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Republic of the Philippines

Department of Education
Region IV - B (MIMAROPA)
Schools Division of Calapan City
Calapan City


1. Motivational Skills (40%)
4 3 2 1 Rating
Communicates Effectively uses Uses communication Communicates Communicates only to
Effectively communication to inform, to inform, instruct, only to inform or instruct and does not
instruct, motivate and motivate and instruct demonstrate
persuade on multiple persuade communicating for
occasions using both verbal other purposes
and nonverbal
Shows initiative and Always demonstrates a Sometimes Rarely Always demonstrates
responsibility high level of responsibility demonstrates a high demonstrates a a low level of
and applies it all the time; level of responsibility high level of responsibility and
Always seeks challenges and applies it all the responsibility and applies it all the time;
and new opportunities for time; Sometimes applies it all the Never seeks
learning; Always seeks challenges and time; Rarely challenges and new
recognizes what needs to new opportunities for seeks challenges opportunities for
be done and follows learning; Sometimes and new learning; Never
through independently. recognizes what opportunities for recognizes what needs
needs to be done and learning; Rarely to be done and follows
follows through recognizes what through
independently. needs to be done independently.
and follows
Engage group and Always engages the Sometimes engages Rarely engages Engages the
or club mates to group/club mates to the group/club mates the group/club group/club mates once
participate actively participate actively in all to participate actively mates to to participate actively
the club activities, and to in all the club participate in all the club
clearly communicate activities, and to actively in all the activities, and to
clearly communicate club activities, clearly communicate
Reference: DepED Order No. 36, s. 2016
desires, ideas, personal desires, ideas, and to clearly desires, ideas, personal
needs, and feelings personal needs, and
communicate needs, and feelings
feelings desires, ideas,
personal needs,
and feelings
Establishes Always leads the members Sometimes leads the Rarely leads the Leads the members of
Collaborative of the group to contribute, members of the group members of the the group once to
Relationship treat others with respect to contribute, treat group to contribute, treat others
and kindness, and complete others with respect contribute, treat with respect and
their assigned tasks. and kindness, and others with kindness, and
complete their respect and complete their
assigned tasks. kindness, and assigned tasks.
complete their
assigned tasks.

Resolves conflicts Always resolves conflicts Sometimes resolves Rarely resolves Always resolves
effectively and conflicts effectively conflicts conflicts with the
independently in socially and independently in effectively and assistance of adults in
acceptable ways with a socially acceptable independently in socially acceptable
wide variety of strategies ways with a wide socially ways with a wide
variety of strategies acceptable ways variety of strategies
conflicts with a wide
appropriately variety of
Average Rating
Weighted Rating (x .40)

Reference: DepED Order No. 36, s. 2016

2. Planning and Organizational Skills (40%)
4 3 2 1 Rating
Plans and designs Always plans activities Sometimes plans Rarely plans Plans activities only
relevant activities based on importance, activities based on activities based on once based on
for the urgency, magnitude, importance, urgency, importance, urgency, importance,
class/club/school relevance magnitude, relevance magnitude, urgency,
relevance magnitude,
Implements planned Implements 4 activities Implements 3 Implements 2 Implements 1
activities effectively based on plans activities based on activities based on activity based on
and efficiently plans plans plans
Monitors Always monitors the Sometimes monitors Rarely monitors the Monitors the
implementation of progress of the the progress of the progress of the progress of the
plans and tasks implementation of the implementation of the implementation of implementation of
planned activities. planned activities. the planned the planned
activities. activities only once.
Manages and/or Always implements Sometimes Rarely implements Implements
uses resources activities with minimal use implements activities activities with activities with
wisely of resources (People, with minimal use of minimal use of minimal use of
Physical Asset, Peso) resources (People, resources (People, resources (People,
Physical Asset, Peso) Physical Asset, Physical Asset,
Peso) Peso)
Average Rating
Weighted Rating (x .40)
3. Contribution to the School and/or Community (20%)
4 3 2 1 Rating
Renders services Renders 4 Renders 3 Renders 2 Renders 1
and/or implements services/activities relevant services/activities services/activities services/activities
activities relevant to to school and community relevant to school and relevant to school relevant to school
the school community and community and community
population and/or
Average Rating
Weighted Rating (x .40)

Reference: DepED Order No. 36, s. 2016

Reference: DepED Order No. 36, s. 2016