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Supreme Court State of North Carolin — Raleigh Office of the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court ‘of North Carolina ORDER ‘To the Honorables Forrest Donald Bridges, Thomas H. Lock, and Jeffery K. ‘Carpenter, Judges of the Superior Court of North Carolina, Greetings: |As Chief Justice ofthe Supreme Court of North Carolina, by virtue of authority vested in sme by the Constitution of North Carolina, and in accordance with the laws of North Carolia, {specifically N.C.GS. § 1-267.1, [hereby assign you to serve on a Three-Iudge Panel in Wake County to hear constitutional challenges raised in the case of North Carolina State Conference of the National Association forthe Advancement of Colored People, and Clean Air Carolina v, Tim ‘Moz in his official capacity, Philip Berger. in hs official capacity, The North Carolina Bipasiaan Stats Boerd of Elestions and Fihics Enforcement. Andzex Penry in his official “Toshua Malcolm, in his official eapacty, Ken Raymond, in his official capacity, Stella ‘haverson, in her official capacity, Damon Cireosta, in his official capacity, Stacy Eggers IV, in his official capacity Jy ills in his offical ‘Valerie Johnson. in her official ‘capacity, John Lewis, in his official capacity, 18 CVS 9806 (Wake County). In Witness Whereof, Ihave hereunto signed my name as Chief Justice ofthe Supreme Court of North Carolina, on this day, August 7, 2018. Latin _ Mark Martin, Chief Justice ‘Supreme Court of North Carolina