing left. You're alone with the universe, above, below, around and within you. When loneliness washes over like a wave upon the shore, what then? The grandest, most wholesome being in creation... and the only one. A lonely god, with an existence to rule, but no subjects. A kingdom with no purpose, and we're all just floating. Love and emotions were lost eons into the future, for time has no meaning nor purpose. Having achieved ecstasy, perfection, nirvana, what comes next? What, after all is known and gone, can come of living? With every sunset planned and every future seen, every blade of grass understood and every past explored, every disaster stopped and every killing prevented, the only thing that comes after Utopia is death. Death, gentlemen, is what comes after the universe has been judged and deemed not guilty - is the only thing not understood, and that scares even an omnipotent god, humbles the greatest among us. With everything on the horizon foreseen, the world ceases to exist, and comes to an unbeing. It's the end of the day, gentlemen, and I'm quite fatigued; adieu and good day, gentlemen.

Love 2 Spurn me, forsake me, but know this: Mere sight made raw art, Senses transformed, made what they are not, You become transformed, but you forever care not, This beautiful feeling matching the embodiment of your emotion. A dependency, like an addiction, ripping at your soul; The essence of self, your self, becoming lost in another. A connection, a bond, incomprehensible as it is important, Defining as it is of you, your all, your self, yourself. A vision, Of the future, Of a road yet to be traveled, Of the soft thumping of your heart in time to their footsteps. Complete, unending reliance, Falling, knowing they lie behind you, No rush of adrenaline, knowing you¶ll never hit the ground. Trust. Described only abstractly, An art form of the mind Of your emotions, Of the universe. Spurn me, forsake me, but know this: Pain is an emotion tethered to the earth; I insist upon floating among the stars. Gravity has no hold on love.

Old Fables The cow jumped over the moon, they say, At noon, I say, pumped up a swing. What a silly old thing was that cow (dead now, and how). The songs they sing, but how quick Do they frown on the ground with a soon red brick. They stick the cow right in the thick of the Night, but it's sick, and no one's shed light on the Situation, titillation, the drama of cows and satellites Soon makes the world all hurl like a man in a sauna Without any morals or rights and all tied up in Quarrels and fights, concerned with the timing and Meter and rhyming but not with the words, no, Don't be absurd, who had ever heard of a meaningful Rhyme? Well now sir it just happens that as per fate a chap Was walking and talking (not stalking I swear) our cow. His sanctity will be preserved, but still who had yet Heard of a poet who knew what he writ? Bootstraps.

World War II I know that we do not have time for love, But 'fore you go I ask you grant me this; Before the Commies' nukes come from above, Give me some time for only one more kiss. We dance, defying doctors and our folks, We're hardly bad; we're just willing to live. We'll soon become the butt of many jokes, But all is well; I've plenty love to give. I sail across the world tomorrow morn', I can but hope that I'll see you again, Suzie, darling, do not let parents scorn, Because, for love, we're neither of us blamed. Soon I'll be home, a glor'ous World War vet, And we will stay as close as we can get.

Emotional Isolation May my love flow like grass on a hill, With emotion as free as the wind; May we dance with our feet never still, Hand in hand all my heart I will lend. Let us rest with but trees up above, Hypnotized, nay, entranced by our love. We'll pretend that we're already saved With our whole lives ahead of us paved. When you're sick, here I swear you I'll heal; Together in the pond we will bathe; And my heart only knows what is real. You I'll tease, now and then, with a shove, But still you I will walk abreast of. We will stand, hand in hand, watching waves With a feeling we'll take to our graves, On an island that's all but surreal; In the face of my dreams I'll be brave, And my heart only knows what is real.

Orbit The walls of nature push and pull my soul, As open as we all would like the world. The oceans soar, and clouds across grass roll As I sip tea and watch my life be swirled Like so much milk in any morning meal. He throws my head against the wall; as hurled, My body tags along, devoid of zeal, With moon and sun above, circ'ling; landing. It's never mattered, what I think or feel; They're all opinions based on where I'm standing. The moonlight trickles in through broken eyes, Nature not seeming any less demanding; And only I for this occasion rise; The bombs behind my eyes notwithstanding, And never will I seek my world's demise... And never will I seek my world's demise.

Rising Tide So you don't think that you're all that great. I am sure there are those would agree, But why listen to folks who cannot take the time to know you and yourself? See, it's not like we care what they think, Because hate always fails against love. Now, we know you can't fly like a dove, But perfection is nobody's fate. I collapse both our lives into ink, But never will they sit on a shelf, For my love's in the air, to be seen By the world; if they watch, let them plot. In your hate of yourself, you forgot That your mind is so not just a glove, And even if it is just myself (It is not), you'll find naught, at this rate, Who can know the you that I can see. Do not let your self-hate make you sink. It's those moments I'm sad that a wink From a friend will untie that strong knot And help wipe the slate clear of what's me. Now, I watch as you look up above In the hopes that they'll open some gate, But you don't see the love in yourself. Oft I tell you, and tell you myself, That you are nowhere near that old brink; That you're far greater than I can state. You are not just a mindless robot, And you're not an angel from above; You're a friend, and a good friend to me. It's your words that will let me be free, Beautiful just by being yourself; It's the fact that you're stuffed full of love, It's the way that you will over think; It's the doubt with which you've been so fraught, And how cute you are when you're up late. So now please, don't yourself always hate; There's a link between you and my glee, And I know that you're not shot for love.

The Ending Try as I might, You're still the same old you. I never thought you'd have to fight against me, I thought it was what's right, I thought you loved me too... Try as I might. We always were quite a sight, You and I; and though the both of us were few, I never thought you'd have to fight. Though your soul inside my heart burned bright, Still our lips together were askew; Try as I might, I couldn't be your knight. Although your heart and mind I did pursue, I never thought you'd have to fight. I loved you, and my heart you did ignite, As flames from ashes, a phoenix born anew; Try as I might, I never thought you'd have to fight.

Collapse The world melted in my arms, My love the one I couldn't save. Oceans, houses, trees and farms, All immune to nature's charms, All the scared no longer brave. An empty shell was left behind, Humanity was but a slave, And in the future you will find Your love's the one you couldn't save.

Loss The boats go roaming 'cross the sea, A fate for which they volunteered; They bring back spices, gold and tea, But 'till then your love's disappeared. Into the mist he marches strong; I pray that nothing will go wrong. You look for signs of sunny weather, But still his return would be better. I trust him, and he said he'd come In from off the open ocean (This is more than just my notion); I still watch the sea and hum. Although twelve years have passed quite slowly, You I stand for waiting only.

Doomsday Paradise Though I could sing you words of praise, I'll save my songs for better days, Because this morn the morning star did not arrive upon the sky. We laughed, and thought it was a joke, and mirth and jeers and fun we poked, But as the day continued, folk stopped rolling and began to cry. The news reports were comforting, the poets sure the sun was shy, And others still thought we would die. It wasn't just the sun 'twas gone, but all the light that shone upon Our earth, built lovely by design, now cast in darkness by - who knows? For all the humans on our rock, and all the minds against God fought, It wasn't long before our shot at sight once more was logic's foe; And thus the crying did commence, the prayers and hopes for a hero, But time went by and none did show. And as we huddled in our masses, trying hard to keep from passing, We saw a light on the horizon; massive like an evil eye, Glaring hard at our small town, lips turned downward in a frown, Not one of anger but of crown; a royal wave of death I spied. A wave of fire, bred from lies; our human passion our demise; We gathered close and closed our eyes... I rose my head to witness Her, a goddess of some sweet allure, And she was whisp'ring life into the ears of all my fallen friends. I opened up to ask her name, but without voice did I remain, And with her words (some sweet refrain, still ringing in my ears), my friends And I picked up our things and left our homes to find a way to end The blight that us, in hate, did send. The broken bodies, fallen men; those who would not rise again, Encompassed us as we walked by, our company of twenty-three. Though some of us would weep for death, the rest of us behind them left, Not out of hate for their life's theft, but out of want for those we need; The some of us with kids and wives among the dead we did not see, We searched for them, and I for thee. It wasn't long before we saw another gaping, jawless maw, Devoid of teeth or roof or end; one glance my very soul did harrow. The priest amongst our group did shout, and the beast threw him all about, Until our comrade, quite devout, was nothing more but bones and marrow. The rest of us all feared the worst; its slits for eyes now both did narrow; Tongue now it showed, straight as arrow. If not but for the grace of fate, our names would all be labeled "late;" Shadow, it seemed, had had its fill, and so it searched another group.

At last we found a shining city, buildings tall and sparkling pretty. The beauty marked by corpses gritty, blood that stained the ground like soup Distracted from the usual grace. We found now that our tired troupe Required rest, and to regroup. Although our sun was still obscured, the comp'ny made us reassured, And as we fought 'bout what to do, we thought it best to get some sleep Before another creature foul did find us while upon its prowl. Our eyes did not close easy now, not after all we had seen creep Across the wasteland of our earth, but soon we were all in a heap Upon the ground, and resting deep. Now as I lay there doused in rest, I tried to think of what was best For our entire collective group, but all I saw was your pure face With many tears streaked down your cheeks, with eyes so empty and so meek, Consumed by thoughts of futures bleak, and when I woke it was that face That spurred me on towards the west, while all the others were to race Against the beast. "If that's the case," Said I, "then you must go your way, but my true love doth to west lay, And I'll not leave her to shadow, for there's naught that I wouldn't do To see the one I love again, to chance upon her side: remain Upon your stable course, maintain, continue to the place you're due, For both of us have separate fates, but I cannot be joining you; I know my love will show me through." My friends continued on together, leaving me the world to weather, But even without sun your face was bright as day; paved me a path Across a world that was quite changed, scarred by demons all deranged, With scen'ry that would only range from slightly coated to a blood bath. It all was worth't when I found your body breathing past the wrath, With all the beauty thou didst hath. I nursed you back to health for days, just longing for a glance, a gaze, A trembling wink to keep me going, or any sign apart from us, But still there wasn't such a call, no human contact; none at all. But on day five I saw signs small, such as you did roll and fuss And writhe upon your makeshift bed. You were in pain, but at least thus, Rather than death quick ending us. The week turned quickly into four, as darkness thickened more and more, But that was all you took to heal, and soon I had my love with me. There still remained the evil dark, the unexplained and simply stark Reality of our embark; with naught from my old twenty-three, I knew to guess that they were gone, and with me my love did agree; The shadow's our reality.

Later she saw with some precision sturdy spires, glossy prisons, And thus we picked a way to walk and began the search for the source. We knew it would be hard to find, but challenge did we never mind. We wander'd 'cross the desert blind, threatened by wind and strong remorse, Emotion for the bodies seen, dry as bone and just put, of course; Something worse than pure brute force. Our brains and spirits worn down, we finally looked for what we found; A giant building stretched by crystal, strong and stout and shadow-filled, The one place all the rest had failed, the place that goodness had been jailed. With but our brains its walls we scaled, and as we climbed ourselves did chill, For just the touch of such a surface was enough to sap our will, And yet our goal we must fulfill. Our clothing nothing but torn rags, our very souls upon us dragged, We reached the topmost castle spire, and gazed upon the King of Crowns. He didn't speak in words or sounds, but rather abstract thoughts of nouns. He told us of his old hometown, and of his world now broken down; He spoke of kingdoms, wars of old, and gave us image of his frown; And yet we glared at King of Crowns. "You spend your time talking in thoughts, but 'cross the world we have fought. Atop your castle high you sit, and though quite many you have killed, The human race lives on in us, and fight for them we always must, Until we die with one quick thrust; we are the humans fate fulfilled, The last two soldiers of our war, and on our backs a world we'll build... And on our backs a world we'll build." And with the closing of that sentence, came down from heaven good Repentance, For it was she who gave us heal, who whispered life into our souls, And it was she who conquered dark by sending just one fatal spark Into the center of its heart, and from first one came many holes, The patches of sunlight once more came pouring from the earth's two poles; We wand'rers had achieved our goal. Though I had written words of praise, I saved my songs for better days, Because that morn the dark had come to wage war all across the sky. Now that it's gone we laugh and joke, but in the past no fun we poked, And now the earth's devoid of folk besides the both of us, and I. The grass below our back is nice, and I'm quite sure the sun is high, And others still thought we would die.

Who? Who knows my love? The peach emotion; with a pit. Who knows my love? Is't kind, or a curse from above? And I shall never rid of it, And so I push to make it fit Who knows my love?

Jealousy Disgusting pieces of my psyche Flow together rather nicely, Something like an age old quilt That I for someone loved built Upon the hope that it could work, All the emotion with the perks That come of being deep in love; I should have known better. They say a writer needs his passion, But is it worth it if it's rash and Subtly unrealistic, quite unlikely to come true? I push and pine and whine for you, But without anger how will you know That still and evermore I'll show That down in heaven high above, I'm writing you a letter. I know the madness of desire, But before I my heart retire I insist you're made aware Of all I feel and all I care, And just because't you cannot feel Does not denote it isn't real, And all my thoughts and schemes thereof WIll do nothing but fester... Will do nothing but fester.

And Now for Something Completely Different The cat raw queen bean Stewed a kangaroo crew too; Every sigh on zoo sky Put Dad higher to go boo. Why play steak or make it fun? Will she sing of sly kings? Do she get who it saw, Or bake sun cake in grey shoe claw?

The Night After Fact: after tests, I'm always far less stressed than before. I just Love such freedom from the tests I shall see so much of in my Years of high school, oh my God, so many I could cry, or just Lay down and die on the ground, on the wood, on the floor, oh the Tests I abhor, all the dates and the names, oh Gods so many Names. Oh now give me a test where I'm asked to define all the Reasons for life or the truth behind love and the myst'ry of Death and I'll give you my answers 'till I'm out of breath and I'm Blue in the face or the whole human race is quite bored of my Words, of my twitters like birds, but give me no tests with just facts, I need far more than that, something more deep and less easy to See, something that we would know just by being human, for that's All that I really desire in a test; just a test of our Humanity, don't you see? It's quite clear, for me at any Rate. Now, debate the meaning of my words, but now don't be ab-surd; I'm only rambling.

Internet Warrior Your face, when you are mad, I cannot see, Nor can I see it oh so full of glee When you suppose you've won these Facebook fights. Now, sometimes, I will tell you that you're right, But it is only so that I can mock and jeer at you; you are dumb as a rock. Your little typos do not make you cool. I can only guess at the amount of drool Solidified upon your keyboard keys. I'll keep on whacking 'till you beg me, "Please, Stop making me look bad for all my friends To see; it's wrong of you to do this here." And I'll reply, "You've met your social end. I only wanted to make that too clear For even one so dumb as you to know That I have won, and you must up and go Hide in your hole so as to lick your wounds. I'm sure I'll see you somewhere soon, 'Cause your kind never stay hidden for long, And even though I am aware it's wrong, I'll never stop 'till all of you are purged. In a dream once, I saw you all just surged Out from the gates of yonder Internets; I'll be the cause of that, now you can bet, For I am one who will not hear your reasons, I'm not a kind, or gentle, loving lawyer, I will not stand to let here pass these treasons; I'm one of few; an Internet Warrior."

The Night After Marching forward, ever onward, To our oncoming demise, With the gaiety of a songbird, Twelve by twelve we do surmise, Bits of paper here will end us Marked upon by our own ink, Never thought that we would end thus But there's no more time to think. Time has come to all sit down, now, Nothing with us but out thoughts, To our proctor now we will bow, In his trap we have been caught. Now I lay my soul to rest, Pray I to God I pass this test.

Clerihews Sierra Hill: A girl (or man?) who just wants to chill. While life in West Linn gets a bit boring, She can always come out to Portland; beware, it's pouring. John Cappuccio, A man of the youth, you know. With his sword and his scepter (or pen) He disappeared to his basement and never was seen again. Joseph Diebold Refuses to ever grow old. He stays up all night to get his work done, But when he is finished with the first, there's always another one. Cameron Dieter, Our own personal theater. A quick talker, fast thinker, and good with the ladies, Although we've all thought him a little too shady. Jonas Hanna, A brother who hails from Havanna. Or maybe he doesn't, but who really cares? I don't know him that well, and he don't own a bear.

Summer The summer approaches quite quickly, Here¶s hoping I stop feeling sickly, There are schools I must climb And words I must rhyme, And thoughts I must think, albeit thickly.

Boys and Girls The bounds of love are boundless, Its arms reach far too far; As boys will stand there gawking, soundless, The girls will think them nothing but bizarre. The mindset's one of deep and true emotion, A commitment to a timeless cause; As girls hope that boys will catch their notions, The boys will always see naught but their flaws. Teenage boys and girls both feel this thing, Albeit in our own quite separate ways; As both the sexes wait for fate to ring, The both will wait for many many days.

A Mixture of Meters The river trickled stead'ly by the tree that I had chosen, working its way down towards the ocean's shore. Calmly, though I knew that it felt rushed, try as he did to leave this kingdom of the brush. Now, I'll admit that at first all the thoughts of the trees didn't matter to me, but that changed when I took a good look at the brook and I saw how it weaved 'tween them all, quite strange. All my wants and my needs seemed to fade to nothing, no more did I have to wait for the phone to ring; no, all there was to do was to think 'bout that brook, the tiny but flowing and beautiful thing. Try as I might, it wouldn't leave my mind; All I could do is leave my world behind. Cars and buildings turned but hellish prisons, now my life was split open in schism. Once I had turned my back only thoughts of my past stuck with me while I sat by the tree I was at, and the place that I knew was the place I would stay for the rest of my days.

#1 - Introduction To introduce These are my rhymes. If you¶re reading them, well, You¶ve seen better times.

#2 - Love When we were eight, you spoke to me. A frilly little dress you wore; Although innocent, you set me free, First love washed in upon the shore, And as I stared into those eyes, I could see nothing I despised, No hint of ugly tortured pasts,. Thought I to me, ³Nay, µtwill never last,´ For even at the age of eight My love for you did stand steadfast, But I promise you, I¶ll wait. Upon sixteen, you spoke to me. You cried a bit, and cried some more, Because that boy left you, with glee still etched upon his face. I swore, that day, to protect you from lies; First time of eight years you¶d seen my eyes. You smiled, remarking how trust lasts, And I on how it fades too fast. Yet still I hoped: I hoped for fate; Again the gap of us grew vast, But I promised you I¶d wait. We turned eighteen; you spoke to me. You spoke of boyfriends, spoke of more, All the things he couldn¶t see; The way that he at heartstrings tore, The way he cut all social ties, The way you smiled at his sighs. Graduation came quite fast, I promised you he¶d never last, And in your eyes, I saw some hate, But by your goodbye hug, it passed, And I promise you I¶ll wait.

At twenty-three, you emailed me. We hadn¶t talked in two years, more, And yet it was I you needed to see, You wanted rapping at your door. Upon my word, quick did I fly, Yet when I knocked, you were quite shy. You told me I had your heart at last, That my love stood in stark contrast To the quick emotions of your past dates. And then, my love, our rings did pass And we neither had to wait. At eighty five did you leave me. For weeks, for years, I wept for more, I prayed the world not I empty, Our love be lost as so much love. I stared into your blanked eyes, And still saw nothing I despised, But also no light from our love passed; Our love was never meant to last: I had abandoned you to fate. I heard you whisper what was your last, And I promised you I¶d wait. I never, ever told you lies, And in your soul I recognized No glimpses from our love-filled past, No echoing of joyful laughs, But you still have my love to date, And as I sit here, our hands clasped, I still promise you I¶ll wait.

#3 - Light To stare at stars is never fruitful, But the feeling of losing yourself, falling, The feeling of forever being youthful Is one that we can all feel calling. So much for sins and rage and hate, So much for all except our fate; The brightness burning in the sky Is all a sign we¶ll never die. The glorious infinity of light Forever blazing, oh so high, Reminds me that the world is bright. The brightness blazing in the sky Will lift you if you simply try. Against the world we¶ve learned to fight But all that shines, all never shy, Reminds me that the world is bright.

#5 - Rot You left me completely. I meant to forget you but somehow (don¶t know how) You kept on persisting when I should be drifting. So much for last Thursday. It seems your allure stays even when (once again) I hate what You stand for, and slam shut the front door. It's been years or just weeks but my ears are ringing from your voice/ words of choice, and those words that you threw so will I forgive you?

#6 - Break As I feel my psyche snapping, my mind quick floats back to you; All your kindness, gifts and graces, all my dreams you made come true. I can feel my audience clapping, but I never bend to bow; It isn¶t that I am not proud, but simply that I don¶t know how. All the noises made by clapping bring my mind back to my past, All the love I never had can all be mine at once, at last. And they keep on, keep on clapping, as my brain continues snapping, All my thoughts and love for you bring on the final curtain cue; The whole damn cast begins to bow, but my back I cannot allow... The splintered splinters of my past beckon me forth; the die is cast.

#7 - Heaven Not so much a paradise As somewhere I would go to mourn. Maybe someplace awful nice, But I could never face the scorn Of citizens; and so I¶m torn Between a world of shiny things And the place I was meant for. To the man who¶s pulling strings: Keep me away from shiny things.

#8 - Away I miss you every day, Every moment you are gone I know it won¶t be long, Still I wish that you would stay. And when you¶re not around I always wish you were My love could curdle, so I stir, Waiting µtill your feet hit ground. But lately it has seemed that even when you¶re here, It feels you¶re nowhere near, So when you¶re gone, I dream. I dream about the past, When never was there distance and us two awful misfits could sail by our own masts. Now that you¶re not about My fears were all confirmed, And though my heart has churned, I think you¶re really out So now that you¶re quite clear, I dream that you are here, And hope there comes a day when you are here to stay.

#9 - Cut Sometimes I just lie down and cry, I sing myself a sweet goodbye, I reach for weapons lying on the table. I sit and sing myself a song, I whistle it the whole day long, I find myself alone, to love not able. Some days I take a lot of time, To sit and think of time gone by, And wonder if there's someone up above. Humming, huddled upon my bed, Thoughts of murder in my head... All I need is one so true to love. Although there's no one can be found That wants to walk upon my ground And wander through the world by my side, That won't stop me from tryin', I'm sick and done with lyin', And it's been too short since last my tears were dried. So just sit back and watch the show, I'm so much more than what you know, And I'll soon find it all a bit too much. But if you're more than just some kid, You'll look and cry at what you did, And you'll let love be something I can touch.

#10 - Breathe Breathe once for love, Twice for hate; Once for me, Thrice for you. Breathe so you can keep on breathing. Please. For me.

#11 - Memory They say the past, so full of fruit, Will make us who we are inside. I think their point is rather moot, Or either we are rotten fruit or not smart enough to hide. Despite the world I¶ve lived and seen, I doubt there¶s one would take the side That all of everything we¶ve been Was worth it when we look behind.

#12 - Insanity I promise all the thoughts inside my head Everything I¶ve heard and said And just because you can ignore Means any less than you have read. I know I¶m quite a chore, Might well for now be just a bore, The brave to fight another day, Do not let the chain¶s allure Because my words make sense, I say! And they¶ll only last so many days. Make you forget everything I¶ve said, Gave the past some ancient lore. But in a different order, let But everything I have to say It¶s not just me, you¶ll miss much more. Doesn¶t mean that what¶s in store Will all be mine when you are dead, Are nothing more than anything they were before.

#13 - Misfortune With so many stories of life and love and despair, Why should ours be any different? It happened to us, but you¶re missing out on the sorrow. Don¶t you miss me? Don¶t you miss the sorrow? You should really be here. For this. For me. You got in a wreck and you left me a wreck. You would have laughed at that. Once upon a time. How long has it been since you laughed at my jokes? Did I stop being funny, or did you just want the last laugh a little too early? You would have laughed at that, too. Once. It happened to us, But only I¶m here to bear it. Sort of.

#14 - Smile A little gift, some tiny token; that is all I gave to you. But your dazzle, little motions, endless loving smile ensues. A gift and quite some few words spoken, all my love for you contains. Would that all affections, every inch and foot be named, But for now my tiny token leaves the whole damn world behind. All the writings, all my papers, doth your smile my heart find. Everything that I have spoken, still my tiny tiny token Is not my only gift to you; something shining, something new, Something paper can¶t contain; instinctively you can¶t complain, Because our world is left behind by both our smiles; heart and mind.

#15 - Silence I turn my back and look away So I can say nothing wrong, For everything I try to say Is never quite in the right song, Be my sentence quite short or quite long. I never want to cause you pain (If only my tongue would tag along), But when I speak there is no gain, And so from English I refrain.

#16 - Spit You spit and quit And call it a day; What would, what should, Your parentals say?

#17 - Blood Made me better. Your soothing words, they helped me through, Made me better. Every sentence, every letter, Every single thought from you, All of it made me feel new, Made me better.

#18 - Under I¶ll admit, I got sucked under. Sharp things, pointy things, dangerous things Tore myself and life asunder. But was it them, or were these things Quite simply what with sorrow brings? I guess I¶ll never know, For every time those objects ring I can call you, and you can show the way to get out from below.

#19 - Gray So bland; so dull. So empty of the world I know. So bland; so dull. Melding clay into my skull. For all the wonder earth can show, At emptiness this is a pro. So bland; so dull.

#20 - Fortitude I keep pushing, Hoping to pull past this and her and that. Is it even possible to pull beyond my life? my past? Her? Do I even want to? No, I don¶t. It would help but I don¶t. I¶m all she has left and if I move on then she¶s gone forever, just because I¶m forgetful.

#21 - War The day that we first met is dead! The never ending hellish maze Of love is something that I still Insist is more than just a phrase, And any maid could that gap fill. µLove and lost¶ is but a phrase, And of course I love her still, But to search my endless maze Will lead to nothing good to fill The gap that¶s in my head.

#22 - Mother To me she sang When things went wrong; Now better things Have come along.

#23 - Distasteful I am distasteful, But do not mind my self-hate; My love went to you.

#25 - Lurking Still there, waiting, Not much for fun/direct sunlight. Still there, waiting, Simply surely slowly baiting hooks, and patient; not one to fight. Never vanished, never quiteStill there, waiting.

#26 - Europe A history Of battles fought and battles lost. A history Of all they¶ve had and all they¶ll be, Of principles and mistakes cost, Of empires up and empires tossed... A history.

#27 - Foreign When a stranger in a strange land, Grow accustomed to the customs. Because strangers However strange Are home, And home is where it¶s quiet.

#28 - Sorrow I wish that I could have done more. I could have been there, fixed it, Stopped the danger, done much more, Reinforced the damn car door, But no. Instead, I missed it. The moments will always be in my head; Your mouth, the moment I first ever kissed it, And I hope you know that I¶d rather be dead Than be the one that never fixed it.

#29 - Urban The city¶s disgusting, and I love it but it reminds me of you and the way you smelled. When I get older, I¶m buying a cabin in the middle of nowhere and falling madly in love with the girl of my dreams and never leaving Because remembering is the next worse thing after forgetting.

#30 - Rain To pitter patter on the rooftops leaves nothing to chance; To voyage in the open breeds pitter patter in the heart, In my heart. I love my people and they love me, to pit to pat inside my heart.

#31 - Flower Staring, Gazing at this dazzling domain on the hillside, An endless expanse of raging reds and violent violet violets, Watching this majestic mountainside, Joy abounds in my heart, mind, in my soul. The open feeling that these flowers of freedom create makes me fly, The barrage of beauty beating a drum on my retina, Creating a rainbow of colors and emotions. A feeling of exploration, of things yet to be discovered. A sense of relaxation, a calmness that cascades through me, making me forget about the world for a time. Color and joy are the pollen these plants emit, and I feel bathed in the happiness of these flowers.

#32 - Night To dampen like an iron fist, Begging, pleading for the sunrise, I never thought it¶d come to this. They say ignorance is bliss, and those were never lies; It always suffocates me. I find myself devoid of breath, For there is beauty yet in horror, And even as my mind I¶ve left I never felt that such a theft would make me any poorer, And so the darkness takes me. Take one good look at any night And witness nothing in its grasp, But closer looks at random nights Will ever yield you quite a fright, and each other¶s hands we clasp; So empty does it make me.

#33 - Wrath Explosive; not thought out For us to both conceiveFor me to send and you receiveFor words to fly about. I never mean to shout. I should hope you know me, And that my side you¶ll never leave, No matter how I pout. The anger comes and goes, And all my love and dreams To stave off emotion, Quite when nobody knows, And meaningless it seems And make my mind not run.

#34 - Moon The outline of things that are and could have been. Imperfection in beauty, Gazed upon with open eyes a waste, Silver slivers send slight shiversNothing but what we make it. Beauty defined by a radioactive glow. Shapely sphere, solemnly silent, So much like the rest of us, So much higher than most of us watching over our dreams.

#36 - Precious Precious - and your mind drifts to stones, Shining rocks like those found in a stream. I think of you, I think about homes, And our future invests in my dreams. There¶s a future that we cannot have yet, But it holds in my life like sewn seams, And as I try I cannot forget What we haven¶t had yet, but we could. No future or emotion is set, But if one was, this one should, Because if love means more, I don¶t want it, And if love means less, it¶s no good. I have had some past chances and shot it, But our future is all I desire, And I write poem after prose after sonnet To explain that I will not retire µCause if you were a stone I¶d have caught it And loved it if it were ablaze.

#37 - See I see the way You say to me That this is work And work you miss. I quite agree and see you fight your hate debate and wait.

#38 - Abandoned So see them. You never cared about me, and I never cared about you. Everything we ever meant to each other one another left behind when you left me for them. I care about you more than they do. The mark of an excellent man, But I live by the wayside without you.

#40 - 4:29 PM If I wake at 8:34 AM I went to sleep on time. It was an early evening, both exhausted, And I missed you. If I wake at 10:56 AM we talked until we yawned. Mouths wide, we spoke as friends, And I loved it. If I wake at 12:23 PM, we fought the sleep with vigor. Eyelids drooping, slouching, rousing, And we babbled. Today, I woke to the rousing chorus of 4:29 PM, and I know you did too.

#41 - Citric Acid They say that love is bittersweet, Maybe even a little sour. I¶ve always felt that such a treat Should be enjoyed when two ends meet To make love blossom like a flower. With sugar and a little water In love together we can shower, And bittersweet - we have forgot her In our mix of something sour.

#42 - Still The world ends? I love you still. You broke the bank? I love you still. You broke my heart? I love you still, for without you the world is still.

#43 - Die Sitting silent in my room I wish my one true love was here, But if this place is true my tomb then I would want her nowhere near. Falling, fading, a short sharp shock Leads me on toward my end, But it wasn¶t a surprise; Windows bolted, door I¶ve locked, Dark angelic forms they¶ll sent Death is death in every guise. To here I¶ve come from mother¶s womb, The birthplace of my zeroth year. She didn¶t know that someday soon My death would rid her world of cheer. For all the hate and talk I¶ve talked I think this choice will all that mend, Will rid the planet of my lies. But still as I to my end stalk, I will remember such a friend, And never before have I been so alive.

#44 - Two Roads So here we are. We must both go our separate ways, Because I¶m ³sub-par,´ And you¶ve ³seen better days.´ And the last three years? What did they mean? Or did somebody just wipe your mind clean So you could be free of the past between us? I don¶t know what to think, so yeah, this is tough. Now you have a choice between me or the rest. Now, if you¶ve had enough, Then bail and leave me here in my mess. But if what we had still retains any sheen Then we can both keep all we¶ve had and we¶ve been. Yeah, this is tough, I know that it¶s tough, And I see the choice etched on your face, so blessed. You hate me that much? Then bail and leave me here in my mess.

#45 - Two Guns Two guns lying on the table, Two guns in the hands of foes. Two brave horses in the stable, Two minds angered by - who knows? Two men standing, both opposed, Two men fighting out of fear. ³You got balls to even show, But there¶s no room for your folk here.´ Strangers watching, tuned to hear, Two men standing, eyeing holsters. Strangers drawing nearer, near; Silence does not their minds bolster. A shot rings out, one agonized; One gun watches, one man dies.

#46 - Drop Pling, and the ripples outward fly. Miss you, miss you, Waving waving, Giving all the words I¶m saving to you, So I can be free of the aftershocks of my actions, the ripples of the world and spend my time with you.

#47 - Dirt The clean and pure Conceals the whole damn world from us. ³The clean and pure will protect you.´ Now are you sure? Everything that brings disgust Is µcause the creatures hiding us: The clean and pure.

#48 - Young I always preferred the life uncomplex. Some say innocence, Some call it ignorance But I call it youth, And I miss it like fucking hell.

#49 - Preservatives They say that our food will last longer, That the taste, so they say, will be stronger. So far as I see That¶s all good to me, But the concept does make it feel wronger.

#50 - Breaking the Rules It isn¶t about the defeat, the element of surprise, the surprise element or the shock it brings. Closer is the statement that it lies in the symbol: That such a thing is possible, That it can be done, That others can do it too. Feel free to join us, But followers will never lead, And you must if you are to succeed. So I beg you, chose your own path to freedom and love.

#51 - Sports It¶s just a war, One that¶s meant to be mass viewed. It¶s just a war For stay-home dads who want some more From life than what they all can do. The athletes might as well be nude; It¶s just a war.

#52 - Old Vitality and truth, A smattering of youth; The future which you seek, Inherited by meek, And as we melt with age In the last few of our days, It's the world we're dreaming of, And the heavens up above.

#53 - Desecrate If we were just to leave our mark Then why wait until after dark? If anyone saw us They¶d probably ³law´ us, So we¶re sneaky when we¶re in the park.

#54 - Tower You always towered over me. As much as I tried, You protected me. I miss you. You know that, right? Somewhere, I still need you to tower over me. Protect me. Guard me. Help me. Tell me. What to do.

#55 - Need I could not live without you by my side. Love in this amount should never have to hide, And so I tell you straight That by your rules I abide, But not long can I wait (Tempting as love is), And so I pray it¶s fate, For if your love is his, My dear, it is too late.

#56 - Biohazard There¶s a spill across my heart, So beware of slipping there; The toxin may drive us apart. With isles hard to chart, Don¶t take the risk to care; There¶s a spill across my heart. It¶s far too risky just to start, But love ill-fitting for you to wear; The toxin may drive us apart. Swifter than a poison dart, Don¶t look at me, no, don¶t you dare; There¶s a spill across my heart. I have but words; you¶re made of art, So trust me if you ever cared; The toxin may drive us apart. I used to think that you were smart, But had you brains you would be scared. There¶s a spill across my heart; The toxin may drive us apart.

#57 - Sacrificial Did my sanity have to go in order to teach me some fucking lesson about life? Could¶ve just chosen mine (like I matter) But no. You try it sometime, asshole.

#58 - Kick in the Head My conscience is a kick in the head For whenever things go wrong. I¶m hit! I¶m down! I¶m almost dead! Is every evening, all night long, Until I play my favorite song Or make amends for my mistakes. As never will I say I¶m wrong, An awful lot of time it takes Before I bash in my mistakes.

#59 - No Way Out I tested all the walls. The ceiling and floor, too. Nothing gives, Except you. You gave. You gave until your heart found a way out. Please tell me I won¶t have to wait. Please tell me you¶re here. Please give me your heart. Please.

#60 - Desert I walked around for awhile. I never was able to find you, I wanted, needed you, And walked for hours and miles. I loved you once, In this barren wasteland. Swim for long enough, maybe I¶ll taste land, Because you, you bitch, you loved me once. I thought we didn¶t lie. Wasn¶t that the one thing we agreed upon, years ago? But then you go and do something like that; and lie.

#61 - Fairy Tale Maybe what I want is fake. The hope is all gone, The world is all wrong and there¶s nothing that I want to take. Maybe we¶re all insincere. My life is a lie, We should all wave goodbye and realize there¶s no life for us here. Maybe there¶s no perfect town. No polite, lovely neighbors Who always do you favors and your children are always around. Maybe my dreaming is pointless. Everything in our dreams Is not quite as it seems and we¶re really all very much jointless. So much for the naysayers; I don¶t live in their fate. So much for the ones who¶ve lost track of small things. So much for the people who could never wait, So much for the people who tie love to rings. We have hope and the world on our side, We have love and the future beyond; We have so much we¶re not going to hide; We have never felt ever this fond.

#62 - Voodoo Voodoo doughnuts; A shop at which we can go nuts. Though the lines may be long, the tension of waiting Was made so much easier when Sierra and Tyler were dating.

#63 - Do Not Disturb The lock on the door was never enough. To keep you out, I would need more, To stop you pushing, something tough To keep you coming through my door. When knocking, banging, your battle yell Was not of anger, I can tell, But more of something I¶ve not seen, A thought that I have yet to glean. Who knows what¶s on the other side, Something ghastly, something sheen; Tell me, should I ought to hide? Twelve years of knocking, my door fell, And finally I shed the shell Of all was old and quite unclean. Now though I love what you have been, Tell me, should I ought to hide?

#64 - City Lived my life in the city With the buildings so pretty And the people as nice as could be, With a shop on each corner Every neighbor a foreigner But the one person lacking was she. She lived far out of town Knew we both with a frown, And we wished that the distance were shorter, But the one thing I¶d shout That she wasn¶t about Was how much every inch I adored her. When she came where I lived All the love that I gived Was accepted but never returned, And throughout all my years, All my laughter and tears, There¶s but one thing that I have learned: If you should love a girl and she¶s worth your whole world The acceptance is always quite nice, But she ain¶t yours to keep, Nor to own as some sheep; Just remember you¶ll never live twice. If you loved her before Then you¶ll love her much more In a year or two when you are older, And if then you meet And you¶re nice and you¶re sweet And she¶s still givin¶ you the cold shoulder,

Some may say to move on, That she¶s lost and she¶s gone, But I plead that you think this one throughTrue love don¶t come often And if, in your coffin, You find that she¶s the one for you, Then your years will be wasted And the love that you tasted Will be far too far out of your reach. So to round off my lesson, Go with my blessin¶, And remember that love you can¶t teachBut if I were a boy And the world were my toy I would let no lengths keep us apart, And I¶d tell her twice daily How her happiness makes me And her most valued possession's my heart.

#65 - Horrorific When there isn¶t a word to fit the crime, Poetic licence will let you make your own.

#66 - Show Let me show you my world: It¶s not so loud. Let me show you my life: We could live it together. Let me show you the rug: Drab, but nice. Cozy. Let me show you myself: Drab, but nice. Cozy.

#67 - Drum ³Drums. Drums in the deep.´ Check Sting! He¶s glowing! Cave trolls make odd noises when dying. Fly, you fools.

#68 - Hero They say he was a hero. That was what got him killed. That idiot could never show An ounce of love for those he¶d know, But for strangers, oh, a world he¶d build. So much for all he meant to me, That crazy man that got him killed, So much for all we were to be... But still I love the gap he filled.

#69 - Annoyance Bending, bending, growing stronger, I am trying, holding on. Your grip is steady but I¶m steadfast, Jesus only knows I¶ll last. Why are you just such an ass? You wonder why your calls I pass. There are some days on which you¶re cool; On other days, you¶re quite the fool. I loved you once, but now I know that any fun is just for show, And though you try to be my friend, My patience, sir, is at an end.

#70 - 67% 67% of the time I miss your breath. The other 33% I miss the rest.

#71 - Obsession Although I love what you¶ve done with the place, There¶s something ill-defined about its look. The couch? The rug? The lack of your smooth face? It seems as though it should all be a book. The line between your thoughts and what I am Is thick enough to keep our minds apart. When last we met you screamed and fled and ran, Because you never took my words to heart. Now, what I feel for you is very real, I only wish the both of us could talk. I try to tell you how I am and feel And yet you go and use a bad word - stalk. I¶ll keep on trying - love though from afar, And you can push and think I am bizarre.

#72 - Mislead This way then that way, I thought I could trust you but your inconsistencies led me to believe not in you but in others, not in marshland but in others, not you.

#73 - I. Can¶t. ³I just. I can¶t.´ You said those words to me today, ³I just. I can¶t.´ You know what else just simply can¶t? I can never lead you astray, So now I will quite simply say, ³I just. I can¶t.´

#74 - Confrontation Some more shouting. That¶s what we need in our dear house, Some more shouting. Tensions and our tempers mounting, Slamming doors around the house, Baby frightened as a mouse... Some more shouting.

#75 - Mirror As I look into my mirror, I can feel my fate draw nearer, All that I have lived and done pushed too close for me to see. Misty shades of faded gossip, ladies plain and proper raw sip Tea and nibble like they¶ve lost it, every bit too much for me. I gaze at them and they gaze back, my mirror looking back at me, Those ladies looking back at me. Even though I shouldn¶t be there, why on earth should they all care? To them I fit in like a glove, tight and trim and oh so nice. But for simple small rebellions, I would be a fighting felon µStead of cutting watermelon, sipping once or maybe twice. I always thought it would be good, perchance maybe rather nice Never again to sip twice. My image in reflective glass is nothing like this lovely lass, Not quite so fitting - more like flitting - as they would like to believe. Quite apart from living spaces, there¶s the watching of horse races, Putting ponies through their paces, God now I would love to leave. There¶s so much more to life than this, so much more I could achieve, God now I would love to leave. As they all up their nose and sneer, I gently shed one single tear For all the times I could have had were I not in Proper Prison. I try hard to keep from snapping, from slowly swiftly simply snapping, Thinking hard of flying, flapping high above this Proper Prison. Trust me; I am so much more, and it was a hard decision, But my mirror¶s my own prison.

#76 - Broken Please don¶t push me. I will bend over backwards until I snap in half, So please, don¶t push me too hard.

#77 - Testament Everything I have Is a testament to how Much I could give you.

#78 - Drink Like a boulder down a rocky slope, One becomes another becomesUntil you become the joke. Down in the slums We call the poor men µbums,¶ But all they are are boulders. Is it fair to call them bums Those poor old men down in the slums, Since the weight of their world is on their shoulders?

#79 - FUCK For everything I want, Until I win your heart, Certain aspects of myself will Kill to get out of my head.

#82 - + ³She¶s my love; she¶s my µplus one¶.´ This dinner date¶s already fun.

#83 - Heal

I never got past it. I know other people have, But I couldn¶t outlast it. If I¶d waited and waited, I couldn¶t have. She meant too much, Was real to touch, And now I¶ve only got my memories. Sympathizers, none of them sees What I¶ve been through. How could they? They¶re my memories, And for everyone else, they¶re something new. I never knew such Love as she gave me to clutch, Love that could stem breeze, But they¶re still my memories, And for everyone else, they¶re something new.

#84 - Cold Scene: a computer screen. Perhaps the touchpad of a phone, texting away. I loved her once, Misguided, Perhaps, But it was love of a sort nonetheless, and your words were not. I will undoubtedly miss you. You made me happy once. That flame died. You killed it. We killed it.

#85 - Sick I say the world is sick. So much for all the lies and the hate and the half-truths, This world isn¶t meant to be saved. We¶re all sick, we¶re depraved, Every week Every day of our lives Devoted to nothing but lies. I say the world is sick, And in this book I am God.

#86 - Seeing Red And then it sets in. The hatred for all that you are, For all that you¶ve said and you¶ve been. The fire and the heat of my hate are immoble, and they continue as such until such a time as I wake up from my dream and fall back into yours, And see the red at the end of the tunnel.

#87 - Hunger As I feel the will grow stronger I cannot hold on much longer; Absence makes the heart grow fonder But I ask you, puzzle this: If from my bed never rise I Lack of meals and pain will cry thy Pity on a man who lies dry, One the world will never miss. So, to punish is your right, Or take mercy, end my blight, And give up this fruitless fight: This I ask you; puzzle this.

#88 - Pain I never found a way To deal with the abrupt halt. It¶s easy day-to-day, But still I feel at fault (For what I do not know), And my heart is not a fault, So please God let me go. It hurts like a wound with salt, But worse, for µtis my woe. I perhaps love her still, and still I push to grow Beyond (and for) my will, And so I push, although It¶s the more bitter pill.

#89 - Through the Fire Through the Fire Is a pretty okay song by Disturbed. It¶s about life and death But all I can think about is hell on earth or below it. Either way, I¶m screwed.

#90 - Triangle I with worries, too uncertain, Full of love and hate and loss, Worried that I am a burden. Her with art and parents cross, Emotion, beauty and self-hate, Exhausted by the fights we¶ve fought. You with compassion and will to wait, With undefinable allure And many different wills to sate. Our group of friends was hardly pure But for all our love and trust It seems that on the beach we¶ve moored; That we were always meant to bust.

#91 - Drown The water¶s fine, at first. Warm, but not too warm. Cold, but not too warm. It¶s when you get in deeper Delve in deeper That the risk comes into play. The risk of falling desperately in love.

#92 - Rape And thump. I suspected for five seconds, Then confirmed, and thump. I love you I¶m sorry oh gods how do IYou can¶t, it¶s over, it happened before- and thump, That¶s, I mean, how could, are you, and thump, I¶m fine, it¶s done, I didn¶t mean - and thump, Talk to me? I will. Thump thump.

#93 - Iron Unbending and able or brittle and dense, So much for formalities. Which one are you; To your will be true, or do morals go moor in the stables? I value one more than the other, And I value you most of all.

#94 - Soft Rocks on glass was ne¶er so soft, Dampened by your love, no doubt. You picked me up, alive, aloft, ³I wouldn¶t call it sneaking out, But merely wandering about.´ That night we didn¶t go home, And for us did searches scout But we preferred to be alone, And make rocks soft, like done at home.

#95 - Advertisement Every day as you go through the motions You can see all the billboards shout slogans³Of mouth germs beware!´ ³Buy our underwear!´ - This is where people get crazy notions.

#96 - Storm While sitting, from out of the blue Came the rain and the lightening so true. Let it blow, let it gust, Let it hail if it must, µCause I know that I¶m safe here with you.

#97 - Safety There¶s safety in numbers, dear, But I¶ll never be safe. I know what safe is like, dear. Safe is when I¶m home. With the kids, with Tom and our daughter Jill. You remember them, don¶t you? Safe is when I can hear the dog barking and it¶s too cold and the tree out front is too damn loud for us to get to sleep. Safe is when we run out of juice because the baby spilled it all over the floor you cleaned. Safe is when you hold me in your arms and pull me tight and tell me to shut up, tell me that we¶ll get through, tell me it¶s not over yet. I¶m not home yet. I¶m not home yet, dear.

#98 - Puzzle A combination of my mind And yours together make The perfect person. We have shied Away from all we didn¶t take, All the chances that we had, But puzzling as we are, we make Each other laugh. I¶m glad this isn¶t simple; it shouldn¶t be, But perfect fits are never bad, And oh so rare, so don¶t you see That making picture perfect futures Might be all we need, you and me, To focus our lives on our futures And solve the mystery of our lives; Take one good look at both our futures And tell me if our puzzle needs more time, Or - listen - can we hear bells chime.

#99 - Alone The unmarked bills in a bank have no home. It¶s not that they¶re lonely; just alone.

#100 - Gone I¶ve had a long time to think about it. There¶s really no set way toWellLet¶s tryOkay. I¶ve had too much time to think about it. Division of labor, Sleep and awaketitude, Aptitude, Drowsiness, But none of it really matters. No one¶s listening, watching. Yeah, it hurts, But if a tree falls in a residential neighborhood Everyone cares. OkayLet¶s tryWell. No point in beating around the bush. Shed one single tear and move on. For yourself, if not for the pen and paper. You owe yourself more than this, her more than this. She¶s fucking gone. She¶s fucking dead. Have some respect.

Double Dactyls John Higgledy piggledy, Wise John Cappuccio, Six thousand words: one night, What a cool guy. Point of this story is Monosyllabically If you are pressed for time Hold sleep to try. Sierra Hankety pankety, Lovely old Tofu: our Synchronized mindfucks are Really quite old. Eating and eating moreFavorite activities. Quasi-gargantuanMicro-girl mould. The Devil Patty cake, patty cake, Lonely sir Lucifer Sat in his boiler booth Down in his lair. Sitting and watching he'd Incontrovertibly And quite melodically Torch them with flare. Forrest Higgledy Piggledy, Forrest, old Portlander, Runs across streets so he Can earn his name. He lost his chance to be Valedictorian But it's cool, he just sees Life as a game.

Sleep I smack my face onto the pillow, Thoughts of this day just past billow 'Cross my mind like smoke from the fireplace at home, From the world I used to know. My eyelids shut the country out, Loud and clear my memories shout That she, the sweetest, was the one, But all I see's the setting sun. My life gives in, slow fade to black, That's when the memories attack Within the guise of sweetened dreams, But nothing good and nothing kind is ever what it seems. The clock ticks five, the hour's late, But I can only stay awake, And everything I need, I find In everything I left behind. So to all those who never sleep, I know for what it is you seek. I'll tell you this; what's in the past, Well, it was never meant to last.

Love And I love her. I feel the planetary strain, And I love her. Could I fake it? Sir no sir, And as I chant this poor refrain, I long I long for her again, And I love her.

Benevolence The stately queen upon her hill Is made of dreams and magic, And she's prepared for any thrill, Mad or glad or tragic. The water spills, cup overflowing, But she continues drinking, knowing That, aside allure, Inside herself she is secure. She pays her bills upon emotion, Despite all that she has endured At the hands of dear devotion. My queen is more than loving pure, Remaining modest and demure To face the face of my commotions; And all diseases she has cured At the hands of dear devotion.

Indpendence An enhanced sense of being, No arguments to fight With anyone; it's somewhat freeing, Consistently solely aware of seeing All ahead that you deem right. Although some loneliness you'll feel, It becomes worth it to alight The path ahead that you deem real; And there remains no fights to fight.

Marshlands Everything's good, My friends happy, Just as they should, So why not me? They all speak of the road not traveled, I reached my peak before I unraveled all the friends that I once had; The ending's fated to be bad. Spend my life habitually living in my mind, The futures that I couldn't find, And though you may think I'm unkind, I'm just worried 'bout me and mine. The ones I love, the ones death takes, The ones I liked, the ones fate fakes, All my brains dried up like lakes, Like so much water on the shore, With love and hate caught in the mix Between the sunshine and the rain, 'Got raw emotion for my fix; Now who could ask for more? Now you retreat from your infringement, Barging in to where you don't belong, I fear you've never been so wrong And with my fate fated so stringent, You're hardly one to talk about the world you have inside your mind, So why not me?

Innocence We gaze, blank eyed, Upon the world that we live in. We gaze, blank eyed, Upon the people we despise, But with a world so full of sin, Perhaps it's best that, then again, We gaze, blank eyed.

A Pair We Are Sometimes it feels like we are one Instead of two; a symbiotic pair, Emotion bouncing to and from, Removing all that blocks our flare, Releasing all the us inside, All the us that cannot hide. Remark, remark, upon my life, of you I think in times of strife, so deep and clear of muddy thoughts, empathy with is your mind rife. Fair and lovely, sweeter than sought, alive to love, do I but strive, insistent as you were, I cried, tears though not those caused by knife; happiness, and lack of strife. Here I lay this poem I wrought in the heartstrings of my life; Little, loving, sweeter than sought, Little, loving, sweeter than sought.

Love Unrequited Sincere - I never was so true, Emotion ne'er so strong as mine for you; Your gentle whispers 'cross the room I heard, Dainty, flitting, my heartstrings onward spurred. Although I watched with loving bated breath, To speak to you would be my own sweet death; As well to you my lips they dared not speak, My voice ruled by my heart, and heart too meek. Apart from that I do not know, I wonder If not sending this could be my blunder, But I'll myself into harms way shove If only to know you, and know your love.

Unearthly Collapsed inside my mind, My mentality will break. The freedom I can't find, The thoughts that I can't fake, All taken from me here In the land of empty skies. The prison of my brain, The place I've been for years, Entrapped by all my lies; The place that stays the same. The emptiness that conscious binds Is everything my past did take. The seldom things I have besides Are from the future I can't shake. There's nothing drawing near, No hint of something shy; They all from me refrain, And though I live in fear, I feel it's justified: This prison of my brain.

Your Love Sometimes I wish an empty world for us. Your happiness, it seems, is far too great To be undone by such a little fuss; But fifteen years seems still too long to wait. The diamonds in your eyes do seem but coal, The roses in your cheeks as thorny buds, And though for you I'll always play my role, The best that I can feel is with your love. I wish for nothing but what fate should bring (Although a little more would hurt me not); But should the fates decide that fate should sing I'd not think yours one wasted or one shot. Your wants come first; my happiness besides, And should I fall and fail, I will have tried.

Farewell The love for you I feel is everything that's real, The things I like in life, together into one. My love alights like sun, my mind given new zeal, The darkness I now shun replaced by what I feel. Now, perfect it is not, as once I think I thought, Because in life we are imperfect by design. No heavens did align, no angel's arrow shot, And though my heart is thine, true north our love is not. Suppose it were to end, and you were but my friend; In truth would that be so far off from what we had? I wouldn't be so sad, and maybe we would mend, And maybe you'd be glad the both of us would end. And as I waved goodbye, I saw you start to cry, But soon you will move on, for no emotion lasts. They grow and fade like grass, and every blade, though spry, Consistently will pass (will always say goodbye).

Encompassing Planet Earth With the birds up above, I know where my heart lies: With the green grass below; with endless sunny skies. Left alone with my love, so much higher's the sun, And the birds surf the clouds; look at them having fun. Why can't we, with our love, be as free as the birds? But of course we cannot; all we've got are our words. In the blue it takes naught to know love up above; In the ground where grass lies all the emotion flies; In the black with the sun all that loved once is done; Here on earth, with the birds, well, it's simply absurd.

Potentiality So much I hope tomorrow's grace To stay alive for one more hour. The clock ticks by as if a race; Tomorrow's face will sure go sour Should we not take too long to wait. The clearness is the sweetest curse That ever hit a fellow man. To capture future joy in verse Is most perverse; will never stand, Should we not take too long to wait. The laughs that all have yet to come, The whipping tongues we've yet to feel Are better still before they're done, And if the one you want is real It will not take too long to wait. The passion of the laughs above And those below we've yet to know-Have faith!- will show, and yet your love With one harsh shove will let you go... Should it not take too long to wait.

Reality is a Harsh Mistress Oh, your beauty far surpasses All that's sultry of the masses. You feel my love lies but in song, But love above is never wrong. Try as we might to never fight We face rejection of perfection; Importance lies not just in sight. Suppose that thought I had was real, My wrongs forgot, my love you'd feel. The world would then become our toy, And life, my friend, we could enjoy. But still the dreams I have, it seems, Are not much more than were before, Try as I might to make things right. And yet the way you are I need, I yearn to say, to yet be freed Of all the hatred that I fear Would not abate should I come near. Try as we might to never fight, We're not much more than were before, And so I wait for dawn's first light.

The Soldier The soldier sitting on a hill Regards his fallen comrades; still His love is yet undying, All the tears that he shed crying, Waiting for the end to come, For battle to set with the sun... His memories are fading. Of playing cards and poker chips, Of swimming holes and skinny dips, His friends stare blankly back at him; Their blinking eyes won't wink again. A pile of bodies miles high, The bloodied bodies scrape the sky. His memories are fading. But last of all, when came the end, Still one more memory of a friend. Of staying home to watch the stars, Of late night films and counting cars, The one he loved was last to go. Of all the dreams he had to show, I think that one is staying.

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