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Scholarly & Refereed Journal Published by
The Arab Federation for Libraries & Information

Issue 22

Chawwal 1439 A.H. / June 2018
Scholarly & Refereed Journal 2018

Supervision: The President of AFLI
Dr.Khaled El HALABY

Dr. Souhem Badi

Consulting Board Editorial Board
Prof. Mohammed Aman Prof. Jassim Jirjees

Prof. Shaaban Khalifa Prof. Hesham Azmi

Prof. Mohammed F. Abduhadi Prof. Nadjia Gamouh

Prof. Rebhi M. Elyan Prof. Mohammed J. Aref

Prof. Radiyah Adam Prof. Ahmed Salam

Dr. Khaled Alhabshi Prof. Usama Elsayed Mahmoud

ISSN: 16583779
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Issue 22
Scholarly & Refereed Journal 2018

Table of Contents

Researcher Page

Children's Literature and Web 2.0 Applications: A Dr. Eman Ramadan Mohamed
future vision Hussein
A Suggested Framwork for Information Dr. Majed AbuSharhah
Governance at Holy Makkah Municipality Pr. Hassan A. Alsereihy
The characteristics of the infrastructures Dr. Badi Souhem
supporting the production of digital content in Dr. Boukhalfa Khadidja 10 - 11
the Western Arab Countries
“Knowledge Management and its role in quality Dr. Abdulaziz Abdulhamid
Assurance of education in the University of Zawia: Amir 12
Faculty of Arts in Zawia as a model”
Bias in Web Information Retrieval Systems : Dr. Sayed Rabia Sayed
An applied study of political and economic trends
in search engines. Journal of the Arab Union of
Libraries and Information,
Legal Deposit and Providing Documents Dr. Ali A. Alhamoudi
and Archives In the government gency in Saudi 14
Arabia - descriptive study
Information services in university libraries and Benamira Abdelkarime
marketing tools in the electronic environment 15
Between opportunities and challenges
Knowledge Creativity for Prof. Ali Ibrahim Afaf Mohamed Nadeem
16 - 17
Alnamlah : Analytical Bibliography Study

Issue 22
Scholarly & Refereed Journal 2018
Material requirements for computerization of the PhD, Hacene Madaci
archives of the Algerian universities: Field study in Dr.Lakhder Ferdi
the services of the archives of Constantine
universities, Batna and Umm al-Bouaghi
College libraries to identify and analyze the Dr. Ahmed Adel Ibrahim El-
Ageezy 19
Information needs for library users: a survey study
Thesis in digital repositories in Algerian Benharira Nadjet
universities: a model of PhD thesis in library Pr. Ghanem Nadir 20 - 21
science at the University of Constantine 02
Current situation for Information services in the Dr.Jumaan Abdulqader
Saudi universities emerging' libraries: Hamdan Alzahrani 22
Baha University as a model
How digitalization develops Saudi women
Alia Mohammed AlSulaimi 23
in the business field and academia
Measuring the visibility of the Egyptian Universities„ Dr .Ahmed Shehata
24 - 25
scientific production using Google Scholar

Issue 22
Scholarly & Refereed Journal 2018

The paper aims to highlight the concept of children's literature, its importance
and objectives. It then tackles the Web 2.0 Applications and Services, focusing
on social networking sites and blogs, and monitoring the use of Web 2.0
applications in the children's literature and investing technical progress in
building children's culture and developing his various skills, and provide a
suggested vision to strengthen the power of the link between children's
literature and modern digital media.
The study depended on the a descriptive analytical method to monitor the
reality of the use of Web 2.0 applications and services in the handling and
presentation of children's literature using a set of data collection tools: the
checklist and the direct observation. The sample has been analyzed Consisting
of five social networking sites and three Weblogs in the field of children's
literature. The selection of the sample was considered to be fully compatible
with the safety and education requirements of children.
The study concluded by emphasizing the importance of employing Web 2.0
applications in the development of children's culture, and the study suggested a
set of recommendations if webmasters are able to implement them optimally,
they will play an active role in disseminating information and providing
knowledge to children in line with their interests.
Issue 22
Refereed Journal Published June 2018

The aim of this study is to identify the role of information governance in
empowering and enhancing knowledge management within organizations, and
also to identify the models in used to implement information governance within
organizations, As well as to examine the current status of the Holy Capital
municipality policies, to achieve the main objective of this study which is; to
provide a model for a proposed framework for the strategic plan for information
governance in the Holy Capital municipality. The study was based on a content
analysis methodology, in which the published studies on the concept and
framework of information governance in organizations were reviewed, beside
the models presented by these studies and analyzing their content in order to get
results that answer the study questions.
The study also relied on the case study methodology to study the status quo in
the Holy Capital municipality and its readiness for information governance
implementation. The study adopted the methodology of the focus group which
suits the nature of this study; which requires presenting the researcher's findings
to a group of specialized experts to come up with a suitable model for the
strategic plan for information governance in Holy Capital municipality. The
study concluded that the implementation of the concept of information
governance in the organizations helps them to achieve their objectives. There is
also a need for more integration among all disciplines in order to come up with a

Issue 22
Refereed Journal Published June 2018

unified framework for information governance. The results of the study also
showed that effective information governance is an important factor for
knowledge management success, In addition, the principles and mechanisms of
governance are used to develop and handle knowledge management processes:
acquisition, formation, organization, sharing and implementation,
The formation of a strong information infrastructure is the basis for the
formation and management of institutional knowledge, which consists of the
policies, procedures and methodologies used to manage information,
organization, technologies and information systems that together provide the
ability to collect, organize, document, maintain, publish and update information.
One of the findings of the study is that the ARMA International Information
Governance Reference Model (IGRM) is the most comprehensive model for
implementing the corporate governance program,
The study also emphasize on the importance of adopting the maturity model as
a means to measure the maturity level of information governance in the
organizations. The study issued several recommendations; including the need to
adapt the information governance strategy in the Holy Capital municipality with
its general vision and strategy. The study also recommended the need for the
Holy Capital municipality to implement projects related to information
infrastructure such as: Master Data Management, Information Architecture
project, Data Warehouse project and Groupware project for its large revenue
and direct impact on the implementation of the information governance
program and knowledge management success,
The study recommends the importance of training for all employees of the Holy
Capital municipality according to compliance requirements and risk

Issue 22
Scholarly & Refereed Journal 2018

The Western Arab Countries have started these last years to create the
infrastructures for the telecommunication and information technologies,. The
technology activities in these courtiers, although differs from country to another,
is considered a serious attempt to catch up to the rest of the world and keep up
with it in the quest of obtaining an information technology front throughout
installing and creating advanced information organizations, acquiring and
training all of their equipment and human needs in the frame of what is called
the Arab Digital Contents. All of these are a group of factors that support the
operations of creating the digital content in the Western Arab Countries to a
great extension and encourage them, although, it appears that the
characteristics of the infrastructures supporting the production of the digital
content in these countries are still in need for more nourishment and providence
of sufficient investment resources able to develop it, at the time that what has
been established as digital environment elements like the digital sector growth
level, the local competition level and reaching the digital content is still limited
and in great need for a series of measures to establish an acceptable growth in
the digital content receiving environment scale.
Issue 22
Scholarly & Refereed Journal 2018

We will try through this research to recognize the most important characteristics
of the supporting structure to establish the digital content which are; reaching
the tools of communication and information, the usage of the information and
communication tools, the governmental information services, the information
digital contribution (electronic participation) which are still related to the
development and growth of the Arab West Countries’ communities’ position
and their role in the realization of their civilized project, by believing that the
information is acquiring more valued as it is broadcasted and published; that the
content is not just a text unbending information as opposed that it’s media
applicative and educative programs, and artistic and cultural innovations that
take technical forms with a clear function.
Key words: Infrastructure ,digital content , Arab West, the digital environment

Issue 22
Scholarly & Refereed Journal 2018

This study aims to identify the knowledge management and its role in quality
assurance of education in the University of Zawia. It depended on the case study
method as the researcher found it suitable for description and detailed analysis
of the Sample. The community of the study composed of the staff teaching
members of the Faculty of Arts in Zawia, where a questionnaire was designed to
collect information. A total of (100) forms was distributed; (70) were retrieved
and (30) were excluded because of incomplete answer by the individuals in the
sample. In addition, statistical processing that suits the aims and objectives of
the study was carried out. The most important results of this study are: Lack of
basic infrastructure which relies on information technology, including Internet
connection in the departments and lack of common database in the libraries of
the departments besides inadequate resources and equipment that helps in
developing the educational process for quality assurance of education in the
University. The study recommends creating a special office supporting the
strategy of knowledge management, as to be included in the organizational
chart of the Administration of the University in order to enable it to carry out
control, development, follow-up the processes of knowledge management.
Further, the study recommends supply of the requirements for application of
knowledge management to assure quality of education thereof.
Issue 22
Scholarly & Refereed Journal 2018

Abstract :
The web included qualitative information materials reflecting different ideologies,
intellectual visions and different orientations ; that digital publishing capabilities
provided the Possibilities for expression of ideological and political trends and
economic competition. Web retrieval systems have been influenced by trend factors
and qualitative bias, whether promotional, partisan or ideological, reflecting their
dependence on the organization, search and retrieval of web materials. The aim of this
study was to investigate the characteristics of bias as a phenomenon that occurred in
web retrieval systems and changed the nature of their activities and procedures, which
in turn affected the nature of the retrieved results directed at the users of these
systems. The study covered the analysis of the mechanisms and software of the work
with the biased retrieval systems, and the changes that occur when they impose some
kind of control or interference in the quality and order of the retrieved results. The
study used applied study of a sample of the highest retrieval systems used according
to the classification of alexa. the most important of results of the study is that web
retrieval systems are no longer processing systems and research of web materials in a
neutral way from the perspective of information-sharing studies, but the retrieval
systems are now viewed as the systems of managing and handling digital knowledge
in accordance with systematic business policies. The retrieval system is not limited to
retrieving the web material as it is, but rather to selecting the location and subject
matter of the availability and delivery of the content in a particular object.
Keywords: biased web, bias of retrieval systems, bias, biased search bias

Issue 22
Scholarly & Refereed Journal 2018

This study is about one of the most important technical problems facing
archives and national documentation centers, which is the problem of
acquisition and development of archival collection or legal deposit of the types
of documents produced by government institutions in Saudi Arabia. In this
study, the researcher dealt with regulations related to acquisition and
development of the collections, In return, the lending and internal circulation of
these government documents within the government institutions in an attempt
to clarify the difference between the giveaway and lending for government use,
or to move documents or transfer them to the National Center for Documents
and Archives. In the same context, the researcher found that these documents,
which are subject to the regulations issued by the National Center, have
categorized in a separate regulation which has special characteristics and
technical criteria for documents types that can be produced by the government
agencies in the country, which need to be explained to clarify the technical
process to deal with government documents in all its aspects.
key words: Regulations of Documents Deposit – Regulations of Providing Original Documents
and Archives– Regulations of Collection - Government Documents Lending - Regulations of the
National Center for Documents and Archives.

Issue 22
Scholarly & Refereed Journal 2018

Marketing in the electronic environment represents one of the products of
information and communication technology. These technologies have impacted
the smallest details of various marketing practices and functions, and the goal
behind it is to raise production efficiency, which largely benefits the exchange
parties and institutions in general, including university libraries.
This study aimed to identify the impact of the electronic environment on the
nature of marketing and the nature of information services in university
libraries. And the importance of employing marketing tools in the electronic
environment for information services in this field, which gives him opportunities
to significantly improve the level of services provided by university libraries. This
study also reflects the level of challenges that await these libraries to adopt such
marketing tools at their administrative services.
Keywords: Marketing - Electronic Marketing - Electronic Environment -
University Libraries - Information Services - Electronic Information Services.

Issue 22
Scholarly & Refereed Journal 2018

The productivity of faculty members at the university represents an
important creative input to achieve what is expected of universities.
Creativity is not just a simulation of an existing thing ,but it's in discovering new
relationships and jobs ,and put it in a new creative image.
Researchers consider that size of the university's contribution to the service of its
society is linked to the faculty members' proficiency in their creative research
missions. Thus, the progress of university productivity depends on the
performance of their scientists.
The study is concerned with the scientific productivity of the most distinguished
professors of information specialization, Dr. Ali Ibrahim Al namlah , who gained
unparalleled scientific stature, because of the scientific achievements and the
rich intellectual production and his assumption of a scientific status in a lot of
careers that has achieved excellence. However Dr. Ali continued to carry out
research, research activities, scientific brilliance by composing in various
scientific disciplines , and achieved scientific and research contributions in
which the cultural reality was shared and his cognitive experience has increased
,his life was the scene of many of the positions that burdened him and became

Issue 22
Scholarly & Refereed Journal 2018

an inexhaustible giving . Study ended with arrange of results that affected the
subject of the study including the following:
-The volume of the literature of Prof., Dr. Ali Alnamlah is one hundred and sixty
titles in addition, to his Master and PhD dissertations in the period commencing
from 1979 to the year 2018 , and this production is represented in 74 books and
86 articles in periodicals ,conferences ,seminars and scientific forums.

Keywords: Prof . Dr. Ali Ibrahim Al namlah – Scientific Productivity –
Knowledge Creativity – Universities and Scientific Productivity

Issue 22
Scholarly & Refereed Journal 2018

This research deals with the subject of the material requirements for
computerization of the archives of the Algerian universities. This subject is very
important because the projects of developing the archives in general and the
university archives especially using of modern technology, it’s a must to provide
some of the requirements and the material requirements are the most
important. The aim of this research is to identify the reality of the Algerian
universities in the field of saving the material requirements. It has been studied
in the theoretical aspect, and the field side will study the interests of the
university archives in terms of availability of material requirements, difficulties
and future plans to overcome problems and improve the situation. To conclude
in the end to a number of general results and then submit proposals that would
help these interests in the success of projects to modernize and develop
university archives using modern technologies. Three universities have been
selected in the Algerian East as a field for this study, namely, the University of
Constantine, Batna and Umm al-Bouaqi.
Key words: Material requirements - Computing - Universities archives –

Issue 22
Scholarly & Refereed Journal 2018

The current study addresses the identification of methods used in identifying
the information needs of users for a representative sample of Tanta University
college libraries.

Issue 22
Refereed Journal Published June 2018

The university thesis are considered among the most important sources of
information that are used by different researchers in many specialties and
scientific levels, but, there are multiple means of obtaining this kind of sources
and especially the electronic ones, so most libraries and information institutions
are based on digital repositories to publish their thesis in an electronic format for
making them closer to researchers and for promoting open access to scientific
The operation of uploading electronic thesis especially the ones of high
studies are related to a set of norms and laws which organizes this operation, but
these laws are varied according to the means of each library (financial, material,
human , technological and legal ones) . But the presence of these means in the
university libraries is insufficient for the electronic publication of these thesis,
there are other considerations that should be seen as: the legal framework that
allow or prevent this electronic availability of thesis.
Therefore, this study aims to know the laws or regulations organizing the
electronic availability of PhD thesis in digital repositories by knowing the point
of view of librarians; teacher-researchers about this availability.

Issue 22
Refereed Journal Published June 2018

And the 2nd aim of this study is to know the point of view of doctoral
researchers about electronic availability of their thesis in repositories.
So to solve this problem, we relied on the professors and librarians on the one
hand, and the doctoral researchers of the librarianship (University of
Constantine 02) on the other hand, as an example.
Therefore, we use the descriptive method in the theory part of this topic, in
addition to the analysis in pratic one, which is used to conclude the results of the
interview and the questionnaire that aimed to answer the following problem:
What is the legal framework for the electronic availability of PhD thesis in
digital repositories? Does this framework prevent open access to these
Key words: electronic availability, laws, PhD thesis, digital repositories,

Issue 22
Refereed Journal Published June 2018

Possibly the function of made the information resources available to users in
easiest ways are to be reached is the most prominent functions for the libraries,
where the libraries looking for collecting various sources of information to be
organized and to make it available to the users.
This study attempted to identify the reality of the benefit for the users from the
library services, and to know the adequacy and efficient of services provided to
them as well as to identify their perceptions about the services provided to them.
In this study, the researcher used the analytical descriptive method based on the
use of the case study, in order to identify the actual reality of the information
services provided by the central library of Al-Baha University (as an emerging
university) and its sub-libraries to the users to know whether they meet their
needs or not. 184 questionnaires from About 500 were distributed, and 12 were
excluded because they were not valid for analysis. One of the most important
results was the emergence of the needs to quick move to the library new
building at the university's main campus, where the current building was
inadequate, as well as a lack of qualified human resources, inadequate
information sources and limited technical ability

Issue 22
Refereed Journal Published June 2018

This study reveals the impact of digital technology and its impact on Saudi
women in creating new jobs and in the educational field as well as many
challenges facing women in the technological space. The data also indicate that
the vision of the Saudi government 2030 guarantees the contribution of women.
In building the future economy. On the other hand, this is not only a societal
issue, it is also an issue for women and development issues, which need further
studies to show all their aspects.
Index Terms:
Saudi Women, Digitalization, Academic field, Innovation, Disadvantages,
Digital usage, Social media, Information technology.

Issue 22
Scholarly & Refereed Journal 2018

Purpose - The purpose of this paper is to explore and measure the visibility of
the scientific production of Egyptian universities and affiliated scholars in
Google Scholar. The study also explores the use of Google Scholar to build
academic profiles by the Egyptians academics.
Design/methodology/approach – The study used google scholar and publish
and perish software to calculate the number of profiles, number of citations and
publishing years. The sample of the study consisted of 18 Egyptian universities
out of 25 universities.
Findings - The study found that there is an increasing interest among Egyptian
universities and scholars who are affiliated with these universities to put their
profiles and scholarly publications on Google Scholar as it is considered a tool to
measure the university and the scholars’ performance in the academic sphere.
The study also showed that there is a significant increase in the number of
citations between 2016 and 2017 in many universities which reveal an
increasing move in publishing more research in the international outlets.
Research limitations/implications– This study focused on analysing the
visibility of Egyptian scholar on Google Scholar only. The study did not explore
the differences in structure and size between Google Scholar and other citation
Issue 22
Scholarly & Refereed Journal 2018

Originality/value– There are a few studies investigating universities and
scholars’ visibility on Google Scholar additionally, there is no Arabic or English
study that tried to explore Egyptian scholars’ visibility on Google Scholar. The
value of the current research lies in being the first study that focuses on
investigating and exploring the profiles of Egyptian universities in Google
Scholar which would lead to more studies that aim to explore how to increase
the visibility of Egyptian universities in the international context.

Keywords- Scientific production visibility, Egyptian universities’ visibility-
Google Scholar- Scholarly research in Egypt.

Issue 22