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ano emrmnm ANNEXURE~ f L Request for Proposal for 126 Medium Multi-Role Combat Aircraft Issued The Request for Proposal (REP) for the procurement of 126 Medium MultrRole Combat Aicerat (MMRCA) at an estimated vost of Rs, 42,000 crores for the Indian Air Force was issued toy to six vendors ~ Russia's MIG-35(RAC MiG); Swedish JAS-39 (Gripen);Dassault Rafile (France); Amesican Fe 16 Falcon (Lockheed Martin); Bocing’s F/A-18 Super Homet and Eurofighter Typhoon (Made by a consortium of British, German, Spanish and ltalian firms), The 2lI-page document deals with various issues relating to inital purchase, transfer of technology, licensed production and life-time maintenance support forthe aircraft, The RFP contains the selection model that would involve an exhaustive evaluation process as detailed in the Defence Procurement Procedures (DPP) - 2006, The proposals fom the likely contenders would first be technically evaluated by a professional team to chock for compliance with LAP's operational requirements and other RFP conditions, Extensive field tral, ‘would be carried out to evaluate the performance, Finally, the commercial proposal ofthe vendors, short listed after technical and field evaluations, would be examined and compared. The aircraft are likely 1 be in service for over 40 years. Great care has been taken to ensure that only determinable factors, which do hot lend themselves to any subjectivity, ate included in the commercial selection model. The sclection ‘would be transparent and fair Under the tems of purchase, the first 18 aircrt will come in a “ly vay” condition while the remaining 108 will be manufactured under Transfer of Technology. The vendor finally selected would alse be required to undertake 50% offset obligations in India, The ToT and offset contracts would provide a ereat technological and economic boost to the indigenous defence industries Which would inelude Defence Public Sector Undertakings, Raksha Udyog Ratnas and other eligible private sector industries. Foreign ‘endors would be provided great lexbility in effecting tie up with Indian partners for this purpose 1 may bo recalled that the Defence Minister Shri A K Antony while chairing the Defence Acquisition ‘Council Meeting on June 29, 2007 had outlined three guiding principles for this procurement sche. First, the operetional requirements of IAF should be fully met, Second, the selection process should be competitive, fair and transparent, so that best value for money is realized. Lastly, Indian defence industtieg should get an onportunity to grow to global scales Sitanshu Kar/ HS (Release 1D 30522) 12 ANNEXURE- 2, 4 Home» Mecis Center» Biatera\Mutilatert Documents India-France Joint Statement during the visit of Prime Minister to France (April 9-11, 2015) Apel 10,2015 |.AL the invitation ofthe President of the French Republi Mr Franois Hollande, the Prime Minister of ladia Shri Narendra Moi paid an oficial visto Frames on 10-11 Apyil 201 2.The two leaders held wide ranging and feutl discussions on bilateral, gional and global isues releting their convergence in worldviews. They seflnmed their commitment tothe static Partnership and agreed to further depen and strengthen bilateral ties based on shared principles and ‘lus clang to democracy freedom, rule of law and respect for human igh, 3. As strategie partners, India and France consult and support each other on intemational matters ina Spirit of mutsal understanding and commitment to the benefit of the international community at large, Reaffirming their independence and stategic autonomy, France and India commit to continuing dei join efforts to tackle global challenges. 4. As global partners. India and France reiterated the need for urgent reform of the United Nations, including its S ‘more represertative of the contemporary world. Both sides underscored the imperative of delivering jconerete outcomes on this important subject by the upcoming 70th Anniversary Summit of the "curity Council, through an expansion in both categories of membership, to make it United Nations, France reaffirms its support for India’s candidature for a permanent membership of the UN Security Council without further delay 5. France ané India share common concems and objectives in the field of non-proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, In further effort to strengthen global non-proliferation and export ‘control regimes, France and India committed to continuing to work jointly towards India's accession to the multilateral export control regimes, namely, the Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG), the Missile Technology Control Regime (MTCR), the Austrulia Group, and the Wassenaar Arrangement. France especially realfirmed its strong and active support to building consensus among regimes’ members ‘on this issue 6. The leaders expressed satisfaction at the regular and frequent high level visits and meetings: defence, space, civil nuclear and security; rowing cooperation in strategie sectors, especial expanding trade and investment ties; cooperation in science and technology; and increasing ‘exchanges in cultural, educational and tourism sectors Climate change 7. Tackling the issue of climate change is of vital importance for the sake of today’s world and future generations. Prime Minister extended his full support to France for & successful outcome of CoP 21 to UNFCCC to be held in Paris later this year. The leaders expressed confidence that the Paris ‘Conference wi finalize an historie agreement for the post 2020 period. This will further strengthen the resolve and the efforts of the intemationel community to address the profound challenge of climate change, to facilitate access to a low carbon pathway and resilient sustainable development for ‘They underscored the importance of all whilst keeping the global temperature rise below 2°C, Working together and with other countries to conclude an ambitious. comprehensive, universal, rent in Paris that will also encourage wenuine technology, hualanced and equitable climate agres collaboration for adaptation and mitigation and financial support in meeting this common global challenge, The submission by parties of their intended nationally-determined contributions well before COP21 will be an important step on the mad to Paris. They also stressed the importance of immediate action to raise ambition before 2020, and the need to fulfill commitments made for the pre-2020 period. They also acknowledged the role of several voluntary’ international initiatives in 13 Complementing the muilaeral climate action aider the UNFCCC. In this context, the leaders Underlined the importance of enhancing Indo-French cooperation on joint research and eve ‘opment and technology innovation as well as iffsion of elean energy and efficiency solutions that wi help in transitioning towards a climate resilient and low carbon economy. Smart Cities & Siar Cis development is a Key area to ester sustainable development solaions, France settomes Fads offer to be a parr of the Smart cites development scheme and is ready to inpken its best technological solutions and share is experience in the Feld of ineprated Sustainable sites, im particular in urban planning, urban grids, water and sanitation, sustaiate ‘mobility and digital teehnotogies, The two Leaders noted with satisfaction 2) the high level exchanges and progress in bileteral cooperation in the Fel of sustainable urban infasinictr: development and the enhancement in the scope of Indis-France Agreement for Cooperation in Sustainable Urban Development to include subjects such as ‘vanspor and ert” ‘or priority b lateral cooperation under the existing mechanism, bhthat in view of the interest expressed by the French side in collaboration with India for development of Smart Cities from among the list of cites to be identified by the Government of India. it as agreed to include Smart City cooperation as an area of technical cooperation under the October 2012 Mol! on Cooperation in the Field of Sustainable Urban development between France and India, This cooperation would include working together on feasibility studies, building capacities at national, region and tocal levels, organizing workshops/trainings, forging business-to-business partnerships and implementing any other projects mutually determined Si 9. Prime Minister reiterated India's stcong condemnation of the heinous terrorists attack in France in ity January 2015. Recalling that terrorism is a constant and strategic threat and that both our countries are facing the threat of terror on their soi, France and India are determined to support each other in combatting this scourge, The Leaders reiterated their strong support for ongoing efforts aimed at