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Company Rules and Responsibilities

Keystone Repertory Theater will be ran like a professional resident company. Therefore,
the privilege you have earned by the audition process carries a responsibility – to behave with a
professional attitude toward the craft of making theatre. “There are certain rules of conduct
which all members are expected to observe as professionals, for the dignity of the acting
profession and the welfare of their fellow performers” (Actor’s Equity Asoociation). The
following company rules are founded on these principles:

 You are expected to work to the best of your ability. Regardless of how small a task
might seem to be, others are counting on you to do it well.
 Each member of the company is expected to complete at least 5 hours per week (outside
of rehearsal) assisting in a designated area of technical theater. You may not sign up for
less than 1-hour blocks at a time. Failure to complete these hours is grounds for
dismissal from the company.
 The show must go on. Missing a call, let alone a performance, is inexcusable for any, but
the most dire reason. Unexcused absences and/or tardiness are causes for dismissal from
the company.
 You are expected to come to calls focused and sober. Mind altering substances interfere
with your work and show disrespect for your fellow company members. Coming to a call
under the influence is a cause for dismissal from the company.
 You are expected to remain in the theatre for all calls and performances.
 You are expected to maintain the performances as directed and/or choreographed.
 You are expected to maintain the script as written, unless otherwise directed by the
playwright, director, and/or stage manager.
 You are expected not to make any unauthorized changes in costume, makeup, or hairstyle
without the permission of the costume/makeup designer and/or stage manager.
 You are expected to take proper care of your costumes and props.
 You are expected to remove make-up and costumes before meeting with the public.
 The company is expected to sign in for the stage manager at all tech/dress rehearsals,
performances, and at strike.
 You are expected to appear at all curtain calls maintain them as you were directed.
 You are expected to join the whole company in striking the scenery, costumes, lighting,
and props, and restoring the performance/rehearsal spaces to the state in which they were
left for our use after the final performance.
 You are expected to be on time for rehearsals and calls. Please notify the stage manager
if you are ill or unable to reach the theater in time.
 You are expected to observe the rules as posted on the callboard/contract and fully
cooperate with the director and stage manager.

Thank you for your cooperation,


If you have any questions, please contact Nick Hrutkay