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At the Tariq road there was the Baba Nogazi's Dargah (shrine) and nearby locates

the crossing where Fort road starts and ends at the Army Stadium in front of the
Khyber road, historically known as the R.A. Bazaar road. The Wilcox road and R.A.
road are aligned with one another and Fort road, a part of Ali Mardan Gardens,
divides both these two roads.

In April 1849, when the British Raj Army decided to construct Peshawar Cantt.,
bungalows for the officials were first built on this road as mentioned by the
renowned Peshwari writer Munshi Gopaldas in one of his book that at the Peshawar
Cantt. palace-stylized bungalows were constructed. The road was named R.A. Bazaar
because it actually had the R.A bazaar there and on the other side rested the Royal
Artillery Regiment.

The R.A. Bazaar road also consisted of a splendid British Army mess and cinema -
Cinema De Paris. Besides this, within the area the Royal Artillery Regiment soldier
barracks were also located here where the soldiers would live. The British Army
maids and servants would also be situated at both sides of the RA Bazaar road and
the bazaar. These were servants of Class 4 officers belonging to either Hindu or
Sikh faith, for which the British made a mandir and gurdawara for them to workship.

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- More pro-active, attentive, concerning
- discussion, empathising, building a trust,

that day in school which made me go towards the arts. so in grade 8th at one of the
festivals being held at my school my teacher approached me because i was really
good at tech related stuff as well as computers hence, she told me to design sound
for all the theatrical and musical performances that were being showcased. this was
the first time i was exposed to festivals, considering i was a really shy student
who wouldn't take part in any extra-curricular activities this was something really
big for me. during the festival while managing the sound, i was shivering,
frightened that ill make a mistake and sweating through and through. but as the
event closed, everyone came up to me and congratulated me that i did a wonderful
job and the sound was perfectly synced and took the performance on a different
level altogether. this gave me confidence of some sort to participate in future
activities and be more active in extra-curricular. this is how my love-hate
relationship with theatre started. trust/risk taker. give what interests me.

super mario incident. teaching.

miss guloferoz- english teacher, wrestling matches.