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INTRODUCTION: To our dignitaries in the head table, Dr. Manuel Limjoco, Jr., Dr. Dominico
Larong, our Schools Division Superintendent, Dr. Nelia S. Lomocso, and to each
and everyone, good morning and welcome to the closing program of the
Training for Senior High School Teachers on Teaching Strategies and Assessment
of Student Learning!

AWARDING OF CERT The first part of our program is to acknowledge the efforts of our dear
facilitators and resource speakers for the learnings they have imparted to us. As
I read the citation of the certificate, ………………….

We also have the certificates for our participants who participated with utmost
enthusiasm. Certificate of participation is given to ………..

WORDS OF CHALLENGE This training is indeed special because the mother of our division is here with us
today, ladies and gentlemen, may I give you, our very own Schools Division
Superintendent, DR. NELIA S. LOMOCSO, for her words of challenge. A warm
applause for her!

Thank you, Ma’am for your endless support and for believing and trusting us to
be part of the Senior High School.

PLEDGE OF COMMITMENT And now, to lead the participants for the PLEDGE OF COMMITMENT,
let us welcome, MR. BERNABE C. LERAN from Taganaan National High

Thank you.

CLOSING PRAYER An old adage says, ‘endings are new beginnings’. And today, as we come near
the end part of our program, I believe that we all learned much and are all
excited to go back to our stations because we are filled with so much teaching
COMMUNITY SINGING At this moment, let us stand for the closing prayer to be led to us by MS. RICHIE
B. CHATO of Surigao del Norte National High School and please remain
standing for the community singing to be led to us by MS. ARGIERY J.
GUMAPAC of Toledo S. Pantilo Memorial National High School.

Thank you everyone and may God bless us all as we go back to our stations.