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Jack’s Heuristics of Human Action

I. Sequence of Understanding: R.A.A.A. – FORM

1) Re-cognize/In-FORM
To think again; discover your discriminations; what makes something/event unique yet
common; to FORM a concept, idea, value
2) ck-know-ledge/Per-FORM
To try to thoroughly integrate into your knowledge base the where, when, who, what, why
and how of any entity/event; does it fit with what you already know?
--then, you ADAPT to the something/event by either:
3) -ssimilate/Re-FORM
To make what it is Outside of you, into you; to take it in and turn “IT” into “YOU”
-- or:
4) com-modate/Con-FORM
To make yourself part of what is Outside of you; use it without allowing IT to control YOU

The GOAL/END is to become a “USE-FULL” MEANS for yourself and others to “USE”…
To DO what?
To DISCOVER what your FREEDOM is FOR, and to be RESPONSIBLE for it.
With your LIFE, your SELF!

Notice, WHATEVER (IT) you can NOT ASSIMILATE, turn into yourself, you must
ACCOMMODATE—“COPE” with, learn how to “CO-OPERATE”, with “IT”—that is, you
must ADAPT, become PART of its WHOLE, since you cannot make it part of your whole. To
co-operate is to worth with IT, not against IT. Although you are not able to control IT, you
can prevent IT from controlling YOU, that is, you remain in control of yourself by taking
responsibility for your freedom of choice.

The only alternative to “coping” or “co-operating” with an IT outside of YOU that cannot be
made into you, is to go MAD, to throw your FIT away, to refuse to take part of that whole
outside of you, to give up responsibility for your freedom, to destroy other and/or yourself.

In terms of the CAR-BODY & DRIVER-MIND metaphor, if you are to DRIVE your CAR,
you must work with, not against, IT. This means you can NOT CONTROL (tell your Body
what to do) your CAR, you can only MAINTAIN and DIRECT it—that is, take
RESPONSIBILITY for it and use it in the best possible way.

Another way of putting the above is:

DARE—have the moral courage, to
CARE—respond to the human cry for attention, and
SHARE—freely trade your personal values with others, as a
PAIR—treating each person as an equal end-in-themselves and not just means to your end.
What I all persons must deal with is POWER, which is the flow of energy in time at a place
moving some mind and matter for some human purpose. Daniel Siegel’s definition of MIND
is akin to this, which is, “The embodied and relational process that regulates the flow of
energy and information.”

The MIND then is about directing POWER for a specific PURPOSE, and this entire process
is delineated in R.A.A.A. – FORM heuristic.

At 68, I am in Erikson’s 8th and final lifespan stage that he describes in the oppositional
terms: INTEGRITY versus DESPAIR. The etymology of these two words clarifies the
essential meaning of these classifying developmental concepts.

Integrity means you are a WHOLE person—ready, willing, and able to take full responsibility
for your absolute freedom. You are relatively accomplished at R.A.A.A.’ing: you can
Recognize, Acknowledge, Assimilate or Accommodate what occurs without recourse to
projective, defense mechanisms that cover up and over Reality. You live by the dictum:
“Nothing to conceal, nothing to reveal, only the Real with which to deal.” You alone are
responsible for the meaning in and of your life and you consistently practice Responsible
Personal Freedom.

Despair means you have lost hope, that is, you are no longer able to cope by co-operating
with Reality, you have given up fighting it, have surrendered your mind in order (disorder) to
remain in control of some small part of yourself; you regulate yourself by “auto-pilot”