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Uncompromising Quality, Customer
Satisfaction and Integrity in all our
business practices.

To become a leader in the corporate and
luxury services market.

• Continual effort to plan ahead. • Being a customer-oriented company,
This approach, supported by our not only do we settle our customers’
commitment to uncompromising practical problems, but we also help
quality, has been reflected in the them communicate with our partners,
rapid growth and diversification into who have an impeccable reputation in
an array in a range of different fields. the sphere of providing luxury services.

• Our skilled and motivated • We provide a wide range of in-house

team coupled with our socially services. This ensures a high degree
responsible company culture is the of flexibility in both, the services and
key to continually forge and build the organization, and guarantees
sound relationships with local and high quality and carefully monitored
international partners. supervision.

• Our pursuit of excellence is tireless. • At Prestige Group we recognize

We challenge ourselves in order the importance of our contribution to
to constantly improve our services the socio-economic development of
and get better at what we do. If the Cyprus as a strategically positioned
current market does not satisfy the business center between Europe, the
needs of our customers, we create a Middle East, North Africa and Asia.
new business, in order to satisfy their This in turn compels us to perform
demands. efficiently and responsibly by paying
close attention to the quality of our

“We are a rapidly
evolving Cyprus based
Group of Companies,
who pride ourselves
in the provision of
corporate and luxury

The Prestige Group was established in March 2011. Guided
by a solid set of core values, the Group has rapidly evolved
during its first years and has positioned itself as an essential
resource for anyone seeking world-class services geared
to a sophisticated clientele and the connoisseurs of luxury

Its rapid growth and solid development is primarily attributed

to the continuous expansion of its expertise in a range of
different fields and to the building and strengthening of local
and global partnerships. Consequently, Prestige Group has
successfully established itself as a pioneer in the provision of
luxury services in Cyprus and has attracted and built a high-
net-worth and corporate clientele.

Engaged in several business activities including high-luxury

vehicle rentals, yacht and private jet charters, vip event
management services, security services, investments,
upscale publications, real estate, dining and sports
ventures, Prestige Group continually strives to grow,
always in compliance with its obligations and high level of

The Group’s divisions are currently comprised of Prestige

VIP Services, Tokio Restaurant Bar, Prestige Investments,
Prestige Fights, Prestige VIP Events and Prestige
Publications and Prestige Security.



“We pride ourselves on being
able to bring seemingly
impossible dreams to reality
with amazing speed;
aiming to find the perfect fit for our
most demanding clients.”
Being a member of the Prestige Group, Prestige VIP Services
lives up to the Group’s exceptionally high standards. Leading
the path of life’s greatest luxuries, Prestige VIP Services is a
premium provider of high-end corporate and luxury services for
the connoisseurs of life who wish to hire an exotic car, set sail
on a private yacht to the depths of the sea, charter a private jet
“ARRIVE IN LUXURY” to reach for the sky, arrive in style to any special occasion with
a chauffeured luxury car and socialize with a piece of mind by
making use of the outstanding security services provided.

To Make A Reservation
• Call +357 25 322055, available 24/7
• Book online at
• Send an email at

As a pioneer and leader in the car rental market of Cyprus
for over 30 years, we offer our clients access to world class
luxury and super cars as well as to classics and luxury city
cars, 4X4/SUVs and Vans.

Our current fleet is composed of such very special cars -

most of which you cannot rent anywhere else in Cyprus
- ranging from Mercedes S Class, BMW 7 Series, Porsche
Cayenne to Ferrari California, Maserati GranCabrio Sport
and Rolls Royce Phantom, to name but a few.

Apart from the car rental services, Prestige VIP Services
offers a full range of premium yacht services, which ensure
an unsurpassed sailing experience. Featuring an extensive
fleet of luxury yachts for rent, any cruise can be tailored to the
preferences of its passengers. Any luxury boat comes complete
with a professional ship crew catering to all needs and desires.

From an exclusive business breakfast cruise to a romantic

Mediterranean sunset cruise, a half day cruise along the
beautiful coastline, a glamorous celebration, a bachelor party,
a formal gathering and a private wedding reception, we can
organize all kinds of dream events in the enchanting atmosphere
of a luxury yacht and dazzle all passengers with the exceptional
on board facilities and services provided. Just allow us the
pleasure of spoiling you.



“Welcome to a landmark of Japanese
Gastronomic and Well Being Experience
in Cyprus. A must-visit destination
that perfectly combines hospitality and
entertainment concepts.”
Tokio Restaurant Bar builds restaurant, nightlife and daylife
concepts, all with a focus on impeccable service, design,
innovation, efficiency and professionalism; therefore providing an
experience that exceeds the expectations of customers on every
visit and makes them want to come back again.

Tokio Restaurant & Bar combines two venues in one phenomenal

place: Tokio Restaurant and Tokio Bar.

“Live the full experience of exquisite taste
under the roof of an architectural
From the remarkable Japanese architecture to the exceptional
décor, the unique atmosphere, the upscale Japanese cuisine
and the high-end quality of service, Tokio Restaurant has been
established as one of the most exceptional restaurants in
Limassol, Cyprus.

Whether for dinner or lunch, visiting Tokio Restaurant is always

an extraordinary experience, as the tasting journey can captivate
even the most discerning palate. Guests can also arrange their
business lunches in an elegant yet restful environment.

There is a gorgeous outside seating area that will definitely help

guests relax during spring and summer time, while enjoying
special Japanese dishes and a great selection of shisha. Guests
can also enjoy a seat alongside the teppanyaki grill table, where
they shall have the opportunity to see the meal being cooked
before their eyes, whilst being entertained by their personal,
highly skilled chef.

To Make A Reservation
• Call +357 25 321313
• Book online at



“Treat your senses to a premium

Tokio Restaurant Bar offers one of the most unique bars in

Limassol enamoring guests to continue their night after their
meal. Taking nightlife in Cyprus to the next level, Tokio Bar
with its sophisticated atmosphere and elegant interior design
made of the finest material and exclusive art-deco balancing
the authentic Japanese style with the modern era, is brilliantly
orchestrated with color coordinated lighting and high quality
sound systems that echo the philosophy of modern luxury.

Situated on the 1st floor, Tokio Bar allows its elite guests to
experience the seductive ambiance and vibrant vibes with
special apéritifs, sake and plum wines, tasteful blends and
signature cocktails for one of a kind occasions and unique
celebrations. The bar is able to seat around 300 patrons

To Make A Reservation
• Call +357 25 321313
• Book online at

Whether you want an elegant reception for the anniversary of the
company, a cheerful company Christmas party, a new product
presentation, or a party on another occasion, rest assured that
Tokio team will assist you with any requirements you may have!
The system of multiple halls, exclusive areas and dining rooms
offers endless choices to hold a successful corporate or
personal event, while by combining different halls the guests will
feel as if they are in a different place!

Below are few features that assure a great guest experience:

• Transfers from and to your designated place

• Unique spaces (indoor and outdoor options)
with varying décor
• Flavorful tailored menus
• Specialized service by an experienced team
• Access to A-List artists to make your event
even more memorable
• High quality sound systems
• Branding opportunities

“Tokio at Home”
Tokio Restaurant Bar felt the need to satisfy its customers’
desires and has recently launched its delivery service. Tokio
Delivery offers a wide range of menu options including
traditional, gourmet, vegetarian and gluten-free options: sashimi,
nigari sushi, maki, starters, salads, tartar, soups, noodles, fish,
meat, poultry, signature dishes for two and many more.

• Call 77 77 28 28
• Order Online at


“Cyprus is an ideal
business environment platform
for vast investment opportunities.”
Arto Estates is established in the local market for more than 30
years. The company’s expertise is the luxury residential Real
Estate market all over Cyprus and especially in the boroughs of
Limassol and its best areas offering the best properties in the
newest and most attractive projects.

The company also provides comprehensive upscale range of

services to its customers such as legal consulting, property
consulting, interior design, staging and renovation services.

Contact Us
• Call 8000 2122
• Send an email at

Having developed cooperation with the islands’ most luxurious
and prestigious venues, including conference areas and hotels,
we are able to offer outstanding services in the professional
organization and coordination of corporate and social events
of any scale and scope. Our services include event concept
and program creation, budget planning, event management
and support. We also provide promotional and post-campaign
strategies upon request.

Creating memorable experiences by offering a remarkable level

of service is of paramount importance to us. Over the past
several years, we have successfully planned, organized and
coordinated several events (i.e. sports events, fashion shows,
gala dinners, corporate parties, product launches, team building
events, press conferences, fundraisers, red carpet events etc).

Contact Us
• Call +357 25 322055
• Send an email at

Prestige Fights is the first and only professional company at fight
sports in Cyprus, which organizes unique and unprecedented
“DO YOU DARE?” events! The athletes that participate each time are famous
champions from Cyprus or abroad, who offer the audience a
spectacle at Muay Thai, Kick Boxing and Boxing sports and
other fight sports and martial arts. The events are comparable
respective with events abroad and are covered by local and
foreign news media including television, radio, magazines as
well as online media.

Prestige Fights has signed a contract with the biggest

International Sports Federations and the fights that take place
are under the auspices of ISKA* and CYTMF (Cyprus Traditional
Muaythai Federation).

The main goal of Prestige Fights is to promote positive values

such as fairness, loyalty and solidarity through sports and at
the same time show that Cyprus can host successful events
according to international accepted procedures and standards.

Contact Us
• Call +357 25 322055


“Your good living navigation begins here.”

Prestige Publications offers a series of innovative media projects
presented through separate exquisitely designed luxury glossy
editions. STATUS and LEGACY are prime examples of our
exclusive work. Each issue of STATUS opens the world of
luxury lifestyle and pleasures, while LEGACY serves to act as a
contemporary mouthpiece for the foremost intelligence thought
platforms by providing an independent forum for political,
economic and social discourses. The company also published
several books.

“A safe society for everyone.”
Prestige Security aims to become recognized as the most
trustworthy and reliable private security company across
Europe, by implementing and offering the highest levels of
security services in the market, ensuring safety and integrity for
its elite clientele. With extensive expertise in security issues,
from hostile attacks to physical threats, the company provides
practical and viable security solutions so as to cope with the
pressure of the fast evolving environment that we live in.

Our motive is to secure our customers’ best interest with the

most viable and advanced solutions; therefore we provide a
vast variety of security products that exceed their expectations.
Forming a mindset that focuses upon professionalism, learning,
development and team work is a key factor of success in the
area of private security. In such a demanding area of operations
we have managed to create teams that are well trained, work
upon the base of teamwork and have the abilities to adapt to
multiple situations and demands. Therefore our qualities of
services are maintained in high standards by investing in the
human capital and by also transmitting the philosophy of the
company at all levels.

“Consider it done.”
The Club Concierge provides sophisticated solutions for
affluent professional, residents and visitors to the island, who
wish to increase efficiency and maximize their VIP lifestyle. We
do not simply offer a superbly tailored menu of services. We
also invite our clients to join a prestigious club of individuals
who delegate their lifestyle management to our team, entrusting
us with fulfilling each desire, while making every day, a thrilling
experience, marked with our signature seal of uncompromising

We specialize in crafting tailor-made packages to meet our

clients’ exact needs, while our meticulous attention to detail
combined with our extensive portfolio of services guarantee to
exceed their expectations.


We acknowledge and respect the support we receive from our
society and are indebted to adopt socially responsible practices
by promoting corporate volunteering, participating in charity
work and helping to reduce crime.

As a part of our annual corporate social responsibility
programme, the Prestige Group actively supports and promotes
national sports. We have set this aim into motion by supporting
the Apollon female volleyball team and its academies the last
6 years. Our vision is for all the youth to be actively engaged
in sports and to exercise team spirit values and respectful
attitudes, so that our youth will be developed into valued
ambassadors for our nation.

Moreover, by launching the Social Hero scheme, we have
organized a number of events in order to show our socially
responsible character toward the community and at the same
help as much as we can families and individuals who really need
our support.

Corporate social responsibility is an essential part of our daily
business practice through sponsorships and charity projects
including Europa Donna Cyprus, Karaiskakio Foundation,
Theotokos Foundation, One Dream One Wish and many more.



We understand the importance of our contribution
to the economic and social development of Cyprus
RESPONSIBILITY and therefore aspire to perform efficiently and
responsibly by paying undivided attention and
utmost respect to our partners and clients.

We are always interested in acquiring and

developing long-term business relations and are
open to new ideas and ways of cooperation. Our
international team of multilingual, experienced
professionals is well equipped to adopt a
personalized approach to every partner or client.

84 Amathus Avenue, 4532 Limassol, Cyprus
T. +357 25 322055 | F. +357 25 322056