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IB DP Extended Essay

19 March 2018

An Annotated Bibliography for my research on:

The Effect of Geotropism on the Growth of Bean Seedlings

Extended Essay Subject: Biology Topic: Plant Tropism

Research Question: How does gravity affect the growth of bean seedlings?

Hypothesis/Thesis Statement: If bean seedlings are exposed to increasing levels of gravity

simulated by the force of spinning them at different speeds then the rate of growth of their roots

will show a positive correlation to the centrifugal force while the rate of growth of the shoots

will show a negative correlation to the centrifugal force.

The full reference and in-text citation has been given below along with an identification of each

as either a primary (1°) or a secondary (2°) source. The annotation identifies the likely value of

the source to you in your background research or literature review. Citations for the IB must

include the URL even though it is optional for MLA.

The following sources are in MLA format.

SOURCE In-text Citation 1°/2° ANNOTATIONS
Audesirk, Teresa, Gerald Audesirk, (Audesirk, 2° TIS IB Biology Textbook chapter on
and Bruce E. Byers. Biology Audesirk, and Byers Plant Responses to the Environment.
Life on Earth. 7th ed. Upper 518-528) Good overview of the effect of gravity
Saddle River, New Jersey, on plant growth and how gravity affects
USA: Pearson Prentice Hall, the distribution of plant hormones in the
2005. shoots and roots.
Sengbusch, Peter. "Geotropism or (Sengbusch) 2° Excellent hypertext book in English
Gravitropism." Botanik from a professor in Germany. Includes
Online. 2 OCT 2004. the rates of growth as affected by
Universität Hamburg. 19 Feb gravity.