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‘Tompkins County Legislature ‘Goverur Daniel. Fomphies Butlin 121 ast Court Stree. Iu, Ne York 14850 ‘Telephone (aT 204-5434) ns (78.5430, ‘evtomphnscouniny gesture PROCLAMATION HONORING THE LIFE & LEGACY OF DR. DOROTHY F. COTTON WHEREAS, the history of Tompkins County eich an vibrant Heese ofthe contbutlons and accomplishments ofthe people ‘who called Tomplins County home and ‘WHEREAS, one sich revered and elebated reset isthe ate Dr. Dorothy Foreman Coton, ad WHEREAS, Dovthy Coton. ms n young college student ungeroad the sragles of povery,Talsm, and tnequahy and poston hereto challenge those srgales rom agar level because she was a eet avoeate of the notion hat movemcnsae Blt no by leaders bby those athe boo, athe grassroots evel, sh AWITEREAS, Dorothy Coton besa s prominent leader inthe human ad ivi rghts movement rom the 19605 and through the nd of her Ie, bulg te highestranking male member inthe Souther Cavstan Leadership Conference (SCLC) as director ofits ‘Caizenship Baton Program (CEP) daring the eight ofthe cv ight stugle inthe South, and ‘WHEREAS, trough br work wit CEP Dorothy Coton ugh tear, etizenship, and nonviolent protest tates and motivated ‘others to become registered voters and to acively engage polis, ll to ensue that Black people cw tet sory and how to become “empowered economical, and WHEREAS, Dorthy Coton teveed thoughout the South conducting education programs and marching in protests wth an lt and steadfast group of tends and partes inthe civil rights movement inloing the hanaable Andew Young. Sepima Clr, and the incomparable Reverend Dr. Matin Les King eho se accompanied o Nora i 1954 aceep his Nobel Peat Pri and WHEREAS, following her rezenent fiom SCLC in 1968, working i Tomer President Jimmy Care's ainitation a8 a regional director for tn agency for volun ross, and serving ts vce prsient for Bld operas atthe King Center in Alans, ‘Dory Coton moved tinca to work at Comell Univesity as decor of Stoent Activities, nd WHEREAS, since the cold’ ste off the Tight fr cv igh, Dorothy Coton eeuredto tat work conducting seminars and ‘workshops on aderhip development tnd ocal change and elping people understand that they have what takes 1 bring about a new order an "WHEREAS, daring tht ine she Helped fund the National Citizenship Schoo, published er memos “If Your Back’s Not Ben. “The Role ofthe Chzznhip Edvaton Progwm in the Civil Rights Movement” and saw te establishment ofthe Dorothy Caton Insite (DCH andthe Dory Caton Jubilee Sgr right are in Tompkins County in hoor of hee work to prom human righ, and WHEREAS, as part of DC, Dorohy Caton oid ters and traveled to Palestine to witness te ocapation of Palestine and standin Soldrty wih the cen ofthe Wes Bak Sgsint the unegaltretment to whieh thay have Bon subjected epoting that she ‘fen ed the eoup in edo Songs, and WHEREAS, Dorothy Coton’s chem, eloguncs,shap wit and masterful inteligence was often punctused ty song ~ one of her favorites bsing, “We Ate Building Up a New World” = and would command atenton and respect wile drawing others Int join the ‘movement and fad thee suength, and AWITEREAS, honors svarded for Dorothy Colton's work cluded honorary doctorate degrees fom the Univers of New England, ‘Spelman College, ad the Laverty of New Rochelle nd "WHEREAS, we in Tompkins County have Ben blessed and honored 1 have been ale o share in Dr, Coton's wisdom, echings, love, and supprt--an act nade mst signin rhe pasting ay June 1, 2018, nw therefore bet 'RESOLVED, Tht the Tompkins County Leisttre celebrates with he highest epad the life of Dr. Dorey Foreman Coton and acknowledge her lyse of unyielding evi to hua, TRESOLVED, further, Tht the Lepistre exposes ts members’ admiration fr “he seriousness and devotion with which she] Inc hs ble charge" wor that helo De. King na elogram acting his nomination fer he Nobel Peace Ps, RESOLVED, farther, That n tht day we ue all Tompkins Cooly resident to remember te many cotinatons Dx. Dorothy Foreman Cotton mae tothe civil rights naverent and f the cae of sac Justice and equality here in Tompkins County, work th insite ope, justice and revived lve fr humanity In our hearts ot just locally bu eos the ation and round the worl 18 WITNESS WHEREOF, Ihave nano st my hdd sl 0 Be fe he ret al of Toms Gt, Sat of Ne York on his ne tte? Vo, ‘Aa Kelis, Vee hr ‘Tonpies Com Leine notion dong Diversity