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Daily Activities With Simple Present Tense

My name is............... from class ........ i’m a student at Gunadarma University majoring
in management. I will tell you my daily routines from the time i wake up in the morning until i
fall asleep at the night.

I always wake up at 4:45am, after wake up i always pray first before i start the day. I
always pray for my successful in life. After i pray i make my bed and then i go downstairs to
wear my shoes for do my morning routine to jog around the neighborhood. Done with my jog
routine i go back to my house and take a deep breath to keep my breathing steady after take a
long run. Then i take my towel with me to the bathroom to take a shower. After done take a bath
i put my clothes on, after done with my clothes then i go outside do buy breakfast, it depends on
what is at my first sight, then i buy whatever i see first, it can be nasi uduk, chicken poridge or
anything can full my empty stomach. After that i go back to my house and get ready to go to
school. But before that i always check on my social media to check some interesting news, if
there’s any. After done check on my social media for any sports news i start to heating up my
vehicle that i always use. after that i say goodbye to my parents to go to school but before that i
always pray for my safety.

When i arrive at my campus i always park my motorcycle at the back of my campus. The
parking lot is so big but sometimes it’s not enough due to the amazing number of students study
in this campus. Then i go to my class room and in there some of my friends are already presents,
we all wait for the first lecturer to come and teach us. For about one and a half hours of lectures
it finally ends. It’s a lunch time and i decide buy lunch with my friends. Because it’s Monday so
there’s only one subject for today. My friends and i always eat at warung teteh, that’s one of our
favourite place to eat because it’s cheap. We call it warung teteh because most of the waitress
there are women.

After eat our lunch, it’s time for solat/pray dzuhur at the mosque near my campus. After
done solat then we head to our respective houses. On the way to my house i always trap in
traffic. I really hate traffic. When i arrive i go straight to my room, i always surf the
internet, read some automotif news or something else. Afer that i listen to the music. I
always listen to Indonesian’s legendary singer such as Ebit G Ade and Doel Sumbang. Then i
start to get sleepy and fall asleep until 5pm. After i wake up i turn on the tv and watch naruto.
Then around 6pm i pray magrib, and after that i eat diner that my mom cook. After that around
7.30pm i pray isya and after that i go back to my room to play a game on my phone and after
until i feel sleepy and sleep. The end.
My name is Jumriani , I am a 18 year old female . I now live in Kendari , I come here all the
way to leave my home because he wanted to continue school in this city . I am here to stay with
two of my brother named Adhin and Hasyim . Our activity as a brother has a different activity
each day , and on this occasion I will tell daily activities usually I do with my brother . Here’s
the story :
As a Muslim , every morning I woke up at five o’clock sharf a.m to carry out obligations fardlu
dawn prayers . After that normally I would go back on my bed to barbaring while waiting for
sunrise . Activities that I did until six o’clock sharf a.m . After that I was getting ready to do
chores such as washing dishes, cooking , and sweep the house . Having finished my homework I
usually prepare a uniform campus and iron them . Once all that’s done , I usually relax for a
moment while watching my favorite movie that aired at ten pass guarter a.m . At the current
time is shown at eleven pass guarter a.m I go take a shower and get ready to leave for college .
Usually I left for college using a motorcycle in between by my sister .
I went to one medical college in the city that is in STIKES Mandala Waluya Kendari. I majored
in nursing S1 . Usually I have a schedule of four subjects each day . Once I got to college I
immediately sat story with my friends while waiting for the professor who will bring the
material . My college schedule is from twelve pass half p.m to six o’clock sharf p.m .
Upon arrival I was home from college , I usually immediately prepare for the evening prayer .
After the prayer , I had dinner with my brother while the story any matters that have been passed
today . After that , if I have assignments I usually do it to completion . When I quickly finished
my duty to continue my activities with watching TV . I do this activity until ten o’clock sharf
p.m . After that I went to sleep .
Such is the usual activities I do everyday, and this activity is not an activity that always happen
like this. My activities will change daily depending on the circumstances and conditions that
exist around me.
Contoh Daily Activity Pelajar 1

From Monday to Saturday, I usually wake up at 5 o’clock in the morning. I need to prepare
myself to school. There are many activities I have to do before going to school.
First of all, I do my bed until it is very tidy. After that, I sweep the floor. I love to see my room
neat and clean. When I still feel sleepy, I walk around my house. Also, I do some physical
movements to stretch my body.

Then, I prepare some books based on schedule. I do not want to leave any book at home. I wash
my face, brush my teeth, then have a shower. Finally, I eat breakfast after wearing my school
uniform. Before going to school I hug my parents. I enjoy learning time at school and like to
play with my friends too.

The school finishes at 1 p.m. After school, I change my uniform then have lunch. I usually help
parents to cook for our dinner and help to wash dishes after eating. After watching TV for one
hour, I study and do my homework. At the end, I go to sleep at 9 p.m.

Enrich Your Vocabulary!

 wake up = bangun tidur

 prepare my self = mempersiapkan diri
 do my bed = merapikan tempat tidur
 sweep the floor = menyapu lantai
 walk around my house = berjalan di sekitar rumahku
 do some physical movements = melakukan beberapa gerakan fisik
 have a shower = mandi
 after wearing my school uniform = setelah memakai seragam sekolah
 enjoy learning time = menikmati waktu belajar
 wash dishes after eating = mencuci alat dapur setelah makan

Contoh Daily Activity Pelajar 2

Every school day, I get up very early in the morning. Sometimes my younger sister, Erna, wakes
me up. She is a diligent girl. We share a room. But we sleep on different beds.
I like to study in the morning at 4 o’clock. I study some lessons based on schedule. Sometimes, I
check my homework, also prepare books. At 5.30 Erna and I clean our room. Then, we take a
bath in turn. While waiting, I help mother to prepare our breakfast.

Then, I take a bath and prepare myself for school. After eating breakfast, Erna and I go to
school together. We go to school on foot because my school is near our house. School ends at 2
o’clock. I join an extracurricular activity after school, like English, music, dancing, etc.

I go home at 3 o’clock. Then, I go to rice field to help my father. Sometimes I swim with my
friends in a river near the rice field. Go home in the evening, have lunch and do homework. I
sleep at about 10 p.m.

Enrich Your Vocabulary!

 get up very early = bangun tidur sangat pagi

 a diligent girl = seorang anak perempuan rajin
 on different beds = di tempat tidur berbeda
 based on schedule = sesuai dengan jadwal
 take a bath in turn = mandi secara bergiliran
 go to school on foot = pergi ke sekolah dengan jalan kaki
 near our house = dekat rumah kami
 join an extracurricular activity = mengikuti kegiatan ekstrakurikuler
 go to rice field = pergi ke sawah

Contoh Daily Activity Pelajar 3

The alarm clock goes off at 5.30 a.m. I wake up in the morning then drink 2 glasses of water. I
feel very fresh after drinking water. I wash my face so I do not feel sleepy. I do some physical
exercises. I keep my body fit and healthy. Also, I keep my room neat and clean.
I have prepared my books at previous night. In the morning, I need to check books in my bag.
After that, I prepare myself to school and have breakfast at 6.45 in the morning. I go to school at
7 o’clock. My school is far from my house. My father rides me to school and pick me up at 1

After school, I help mother to sell goods in our shop. I also study there. At 6 o’clock I go home,
take a bath and pray. Then, I play computer games for one hour and then review some lessons.
Finally, at 10 p.m. I go to sleep.

Enrich Your Vocabulary!

 feel very fresh = merasa sangat segar

 I do not feel sleepy = saya tidak merasa ngantuk
 keep my body fit and healthy = menjaga tubuh saya tetep kuat dan sehat
 at previous night = malam sebelumnya alias kemarin malam
 check books in my bad = memeriksa buku-buku di dalam tas saya
 far from my house = jauh dari rumah saya
 ride me to school and pick me up = mengantar ke sekolah dan menjemput saya
 sell goods in our shop = menjual barang-barang di toko kami
 review some lessons = mengulang beberapa pelajaran

2. Contoh Daily Activity sebagai Seorang Mahasiswa / Anak Kuliah

Contoh Daily Activity Mahasiswa 1

I stay with some friends in a boarding house. I usually wake up earlier than all friends. I wake
up at 5 o’clock in the morning. I wash my face and do jogging on road near the house.
Sometimes one of my friends does jogging with me. I like jogging because I can meet other
friends. Besides, jogging makes my body healthy.
After jogging, I buy food and drink for my breakfast. I usually buy one pack of yellow rice with
vegetable and meat inside. In the boarding house, I eat yellow rice as my breakfast. After having
breakfast, I clean my room and take a bath.

When I have morning class, I go to campus and study in the class. I often wait for a next class in
the campus. I occasionally have my lunch at canteen in my campus.

I join some student organizations in the campus. I spend my free time to do some activities
related to organizations. We have monthly meetings to discuss some events. At home, I finish all
tasks as soon as possible so I can sleep early. I usually go to sleep at 10 p.m. after brushing my
Enrich Your Vocabulary!

 in a boarding house = dalam rumah sewaan atau kosan

 wake up earlier than all friends = bangun lebih awal dari semua teman
 on road near the house = di jalan raya dekat rumah
 jogging makes my body healthy = jogging membuat tubuh saya sehat.
 one pack of yellow rice = sebungkus nasi kuring
 often wait for a next class = sering kali menunggu kelas selanjutnya
 occasionally = terkadang
 some student organizations = beberapa organisasi mahasiswa
 some activities related to organizations = beberapa kegiatan berhubungan dengan
 finish all tasks as soon as possible = menyelesaikan semua tugas secepat mungkin

Contoh Daily Activity Mahasiswa 2

In the morning, I usually wake up at 6 o’clock. I do physical exercise for 5 minutes so I don’t
feel sleepy. When I have morning class, I have a shower immediately.
Then, I go to campus by motorcycle. Sometimes, I pick up my friend and go together. On the way
to campus, we buy and eat breakfast at one food stand near campus. We chat along the way
about many things. We love talking about funny things. We laugh and feel really happy.

While waiting for a next class, I go to my friend’s house. Sometimes, I wait in campus while
doing some tasks. Joining some organizations at campus makes me quite busy and also happy. I
need to manage my time very well so I can set up priority.

I always try to finish all tasks before due date. I usually go home at 3 o’clock and take a rest. I
hang out with my friends in the evening then have dinner together. Finally, I go to bed at 11 to
12 p.m. when all tasks are finished.

Enrich Your Vocabulary!

 I don’t feel sleepy = saya tidak merasa ngantuk

 have a shower immediately = mandi segera
 pick up my friend = menjemput teman saya
 on the way to campus = dalam perjalanan ke kampus
 talking about funny things = berbicara tentang hal-hal lucu
 while waiting for a next class = saat menunggu kelas berikutnya
 do some tasks = menyelesaikan beberapa tugas
 quite busy and also happy = cukup sibuk dan juga senang
 manage my time very well so I can set up priority = mengatur waktu saya dengan baik
sehingga saya bisa menentukan prioritas
 finish all tasks before due date = menyelesaikan semua tugas sebelum tenggat waktu

3. Contoh Daily Activity sebagai Seorang Pekerja / Karyawan

Contoh Daily Activity Karyawan 1

I work during 5 days then get 2 days off. On working days, I wake up at 5 o’clock in the
morning. Then, I do my bed and clean my room. I wash my face, brush my teeth, prepare
breakfast for 30 minutes.
After that, I do yoga for about 20 to 30 minutes. At 6 o’clock I prepare my uniform and working
stuff. I have a shower then prepare my self to work. Before going to work, I pray for a while to
thank God about everything. Then, I go to work by bus at 6.40. I walk to a bus stop and wait for
a bus. I usually arrive at my office at 7.15 and start working at 7.30.

I love my job as an accountant in one national company. I always finish all tasks punctually so I
don’t bring any task home. At 5.00 I go home by bus or sometimes with my friend. Her house is
near my house so we often go home together by her car.

Sometimes I hang out with friends until 7 o’clock. At 7 o’clock I take a bath, then I eat dinner.
Before go to bed, I usually spend time for reading a book, watching a movie or listening to
music. Finally, I sleep at 11 p.m.

Enrich Your Vocabulary!

 do my bed and clean my room = merapikan tempat tidur dan membersihkan kamar saya
 wash my face, brush my teeth, prepare breakfast = mencuci wajah, menggosok gigi,
menyiapkan sarapan
 prepare my uniform and working stuff = mempersiapkan seragam dan perlengkapan
kerja saya
 have a shower then prepare my self to work = mandi lalu menyiapkan diri untuk bekerja
 go to work by bus = pergi bekerja dengan bus
 finish all tasks punctually = menyelesaikan semua tugas tepat waktu
 her house is near my house = rumahnya dekat dengan rumah saya
 hang out with friends = jalan-jalan bersama teman-teman

Contoh Daily Activity Karyawan 2

On the working day, I usually wake up at 6 o’clock in the morning. I clean my room and prepare
breakfast. I take a bath at 7 p.m. then prepare my self to work. When I have morning schedule, I
go to work at 8 o’clock.
Sometimes I get afternoon schedule so I work at 2 p.m. My job as a waiter in one restaurant
gives me a schedule that is not always same every week. It keeps changing but I am still happy
with that.

After 5 days working, I have two days off. My holidays are not always Saturday and Sunday. I
work 9 hours a day including an hour break.

After working, I do yoga for 30 minutes, then clean my self. After that, I get ready for dinner
with my special friend. Before sleeping, I chat with my friend or read a book. Sometimes, I go to
the cinema with some friends or listening to music. I go to bed at 11 to 12 p.m.

Enrich Your Vocabulary!

 clean my room and prepare breakfast = membersihkan kamar saya dan menyiapkan
 morning schedule / afternoon schedule = jadwal pagid an jadwal siang
 a schedule that is not always same every week = sebuah jadwal yang tidak selalu sama
setiap minggu
 my holidays are not always Saturday and Sunday = Hari libur saya tidak selalu Sabtu
dan Minggu
 including an hour break = termasuk satu jam istirahat
 dinner with my special friend = makan malam dengan teman istimewa
 go to the cinema = pergi ke bioskop
4. Contoh Daily Activity saat Liburan / Hari Minggu

Yang terakhir ini adalah contoh kegiatan sehari-hari dalam bahasa Inggris saat liburan atau hari
Minggu. Apa yang biasanya kamu lakukan pada hari Minggu atau saat liburan???

Yuk simak satu contoh daily activity pada hari Minggu. Ia biasanya menghabiskan waktu
bersama keluarga dan melakukan kegiatan bersama-sama.

This is my daily activities at home on Sunday. I am very excited because all family members are
at home on Sunday. In the morning, my father, mother, sister, brother and I work together to
clean our house. Each of us has different job.
First, we clean our own room. Then, parents clean the bathroom and kitchen. My sister, brother
and I clean the living room and terrace. After that, we do gardening together. Also we clean the
pond by changing water.

When we do gardening, my mother cooks for all of us. At 10 o’clock we clean ourselves then eat
meals. After eating, all children study. At 1 o’clock we gather in our living room. We watch a
movie with our parents.

In the afternoon we go for a walk. Sometimes we go to a beach, go to a zoo or visit our

grandparents or other families. At 6 o’clock we go home, have a shower and pray together.

Then we listen to our father’s story. Our father is a great story teller. Sometimes he reads a
story book for us. Finally, we prepare school books for Monday at 9 p.m. and then go to sleep.

Enrich Your Vocabulary!

 I am very excited = saya sangat bersemangat

 clean our house = membersihkan rumah kami
 each of us has different job = masing-masing kami memiliki pekerjaan yang berbeda
 do gardening together = berkebun bersama-sama
 clean the pond by changing water = membersihkan kolam dengan mengganti airnya
 gather in our living room = berkumpul di ruang tamu
 go for a walk = pergi jalan-jalan
 beach = pantai, Zoo = kebun binatang
 visit our grandparents or other families = mengunjungi kakek nenek atau keluarga lain
 our father is a great story teller = ayah kami adalah seorang pendongeng yang hebat