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Date: 05 August 2018

To : Urbacon Trading Contracting (UCC)

P.O Box: 201184, Fax: 44292244
Doha – Qatar

Attention : Mr. Rafic Saroufim – Executive Director

Project Name : Design and Build of Lusail Palaces Project

Project No. P-16-26; Contract No. C-P-16-26-DB-01

Subject : REMINDER; MEP Construction Work Provisions

Dear Mr. Saroufim,

Referring to the above project/subject and further to AA previous letter Ref. No. AA-UCC-LP-0461-
18 “Copy Attached” with repeatedly comments on numerous occasions for the missing MEP
provisions as addressed below for examples: “Highlighted Copies are Attached”

1- Shop drawings No………….

2- RSI No. LP-UCC-P2-ST-RSI-0143 “Copy Attached”
3- NCR No. LP-UCC-P2-ME-NCR-0001 “Copy Attached”

Kindly be reminded to expedite on complying with all requirements of letter Ref. No. AA-UCC-LP-
0461-18, as due to lag of submitting the requested documents, M/S UCC missed to coordinate
between project trades, for examples:

1- Water tanks at “axis (A, D) / (8,9)” “in TJ palace Basement floor”, as per drawing No. LP-
UCC-DAR-P2-TJ-MP-SDD-GN-SR-0001, submitted on transmittal No. UCC727-AA-TR-
0254 “Copy attached”, Water Tanks drain provisions shall be provided. However, the
mentioned tank drainage has not been provided as shown in the attached photo.

2- Axis (A, B) / (16,17), As per general installation details, sump pit shall have inlet, outlets,
vent and electrical provision as well as shall be connected with its interceptor through pipe
penetrating in-between wall, which has not provided.

Such as these kind of miss coordination may affect quality of the work. Hence, corrective action shall
be considered and correction method statement shall be provided for approval, moreover, we regret to
inform you that all activities / installations violating the proper QC procedures shall be considered as
not approved and any consequent abortive works / delays, if any, shall be your sole responsibility.

This is for your kind information and necessary action.

For Arab Architects,

Paul Betterton
Project Director
Cc: Engr. Mohammad Ali Mneimneh, Projects Manager – PEO GM / FH /AN/ SAK

Office # 8, 3rd Floor, Al Rayyan Complex, Doha- Qatar. PO Box 17366

Tel: + (974) 4431 5387 / 4443 2081 Fax: + (974) 4431 0870
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