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How to install if you have lock bootloader


First of all, install ''mtk drivers'' and then...

Open folder SP-FLASH-TOOL-v.5.1532.00
Run as administrator flash_tool.exe
Select DA_SWSEC.bin on download agent
Select "scatter" file (you can find it inside "images" folder)
UNCKECK PRELOADER!!! (If you don't unchek, you'll have a nice brick)
Check before anything that you only have check system, userdata and boot
Press download button
Turn off your mobile phone
Press vol - and connect your device to the computer with the ORIGINAL cable
When red bar appears, wait, and when YELLOW bar appears, you can unpress the vol -
Wait yellow bar goes to 100% and see the green check
Disconnect your mobile phone
Reboot your device and enjoy

How to install if you have unlock bootloader:

Factory Reset
Flash image with TWRP (system.img + boot.img)

Tutorial by @MrRaines
Thanks for it friend!