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Transaction Id

Form no. 1

The Municipal C ommisioner,

Gangtok Municipal C orporation,
Deorali, Sikkim.

Number of Municipal Ward * 1. Name of Municipal Ward Burtuk

I * on behalf of M/s Deroli Construction

request you to grant licence to carry on trade / trades operation or operations

to keep the articles stated below or upon the premises situated

at * Gangtok

Name of Applicant * Manik Chetri

Name of firm/company with registration Deroli Construction

No. represented by them, if any

Age * 56

Father's/husband's * Shailendra Chetri

Residential Address

House No * 12 Street/Road/Locality * Deroli School Road

Post Office
* District *
Gangtok East Sikkim

Police Station * Gangtok

Purpose for which licence is required (state the nature/operation/name of articles proposed to be dealt with)

1. Clothes * 2.

3. 4.

5. 6.


Description of the premises where the trade etc. is proposed to be carried out

Name of House Owner * Manik Chetri House No * 67

Street/Road/Locality * Tadong Road Post Office * Gangtok

District * East Sikkim Police Station * Gangtok

Address of godown where the articles are to be stored. * Deroli School Road

Please Upload

The application is accompanied by the following document

Registration of firm/shop, if any

Verification in prescribed form from the concerned C ouncilor *

Passport size Photograph *

Bank Receipt

* An undertaking :

a) I abide that the licence shall be exhibited in a conspicuous place and shall be produced for verification by
the Government / Gangtok Municipal C orporation and when demanded.

b) That in case of contravention of any of the conditions enshrined in the trade licence book and any provisions of
the Sikkim Trade Licence and Miscellaneous Provision Rule, 1985, the Government / Gangtok Municipal
C orporation may cancel the licence;

c) I abide by all the conditions laid down in the licence. That all the information given are true to my knowledge
and belief.

d) I am enclosing the following document :

Attested C opy of C OI/SSC *

NOC of House Owner *

Any other pertinent documents

Date * 17-01-2013
Place * Gnagtok Full Name * manik chetri

Yours faithfully,


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