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3rd Grade Newsletter

Week of Aug.13-17, 2018

SKILLS WE ARE LEARNING: Memorize these facts.

MATH FACTS: Test 8-17-18
Reading: We will read stories and be 1. 3+5=8 11.7+9=16
involved in activities that will help us feel 2. 7+6=13 12.10+9=19
more comfortable with ourselves and each 3. 6+5=11 13.5+4=9
other during this first week of school. 4. 0+1=1 14.4+3=7
5. 3+2=5 15.10+8=18
6. 5+7=12 16.1+0=1
English/Writing: Writing a 7. 6+8=14 17.11+9=20
paragraph. 8. 4+6=10 18.8+7=15
9. 2+4=6 19.1+3=4
Math: Concepts of multiplication and 10. 2+1=3 20.9+8=17
division. ***We will take a practice test Mon.,
Tues., Wed., and Thurs. daily. The test
taken on Friday is for a grade.
Social Studies: Review the location of
the seven continents and five oceans. Review IMPORTANT MESSAGES:
the following terms: equator, prime meridian, WELCOME! I’m looking forward to a
western hemisphere, eastern hemisphere great year! Each week look for a
newsletter like this to let you know
Science: Introduction to problem-based “What’s up”. This newsletter will come in
learning & the Engineering Method the form of an email each Friday as an
overview for the next week.
Class Schedules:
See Third Grade Website Please note: Homework is written in the
notebook daily and must be signed by a parent every day (including Friday).

Aug. 16 PTA Meeting 5:15-

5:35,Curriculum Night/Meet the Teacher,
5:45-6:25 or 6:35-7:15
*Choose which time works best for you.
Parents only please.