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Oracle Master Data Management

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Master data management g pains & drivers

Master Data Management Challenges
Master data is in constant state of flux Master data is fragmented across application silos
SFA Call C ll Center Web W b site Fusion F i Apps Partner




Fusion Apps


Master data has to be dealt with at every project
16 14 12 10 8 6 4 2 0 Project 1 Project 2 Project 3 Project 4 Project 5

Ignoring data mgt impacts ability to deliver key enterprise functions

Master Data Management Facts

In one hour… • • 240 businesses will change addresses 150 business telephone numbers will change or be disconnected 112 directorship (CEO, CFO, etc.) changes will occur 20 corporations will fail 12 new businesses will open their doors 4 companies will change their name

In one hour… • 5,769 individuals in the , US will change jobs • 2,748 individuals will change address • 515 individuals will get g married • 263 individuals will get divorced • 186 individuals will declare a personal bankruptcy • • •

In one year… On average 20% duplicates in product data 90% product introductions fail Retailers lost 40 billion or 3.5% of total sales lost each year due to item info inefficiencies 60% error rate for all invoices generated Global Data Sync will realize 30% lower IT costs

• • • •

• •

Source: D&B, US Census Bureau, US Department of Health and Human Services, Administrative Office of the US Courts, Bureau of Labor Statistics, Gartner, A.T Kearney, GMA Invoice Accuracy Study

Master data changes at rate of 2% per month.

Cost of poor quality Customer Data
Finance Duplicate records hide proper revenue recognition, i iti inaccurate t reserves for bad debt, introduce credit and collection risk. Marketing Inaccurate segmentation results in i poor market planning, k t l i misguided campaigns, wasted mailing costs.

Service Customer relationships harmed due to duplicative duplicative, incomplete, non-personalized interactions. Lost Loyalty.

Product Planning Unknown product usage and interest causes poor product lifecycle planning and channel penetration.

Sales Sales effectiveness limited due to incomplete view of all sales sales, service, accounting interactions divisionally and globally.

Corporate Governance Unclear enterprise-wide customer revenue and profit reconciliation exposes risk for officers.

Not having sound master data management impacts key enterprise functions and processes
Marketing and Sales Service Supply chain & Operations Finance and control

Customer Data

Effective upsell & crosssell Advertising & Promotion spend Privacy Mgt New product Introduction

Differentiated Service Delivery Customer Retention

1st Time Accurate Deliveries Operations & IT costs

Risk & Collection Mgt C ll i M Legislative compliance Fraud Mgt F dM t Business Analysis

Product Data

Catalog C t l alignment across channels

Adherence to Flawless Order Efficient Service regulatory Mgt process delivery standards Sourcing & Management of M t f Manufacturing claims & Business process customer Analysis dissatisfaction

MDM Definition & Value Proposition
MDM provides the ability to… y Consolidate/Federate master & shared information into one place

Cleanse and Enrich data centrally Distribute data as a single point of truth as a service to consuming applications, enterprise business processes and decision support systems


Call Center

Web site

Fusion Apps


Real-time / near real-time Master Data



Real-time / near real-time M t D t R l ti l ti Master Data

Integrated Best of Breed Consistency in a siloed environment y Enterprise agility (easier migration ability)




Fusion Apps


Better customer experience Lower data management costs Better reporting & BI project acceleration l ti

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Siebel UCM Solution

Universal Customer Master: Enables a Single View of Customer
• Creates and maintains a unique unique, complete and accurate customer information across the enterprise • Distributes customer information to all operational applications just in time • CDI enables organizations to:
• Know your customers • Improve data quality • Utilize customer insight during all customer interactions • Comply with privacy and regulatory requirements • Reduce data management costs

Data Model – Cross-Industry plus key Verticals • Cross-Industry data model has been extended for 10 key vertical industries • Utilises the experience and p requirements gathered from the CRM market space k t • Extended for UCM specific capabilities

Automotive Communications, Media & Energy Life Sciences

Healthcare & Insurance Oil & Gas

Public Sector

Consumer Goods Banking & Financial Services

Travel High-Technology & Manufacturing

Comprehensive Master Data Management
Identity Master
Key Entities: ID

Customer Enterprise Master for Customer Data Assets Product P d
Extended Profiling of Customers

Key Entities: Party, Addresses, Relationships

Key Entities: Assets, Demographics, Activities

Enterprise M t f P d t D t E t i Master for Product Data
Key Entities: Products, Price Lists, Prices

p g Marketing Enterprise Offer Management

Key Entities: Campaigns, Offers, Responses

Sales Service

Enterprise Opportunity Management
Key Entities: O K E titi Opportunities, O d t iti Orders

Enterprise Service Management
Key Entities: Service Requests, Solutions

Comprehensive Attributes - Party Model for Persons
• • • • Employee of a Company Customer of a Company Affiliations with Org g Member of a Household

Name & Contact Info
• • • • • • • • • • Name Personal Address Phone Numbers E-mail … Privacy Option Don’t e-mail Don’t call Don’t mail …. Personal ….


• • • • • • • • Status Segment Gender Age Marital Status Ct e s p Citizenship Language Education

Party Person Household Company

Consumer Profile
• •

Products Purchased

• • • Sales calls Web site visits Customer service calls

Customer Value

Siebel CDI – Closed Loop Data Quality
Data Cleansing and Matching g Intelligent Merge and Unmerge

• Manages customer data through the entire lifecycle with end to end-toend processes • Creates “best” customer record best with match, intelligent merge & unmerge capabilities • Cleanses and enhances customer data using leading data q quality tools and third-party data y p y sources • Tracks corporate data q p quality y effectiveness over time with robust data profiling

Data Enrichment

Data Profiling

Data Quality functionality in a glance
Feature F t Profiling/Pattern Detection Functionality F ti lit Deduce meaning from unstructured p patterns Cust C t MDM example l Name: LN+FN (CHS,KOR,JPN); FN+MN+PN+LN (Latin); Addr = #, street, city, state, zip, y, , p, country; Prod P d MDM example l “liquid”+”crystal” +”display” = 1 concept p


Create structured records from unstructured data

Camera = manufacturer, , mega pixels, zoom, and color Woodd=wood=wud W dd d d Paper weight: 100g i.s.o. 100kg 2 products in different languages are in fact the same item Diving watch with Watch attrib and Diving Equipment attrib

Comprehensive data quality

Cleansing and Standardization

Spot and correct data errors; transform to std format/phrase Spot and eliminate duplicates

Bill = William Willi St, Str = Street (ENU/DEU) St = Saint (FRA) Haidong Song = 宋 海东 =

Matching and de-duplication


Attach additional attributes and categorizations t i ti

Haidong Song: “single, 1 child, Summit Estate, DoNot Mail”

Batch and Realtime

Create “Best” Customer Record – Matching


Data Load

Yes Maybe Yes

• Best of breed matching technology embedded from SSA • Matching on name, address, and other attributes
• configurable for other attributes



Manual Review



• Configurable for real time and batch • Suspect duplicates quarantined for review by the Data Steward

UCM Uses Matching Thresholds to Determine Outcome 100% Auto-Match, Consolidated Records Auto-match Threshold Suspect Match, Flag for Manual Review 80% Manual Threshold No Match, N M t h Create New Record 0%


UCM – Proactive Events and Policies

Rules engine

Privacy Management

• Responds proactively to customer lifecycle events (change of address, opening of new account, etc.) with meaningful alerts and triggers • Defines and executes privacy and regulatory rules to ensure compliance • Manages and audits events and policies centrally and consistently across the enterprise

Respond to Customer Lifecycle Events

Define events and subsequent process responses, including interactions with source applications

Privacy and Regulatory Compliance
Sample Privacy Rules
Set Privacy Status to ‘Pending’ for a minimum of 45 days. IF (‘Pending’ period expires without the customer initiates privacy activity) THEN (update privacy fields)

Rules Editor (GUI)

Rules Engine
Rules Repository / Knowledge Base
IF (contact change for an account, e.g. coco borrowed deletion, primary contact replacement) THEN (apply more restrictive privacy policy to remaining contact)

IF (customer bought a vehicle in 48 contiguous states) AND (subsequently moves to Puerto Rico) THEN (send a new privacy notice in English and Spanish)

UCM – Unify & Distribute Customer Insight
• Provides commonly used functions as business services and web services • Maintains customer data between the master and other applications with pre-built processes • Transforms data to leading packaged applications and k d li ti d industry standards
Business Services Application Authorization Publish and Subscribe Leading Practice Integration

• Delivers support for all integration modes: real time, batch, publish and subscribe

Application Integration Architecture
Common Integration Architecture

Oracle Integration g Architecture:
• Based on Fusion Middleware • SOA, BPEL, & Canonical object models • Pre built processes to support Pre-built common business processes • Canonical objects are foundation for Fusion integration objects • Transformations to edge applications

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Customer Success Stories

Leading Companies Across Industries Use Oracle Master Data Management
Communications, Media & Utilities Financial Services Public Sector Manufacturing & Distribution High Technology Life Sciences and Healthcare

Retail & CPG

Pending customer approval – Internal Use Only

Unparalleled Customer Experience
“It is easy to make fact-based decisions when the facts y are right in front of you. That is what ClientLink does, It puts the facts in front of you.”

UMB Bank Corporation

Kevin Kramer, Senior Vice President, Enterprise Sales SOLUTIONS

• • • •

One of the largest independent banks in US Over 140 branch locations in 8 US States 3,500 associates Assets: US$ 8 Billi A t Billion CHALLENGES/OPPORTUNITIES

• • • •

Oracle Customer Hub Siebel CRM Consolidation of 9 sources (Bank’s legacy) Trillium for Data Quality

RESULTS Improved cross sales d t complete d l due to l t • I customer view • Significant improvement of associates productivity & efficiency • Flexible & extensible architecture

• Multiple versions of the truth • Need for a flexible platform • Need to empower their associates to fulfill p
UMB’s mission: To know our customers and anticipate their needs; advocate and advise; innovate and surprise

Loyalty & Compliance
“We selected Siebel CDI because of its out of the box, We out-of-the-box, rich customer master functionality, its industry-specific best practices, and its ability to integrate many different applications” Shaun Coyne, VP & CIO COMPANY OVERVIEW SOLUTIONS

• 7th largest finance company in US • Revenue: $1B • Customers: 10M Custo e s 0

• Oracle Customer Hub • TIBCO & UAN, Informatica • 12 integrated Applications
RESULTS • Support for corporate priorities • G th Info controll & access, new services Growth, I f t i introduction, respect of privacy rules • Deepen dealer & customer loyalty •I Improved services, customer insight & d i t i i ht customer satisfaction & retention • Create operational gains: IT costs & process efficiency

• Need to increase customer service &
loyalty for dealers & consumers

• Need to comply to complex privacy
management rules

• Need for new generation IT architecture
(Flexible, scalable, less costly, integrated)

• Need for phased path to new architecture

Rapid deployment of a large scale master
“In less than 60 days, Home Depot was convinced that In Siebel’s CDI solution was the only solution that could give them a single view of their customers.” Les Rechan, SVP & GM Manufacturing and Distribution, The Rechan Distribution Home Depot COMPANY OVERVIEW • • • • World's largest home improvement retailer 1,800 stores across North America Employees: 234,000 Revenue: US$ 90 Billion SOLUTIONS

• Oracle Customer Hub • Call Center application, Order Management &
Partner Relationship Management • Strong SAP back end environment RESULTS • Streamline closed loop marketing and closed-loop complex account management processes • Achieve a single view of the customer across the e e p se e enterprise • Reduced customer data management costs • Solution is five times cheaper and faster than the custom-built alternative


• N d t provide every store with single Need to id t ith i l
view of its 90M+ customers

• Poor data quality (10M duplicates) • S d & cost of i l Speed t f implementation t ti • Ease of operations & reduction of data
management costs

Time to Market
“Oracle Master Data Management is providing the basis of convergence between LG Group s affiliated Mobile Group’s Mobile, fixed line and broadband companies. “ LG Telecom Executive SOLUTIONS COMPANY OVERVIEW

• World’s first mobile telco service provider
of CDMA technology • Employees: 2,000+, $ 3.6 Billion Revenue • Customers: 6.5 Million CHALLENGES/OPPORTUNITIES

• Oracle Customer & Product Hub • Integration with AMDOCS Billing system,
NCR CRM system, Customer Service system and a Credit Approval system RESULTS • Customers, suppliers and products are all centrally managed and made available to all users and partners • Better sales and marketing results through access to real-time, complete and trusted data • Reduced new product introduction lead time • Infrastructure agility introduced for future merger of the LG Group companies

• Sales and marketing campaigns were
suffering due to limited customer and product data • Time to Market Agility for product introduction g y p was taking too long (3 months) • Need for a foundation for eventual merger of the 3 LG Group Affiliated Companies

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