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Prince George’s Park House

Freshmen Orientation
Programme 2018
Programme Booklet


PGP House Introduction 2

Master’s Message 3
Management Team 4
Orientation Objectives 6
Key Contacts 7
PGPR Map 12
Programme Schedule 13
Safety Instructions 16
RAG & FLAG Introduction 26
Peer Mentorship Programme 28
Peer Mentors AY18/19 29
Interest Groups 32
Housing Rules 36


Welcome to Prince George’s Park House (PGP


PGP House, located within Prince George’s Park

Residences, was created in 2017 as the 7th Hall of
Residence in NUS. In PGP house, freshmen can
expect to engage in a well-balanced one-year living
and learning programme.

A unique feature of PGP House is the Peer

Mentorship Programme (PMP) which offers
freshmen an opportunity to receive academic
guidance and student life-related care from a
selected group of dedicated seniors- the Peer
Mentors. PGP House also has a team of friendly
Residential Fellows (RF) and Resident Assistants
(RA) who provide its residents with care and support.

PGP House believes in building an inclusive and

well- integrated community, whereby residents are
encouraged to partake in house-wide events and
programmes to build friendships and exchange
cultural ideas.

At PGP House, everybody is a family and we

welcome you to join us!

Master’s Message

Dear freshmen,

We are delighted about you

joining the PGP House family.
On behalf of the entire team at
PGP House, I extend a warm
welcome to you.

PGP House promotes a familial

and inclusive environment for residents. Your
significant networks and micro-cultures manifesting
within PGP House will create unique living
experience for everyone.

I aim to meet each one of you during the dining-with-

Master programme. We wish to reach out to
everyone and nobody to be left behind.

Looking forward to connecting with you.

Dr. Prahlad Vadakkepat,
Associate Professor
Master, PGP House

House Management Team

The PGP House management consists of the House
Master, Resident Fellows (RFs), and managers.

Hall Master
Assoc. Professor Prahlad Vadakkepat
Tel: +65 6601 6371

Resident Fellow (Block 20)

Dr. Park Mihi
Tel: +65 6601 3708
E-mail :
Resident Fellow (Block 21)
Mr. Alan Soong
Tel: +65 6516 4017
E-mail :

Resident Fellow (Block 22)

Dr. Andi Sudjana Putra
Tel: +65 6601 1784
E-mail :

Resident Fellow (Block 23)

Dr. Vivien Wu Xi
Tel: +65 6516 4020
E-mail :

Resident Fellow (Block 24)

Mr. Tan Jun Jie
Tel: +65 6601 6189
E-mail :
Domestic Bursar / Resident Fellow
(Block 25)
Assoc. Professor Quan Chenggen
Tel: +65 6516 4023
E-mail :
Ms. Jean Wang
Tel: +6601 6372
E-mail :

Mr. Ho Boon Yeow
Tel: +65 6601 6370
E-mail :

Orientation Objectives

1. Prepare freshmen for the upcoming

residential life in PGP House and as students
in NUS.

2. Create opportunities for all participants to

foster bond and forge long-lasting friendship.

3. Foster environments that build participants’

sense of belonging and pride as contributing
members of the PGP House and NUS

4. Provide participants with an opportunity for

holistic personal development;

5. Introduce the Peer Mentorship Programme.


Key Contacts

Project Director
Xu Zihao
Tel: +65 9231 9027

Vice Project Director

Sebastian Tan Jun Jie
Tel: +65 8448 3676

Chief Safety Officer

Ahmad Shah Johan
Tel: +65 9721 7444

Graduate Fellow
Raymeo Kuah

Resident Assistant, Safety Officer

Samuel Wee

Resident Assistant, Safety Officer

Grace Sia

Resident Assistant, Safety Officer

Chris Wei

Resident Assistant, Safety Officer

Ong Jia Xin

Resident Assistant, Safety Officer

Juan Nathaniel

Resident Assistant, Safety Officer

Jun Hyoung Cho

Resident Assistant, Safety Officer

Linh Chi Nguyen Ngoc

Resident Assistant, Safety Officer

Shelley Chan

Resident Assistant, Safety Officer

Yee Zhuangli

PGP House Office

Address: Block 20, #01-23
35 Prince George’s
Singapore 118429
Phone: 6601 6372


NUS Campus Security

Address: Office of Campus
Security, Command
Centre (24 hrs)
17 & 18 Prince
George's Park,
Singapore 118417
Campus Security 6874 1616
OCS Reception 6874 2368/2363

PGPR Fire Command Centre (FCC)

Address: Block 5, Level B1
Entrance Carpark

24 hours hotline: 6601 2222

Maintenance Hotline: 6516 5431


Map of PGP Residence


Programme Schedule

Day 1: 27 July 2018

Time Activity Venue

1700-1800 - Check-in Multi-purpose Hall
- Dinner (MPH),
Area outside
Function Rooms
1800-1900 Individual ice-breaking MPH
1900-2100 - Welcome address by Auditorium
Master, Dean and PD
- Introduction on PGP House
- Safety and student conduct
2100-2200 Mass ice-breaking MPH
2200-2230 Debrief and dismiss MPH

Day 2: 28 July 2018

Time Activity Venue

0800-0900 Breakfast Area outside FRs
0900-0930 Station games briefing Auditorium

0930-1130 Station games Various locations

across PGPR
1130-1230 - Morning debrief Area outside FRs
- Lunch
1230-1300 Team discussion Various locations
around PGPR
1300-1430 Kampung Hunt Various locations
around PGPR
1430-1530 The Auction Game Auditorium
1530-1800 Campfire performance Various locations
rehearsal around PGPR
1800-1900 - Afternoon debrief Area outside FRs
- Dinner
1900-2200 Campfire Basketball courts
2200-2230 Debrief and dismiss Basketball courts

Day 3: 29 July 2018

Time Activity Venue

0800-0900 Breakfast Area outside FRs
0900-1130 Academic sharing Around NUS
1130-1300 - Morning debrief Area outside FRs
- Lunch
1300-1530 Interest Group sharing and Various locations
exposure around PGPR

1530-1600 Peer Mentorship Auditorium

Programme sharing
1600-1700 RAG&FLAG Auditorium
Grade-free and S/U sharing

1700-1800 - Final address Auditorium

- Photo taking
1800 Break camp

Safety Instructions

1. General Safety

Uninterrupted rest
❖ All camp participants to get at least 7 hours of sleep;
OGLs are reminded not to hold back participants at
night for bonding activities.

Medical Conditions
❖ OGLs to check with all freshmen on their medical
status every day and update PD/VD;
❖ OGLs & Safety Officers are to keep a lookout for
those with pre-existing medical conditions (i.e.
asthma, injuries, fever, etc.).

Strength Reporting
❖ For freshmen who will be staying out or leaving camp
for a while, OGLs are to refer following freshmen to
the PD & Secretary for attendance-recording upon
leaving or joining the camp;
❖ OGLs should always report strength before and after
every activities and during meal times.

❖ If you feel uncomfortable about any activity, do
inform OGLs/SOs/CSO;
❖ Remember, we want to ensure that everyone feels
home in PGP House! In the spirit of inclusive and in
lifting up the values of PGP House, everyone is here
for you!

Remember to:
❖ Always do the right thing;
❖ Look out for one another – inform your seniors if
someone is unwell;
❖ Have a safe & enjoyable time in camp with each
other’s company!

2. Reporting in event of injuries or emergencies

2.1 In the event of an injury occuring, it should

be reported as below:

2.2 In the event of emergencies, the crisis

management plans are laid out in the following 3
3. Movement

Traffic Safety

❖ Use pedestrian pavement and never play around

along the roads.
❖ Use pedestrian crossings and traffic lights whenever
crossing roads;
❖ DO NOT dash across roads → Look out for vehicles
(e.g. buses) before crossing;
❖ Move and cross as a group.

In event of wet weather

What to do:
❖ Proceed to the nearest sheltered are as an OG;
❖ Always take sheltered routes around the residences;
❖ Watch out for slippery floors & stairs when moving
❖ Remind & warn each other of the hazards (i.e.
slippery areas);
❖ Alert the OGLs or SOs when any member of your OG
is not around.

When within PGP House vicinity:

❖ Always take sheltered routes around the residences.

When within NUS campus (during faculty walk):

❖ Use sheltered walkways when moving from place to
place (follow yellow ceiling).
4. Food Safety & Waste Management

Food Safety
❖ All participants are to wash their hands before the
consumption of food to prevent food poisoning;
❖ Packed food must be consumed within the stipulated
duration as directed by the caterer;
❖ In the presence of possible food allergens in the meal,
please sound out to any safety officers;
❖ Appropriate measures will be taken:
➢ Sound off any dietary needs or concerns to
your OGLs;
➢ Food distributors to check the content of the
food rations and highlight of potential food
allergens (e.g. seafood).

Waste Management
❖ All participants are to dispose of their waste only at
the allocated dustbins and are to keep their waste
with them should there be no dustbin;
❖ All packet food containers are to be stacked together
and tied up in a bag along with the utensils before
being disposed of in a dustbin
❖ Separate the plastic containers/cover from the food
5. Hydration Plans

Bottles Up, Drink up!

❖ Always have your water bottles with you at all times!
❖ Always remind each other to keep hydrated,
especially before & after every activity;
❖ Refill water bottles before moving out to the next
❖ Whenever you need to refill your bottles, always ask
your OGLs for the nearest water cooler;
❖ OGLs could cater some time for the entire group to
refill your bottles;
❖ Encourage a more frequent hydration regime on hot,
humid occasion;
❖ If you notice anyone is feeling unwell, alert that
individual to the OGLs/SOs.

6. Electrical Safety
❖ All power sockets are to be switched off when not in
use, especially when leaving the room for activities
❖ No overloading of extension bar or multi-plug to
prevent electric fire
❖ Take note of wires from extension plug, etc. when
walking around
7. PGP House’s safety and security rules

❖ Keep noise level to a minimum at night (‘Quiet Period’

❖ DO NOT enter others’ rooms or invite others to your
rooms → Gatherings should ONLY be done at
common locations
❖ Before/After the day’s activities, camp participants
are strictly NOT ALLOWED to leave the camp,
unless staff advisors have been informed
❖ DO NOT leave PGP House without informing the
camp committee
❖ In case of an emergency evacuation, do adhere to
PGP House’s evacuation plan → do follow the
instructions given by safety personnel

8. Campfire

❖ Do not stray too close to the fire. Stay away from the
flames; at least 2 metres away from the fire
barricades → Note for Performance
❖ Avoid running around the campfire. Engaging the
audiences is allowed.
❖ Designated seating areas will be assigned. Avoid
moving closer to the “stage” to provide more
performing area for everyone performing
❖ Always inform your OGLs your whereabouts (i.e.
when going to the washrooms, etc.)
❖ In case of emergency, remind calm & move off from
the site together as an OG.
Fire Evacuation Plan (during campfire)

Reporting of Strength
PGP House RAG & FLAG 2018

Receiving and Giving (RAG)

Splendid costumes,
stunning stage
effects and
spectacular dance
performances — on
Rag Day, every hall
and faculty in NUS
will put up dance
performances with
elaborate floats (stage props) and costumes as a
form of appreciation for the donations and support
we received for Flag Day. Months of hard-work and
dedication by freshmen and seniors alike are placed
into putting up performances on the Rag Day. The
dance routines are choreographed by our very own
students, the floats are made from scratch and the
costumes are hand-made as well. Even though a lot
of hard work were involved in the preparation
process, it is all worthwhile for the lifelong friendships
forged and memories made throughout the process.
Many seniors will point to RAG as one of their most
memorable and exciting experience. Rag also
provides a platform where students could spend a lot
of time to get to know one another, bond and make
friends. Although most of the RAG participants are
freshmen, many curious and passionate seniors
take part in RAG as well.

‘Flag’ is one part of the

annual charity project
known as “NUSSU RAG
and FLAG”, organised by
our very own NUS
students from each Hall or
Faculty. This is the first
year PGP House is participating in the project. Our
committee is comprised of passionate and eager
members, who are aligned with the project’s
interests in giving back to the community. This year,
PGP House’s beneficiary is the Singapore
Association of the Visually Handicapped, SAVH.

Our efforts to raise funds include the sales of items

sourced, sponsored, and even personally designed.
Our Flag team had also appealed to members of the
community to donate money to SAVH, be it
corporations with large amounts, or the general
public with smaller donations. Other than the raising
of funds, we also aim to raise the awareness of the
public towards SAVH, and the visually handicapped
members of our own community. We hope to carry
on the spirit of kindness, and inspire a like-
mindedness that is community oriented.
PGP House Peer Mentorship Programme

Started in 2016, the Peer Mentorship Programme

(PMP) is the flagship programme of PGP House.
Aligned with the Vision of PGP House, the PMP
seeks to empower and inspire mentees to create a
familial, inclusive and vibrant community to build
self-confidence to see, seek and seize opportunities
and transform into socially responsible global

Freshmen residents in PGP House have the

opportunity to join the PMP as mentees. They will be
assigned a dedicated Peer Mentor, who is a senior
undergraduate that is staying in their cluster.
Mentors will provide academic guidance and support
to their mentees, and help them settle into the
academic rigour of university. Through the co-
creation of mentoring activities, mentors will also
equip mentees with useful life skills and empower
them to see, seek, and seize opportunities to meet
the needs of peers in PGP House and beyond. The
friendships and social network forged through the
PMP perpetuates the familial, inclusive, and vibrant
community in PGP House even beyond the stay

Join us on this exciting journey of endless

possibilities and opportunities, and experience for
yourself what it means to be a family of change
Peer Mentors 2018/19
Block 20/21

Raymeo Kuah Jubilee Lim

Bhatt Paras Brina Shong Elson Tan Genevieve Jonathan Mark

Krishna Wey Tynn Han Sen Khoo Hui Lin Manjit

Low Lee Yong

Jiang Guan Jonathan Cheng Koh Seow Min Li Jianxing

Sinthalapadi Ram
Janarthana Raja
Tan Yi An Xu Zihao
Block 22/23

David Her
Ho Xiang Le
Wei Hua

Caceres Jelah
Chan Peck Shan Chua Wen Ting Hou Ruomu

Le Quang Quan Lim Yen Mae Lim Yi Hui, Donna

Nigel Lim Wei Tan Chee Kun, Yap Xin Hui Zhang Xin Wan
Han Thomas
Block 24/25

Loh Wei Ling, Jerald Seow

Kethleen Wen Yuan

Andrea Low Hui Arintha Adelina Christine Seng Ezra Alvianto Koh Min Xuan
Ling Boon Ting

Liu Yang Marvin Chang Ngoi Zi Liang Saif Uddin Tan Yi Quan
Guang Wei Mahmud Samoeul

Tony Tan Loo Tat Zephyr Tay Ming Zhu Pingxian

Interest Groups
PGP House also offers a wide variety of Interest
Groups (IGs) for residents to explore and broaden
their interest. Each IG is led by a few Interest Group
Leaders (IGLs), and is completely student-initiated.
There are currently 9 IGs in PGP House.

1. Badminton
Join us to have fun
badminton training
sessions and
contests suitable for
players of all levels
to build a
community. All you
need is a racquet and a love for badminton!

2. Baking
Always wanted to learn
baking to make tasty cakes
and cookies? Simply love
the smell of pastries or
pâtisserie? Here comes
your opportunity! Join our
IG to be able to bake
birthday cakes and other
pastries for your loved-ones on their special
occasions to showcase your talent and sincerity!
3. Band
Have a
passion for
music, singing
or jamming?
Join band to
fulfil your
desire with
our brand new
yourself to great opportunities in gaining
unforgettable performance experiences while
interacting and making friends with people of the
same interest. Fret not if you have no prior
experience as everyone is invited to sign up to have
some fun jamming or to pick up a new skill by
learning from our members.

4. Basketball
Did you know there are 3
basketball courts inside
PGP? What a waste to not
utilise them! Join us for
some fun ball time and
sweat those academic
stress out while staying
cool and fit.
5. Board Games
Games are well-liked
by any age-groups. It
is one of the best way
to bond people
together. Explore
various board games
and have fun
interacting with people
through the games. If
you want to find a way to ‘chill’ while getting to know
new people, do sign up for our IG!

6. Dance
Ever wanted to start learning
dance because it seemed so
cool? Here comes your
opportunity! Dance classes
open to all levels of experience
- come down to join the fun,
stay fit and learn together!

7. Movie
Don’t like watching movies alone? Always wanted to
find friends so that you can gossip about the movie
characters? No worries, PGP House Movie IG will be
screening movies twice a month varying from
documentaries to blockbusters. Come join us to
meet and interact with people!
8. Fun Run
Are you tired of being
sedentary from all the
lessons? Do you want
some adrenaline in your
life? Wait no longer, PGP
Fun Run is here to give you
the run of your life! Look
forward to different routes
around and outside of
school, of varying distances. Runs are suitable for all
types of runners, be it if you're a beginner or a
regular runner, do not hesitate to join us for a fun run!

9. Street Soccer
Street soccer encompasses a number of informal
varieties of association
football. These
informal pickup games
do not necessarily
follow the
requirements of a
formal game of football,
such as a large field,
field markings, flags,
eleven players per
team, or match
officials. Join us for a more flexible and fun game




1.1 “The Resident” refers to the registered

occupants of Student Residences (Prince George’s
Park Residences, UTown Residence), Residential
Colleges and Prince George’s Park House (PGP

1.2 The Resident shall comply with all applicable

statutes, regulations, rules, procedures, directions,
policies, guidelines, codes of conduct and notices
(as may be amended or prescribed from time to time).

1.3 The Resident is responsible for his or her

registered occupant’s (where applicable) and
visitor’s full compliance and observance of these
Rules and Regulations. Any breach of these Rules
and Regulations by the registered occupants or
visitors shall be deemed to be a breach by the

1.4 The Resident shall be responsible for

accessing, reading, understanding and updating
himself or herself of the Rules and Regulations
prevailing from time to time.

2.1 The Resident is expected at all times to

conduct himself/herself with due propriety,
responsibility and good sense. The use of profanity
or vulgarities, written or spoken, is not considered
proper conduct.

2.2 “Quiet Hours” shall be observed between

11.00pm and 7.00am during which the Resident
shall avoid making any excessive or loud sounds or
noises which may annoy or disturb the other
residents. “Quiet Hours” shall be in effect 24 hours
during the Reading Week and final examination
periods of the University’s Academic Calendar.

2.3 If the Resident is locked out of his/her

Accommodation, the Resident shall seek assistance
from OHS during office hours (see Appendix A for
applicable fees). The Resident may approach
Resident Assistant/ Student Assistant/ Fire
Command Centre (FCC) (where applicable) for any
lock-out incident after office hours. Applicable fee
per lock-out occasion will be imposed on respective
resident as listed in Appendix A of this document. In
the event the service of a locksmith / specialist is
required, the Resident shall bear the costs incurred.

3.1 The Resident shall exercise responsibility in

attending to and the safeguarding of all personal
belongings. Leaving personal belongings like
laptops, valuables, textbooks, notes, food
unattended even for short period of time, may invite
unnecessary petty thefts or create unnecessary
misplacement or losses. The University will not be
responsible for any personal loss of items.

3.2 Reports of thefts or loss of personal

belongings made to OHS will be handed over to the
Office of Campus Security (OCS) or Police for
investigation and further action.


4.1 For fire safety reasons, electrical immersion

heaters, cooking apparatus or any high electrical
consumption equipment are not permitted to be used
in the Accommodation.

4.2 All personal electronic devices like laptops must

be charged using Singapore certified standard
sockets, adaptors etc. The Resident may be held
liable for any power outage or situations relating to
the usage of non-certified sockets / adaptors etc.

5.1 Housekeeping services are provided once just

before the Resident moves in. The Resident shall be
responsible for the routine upkeep of the

5.2 Housekeeping services will only be extended to

common areas of residences. For UTown,
housekeeping services will also be extended to
common areas (living room, kitchen and toilet) of 4-
Bedroom Apartments and 6-Bedroom Apartments
based on stipulated schedules.


6.1 For Dengue Prevention purposes, the Resident

must prevent the breeding of its carrier, the Aedes
mosquitoes. Aedes mosquitoes are identified by the
black and white stripes on their bodies. The Resident
can get rid of the Aedes mosquito by frequently
checking and removing stagnant water in the

6.2 Any fine / penalty issued by NEA for breeding

grounds found within the Accommodation (rooms /
apartments) shall be borne by the Resident(s).

7.1 For security and safety, the Resident shall

lock the door and windows whenever he or she
leaves the Accommodation.

7.2 The Resident shall not use any equipment or

do anything which obstructs or cause overloading on
any system or plant serving the Accommodation or
any other part of the Building. This includes the water,
electrical or gas supply to the Accommodation.

7.3 The Resident shall not allow or do anything in

the Accommodation which may overload the floors,
walls or roofs. This should also refer to furniture and
all other equipment provided in the housing unit.

7.4 The Resident shall clear away all his/her

belongings from the Accommodation after the
authorized period of stay has expired or ceased. The
University may dispose of such belongings and the
Resident shall be responsible for any costs incurred.

7.5 For hygiene safety purposes, resident shall

clear any unwanted / expired food or consumable
items kept in the refrigerator provided in the common
pantry regularly. The University may dispose of such
items as deemed appropriate.

8.1 The visiting hours are strictly from 7:00am to

11:00pm daily.


9.1 The Resident shall park only at the

designated carpark lot determined by the
University’s Office of Campus Amenities (“OCA”).

9.2 The Resident shall consult OCA on any

carpark issues.


10.1 The Resident is required to complete the

University’s prescribed Inventory Checklist
personally upon moving into his/her Accommodation.
The Resident must report to the Management Office
on any defects spotted, if any, and return the
inventory form to the Management Office within one
(1) working day of checking in to the Accommodation.
10.2 In instances when the Resident fails to sign
and return the Inventory Checklist, the Resident will
be deemed to have agreed that the Accommodation
and the Contents as listed in the form are in good
working order and/or condition and will be
responsible for any shortfall in the Inventory
Checklist or damage to the Accommodation or the
Contents after the check-in.

10.3 The University will not entertain request for

removal of any furniture provided in the Apartment.

10.4 Before moving out, the Resident shall arrange

for a pre move-out inventory check with the
Management Office. This inventory check should be
conducted at least three (3) working days before the
actual date of vacating the Accommodation.

10.5 To facilitate prompt inventory checking out

procedures, the Resident shall ensure the following
are completed before vacating the Accommodation:

(a) All personal possessions (including posters) /

appliances are removed and the Accommodation
is cleaned & tidied. The University shall not be
liable for the loss of or damage to any personal
effects of the Resident left behind in the
Accommodation after the keys / transponders /
access cards are returned to OHS.
(b) The Resident shall return all issued transponder,
access cards, residence access keys (where
applicable), cabinet keys (if any), key tag (if any)
and mailbox key (if any) personally to the
Management Office upon check-out.

(c) The Resident shall check out of the

Accommodation by 12noon on the last day of the
stipulated period of stay unless approval to
extend his/her stay has been obtained.

(d) Over stayers are liable for additional

administrative charges plus room charges for the
number of days overstayed.


11.1 If the Resident wishes to stay on in the

University Residence during University Vacations,
he/she must submit his/her application by the
stipulated deadlines as may be announced by the
University Residence. Applications submitted after
the closing date will incur a late application fee.

11.2 Vacation accommodation is subject to


11.3 The Resident may be allocated different

rooms from his/her current room or apartment if the
application is approved.
11.4 The Resident who overstays without
registering any formal applications will also be
subject to an additional administrative charges plus
the room charges for the number of days overstayed.
The Resident may also need to be relocated if
necessary. Further disciplinary action(s) may be
warranted should the Resident persist in
uncooperative behaviours.

11.5 The Resident who wishes to cancel or

shorten his/her approved vacation stay will be
charged an administrative fee.


12.1 The Schedule of Costs that the University

may impose on the Resident is attached (refer to
Appendix A).



S/N Offences / Housing Related Fees Involved


1. Vandalism to facilities. Replacement cost for any

damage / loss incurred.

2. Unauthorised duplication of Replacement cost for any

key/ transponder key/ access damage / loss incurred.

3. Unauthorized removal of Replacement cost for any

common furniture / electric damage / loss incurred.
(Possession of common
furniture / electric appliances
constitutes an act of

4. Refrigerator / portable air- Administrative fee & utility

conditioning found in the room charges applicable.
without proper authorization.

5. Do-It-Yourself (DIY) wiring and Replacement cost for any

operating other electrical set damage / loss incurred.
ups or appliances that do not
form part of the provision or
inventory e.g. cooking Removal cost and utility
equipment and personal cost incurred.
washing machines etc.
S/N Offences / Housing Related Fees Involved

6. Failure to upkeep cleanliness in Replacement cost for

kitchen / common areas. any damage / cleaning
(Including appliances e.g. fee incurred.
refrigerator, hotplate, microwave
oven, electric oven etc.)

7. Failure to upkeep cleanliness in the Replacement cost for

accommodation and the furniture any damage / cleaning
provided in the accommodation. fee incurred.

8. Placing personal items e.g. shoes, These items will be

slippers, mats, racks, clothing etc. disposed by the
along corridors and on staircases. cleaning staff. OHS will
(These items may pose as a fire not be responsible for
hazard or tripping hazard that will any losses.
impede the evacuation of
Residents in an emergency).

9. Setting of fire, use of candle or any Replacement cost for

type of open-flame in the room / any damage / cleaning
residence (e.g. incense sticks, fee incurred.
sparklers etc.)

10. Using and obstructing Clearing / cleaning fee

accommodation especially all incurred.
common areas of the
apartment/building as illegal
storehouse for transhipment
arrangements etc.
S/N Offences / Housing Fees Involved
Related Matter

11. Lockouts No admin fee imposed for the first 2

weeks of the semester and for first
time lock-out.

Fees for second or subsequent lock-

outs from Week 3 of Semesters 1 and
2 onwards are as follows:

$5.00 per lockout during office hours.

$10.00 per lockout after office hours.

(All prices shown are inclusive of


12. Loss of or damage to $10.00 per replacement of mechanical

transponder, access key type, e.g. letterbox key, cabinet
card, and keys key, wardrobe key or equivalent
(where applicable)
$30.00 per replacement of access

$40.00 per replacement of


$60.00 per replacement of mechanical

lockset (in cases of where security of
the room may be compromised,

(All prices shown are inclusive of

S/N Offences / Housing Related Fees Involved

13. Failure to return transponder, Replacement cost for any

access card, residence keys damage / loss incurred.
personally to Management
office upon check out

14. Room Change / Room Swap Admin charge of $21.40 per

within Hostel change (subjected to
Hostel Management
Office’s approval).

15. Inter-hostel Transfer Fees where applicable

(subjected to Hostel
Management Office’s