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Virtual University of Pakistan
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By the Grace of Almighty Allah and with the cooperation

of entire staff of the branch specifically Branch Manager
Mr. Raja Tariq,
guided me well
enough to prepare
this entire report
and even during
my internship

Zahid Hussain
Roll No. 07


• Objectives of
Studying the
• Overview of the Organization - --------------04

• Organizational Structure ------------- 06

• Structure and Function of the UBL ---------------09

• Advances departments ---------------16

• Financial analysis ---------------25
• IT section ---------------29

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Internship Report

Balance sheets
Common Size Analysis
Ratio Analysis
Financial overview
Shortfalls /Weaknesses

• Profit & loss

Accounts ASP ------
• ---------------44
• …………….46
• ---------------47
• ---------------53
• ----------------55 •
• ---------------59
• Threats ------
• Conclusions ------
• Recommendations

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Internship Report



The main objectives to study in UBL was to gain knowledge


• Personalized
banking system.

Domestic saving.

To cope out the rapidly changing environment.

Fully modern and atomized services to their customers.

Acceleration in the commercial activities and capture

the large market shares.

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Internship Report
• The credit
requirements of
different sectors.

• Offer credit to the

agriculture sector at
a lower rate.

• Effective and
efficient service
among the

• The international

• The banking
services to urban
and rural areas.

Zahid Hussain (M.Com)

• Uplift the bank in

banking as superior
and best
commerce and trade

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Internship Report

History of banking in Pakistan stands with partition. At the time

of independence there were 487 offices of schedules banks in
territories now consisting Pakistan. But after the announcement
of independence plan, the banking services in Pakistan was
seriously suffered the banks transferred their registered offices
from Pakistan to India. So, by 30th June 1948, the number of
office schedule banks in Pakistan declined from 487 to 195. In
June 1959, Mr. Agha Hassan Abedi decided to open a bank
different from other to provide modern banking facilities to trade
and industry and to promote the habit of saving among common
people. Necessary formalities have been compiled for
registration certificate to perform business to STATE A\BANK
OF PAKISTAN for permission. After all these formalities on 7th
November 1959, UBL came in to existence as a schedule bank.
Head office was established in New Jubilee Insurance House;
I.I.CHUNDRIGAR ROAD KARACHI. It was registered as
Joint Stock Company. The bank was incorporated with an
authorized capital of
Rs.20million, which was later rose up to Rs.96million.

Mr.I.ICHUNDRIGAR was its chairman who died in December

1960 and was replaced by Mr.Habib-I-Rehmat. Mian Shafique
Saigul was its managing director who was replaced by Mr.Agha
Hassan Abedi in 1962, after nationalized MrA.K Yousaf was
appointed as managing director for a short while and later on
designated as president; he was replaced by Mr.Aia-ud-din in on
1st January 1997.

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Internship Report
Progress of this estimated institute could be
measured in terms of deposits and number of branches opened.
UBL have been ranked as number three banks in Pakistan in
terms of deposits and branches.

In 1963 first overseas branch was opened in London, in 1966 two

branches in Bradford and Birmingham were also opened in 1967
Dubai and Abu Dhabi branches were opened. More important
thing is that UBL is pioneer in computerization of banking. Its
larger branches are fully computerized. Saving and current
deposit art computerized in almost all branches. Now UBL is on
the road of growth with reference to market share and network.

Br an ch es
1112 Domestic, 17 Overseas Branches

Registered Office
13 Floor, UBL Building,
Jinnah Avenue, Blue Area Islamabad, Pakistan

Head Office
State Life Insurance Corp. Building #1,
I.I. Chundrigar Road, Karachi, Pakistan
P.O. Box No.: 4306
Phone: (92-21) 111-825-111
Gram: "UNITED"
Fax: (92-21) 2413492

Zahid Hussain (M.Com)

Organizational Structure
Board of Directors

Vice President

• Regional Chief---14

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Internship Report
♦ District Managers-----42

Operation Managers---------
-1245 •

Officers---- ----------------

♦ Clerical staff---------------

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Internship Report


• Leading private sector bank in Pakistan.

• With an international presence.

Through innovative technology.

And effective human resource management.

In a modern and progressive organization.

Culture of meritocracy maintaining.

• Delivering quality services.

• High ethical and professional standards.

Zahid Hussain (M.Com) 8

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Internship Report
• While providing enhanced value to our entire





Zahid Hussain (M.Com) 9

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Internship Report


The main Functions of UBL are

• Collecting cheques and bills exchange from its


• Collecting interest due, divided pensions and other sums

Transfer of money from place to place.

Acting as an executor, trustee or attorney for the


Providing safe custody and facilities to keep jewelry,

documents or securities.

to customers.

Zahid Hussain (M.Com) 10

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Internship Report
• Issuing of travelers chafes to give credit
facilities to travel.

• Issuing of letter of credit to facilitate imports and exports.

• Accepting bills of exchange on behalf of customers.

• Purchasing shares for the customers.

• Undertaking foreign exchange business.

• Furnishing trade information and tending advice to


Supervisor Customer Services

Two officers are working in Supervisor Customer Services who

are providing their services to the customers Mr. Moosa and

UBL has taken progressive steps and has introduced innovative

products and services to provide you a variety of banking and
financing services.

1. UBL Profit.
2. Business Partner.

Zahid Hussain (M.Com) 11

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Internship Report
other is Miss Noshana. These officers perform
the following services.

3. PLS Term Deposit Receipt.

4. Special Notice Received.
5. PLS Saving Account.
6. Unisaver Account.
7. Foreign Currency Account.
8. Foreign Term Deposit Account.


• UBL Profit - Certificate of Deposit

Now you can earn a higher income on your surplus cash by investing
it in UBL Profit Certificate of Deposit. UBL Profit helps you earn
extra income with your hard earned money, while providing absolute
trust and security.

• Profit on Maturity

Zahid Hussain (M.Com) 12

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Internship Report
UBL Profit COD gives you the satisfaction of
planning your future by providing a lump sum payment of principal
and profit at the time of maturity.

• Stable & High Rate of Return

Avail one of the best and most stable rates of return by investing in
UBL Profit CODs.


Business Partner is a current account that especially caters to the

needs of a businessman by offering the convenience and accessibility
of online banking across the country.

Features of Business Partner

• 350 Online Branches In 71 Cities

Now access your account from 71 cities across Pakistan. Our network
is growing at an amazing pace and now you can avail services like
cash withdrawal, payments, deposit, stop payment, acquisition of
account statement and many more from more than 350 online

• 9-5 Non-Stop Banking

Banking at your own convenience has been made possible. UBL now
offers 9-5 Non-Stop Banking service at more than 450 branches
across Pakistan.

Zahid Hussain (M.Com) 13

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Internship Report
• Countrywide Instant Cheque Clearance

Submit a cheque in one city and get it cleared in another miles away
just within minutes. With online banking services, you can get your
cheque cleared instantly, without any hassle.

• Instant funds transfer

Funds transfer was never this easy. Make payments or receive

payments within minutes using our online facility. With the
introduction of Internet Banking now funds transfer is even made
easier and is just a click away.

Other benefits*:

• Free demand draft, pay order, TT and numerous other

banking services.
No restrictions on the number of withdrawals and deposits.
Free ATM cards allow you to withdraw cash from more than
300 ATM’s

• Anytime.
• State of the art Internet Banking services

3. PLS Term Deposit Receipt.

Zahid Hussain (M.Com) 14

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Internship Report
If you wish to make a secured long-term investment,
UBL’s Term Deposit Receipt is the smart choice, just make an
investment and see your deposit grow over time. By investing in UBL

You get an attractive rate of return. •

Your profit is credited to your account every six •


You have the flexibility to choose from a wide range •

of tenure.

Your investment is secured. •

You can avail the Rollover or Renewed option at any

• time before encashment

• You can get your TDR en-cashed at any time

before maturity period.
• Available Tenures:
• One Month
• Two Months
• Three Months
• Six Months
• One Year
• Two Years
• Three Years

• Five Years

5. PLS Saving Account

For all you saver’s. If you choose to keep a deposit in a secured

savings account, which also gives an attractive rate of return then
UBL’s PLS, Savings Account will serve all your financial needs.
Zahid Hussain (M.Com) 15

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Internship Report
By keeping your deposits in UBL’s PLS Savings
Account you can also avail the following services:

• 350 Online Branches In 71 Cities

Now access your account from 71 cities across Pakistan. Our

network is growing at an amazing pace and now you can avail
services like cash withdrawal, payments, deposit, stop payment,
acquisition of account statement and many more from more than
350 online branches.

9-5 Non-Stop Banking

Banking at your own convenience has been made possible. UBL

now offers 9-5 Non-Stop Banking service at more than 450
branches across Pakistan

• Countrywide Instant Cheque Clearance

Submit a cheque in Karachi and get it cleared in Peshawar within

minutes. With online banking services, you can get your cheque
cleared instantly, without any hassle.

• Instant funds transfer

Funds transfer was never this easy. Make payments or receive

payments within minutes using our online facility. With the

Zahid Hussain (M.Com) 16

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Internship Report
introduction of Internet Banking now funds transfer

is even made easier and is just a click away. 6. UNISAVER


UBL Unisaver Account is an innovative way of serving your banking

needs. Be it trade, business or personal finance, the UBL Unisaver
allows you maximum flexibility, yet gives you optimum returns.

Special Features

• Daily Profits on your daily balance

• Higher returns on higher balances
• Attractive rate of return
• Backed by the bank awarded AAA Credit Rating


If you wish to maintain a secured foreign currency savings account

then UBL is the safest bet. By opening a UBL foreign currency savings

• You get to choose from different range of

currencies i.e. US Dollar, British Pound, and Euro

• You can avail different attractive rates

depending on the currency you choose.


If you wish to make a secured long-term foreign currency investment,

UBL’s Foreign Currency Term Deposit Receipt is a smart choice,
just make an investment and see your deposit grow over time.
By investing in UBL TDR’s:

Zahid Hussain (M.Com) 17

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Internship Report
• You get to choose from different range of
currencies i.e. US Dollar, British Pound, and
Euro etc.

• You can avail different attractive rates

depending on the currency you choose.

• You get the pleasure of availing the best

rate of return in the market. This is what
you call value for money.


To accommodate the banking needs of low income groups, United Bank Limited is
pleased to launch the UBL Basic Banking Account Scheme (UBL BBA) from
February 25, 2006 across its branch network all over Pakistan. This is primarily aimed
toward helping the low income group to benefit from the banking services without
having the pressure to maintain specific balance amount with the banks. Find below
basic product features of the Product:


Financing is the major source of income of UBL, its loans

remains approximately two times of its deposits. Driven by
considerable growth in the local credit market and UBL’s ability
to offer competitive rates, the bank’s loan portfolio registered a
considerable increase during 2004, capturing 8.6% of the
domestic market share of advances.

UBL deals with different kinds of loans for different sectors.

The following are the products of its advances.

1. UBL Money
2. UBL Cashline
3. UBL address
4. UBL Drive
5. UBL Small Business Scheme
Zahid Hussain (M.Com) 18

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Internship Report
6.Agricultural Finance

UBL Money, the Personal Installment Loan from UBL provides you
with power, control, convenience and the flexibility to manage your
financial requirements and realize your dreams. UBL Money is a fixed
installment loan. It gives you access to funds starting from Rs.
50,000/- up to a maximum of Rs. 500,000/- without any collateral.

Features of UBL Money

• Flexibility

UBL Money provides you the flexibility to manage your monthly

installments according to your income stream. You can select any
tenor from 1 to 5 years in the multiple of 6 months.

• Payment Options

You have the option of getting a Pay Order or transfer to an existing

UBL account, Balance Transfer Facility for Credit Cards, or any other
• Exciting Features

-Zero-prepayment penalty option

-Complimentary Credit Insurance
-Competitive mark up

Repayment options

You can pay your installments through a Repayment Account at

designated branches. This is not feasible to show because this not
execute till now in Bahawalpur.

Zahid Hussain (M.Com) 19

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Internship Report

Eligibility Criteria

You are eligible if:

• You are within the age bracket of:

For salaried individuals 21-60 years

For self employed or Businessmen 21-65 years

• Your monthly gross income is

For salaried individuals Rs. 10,000/-

For self employed or Businessmen Rs. 25,000/-

• You have been:

Employed for the last 6 months or have been in

business for the last 3 years.

• You can use UBL Money to:

Pay off your credit card balance

Finance your child's education
Buy home accessories
Finance your vacations
Buy anything you wish

Getting UBL Money is very easy. Just follow the simple steps:

• Fill the UBL Money application form

• Attach a copy of your CNIC and your proof of income
Zahid Hussain (M.Com) 20

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Internship Report
a) A Salary slip if you are a salaried employee
b) A Tax document / Bank Statement if you are self
• Hand the application form along with your documents to any
UBL Money sales staff Member


Have you ever wished for a loan that was flexible enough to be used
anywhere, anytime, and as many times as you wanted? UBL introduces
Cash line – the most flexible loan, providing you up to Rs.
500,000/- the perfect solution!

Features of the CashLine

• Flexible

• Convenient

• Cheque Book

• ATM/Debit Card

• Net Banking

• Funds Transfer

• Online Bill Payments

• Balance Transfer Facility

How can you get Cashline?

If you are:
Zahid Hussain (M.Com) 21

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Internship Report
• A salaried person of 21 to 60 years, and your
monthly net salary is Rs. 10,000 Or
• A self employed business person/professional between the
ages of 21 to 65 years, and your monthly net take home
income is Rs. 25,000


You have always dreamt of having a permanent address. Now you can
turn your dreams into reality with UBL Address- the unique offering
that makes you the owner of your home while remaining within your
limited income.

UBL Address understands your home financing needs and offers you
a variety of fixed, floating and adjustable rate options-because at UBL,
where you come first.

Features of UBL Address

• Fixed Rate for 20 years

Fix your repayments for 20 years today. The fixed markup rate gives
you peace of mind and allows you to plan your cash flows better.

• Mark-up Monthly, Principal Annually (20 years)

For the first time tin Pakistan, UBL address provides an alternative to
high monthly rentals by offering a flexible repayment option to suit
your cash flows.

Pay only markup for 11 months every year.

Pay 5% of principal along with the markup in 12th

month every year.

Zahid Hussain (M.Com) 22

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Internship Report
Enables a fast principal repayment and hence
lowers total markup over life of the loan.

Installment reduces every year.

Example on the loan of Rs.1000000 your annual principal repayment

will be Rs. 50,000 while you will only pay the markup as monthly

• Pay As You Select (PAYS)

In addition to normal financing, UBL address offer you the facility to

design your own repayment plan to suit your present and future
expected cash flows.

• PAYS_UP (10years, to 15 years

PAYS_UP allows you to start with low installments that increase

every year. For example, on a 15 year loan of RS. 1,00,000 your
monthly installment will begin from Rs. 9270 in year one and will
rise to Rs. 15679 in year fifteen.

PAYS_Down (10years, to 15 years)

PAYS_Down (10 years, to 15 years allows you to pay higher

installments initially, with installments reducing in subsequent year.
No pre-payment penalty after the initial 3 years. For example, on a 15
year loan of Rs.1, 000,000 your monthly installment will begin from
Rs. 12,652 in year one and will fall to Rs. 9631 in year fifteen. Floating
Zahid Hussain (M.Com) 23

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Internship Report
In this option, you get a fixed rate for a period
of 12 months that gets re-priced annually.


UBL Drive is a unique auto-financing product, which offers you

features, options and flexibility unmatched by any other bank, because
at UBL, You come first.

Types of Finance

1. New Car Financing

UBL Drive allows you to drive away in your own car by making a
down payment of just 10% and to top that with low monthly


2. Used Car Finance

old) at the most affordable rates.

3. Cash Your Car With UBL Drive you

can buy your favorite used car (up to 5 years

UBL Drive is the quick and hassle free route to the car of your choice.
Offering you for the first time in Pakistan, No Down Payment and
processing charges till your application is approved. After approval,
you can take your Purchase Order to any of our authorized dealers, pay
the Total Cash Outlay amount and simply drive away with your
preferred car.

Zahid Hussain (M.Com) 24

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Internship Report
• Feauture

Car Tracking Device

Insurance Options
• Process Charges

A processing charge of Rs. 4,000 will apply.



UBL Businessline… a complete solution to all your Business

Financing needs. With UBL Business Financing facility, you can now
take your business to greater and newer heights, and achieve the level
of success that you truly deserve. UBL Businessline is a running
Finance facility that not only provides funds for growth but also
enables you to capitalize on profitable opportunities. With UBL
Businessline, now you will surely say: "Ab Hui … Kamiyaabi Meri
Manzill'. If you have a small or medium-sized business, UBL can assist
you with the right mix of banking services that will help you manage
and grow your business. Our experts will facilitate you in the varied
financial situations that you come across. We will respond to your
needs promptly because we understand how much your customers,
your employees and YOU depend on us

Eligibility Criterion:

If you fall in the following criteria, then UBL Business line is just
the right choice for you

• Minimum monthly income: Rs. 25,000 and above

Age: 25– 65.

Zahid Hussain (M.Com) 25

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Internship Report
Resident: Pakistani.
• Self-Employed Professional / Self-Employed Businessman.


UBL's agricultural loans on easy terms and conditions to small-scale

land owning farmers boost the country's economy and yield greener
harvests. UBL enables farmers to buy good quality seeds, fertilizers,
pesticides and agricultural implements. Through the Government's
Loan Schemes for Haris, UBL lets your crops prosper and your dreams

Agricultural loaning is an art or science of business, which

deals with productions of Crops and rearing of birds and
animals to meet the basic necessity of life that is food cloth and

Sources of Funds

materialize, making Pakistan's economy stronger.

The only and strong sourcing of financing agricultural loans is

banks own deposits and income receiving from its investment.

Type of Financing

There are three types of financing which are as follows….

• On the basis of Time Period

Short-Term Loans (for 1 to 1 and half year).

Medium-Term Loans (for 1 and half year to 5 years)
Long-Term Loans (6 years and onward)

Zahid Hussain (M.Com) 26

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Internship Report
• On the Basis of Utilization

Production Loans are normally short-term Loans.

This type of
Financing is for the purchase of seeds, fertilizer,
labors, and
Food for animals etc.

Development Loans are normally medium-term and

long-term loans. This type of financing is for the
purpose of purchase of Tractors, Tubwells, godowns,
storage houses, bulldozers, land labeling, agri
Equipments or any material for the construction of
poultry form or fish Form etc.

• On the Basis of Land Utilization

Form Loans are for the purchase of seeds and

Tubwells, in this type it should be necessary that land
should utilized.

Non-Form Loans are for the purchase of those things,

which cannot utilize the land diary form, fishing form
and pottery from etc.

• On the basis of Limit

Demand Finance is for the production loans, which

should be renued every year it can be for 3 to 7

Cash / Running Finance is production loans it is

fixed for 3 years not will be renued.

Zahid Hussain (M.Com) 27

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Internship Report
Criteria of Financing

The following persons are fallowing in the criteria financing for

agri loans.

• On the basis of land holding

half acre and blew.

acres to 50 acres.
Above economic are those who hold above 50 acres
80% landlords fall in the first category, 50% loans of 50%

Subsistence holding are those who holds 12 and

Economic holding are those who holds 12 and half

To subsistence holding according to state bank of Pakistan for

Production purposes.

• On the basis of cultivation

Owner’s cultivators are those who is cultivating their

own land.

Owners and tenant cultivators are those who

cultivate their own as well others on lease.

Zahid Hussain (M.Com) 28

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Internship Report

Tenant cultivators are those who cultivate only

leased land.

Terms and condition

• The person should not be defaulter of any bank.

• He should himself be cultivator.
• Satisfactory track record.
• The security should be insured.
• Copies of NIC of party and his witnesses
• Two photographs of party
• No objection certificate from that area Financial intuitions
• If loan is above 5 lac then CIB report should clear.
• Prof of cultivation.
• Security as per requirement.
• IB 7 (Islamic Banking).
• Letter of continuity for running finance.
• Letter of hypothecation (delivery).
• Charge creation certificate.
• Naqal intacal.

Securities acceptable

• Agricultural land possiton will remain to the party.

• Any urban or roller property with the name of party.
• Gold and Silver etc.
• Liquid Securities like saving certificate, bonds, shares and

Zahid Hussain (M.Com) 29

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Internship Report
• Any other Securities, which is acceptable
according to rules of UBL.
• Personal guaranty of two persons.
• Hypothecations of property.

Sanction Limits

For productions

Sugarcane per acre Rs 16,000

Cotton per acre 10,000
Wheat per acre 6,000
Rice per acre 6,000

Rate and limits can vary area to area.

For Development

The person should bring quotations of the thing for which he is

approving loans from three authorized dealers. It is in the option
of the bank that which one is accepted, one of them should be
acceptable. After accepting the quotation bank can sanction one
these debt equity ratio 90:10, 80:20 and 75:25.


Markup is vary from property to property upto 18% its internal

and plus KIBOR.
Repayment Schedules

Demand Finance for productions purposes paid at maturity.

Zahid Hussain (M.Com) 30

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Internship Report
Demand Finance for Development repay on the
basis of installments on quarterly, half yearly an yearly on the will of
party after judging his cash flow.
Cash Finance for production should clean up for 3 days at any time
once in a year, there is no renewal of documents. Markup is charge on
daily product basis.

Foreign Exchange and ATM Dealer

In this department Mr. Muhammad Fazal is working and

Dealing of Foreign Exchange

The following instruments are used in term conversion of

foreign exchange.

1. Money Gram
2. Taz Raftar Cheaques

providing foreign exchange and ATM services.

3. Hamrah

The Money Gram money transfer service was started in 1988 by

integrated Payment Service a US based division of First Data
Zahid Hussain (M.Com) 31

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Internship Report
Corporation (FDC), a data processing company. At
that time, American Express owned FDC.

In 1996,Money Gram Payment System Inc was floated on the New

York Stock exchange. Money Gram Payment System is based in
Denver USA. There is call center located there; it handles transactions
for all non-automated agents and answers queries from customers on a
24-hour hotline. Money Gram has a world -wide agent base of over
29,000 agents, which allows customers to transfer funds around the
world within minutes in over 130 countries. The Money Gram service
will enable our customers to send and receive funds in 10 minutes.

Money Gram is a 10-minute person-to-person money transfer service,

which is quick and reliable and allows customers to send money

Benefits of Money Gram

• Reliable and secure service

An extensive network of Money Gram agents, linked by computers

around the world, ensures that our customer's money is transferred
safely. Thousands of people already use the Money Gram service
every day, taking advantage of the extensive Money Gram equality
agent network.

• Fast and convenient

In just 10 minutes, customer's money can be in another continent,

ready and waiting to be picked up at once of the many Money Gram
agents. Over 29000 agents in more than 125 countries are linked
worldwide to make sure that money is transferred without delay.
There are no complicated procedures and there is no requirement for
a bank account or credit card.

Value for money

Zahid Hussain (M.Com) 32

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Internship Report

Money Gram offers a fast, safe; service at highly competitive rates

MoneyGram is the cheapest money transfer service available to

• Free message service

An added personal touch with every transaction you send, customers

can include a 10-word message at no extra cost.


Free Doorstep Remittances With-in the country or from abroad, UBL

offers the most efficient and price competitive service. With our large
network of branches, we are poised to offer you service almost at your

UBL's new remittance service, TezRaftaar offers all overseas

Pakistanis the fastest and the most convenient delivery of their money
to their beneficiaries in Pakistan. Best of all, TezRaftaar is completely
cost free and is available at all UBL branches along the Bank's
Network in the Middle East, UK and US.

Benefits of TezRaftaar

• Fastest delivery to your given address in Pakistan

• Doorstep delivery by authorized courier or credited to
the recipient's account.
• Free of charge transfer service.
• Open to all including those who are not UBL account
• Complete reliability of transaction

Zahid Hussain (M.Com) 33

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Internship Report

We Are Now Offering Denominations Up To Rs. 10,000 Only UBL

has always been at the forefront in identifying and meeting the
financial needs of its valued customers. UBL was the pioneer in
introducing Rupee Travelers Cheques facility in Pakistan, as early as
1971. In continuation of the same tradition, UBL in the

shape of "Hamrah" Rupee Travelers Cheque enhances this facility

for the convenience of its valued customers by offering denominations
up to Rs. 10,000.

UBL "Hamrah" has been designed keeping in mind, both

convenience and security - be it business, property, trade or personal
needs. "Hamrah" Rupee Travelers Cheques are the ideal and safest
way of carrying cash when traveling anywhere in Pakistan.

Hamrah RTC's are now accepted at more than 2000 places such as
hotels, shops, real estate agents, jewelers, car dealers, etc and of course
at all our UBL branches.

UBL has a 24-Hours customer help-line, providing its customers with

round the clock tele-verification of "HAMRAH" travelers’ cheques.

Benefits of Hamrah

• Absolutely FREE - No Bank Commission, No Excise Duty:

Zahid Hussain (M.Com) 34

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Internship Report
Whatever the value of "Hamrah" purchased, no
Bank Commission or Excise Duty will be charged.

• Denominations:

Available in denominations of Rs. 10,000 and Rs. 5,000.

• Easily transferable and encashable:

At any of the large network of designated UBL Branches,

countrywide. Transferable/encashable through a single

Available to all: •

Holding an account with UBL not mandatory for availing this

Ease of immediate assistance in case of loss or theft:

Just dial "Hamrah" Hotline UAN for assistance 111-111-825 or

contact nearest designated UBL Branch.


• Special facility of refund:

Indicate choice of designated UBL Branch for refund, which will

be within days only. Most convenient while in transit anywhere
in Pakistan

Dealing of ATM

Zahid Hussain (M.Com) 35

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ATM card ubl wallet

UBL wallet ATM/Debit card is all the convenience and security you
desired and the quality you deserve. This wallet holds all the cash in
your bank account. With UBL wallet you can withdraw cash at ATM’s
any time or make cash less purchases at outlets though\rough the debit
card facility.

With no joining fee and an accompanying complimentary cardholder

for your convenience, UBL Wallet has been designed to exhibit the
best in features and facilities, as well as look & feel. Because at UBL,
you come.
Salient Features
• All the Cash you need

UBL is the only bank that offers the ATM and Debit Card facility to
all account holders at all UBL branches, regardless of whether their
branch is online or offline

• Nine supplementary Cards

UBL Wallet also gives you the facility of having up to 9 supplementary

cards issued against one primary card. All supplementary cardholders
will be able to conduct ATM/Debit transactions and will share the
transaction limits of the primary card account.

• 24 X 7 Tool-free Contact center

UBL's dedicated staff is at your service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

You can call our contact center at 0800-11-825 (Toll-Free), or you can
simply pick up the telephone placed next to every UBL ATM and be

Zahid Hussain (M.Com) 36

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instantly connected to our customer service
representative via a hotline.

• UBL Wallet your ATM Card

ATM Network: UBL already has its own network of 53 ATMs, which
continues to expand by the day. Moreover, UBL Wallet is part of the
1-Link switch, which is a fast expanding ATM network of more than
12 banks. This allows you to use your UBL Wallet across
Pakistan at more than 300 ATMs

Funds Transfer •

UBL Wallet allows three kinds of instant funds transfers through

UBL ATMs from your UBL account:

Into any of your UBL accounts.

Into any pre-linked UBL account.Into any other UBL account.
Human Assistant •

For the first time in Pakistan, selected UBL ATMs feature a Virtual
Human Assistant, who guides you in conducting your ATM

• Security

Zahid Hussain (M.Com) 37

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Your UBL Wallet functions on a PIN (Personal
Identification Number) based system, ensuring complete security of
your transactions.
• Mini Statement

Get a printed statement of your account that shows all recent


• Fast Cash
Swiftly withdraw your desired amount by selecting from one of the
options of preset denominations.

UBL Wallet your Debit Card

With UBL Wallet as your Debit Card, you can shop all you want, eat
all you can, or fill up your car tank without carrying any cash. Simply
use your UBL Wallet for direct debit from your bank account. The
Debit Card facility is being offered in association with the Orix
network, which offers connectivity at more than 1600 outlets across
the country. You can use your UBL Wallet to conduct a debit
transaction at any outlet in Pakistan that displays the Orix logo. Your
debit transactions are safe and secure, since only you are aware of your
Personal Identification Number (PIN). A debit transaction is
conducted only when you type your PIN into the Point of Sale (POS)
terminal located at the retailers' premises.
Annual Fee (Rs.) Daily Limits (Rs.)
Card ATM Debit Funds
Type Primary Supplementary Withdrawal Card Transfer

Gold 500 250 40,000 100,000 500,000

• Attested copy of NIC.

• Copy of FIR.
RTC department is immediately in formed about the lost RTC, so that
caution is marked. The branch officer after verification of genuineness
of the case and proper identification will send the case duly

Zahid Hussain (M.Com) 38

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Lost RTC number will be circulated through lost
RTC bulletin, the claim will be settled in cash or credit to part’s
account. Refund in lieu of lost RTC Rs.300 per application.

Furthermore two services are also performed by these officers, which

are as follows.

Outward Banking Collection (OBC) •

Interbank Credit Advice (IBCA) •

Types of Cheques

Cheques collected by clearing department are of three type:

1. Transfer cheques
2. Transfer delivery cheques
3. Clearing cheques

Transfer Cheques
Which are collected and d paid by the same branch of the bank.

Transfer Delivery Cheques

Which are collected and paid by two different branches of a
bank situated in the same city.

Clearing Cheques
When the payee or endorsee (which deposits the cheques for
collected), and the drawer of cheques maintain accounts with different
bank, the collecting bank can receive the amount of cheques from the
paying bank in any of the following manner:

It can send its representative to each of the paying to collect the

amount of cheques.
But this procedure is risky and wasteful of time and labor. It can
maintain accounts with various paying banks.

Zahid Hussain (M.Com) 39

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Functions of the Clearing Deptt.

• To accept transfer, transfer delivery and clearing cheques from

the customers of the
• Branch and to arrange for their collection.

• To arrange the payment of cheques drawn on the branch and

given for collection to
• Any other branch of UBL or any other member or submember
of the local clearing House.
• To collect amount of cheques drawn on members or sub-
member of local clearinghouse, sent for collection by
UBL branches not represented at the local clearinghouse.

Cash Department

Mr. Javad Ahmad and Mr. Iqbal are working in this department
as cash supervisor and cashier. They are performing following

1. Cash Related
2. Unrelated with Cash

Zahid Hussain (M.Com) 40

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Internship Report

The following are the function with is related to cash.

• Collection of debit slip.

• Receiving of utilities Bills.
• Balance of Cash available at day end with total received.
• Proper send the cash to the regional office or any where at the
instruction of head office.


Mainly related to bills entry, BILLS are auto of charges from the seller
to buyer.
Bills department performs the function of collection of these bills. It is
of two types:

• Clean collection
• Documentary collection
1. Clean collection

Collection of financial document not accompanied with

commercial & transport documents is called clean collection e.g.
collection of cheques demand drat, dividend bill of exchange
promissory note etc
Suppose our client brings a cheque of habib bank LAHORE
for collection. UBL Fared gate branch will endorse it to ubl
main branch Lahore, through special crossing. That branch
must be the clearing agent and after clearing from stat bank
following entries will be passed.

State bank account Dr

Head office account Cr

Zahid Hussain (M.Com) 41

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Internship Report
Then that branch will inform us through intimation,
and bank will pass the following entries after paying the party;

Head office account Dr

Party account credit Cr

If instead of some there banks the cheques is of some branch of UBL,

Lahore then there e no need of clearing. The entries passed by bank
that branch will be
Party account Dr
Head office account Cr
And after receiving intimation bank will pass the entries like;
Head office Dr

Party account Cr
2. Documentary / Inward bills for collection

The collection of out station cheques of our own branches or that of

other bank.


Suppose a transaction is carried between is seller accountholder of

Habib Bank Lahore and a buyer, account holder UBL Bahawalpur.
Buyer paid the seller through cheques. Seller gives cheques for
collection to Habib Bank Lahore; they endorse it to Habib Bank main
branch Bahawalpur through special crossing. HBL Bahawalpur sends
it to UBL main branch Bahawalpur through clearing this OBC for HBL
We (payee) will pass the following entries;

Party A/C Dr
State Bank A/C Cr

And send intimation to HBL Bahawalpur and this bank will pass the
following entry.

Zahid Hussain (M.Com) 42

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Internship Report
State Bank A/C Dr
H O A/C Cr

And HBL Lahore (collecting agent) will pass this entry.

H O A/C Dr
Party A/C


(Rupee in 000)
2008 2007 2006
Mark-up / return / interest earned 9,233,881 8,944,260 11,020,035
Mark-up / return / interest expense 1,732,760 1,888,349 5,379,435
7,501,121 7,055,911 5,640,600

Provision against non-performing

loans an advances 435,41 4444,871 851,958
Provision for diminution in the
value of investment (100,381) 104,871 (160,289)
Bad debts written off directly 3,841 12,897 47,904

338,874 562,053 739,573

Net mark-up /return/interest

income after provision 7,162,247 6,493,858 4,901,027


Fee, commission and brokerage income 1,654,475 1,442,642 1,351,147

Dividend income / gain on
sale of investments 1,102,510 2,057,314 414,881
Income from dealing

in foreign currencies 668,085 436,656 1,051,778

Other income 981,154 607,500 454,313
4,406,224 4,544,112 3,272,119

Zahid Hussain (M.Com) 43

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Internship Report
11,568,471 11,037,970 8,173,146


Administrative expenses 6,702,709 6,153,913 5,390,233
Other provision / write offs / (reversals) (34,422) 551,840 27,353
Other charges 10,456 5,501 24,252

Total non mark-up / interest expenses 6,678,743 6,711,254 5,441,838

Extraordinary items - - -

PROFIT BEFORE TAXATION 4,889,728 4,326,716 2,731,308

283,083 Taxation - Current 193,050 195,871
285,201 - Prior year(s) 223,070
619,900 18,701
- Deferred 1,274,978

1,691,098 1,316,992


3,701,544 2,635,618 1,414,316



(Rupee in 000)
2008 2007 2006
Cash and balances with treasury banks 23,844,435 17,274,461
Balance with other banks 17,699,334 11,386434 9,985,788
Lending to financial institutions 16,262,504 23,096,028 3,627,557
Zahid Hussain (M.Com) 44

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54,953,728 Investments
Performing 144,806,581 92 ,513,736 67,355,236
Non-performing 6,118,006 3,611,442
Other assets 4,393,852 3,001,793
Fixed assets 3,969,006
Taxation recoverable 45,728
Deferred tax asset-net 5,194,89

3,754,236 2,710,892
283,171 314,712
5,486,357 5,026,457

272,612,663 216,924,418 183,003,466


Bills payable 3,811,284 2,975,910 1,832,981

Borrowings from financial institution 11,975,684 7,710,375 5,347,349
Deposits and
other accounts 230,256,627 185,071,502 158,263,495
Sub-ordinate loans 3,500,000 - -
Liabilities against assets
subject to finance lease 288 39,995 81,548

Other liabilities 3,513,569 4,541,704 5,544,441

Deferred liabilities 2,191,180 1,535,059 861,935

255,248,632 201,874,545 171,931,749

17,364,031 15,049,873 11,071,717

----------- ---------- ---------

Share capital 5,180,000 5,180,000 5,180,000
Reserves 5,915,928 4,678,317 4,243,352

Zahid Hussain (M.Com) 45

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Internship Report
Unappropriated profit/ loss 3,274,439 1,384,490 (797,100)
14,370,367 11,242,807 8,626,252

Surplus on revaluation of assets 2,993,664 3,807,006 2,445,465

17,364,031 15,049,873 11,071,717

---------- ---------

Zahid Hussain (M.Com) 46

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Internship Report

United Bank Limited

Balance Sheet

Common Size Analysis

Rs in '000 Common size (%)

Assets 2008 2007 2006 2008 2007 2006
Cash/Bal. With Banks 23,844,435.00 17,274,461.00 15,649,561.00 8.75 7.96 8.55

Bal.with other banks 17,699,334.00 11,386,434.00 9,985,788.00 6.49 5.25 5.46

lending to F.Is 16,262,504.00 23,096,028.00 3,627,557.00 5.97 10.65 1.98

Zahid Hussain (M.Com) 47

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Internship Report

Investment 54,953,728.00 56,516,760.00 69,244,328.00 20.15 26.05 37.84

Advances-Performing 144,806,581.00 92,513,736.00 67,355,236.00 53.11 42.65 36.8

performing 6,118,006.00 3,611,442.00 5,452,870.00 2.24 1.66 2.98

Other Assets 4,393,852.00 3,001,793.00 3,636,065.00 1.61 1.38 1.99

Fixed Assets 3,969,006.00 3,754,236.00 2,710,892.00 1.46 1.73 1.48

Taxation recoverable 45,728.00 283,171.00 314,712.00 0.02 0.13 0.17

Deferred Tax Assets-
net 519,489.00 5,486,357.00 5,026,457.00 0.19 2.53 2.75
Total Assets 216,924,418.00 183,003,466.00 100 100 100


B/Payables 3,811,284.00 2,975,910.00 1,832,981.00 1.5 1.47 1.07

Borrowings from
financail ins. 11,975,684.00 7,710,375.00 5,347,349.00 4.69 3.82 3.11
Deposits & othes
account 230,256,627.00 185,071,502.00 158,263,495.00 90.21 91.68 92.05

Sub-ordinate loans 3,500,000.00 - - 1.37 0 0

Liabilities againest
assets subj. To F.L 288.00 39,995.00 81,548.00 0 0.1 0.05

Other Liabilities 3,513,569.00 4,541,704.00 5,544,441.00 1.38 2.25 3.22

Deffered Liabilities 2,191,180.00 1,535,059.00 861,935.00 0.86 0.76 0.5

Total Liability 255,248,632.00 201,874,545.00 171,931,749.00 100 100 100

Shareholder's Equity

Share Capital 5,180,000.00 5,180,000.00 5,180,000.00 29.83 34.42 46.79

Reserves 5,915,928.00 4,678,317.00 4,243,352.00 34.07 31.09 38.33

Unappropriate 3,274,439.00 1,384,490.00 ) 18.86 9.19 -7.19
2,993,664.0 3,807,006.0 2,445,465.0
Surplus on 0 0 0 17.24 25.29 22.09
revaluation of assets

Zahid Hussain (M.Com) 48

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Internship Report

17,364,031.0 15,049,873.0 11,071,717.0

Total 0 0 0 100 100 107.19




Debt Ratio 93.63%

Debt-equity Times 14.70

Total Asset Turnover Ratio 3.39%
Operating Asset Turnover Ratio 10.25%

2008 2007 2006

Earning Assets to Total Assets 95.01% 94.23% 93.61%

Return on Earning Assets 1.43% 1.26% 0.83%
Equity Capital to Total Assets 6.37% 6.94% 6.05%
93.06% 93.95%
13.41 15.53

4.12% 4.00%
10.32% 10.33%

Zahid Hussain (M.Com) 49

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Internship Report

Net Profit Margin 40.09% 29.47% 12.83%

Return on Investment 3.77% 4.66% 3.95%
Return on Equity 21.32% 17.51% 12.78%
Return on Assets 1.36% 1.21% 0.77%
Earning Per Share Rs. 7.15 5.09 0.60
Current ratio 1.52 1.04 1.03

Return on Earning Asset is in increasing trend. Banks strategy about to

increase its earning asset becomes successful. But the proportion of
increasing of return on earning assets is lesser than the increase of
earning assets to total assets. If bank concentrate to increase the return
of earning asset, it can increase.

Zahid Hussain (M.Com) 50

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Internship Report

Equi ty Capital to Total Assets

7.50 %

7.00 %

6.50 %

6.00 %

5.50 %

Equity Capital to Total Asset is increase 2006 to 2007 little bit but it
become decrease in 2008 but this decrease is lesser than the
proportion of increase. In 2007 the Total Equity was higher than the
2006 and 2008. It may be call back its shares or its profit become
low in 2008 due to which this ratio become decrease.











Debt Ratio is decrease in 2007 but it become increase in 2008, this

increase is lesser than the decrease. This ratio shows that in 2007 the
bank pay its liabilities or its asset become decrease and in 2008 its total
liabilities increase as compare to total Assets, which shows that other
interested partied want to built their relationship with UBL

Zahid Hussain (M.Com) 51

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Internship Report




Debit/equity Time decrease in 2007 but increase in 2008, which

shows that in 2007 bank have pay its debts and rise its equity but in
2008 once again its liabilities increase to 14.70 time of its equity
which is favorable for the bank. This ratio show the relationship of
the other interested parties with this bank especially creditors.

Total Asset Turnover Ratio


Total Asset Turnover increase in 2007 very little bit but it becomes
decrease in 2008, which is not so favorable. This ratio indicates that
the proportion in the turnover is not sufficient as the amount of total
asset increase it should be necessarily that turnover increased.

Zahid Hussain (M.Com) 52

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Internship Report

Operati ng Asset Turnover Ratio





Operating Asset Turnover is in decreasing trend this trend is not

favorable which shows that increase in the turnover is not according to the
increase of the operating so participating in turnover of the

Net Profit Margin


operating asset is little bit. UBL should control its operating cost.

Net Profit Margin is increasing trend, which is favorable for the UBL
This ratio shows that a great achievement is happening from 2006 to
2008 in its net profit margin. Great achievement to control its expenses
and increase its other income. This shows that the administrative
department is working well.

Zahid Hussain (M.Com) 53

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Internship Report

Return on Investment

5.00 %
4.00 %
3.00 %

2.00 %
1.00 %
0.00 %

Return on Investment is increase in 2007 but it become decrease in

2008, decrease is grater than the increase this is unfavorable trend for
the UBL in 2008. Because the investment is not giving return as well
as is should. So it is not profitable to invest in investment it will be
better for the bank to invest to other Asset, which give grater return.








Return on Equity is in increasing trend, which is favorable for the UBL.

The decision about to maintain equity weither to increase or decrease
becomes successful because it proportion going increase year to year.

Zahid Hussain (M.Com) 54

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Internship Report

Return on Asset in increasing trend, which is favorable for the UBL.

The strategy about the whether to increase or decrease remain

E arningPerShareRs

successful because the proportion going to increase year to year.

Earning Per Share is in increasing trend, which is favorable for the

UBL. Great achievement is from 2002 to 2008, which is almost 6time
increase. This ratio shows that the right decision about the number of
shares floating in the market, and proper management

Zahid Hussain (M.Com) 55

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Internship Report

regarding controlling of expenses. After this the company become

eligible to pay dividend to its shareholder.

Current Ratio is in increasing trend, which is favorable for the UBL.

This ratio shows that the bank have much liquidity to pay its short-
term debts with in shorter period of time. The bank has achieved to
increase its current asset over current liabilities. It shows the good
credibility of the Bank.

Economic outlook

Pakistan economy is on the constant growth trajectory achieving

highest growth level in the last five years, however, the build up
of inflationary pressures are posing some concern. The real GDP
growth rate for the FY05 is being projected at
7.4% - 7.8% per annum, as against 6.6% per annum target. This
growth is mainly on the back of bumper cotton and wheat crops.
The high pace of monetary expansion, led by increasing demand
for credit by the private sector and coupled with shortage of
liquidity has fueled inflationary trends that have resulted in a
Zahid Hussain (M.Com) 56

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Internship Report
revision of the FY 05 CPI change, which is
expected to be in the range of 8.2% to 8.8% per annum as against
the initial target of 5%. The short-term interest rates have
continued there upward movement, with the cut-off rate on
government treasury bills increasing by 106 to 185 basis points.

Credit Rating
The JCR-VIS Credit Rating Company Limited has assigned a
short-term credit rating of “A-1+” to the Bank. This is the
maximum rating in the short-term and denotes outstanding short-
term liquidity with highest certainty of timely payments. Further,
the medium to long-term credit
Rating assigned is “A+”, indicating good credit quality,
moderate risk and strong protection factors.

Zahid Hussain (M.Com) 57

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Internship Report
SWOT Analysis of United Bank Limited


1. UBL has its own online software, this software also sell
to the other banks and earn.

2. It has larger network with over 1058 domestic and 15

overseas branches most of them are online.

3. It has many attractive products in advances like

agricultural, commercial and cash line etc.

4. Its main branches are placed art good locations with

beautiful buildings.

5. UBL has good credit rating from JCR-VIS with “A-+”,

in short-term and “AA” in long-term.

6. Well organized program for internees and also provide

them attractive stipend.

7. Help line is available with the ATM for 24 hours to

contact with head office at any problem regarding ATM.

8. UBL is innovator in chip credit card.

9. All officers of the UBL acting as BDO and participating

to achieve targets, whole staff works as a team.

10. There is no union anywhere in UBL branches.

Zahid Hussain (M.Com) 58

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Internship Report
11. From financial statement analysis it
shows that UBL give preference to advances and
investment, Pakistani community also relay on UBL.

12. UBL’s diversified deposit base and extensive

nationwide outreach continues to be its key advantage.

13. Till May 2005, the bank had successfully issued over
50,000 credit cards within the country.

14. In the long run, a new corporate image, a large, core,

deposit base and innovative loan products will act as key
drivers to improving the bank’s positioning in the
financial sector.

15. Core capital of the bank stood further enhanced to Rs.

14.55b (FY03: Rs. 11.24b) at March 31, 2005.

16. UBL has set up a Business Risk Review Department to

monitor risk management processes within the bank.

17. The bank has also expanded its ATM network from 10 to
53 ATMs by year-end 2004.

18. UBL has also acquired a new consumer banking

software – ‘FAIRIZER’ - comprising 3 separate systems,
one system each for consumer banking, credit initiation
& recovery.

Zahid Hussain (M.Com) 59

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Internship Report
19. Driven by considerable growth in the
local credit market and UBL’s ability to offer competitive
rates, the bank’s loan portfolio registered a considerable
increase during 2004, capturing 8.6% of the domestic
market share of advances.

20. Net markup income increased from Rs. 7.05b to Rs.

7.5b as a result of increased investment in credit


1. The promotion of UBL employees almost depends on

bringing of deposits respectively.

2. Some process becomes late due to UBL centralization.

3. UBL at No third in deposit without BDO.

4. Employees are not well grooming as compare to other

modern commercial banks.

5. In restructuring the No of employees too much fire

especially in big cities so now need become appear.

Zahid Hussain (M.Com) 60

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Internship Report
6.From car drive UBL take nominal share
although it has larger network this are due to they not
entertaining Land Lord.

7. There is no any HR officer in Hub level.

8. UBL mostly depend upon one to one marketing for

deposit not organized setup.

9. UBL’s ATM remains most of the time upset.


1. UBL have well experienced IT programmer they can

make their own ATM network like one link and

2. They can sash their old well-experienced employees to

give promotion.

3. It has largest network due to this it can take benefit from


4. They can increase their market share due to chip credit

card with the help of U phone co.

5. UBL has larger network but not whole branches are

online, if all branches become online then its business
should boost up.

Zahid Hussain (M.Com) 61

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Internship Report
6.UBL has overseas branches most of those
countries in which other main competitors not have if so
it can take benefit after inspiring those govt.

7. Govt. of UAE has declared a free industrial estate which

having its own free poor as Jabl-eali on which no tariffs
to be imposed, UBL has already there it branch and take
benefit and open one more that location.


1. The ATM network has not its own that’s why huge
amount transfer into the ABN ambro account.

2. Well-experienced employees leaved UBL because they

receive good offer from other banks.

3. Due to its IPO’s in last share offering its report badly


4. All banks/DFI’s are facing stiff competition to attract

new customers with the privatization program that began
in 1991, so five NCB’s and three DFI’s become
privatized and have new private banks were setup.

5. This is the age of competition, expansion with all good

SFI’s and banks with new technology. It is threat for
loosing its market share.

6. Pakistani political environment is not stable which leave

bad effect on all sectors.

Zahid Hussain (M.Com) 62

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Internship Report
7.Freezing of foreign currency accounts by the
govt. of Pakistan is also a f\ear for all Pakistani banks.


This organization is well managed with organized structure and

efficient employees. Due to its growth in online branch system,
it has bright future in Financial Organizations.


• At the end of every report, it needs suggestions and

recommendations. According to my judgment the
following are the suggestions and recommendations.

• As UBL is expending with it network 1058 branches, it

should be beneficial for the bank to computerized all the
branches and earn more than before.

• The proportion of performance related work should be

more than the proportion of deposits in promotions.

• This strategy should be developing that decentralized

means some authority given the branches.

• UBL should appoint the BDO’s at least hub level with the
help of this strategy UBL can increase it deposits.

Zahid Hussain (M.Com) 63

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Internship Report
• It should be necessary for the UBL that for the
old employees training session for well grooming,
because even they don’t know that how to deal with new

• UBL should be appoint at least one HR officer at hub

level for dealing HR related work.

• As UBL have well in IT sections, I think they can develop

their own ATM network as and 1 link.

• The ATM machine is some times in small cities remain

disturb that’s why
customer become
dissatisfied, if
UBL have its own
network related
ATM than this
problem should

Zahid Hussain (M.Com) 64

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