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PHONE (701) 328-2800 FAX (701) 928.2002 EMAIL sos@ndgov ALVIN A. JAEGER, SECRETARY OF STATE HOME PAGE wuw.nd.govieos SECRETARY OF STATE Paes (600 EAST BOULEVARD AVENUE DEPT 108 BISMARCK ND 58805-0500 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CONTACT: Lee Ann Oliver ‘August 10, 2018 (701) 328-4146 Al Jaeger (701) 328-3670 Approved for November 6, 2018 Ballot Constitutional Amendment Related to the Elections in Which a Qualified Elector May Vote. Bismarck, ND - On July 6, 2018, a sponsoring committee delivered petitions to the Secretary of State relating to’a proposed constitutional initiative pertaining to the elections in which @ qualified elector may vote (copy attached). By state law (see below), the Secretary of State had 35 days or until August 10, 2018, for reviewing the petitions and pass on their sufficiency to place the measure on the ballot. Based on the last federal census, to place a constitutional measure on the ballot requires the signatures equal to 26,904 qualified electors. The sponsoring committee submitted 35,637 signatures and 32,786 signatures were accepted as being qualified. See tally sheet. Therefore, the initiative will appear on the November 6, 2018, ballot. It will be assigned a number according to the provisions of N.D.C.C. § 16.1-08-09 (below) when the review is completed of all petitions submitted prior to the filing deadiine. N.D.C.C. § 16 1-01-10 - Secretary of state to pass upon sufficiency of petitions ~ Method — Time limi ‘The secretary of state shall have a reasonable period, not to exceed thiry-fve days, in which to pass upon the sufficiency of any petition mentioned in section 16.1-01-09. The secretary of state shall conduct a representative random sampling ofthe signatures contained in the petitions by the use of questionnaires, postcards, telephone calls, personal interviews, or other accepted information gathering techniques, or any combinations thereof, to determine the validity of the signatures, Signatures determined by the secretary of state to be invalid may not be counted and all violations of law discovered by the secretary of state must be reported to the attorney general for prosecution N.D.C.C. § 16.1-06-09, Constitutional amendments and initiated and referred measures ~ Manner of stating question = Explanation of effect of vote - Order of istina, (excerpt) “The measures to be submitted to the electors must be grouped and classified as constitutional measures, itated statutes, or referred statutes and must be placed within such groups or classifications by the secretary of slate in the order received, for the purpose of placing them on the ballot. Measures submitted by the legislative assembly must be placed first on the ballot within their classification in the order approved by the legislative assemby. Constitutional measures shall be placed frst on the ballot, inated statutes second, and referred statutes third. After all the measures have been placed within the appropriate group or classification, all measures must be numbered consecutively, without regard to the vanous groups or classifications.” PHONE (701) 328-2800 ALVINA. JAEGER. FAX (701) 328-2982 ‘SECRETARY OF STATE HOME PAGE wonund.gowooe EMAIL sos@nd.cov Sige SECRETARY OF STATE ‘STATE OF NORTH DAKOTA 600 EAST BOULEVARD AVENUE DEPT 102 ‘BISMARCK NO 68605-0500 ‘August 10, 2018 Gary Emineth Chairman Sponsoring Committee 1100 W Highland Acres Road Bismarck ND 58501-1257 Dear Mr. Emineth, On July 6, 2018, and prior to the 120-day deadline before the November 6, 2018, statewide election, as prescribed in the Constitution of North Dakota, Article Ii, Section 5, the sponsoring committee submitted Petitions to the Secretary of State to place an initiated constitutional measure on the ballot. The measure Pertains to the elections in which a qualified elector may vote. ‘As provided for in the Constitution of North Dakota, Article ill, Section 9, a constitutional initiative is placed on the ballot if petitions have been submitted to the Secretary of State containing the signatures of Qualified North Dakota “electors equal to four percent of the resident population of the state at the last federal decennial census,". According to the most recent federal census, the number of valid signatures required is 26,904. As further prescribed under the provisions of the state’s constitution and its statutes, this office has completed its review of the submitted petitions. Based upon the results of that review, | have determined the sponsoring committee did submit petitions containing the valid signatures of qualified North Dakota electors equal to the required number. See enclosed tally form. Therefore, the measure will be placed on the ballot for the November 6, 2018, election, It will be assigned a number according to the provisions of N.D.C.C. § 18.1-06-09 (enclosed) when the review is completed ofall petitions submitted prior to the filing deadline. If you have any questions or need additional information, please contact the Secretary of State's Elections Division at (701) 328-4146, or (800) 352-0867, ext. 328-4146, or via e-mail at soselect@nd.cov, Sincerely, Al Jag Secretary of State Ww 65:21: sT0z/0T/8 Lese's soinjeuBis Jo JoquinN pa;dezoy pue soinyeUuBls Jo JoqUINN pesInboy UseMyog 2oUAL0}1q) al'ze peydesoy seumeuBis Jo sequin 130) Lse'z sainyeuB!s payoafey Jo 1equiNN 1804] Le ‘SUO!SSIWO SSo’pPy| (Ssauppe fenuep|ses oyo]dwo9 s10U3 UE NH} 03 S125 JO,EINOUIO e UOYM Ss} ojdwteXa) #10113 s0WeIn: (ayep uoNesdxe Buom 41043 U! 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