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Date: Wed Jun 20 2018 17:56:38 EDT
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Raw quotes from people who have endorsed .

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"We congratulate Kathy Kraninger on her nomination to lead the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Her
experience at 0MB alongside Acting CFPBDirector Mick Mulvaney, along with her years of work on Capitol Hilland
in the executive branch, would serve her well in this important position. We trust she shares our interest in
ens uring consumers have access to the financial products they want and need, while maintaining the protections
they deserve.
Rob Nichols, American Bankers Association, 6/16/18

"MBAis pleased that Kathy Kraninger has been nominated to oversee the BCFP. Based on her background and
experience, we look forward to hearin g her views about how to improve the Bureau's oversight and operat ions,
and how she will leverage the informa t ion gathered from the ongoing RFlprocess to protect consumers from
unscrupu lous practices while also ensuring they enjoy access to safe, sustai nable loan products. MBA is eager for a
fair and thorough confirmation process to begin as quickly as possible."
Dave Motley, M ortgage Bankers Association, 6/16/18

"NAFCUlooks forward to the opportunity to work with Ms. Kraninger should she be confirmed as CFPBdirector,"
said NAFCUPreside nt and CEODan Berger. "Althou gh NAFCUconsistently argues that credit unions should not be
subject to the CFPB'senforcement authority, we have had a stron g working relationship with Acting Director
[Mick] Mulvaney and appreciate him reviewi ng the bureau 's actions and bringing some re gulato ry relief to credi t
unions over the past few month s. We plan to continue this relation ship with Ms. Kraninger."
Dan Berger, National Association of Federally-Insured Credit Unions, 6/16/18

"Credit unions have faced an unprecedented amount of regu latory burden over the last several years. We look
forward to working with new leade rship at the bureau, and urge the new director to protect consumers by
addressing bad actors in the marketplace , without unnecessarily limiting the ability of credit unions to serve their
members, "Nussle said. "We are hopeful that the new director will recognize the unique stru cture of credit unions
and the e normou s benefit that credit unions provide to American consumers in need of financial services ."
Jim Nuss le, Credit Union National Association. 6/17 /1 8

"CFSA congratulates Kathy Kraninger on he r nomination to serve as CFPBDirecto r. The CFPBneeds a Direc tor who
will listen to consumers and rely on unbiased data and research to guide its work. Ms. Kraninger is a longtime
public se rvant and we hope that under her leadership the Bureau fulfills its intended mission as a tru ly
independent, non-parti sa n agency that se rves American consumer s."
Dennis Shaul, Community Financial Services Association, 6/ 18/18

"Kathy Kraninger has been part of Mick Mulvaney's effort to stop BCFPabuse of power and make sure the bureau
enforces the law as Congre ss intended. During confirmation hearings, the Senate should ask about how BCFPred
tape is harming consumers, entrepreneurs, Main Street banks, and credit unions and get Ms. Kraninger's views on
the scope and limits oftJ1e bureau 's power. At the same time, Congress must to do its part to rein in th e
unchecked power of the BCFPby making the director removable by the president and subjec t to Congressional
John Ber/au, Competitive Enterprise Institute, 6/18/18

"Excited to see President Trump nominate a pro-growth candidate like Kathy Kraninger as the next director of the
CFPB.No doubt she will cont inue to clean up the mess of the Bureau and restore accountability."
Heritage Foundation, 6/18/18
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"We support the President's nominee for the BCFPand ask the Senate to confirm her. Fintech is delivering a host
of convenient, affordable and private credi t options for qualified Americans, and we look forward to working with
the new director on strong and clear ru les to allow that innovatjon to continue. People need and de serve access
to reliable cred it, and we are committed to a regulatory system that preserves that opportunity."
Mary Jackson, Online Lenders Alliance , 6/18/18

"Kathy Kraninge r has been a trusted adviser to leader s in Congress and the Executive Branch for years. She is
highly regarded for her intelligence, competence and exceptional profe ssionalism in dealing with complex policy
matters. Having worked with Kathy, I know that her homeland security background will bring depth on issues such
as cybersecurity that are challenging financial institutions of every size. Kathy values problem solving over politics. I
expect that her collaborative approach will certain ly be welcomed by community banks in Texas and across the
Chris Furlow, Texas Bankers Associa tion , 6/18/18

"The Bureau has an important mission to enforce consumer protections laws, and properl y designed and led, it is
capable of great good . We have see n some of that good under the lea dership of Acting Director Mulvaney, and I
have no doubt that will continue under the leadership of Kathy K.raninger.I am especially pleased that President
Trump nominated an individual with management and budget exper ience-two qualiti es that are desperat e ly
needed at an agency which has been plagued with cost ove rrun s and unnecessary spending and does not have a
full-time and an independent Inspector General. I'm confident that , under Kathy's leadership, gone are the days of
wasting a more than $240 million of taxpayer money to renovate a building it doesn 't even own and paying staff to
perform research that has nothing to do with the Bureau's mission. I look forward to working with Kathy, the
Trump Administration and House and Senate Democrat s to reform the Bureau into a law enforcement agency that
truly protects consumers and is accountable to the people 's elected repre se ntatives. "
Congressman Jeb Hensarling, 6/18/18

"Ms. K.raningeris an experienced manag e r, has the necessary budgetary knowledge, and can serve as a steady
hand shepherding the Bureau."
Richard Hunt, Consumer Bankers Association, 6/ 19/ I 8

"The Pennsylvania Bankers Association applauds Kathy Kraninger's nomination to lead the Consumer Financial
Protection Bureau. Having worked closely with her during the formation of the US Department of Homeland
Security, I can per sona lly atte st to her integrity, her capability and her ability to manage challenging issues. I am
confident that she will be an effec tive leader of the CFPB,drawing from her many years of exper ience in both the
executive and legislative branches of the federal government."
Pennsylvania Bankers Associ ation, 6/19/18

"Ms. Kraninger is a stead y and capable hand to oversee the Bureau through its next phase."
David Hirschmann , US Chamber Center for Capital Markets, 6/19/18

"ACAInternationa l looks forward to working with new leadership at the BCFP,CEOMark Neeb said. "It is
imperative that leadership at the bureau under stand s that consumers are best served by common -sense
regulation and transparency , so that the accounts receivable management industry can opera te effective ly with
clear rules. ACAlooks forward to working with the new leadership to provide important information related to the
impact of the bureau's work on the accounts receivable management industry."
Mark Need, ACA Int ernational , 6/2.0/18

"Ms. Kraninger's resume and reputation suggest she's well-suited to continue on the course Acting Director
Mulvaney has chm·ted toward tran sparency, accountability, and effec tivenes s within proper limits."
Senator Mit ch McConnell, 6/20/18