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As we know that M.B.A. Programme is more concern with the practical aspect of the
business world. The M.B.A. students need to gain more and more practical experience. It is
not possible for them to have this from classroom lectures only. So in the Fourth Semester the
students have to undergo with the Management Research Project.

As banking sector is one of the booming sector in current market and in this sector
the name ICICI occupies its own space and doing project with this would provide us with
knowing of the banking sector as a whole and in this we shall know about the banking
transaction their procedure of opening the account, how the marketing helps in this sector and
how can we describe our knowledge with that we achieved after doing the study of this sector.
Thus as per syllabus we have to taken project ICICI Bank. This project has helped us a lot to
gather much practical knowledge about marketing and other functional areas.

In our curriculum we have to cover four areas of the company and to gather the
information related to those areas like general information, personnel department, marketing
department and finance department. Being a service firm bank has somewhat different
working. And so as per the working areas of company we have covered this information.

So whatever information we have covered is as per our knowledge and experience with the
bank. Also we had taken on Mutual Funds as a part of the Banking. It had given added
advantage to us by making us aware about this new immerging concept of the investment.
During project we have gone through this concept in glance.


We, the student of M.B.A. Semester 4 of S.V. Institute of management studies, on completion
of our project of ICICI Bank, We shall like to represent my real thanks to the branch and also to
our college.

We have been responded and co-operated by all the branch members. We would like to be
thankful to each and every members of the branch for their great co-operation in our work. We
would like to give our special thanks to Mr. Pankaj Popat for providing us valuable information.

We express our sincere gratitude toward our Professor for providing us their guidance to
prepare our report work.

Thanking you.

Yours Faithfully,





Date: 19/04/2004

Place: KADI


As per recent scenario the Banking is booming sector and through this project we
have tried to find out it’s working against competition. This project has been
undertaken to analyze the functional areas of ICICI BANK LTD.

The report consists of detailed analysis ICICI BANK as a banking sector and
strategic analysis of it.

We had taken primary and secondary data firstly to get the information regarding
ICICI Bank, Other Players in banking sector.

We collected primary data by interviewing respondents who are executives of the

bank who have some experience about the market and who know the procedure
that is followed by the banking sector. The focus is also done on perception of
consumers regarding the bank. Here it was known that the bank occupied an
important space in the mind of their costumers. In the study it is found that
players in the Banking sectors are facing very high competition. Here the study is
made of the financial analysis, the marketing management how the marketing is
done in order to achieve the organizational goals and objectives, the study is
done on the recruitment procedure followed by the bank and how they maintain
them. This report describes about the types of services provided by the bank and
their benefits on the part of the bank which type of additional benefits they
provide to their costumers in order to maintain them and attract them to invest
more and more with the bank. In this report it is described about the bank as a
whole and is analysis is done according to its information collected like Poter

Analysis, PEST Analysis, SWOT Analysis and GE Model, which helps in
formulating the strategies of the company.


(1) To understand the basic functional areas and their respective functions.

(2) To evaluate the company’s performance in over all industry growth.

(3) To measure individual functional area in company’s business performance.

(4) The effect of various political, social, economical and technological factors.


Source of Data:

The data collected for the study was primary in nature as well as secondary data

Research Instrument:

Research tools were like depth interview of company employees.

Sample Unit:

Data collection from various departmental heads including Managers and executives.

Sampling procedure:

Non-probability judgment sample was selected for accurate information.

Contact method:

Here we have conducted personal interview for data collection.