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Mohd Azwan Bin Ali1 , Arun Devaraju2, Farah Norliyana Binti Azhar3, Miftahil
Mawaddah4, Nurul Fadliyah5, and Annisa Ramadhani6
Student of Computer and Information Sciences, Universiti Teknologi Petronas,
Student of Chemical Engineering, Universitas Islam Indonesia, Indonesia
Student of Civil Engineering, Universitas Islam Indonesia, Indonesia


Nowadays computer can act as well as a human beings, their system are
becoming in commonplace indeed and almost ubiquitous. Therefore, it knowledge
and logic abilities should be developed. Artificial Intelligence is one of the way to
develop it. meaning Actually there is no specific definition of artificial intelligence,
but some scientist defined their own. Artificial Intelligence is the art of creating
machine that performs functions that require intelligence when performed by
people (Kurzweil,1990). According to Rich and Knight (1991), artificial
intelligence is the study of how to make computers do things at which, at the
moment, people are better.

Human intelligence comes from an amazing duality of arriving at conclusions

based on perception of patterns, and the contrary, conclusions based on very
structured and rational decisions. Both forms are distinct, but complementary. AI
made machines that could think and could represent human mind. It claims that in
the future we will surrounded by such kinds of machine that completely works like
human being, and it also could have human intelligence. In other word machine will
have the ability to reason think, act and do all activities that human usually did.
The combination of high precision and low computation time makes AI
cutting edge of technology (Borana, 2016). There would be some innovations using
AI that make human life easier.
a. Taking Over Risk Jobs
Artificial intelligences such as intelligent robots can taking over the risk jobs,
like space exploration programs, performing tasks that would be otherwise
impossible to take over human. It is also applied in the medical field to execute
complex surgeries that would be impossible or extremely difficult for humans
to successfully complete.

b. “Robot” as Friends
Robotics technology and artificial intelligence gain greater “social” abilities
human would form relationship with the robot. They probably even come to
feel as though they are our friends. Its hard to imagine that having a robot as
a”friend” is a future that many of us would be desire. Human nature may pave
the way for those relationships. And it may be inevitable.

c. Improved Elder Care

They are a lot of people that life over 65 years, many of them would need some
form of care as they age. Elder-care experts predict that lack of human
caregivers to fulfil the demand. The Robots with some proficiency will be
necessary to fill the gaps.

AI is capability of a machine to execute activities, that expected of human
brain. It include the capacity of ability and knowledge to reach the goal. It also
involve the ability to evaluate, conceive the correlation and creating original
thoughts. But there are still concerns about the disruption that will occur in AI.
a. Medical diagnosis and medical prescription
AI in healthcare used to improve patient outcomes by assisting healthcare
practitioners in using medical knowledge, which has been thoroughly
analyzed and memorized by these systems, therewith providing clinical and
medical solutions. But if there is a mistake in diagnosis or in prescribing, it
dangerous because it is concerned with the life of a person.

b. Assembly line manufacturing

The failure in assembly line manufacturing technology this has a disruptive
impact on future of industrials. When the new technologies started all areas
of our lives, we would to see their how they apply it in manufacturing
industry. When the system of automated manufacturing company tripped or
stalled, to measure the full cost of interruption is difficult. But this is
important because the disruption can significantly affect the financial of the
company. Some operationals disruption may result in a decrease in the
Company's sales volume and may cause substantial losses.

c. Vehicle and Transportation

Machinist or pilots should face the the worst possibilities such in the
environment anomaly that can not be predicted.


Artificial Intelligence effects our lives in good and bad ways. Artificial
Intelligence helps us by causing less work for us to do. In the other side Artificial
Intelligence can not think for it self. It still have to create by person or other
intelligence to control it.

a. Advantages
1) It’s convenient
Artificial intelligence is very important for human because it makes life
much easier. For example, the simple AI like Google Maps, Waze, etc. They
are all designed to make simple things for us, like searching navigating our
way through an unknown street to get somehere much easier.
2) Error reduction
It also can reduced the possibility of errors with a quite exactly. For
example, now we can navigate our way flawlessly through a crowded street
by only following the instructions in our GPS.

3) Used in menial tasks

Machine that using AI system are capable to do tasks that would be assume
risk or difficult for a human. For example, complex computational tasks,
such as those required in space stations, would be pretty tedious for a human,
being, leading to boredom, and giving rise to the possibility of error. An
artificial intelligence in incapable of feeling bored, and will apply itself to
the task it has been programmed to do without any signs of tiring. However,
as great as artificial intelligence may be, it still comes with its own set of

b. Negative Impact
1) No human sense
As we know that AI or machine have no emotions like human, so they could
not feeling, emotions and perceptions. When we were dealing with patterns
that created by our five senses, we were using our perception part of the
brain. The senses are the main sources of patterns to create some
perceptions. Mostly, this perceptions mixed between logic and those
patterns. We collaboratively use our perception and ratiobal part to conclude
or decide anything.

2) Devestating program
Autonomous weapons are one of the artificial intelligence systems that can
be programmed to kill anyone. If there are some misused, these weapons
will used for war and could cause mass casualties easily. Furthermore the
weapons would be programmed and designed difficult to “shut down”,
therefore people would lose control of that weapons.
3) Obsessed with objective
Human or scientist that too obsessed with AI can cause stress and madness
because of high levels of fantasy to align human intelligence. In other words,
they addicted to create machine that equal with human intelligence.

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