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The Act and Scene citation usually is centered on the first page of dialogue; some writers

put it all the way to the left margin. An alternative to this is to note the act, scene and page
number in the upper right hand corner, numerically. Act One,Scene One, Page One
would read I-I-I, or Act Two, Scene One, Page 4 would read II-1-4.
# your
Scene 1 An alternative
to this is to
Some writers AT RISE: Lights brighten on the interior note TIME:
capitalize the of DR. JAMESON’s office. DAVID PLACE:
name of the
character when
sits reading the latest copy of Time These are
he/she first magazine. He turns a page, sighs, turns only the
appears. another, sighs again and finally throws directions
the magazine to the coffee table. He we need to
know to
stands and begins pacing the room. start the
scene, i.e.,
DR. JAMESON enters and extends an what’s going
open hand toward David. on at the
of the play.
Dialogue stretches David? I’m Dr. Jameson. Sorry about the wait. Friday’s are always a crunch day for me. Too many character’s
from margin to people in too short of time. name is in
margin. It is single all caps
spaced, or a space and
and a half, with a DAVID
double space So business is really booming, huh?
between two These
characters DR. JAMESON internal
speaking. stage
I guess you could look at that way.
or action,
Dr. Jameson walks toward his office door can appear
and motions David inside. here, or
justified right
When a and
character DR. JAMESON (cont.) italicized.
takes an Won’t you come in?
emotional When the
action, such as
“angrily” or
DAVID same
(angrily) character
“with continues
intensity,” it is Not just yet, okay? speaking
placed below after an
the character DR. JAMESON action,
name and
Alright . . . well, why don’t you get comfortable and then . . . note
indented to the “cont.”by
left. his/her
DAVID name.
Don’t rush me, man!You’re trying to rush me. All psychiatrists try to rush me. I’m on to you.
When a character I’m on to everybody! Everyone thinks I’m stupid or something.
speech is inter-
rupted at the
bottom of a page, DR. JAMESON
note “more” or I don’t. I don’t think you’re stupid. As I said on the phone . . .
“cont.” at the
bottom of the DAVID
page, and then at Don’t preach to me, man! I don’t need your words. Words mean nothing to me! NOTHING! Don’t
the top of the next
page, type the
character’s name Frame the text in a one -inch margin all around the parameter of the page. Some writers increase the left margin to one and
and “(cont.)” one-half inches to account for binding. Text is in 12 point font.
beside it.

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