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1. Aberration: deviation; abnormality

2. Abstruse: Difficult to comprehend
3. Acumen: sharpness of mind
4. Adroit: skill-ful (Maladroit = clumsy)
5. Adulation: worship; great praise
6. Advocate: support
7. Affability: friendliness; cordiality
8. Affinity: kinship
9. Affluence: wealth; Opulence
10. Agnostic: unsure of the existence of god
11. Alacrity: speed & eagerness; promptness
12. Alleviate: make less serve; reduce
13. Altruism: self-sacrifice
14. Amalgam: mixture
15. Amassed: accumulated
16. Ambiguous: vague; doubtful; equivocal
17. Ameliorate: make better; improve
18. Amiable: friendly; lovable
19. Anachronistic: out of normal time range
20. Animosity: hostility; hatred; ill-will
21. Apathetic: lacking energy or interest; indifference
22. Arable: can be cultivated; fit for pillowing (example: arable land)
23. Arbitration: mediating between disputing sides
24. Arboreal: living in trees (Root -- Arbor always relates to trees)
25. Arcane: esoteric; obscure; known only to few people
26. Archaic: old-fashioned
27. Articulation: joining; speaking clearly; distinct
28. Ascertain: find out; make sure
29. Astute: wise; mentally sharp
30. Augment: increase in size or number
31. Aural: through the sense of hearing
32. Autocrat: absolute ruler; dictator
33. Autonomy: self-government
34. Barrage: bombardment; stream (of abuse etc.); continuous attack
35. Belabor: over-emphasizing
36. Belied: contradicted
37. Belittlers: People who criticize/disparage
38. Benevolent: kindly; charitable
39. Boorishness: rudeness; ill-mannered behavior
40. Bountiful: generous
41. Brevity: briefness
42. Bypass: avoid; find a way around
43. Byzantine: excessive; decadent
DAWN Vocabulary By Hanif Kibzai Kakar

44. Cacophony: noise; din

45. Callous: cruel & unfeeling
46. Candid: truthful; straight forward; free from prejudice
47. Capricious: whimsical; changeable
48. Censure: criticize; blame
49. Cerebral: concerned with thinking
50. Circumstantial: accidental; indirect
51. Insightful: perceptive; can be understood
52. Insipid: flavorless; bland
53. Insolence: lack of respect; rudeness; impudence
54. Insolvent: bankrupt
55. Insufferable: can not be tolerated
56. Insular: narrow-minded
57. Insurrectionist: rebel; combative
58. Integrity: honor; honesty
59. Intemperate: not moderate; excessive
60. Intermittent: on & off; not continuous;
61. spasmodic Intonation: tone of voice
62. intrigued: interested and curious
63. Intuition: sixth sense; gut feeling
64. Invocation: prayer
65. Irony: something unexpected; words to convey opposite meaning
66. Irreproachable: can not be criticized; blameless (Reproach = critize)
67. Irresolute: lacking firmness of purpose; hesitant
68. Irreverence: lack of respect
69. Jaded: tired; bored
70. Jeopardize: put at risk; endanger
71. Judicious: fair; wise
72. Juxtaposition: placing two things next to each other
73. Knack: trick; skill
74. Lackadaisical: lazy; careless; lax
75. Lamentable: regrettable
76. Languid: Lacking energy; weak
77. Lavish: to spend freely(v); costing alot; opulent(adj)
78. Legitimate: to make legal; give approval to
79. Libelous: open to prosecution for libel (libel = written slander)
80. Lithe: flexible; supple
81. Litigious: seeking legal remedies
82. Lobby: to try to persuade; entrance hall
83. Lucid: clear; explained
84. Magnanimous: generous minded; big-hearted
85. Mandate: permission
86. Mandatory: compulsory
DAWN Vocabulary By Hanif Kibzai Kakar

87. Manifesto: statement of values

88. Manipulative: deceptive; skill-ful at handling people
89. Marred: spoiled; ruined
90. Meager: small; scanty; unimportant
91. Mercenary: seeking money above all else; interested in money and gain
92. Meticulous: thorough; taking care of details
93. Miffed: annoyed; vex
94. Mitigate: moderate; reduce intensity
95. Modicum: tiny amount
96. Momentous: of great importance
97. Monotonous: dull; repetitive
98. Morbidity: concern with death and disease
99. Motley: varied; miscellaneous
100. Circumvent: avoid; outwit; baffle
101. Coalition: a union of two parts
102. Coerce: compel; force
103. Cognitions: mental knowledge
104. Compendious: containing a lot in a small space/few words
105. Conciliatory: bringing together; ending a dispute; soothing
106. Concord: agreement
107. Condone: tolerate
108. Conflagration: great fire
109. Congenial: friendly; sociable; suitable
110. Connoisseur: expert with good taste/ judgement
111. Consecrate: dedicate; make holy
112. Consummate: supremely good
113. Contagious: passed on through touch; infectious
114. Convergence: coming together
115. Convivial: sociable
116. Copious: in large amount
117. Corollary: consequence; inference
118. Corpulence: very fat-ness
119. Corroborated: supported; given supporting evidence
120. Credulity: belief on slight evidence
121. Cumulative: building up
122. Cursory: superficial
123. Curtail: cut short
124. Dalliance: non-serious involvement; toying or playing
125. Dearth: shortage; lacking
126. Debacle: disaster
127. Debilitate: weaken
128. Debunk: throw out old indeas
129. Deferment: putting off
DAWN Vocabulary By Hanif Kibzai Kakar

130. Deleterious: harmful

131. Deliberation: careful thought
132. Delineate: outline
133. Demagogue: mob leader; agitator
134. Demonstrative: expressing emotions freely
135. Denuded: stripped
136. Depreciatory: devaluing; criticizing
137. Derelict: rundown; abandoned
138. Derided: mocked
139. Despoiled: plunder; rob; deprive
140. Devious: cunning
141. Didactic: intending to preach or teach; an act of teaching
142. Dilatory: slow; sluggish
143. Disarming: charming; unthreatening
144. Discernment: judgement
145. Discrepancy: inconsistency
146. Disillusioned: freed from wrong ideas
147. Disingenuous: crafy; double dealing
148. Disparaging: critical
149. Distension: swelling; distend; expand
150. Multifarious: having many aspects
151. Myopic: short-sighted (literal or metaphoric)
152. Naivete: innocence; lack of wordliness
153. Nefarious: infamous; very wicked
154. Negate: wipe out; nullify
155. Nemesis: fate; doom
156. Nihilism: belief in nothing; anarchy
157. Nondescript: having no special qualities; ordinary
158. Notoriety: infamy
159. Obsequious: slavish; fawning
160. Occlusion: shutting out
161. Officious: interfering
162. Onerous: burdensome
163. Opacity: lack of transparency; being opaque
164. Opportunism: grabbing opportunities
165. Opting: choosing
166. Opulence: lavish display of wealth
167. Ornate: extremely decorated
168. Overhaul: renovate; examine
169. Palliative: sth that makes better but doesn`t cure; easy pain
170. Pathos: sadness; stirring the emotions; gloomy
171. Paucity: scarcity; shortage
172. Peer: An equal; to look closely at
DAWN Vocabulary By Hanif Kibzai Kakar

173. Peevishness: childish sullenness; irritability

174. Penchant: tendency; leaning toward; liking
175. Penurious: miserly
176. Perquisites: perks; sth you recieve for your job
177. Petulant: touchy; sulky; peevish
178. Phlegmatic: calm; imperturbable
179. Phobic: fearful (Root phobia always implies fear)
180. Pilfer: steal; filch; rustle
181. Placid: peaceful; calm; serene
182. Plaudits: praise
183. Pliant: flexible
184. Polarized: divided into two extremes
185. Pragmatism: practicality
186. Preclude: prevent; make impossible
187. Precursor: forerunner; sth comes before
188. Predilection: liking for; penchant
189. Presumption: assuming too much
190. Profundity: depth (of ideas/thoughts)
191. Propensity: tendency; leaning predilection
192. Proponent: supporter
193. Prosaic: ordinary; dull
194. Prospectus: brochure
195. Prudent: wise; cautious
196. Punctilious: meticulous
197. Purportedly: apparently claiming
198. Quell: suppress; to stop sth such as protests
199. Quixotic: idealistic; impractical
200. Radical: revolutionary
201. Docile: obedient; subservient
202. Dubious: doubtful
203. Eclectic: taking things from different sources; selective
204. Effacement: wiping out; rub out; (self-effacement = excessive modesty)
205. Egotistical: selfish
206. Elitist: favoring top group; snob
207. Elusive: difficult to pin down
208. Emancipators: those who set others free
209. Embellished: adorned; decorated
210. Embittered: full of bitter feelings
211. Embodiment: living example of
212. Empathetic: exhibiting deep emotional understanding
213. Empiric: found by experiment/practice
214. Encompassed: included; surrounded
215. Encroach: trespass; violate
DAWN Vocabulary By Hanif Kibzai Kakar

216. Endorsed: supported

217. Entourage: group of followers; retinue; cortege
218. Envisioning: imagining; predicting
219. Epitome: essence; typical example or symbol of
220. Equanimity: peace of mind; balance; calm
221. Equitable: fair and equal
222. Eradicate: wipe out; remove
223. Erudition: learning; scholarly knowledge
224. Esoteric: obscure; arcane; known to few
225. Estrangement: separation
226. Eulogy: praise
227. Exacerbate: make worse
228. Exasperation: frustration and annoyance
229. Excise: cut out
230. Exemplar: excellent example of
231. Exonerated: proved not guilty; acquit
232. Exorbitant: excessive
233. Exotic: strange; foreign
234. Expeditious: speedy; hasten
235. Extant: still in existence; opposite of extinct
236. Extirpation: destruction
237. Extol: praise; glorify
238. Extrapolate: predict on the basis of existing data; extended
239. Facile: over simplified
240. Faction: section; group with common interests
241. Fastidious: very fussy; excessively concerned (esp. about cleanliness)
242. Fawning: groveling; slavish; obsequious
243. Fidelity: faithfulness; loyalty
244. Finagle: wheedle; wangle; trick
245. Finesse: skill
246. Fitful: intermittent; on and off; not continous
247. Flabbergast: shock; make speechless
248. Flag: to lose energy; to signal
249. Rambunctious: boisterous; highly exuberant; unruly
250. Rancor: bitterness and bad feeling
251. Ratify: give approval to (official)
252. Raze: known down, destroy
253. Reclusive: Avoid other people; solitary
254. Recrimination: blame
255. Rectitude: uprightness
256. Redolent: smelling of (literal or metaphoric)
257. Regressive: moving backwards (literal or metaphoric)
258. Rehash: revamp hurriedly/carelessly;
DAWN Vocabulary By Hanif Kibzai Kakar

259. Remiss: neglectful

260. Repertoire: range; set of skills
261. Reprehensible: very bad; culpable; blame worthy
262. Reprieve: let off (atleast temporarily); delay; cancel
263. Reprimanded: scolded
264. Resilience: strength; ability to withstand
265. Resolute: firm of purpose
266. Retraction: removal; taking back
267. Rhetoric: persuasive language
268. Robust: strong and sturdy
269. Rousing: stirring; full of enthusiasm
270. Rudimentary: elementary; basic; not developed
271. Salvageable: can be saved
272. Sanctity: holiness
273. Sarcasm: sneering; bitter remarks; ironic or taunting
274. Scouring: cleaning thoroughly; thorough searching; comb
275. Scrutinize: examine carefully
276. Scuttled: sunk; foil
277. Secluded: lonely; isolated
278. Sedate: calm; placid
279. Seditious: causing division or rebellion
280. Sedulous: thorough; eager
281. Serene: peaceful
282. Sermonize: give moral lecture
283. Shroud: a cover for dead body; to cover
284. Slipshod: careless; untidy
285. Solace: comfort
286. Solicitous: expressing care and concern
287. Somber: gloomy
288. Sophistry: devious logic
289. Soporific: sleep inducing; sleep producer
290. Sporadic: intermittent; not continous; short stayed
291. Spurned: shunned; rejected
292. Squander: waste
293. Squelch: suppress; crush
294. Steadfastness: loyalty; firmness of purpose
295. Stifling: suppressing
296. Stipulated: insisted
297. Substantiate: give supporting evidence
298. Floridity: floweriness in language; redness
299. Foil: frustrate; battle; defeat
300. Formidable: inspiring awe; impressive and powerful difficulty
301. Foster: support; encourage
DAWN Vocabulary By Hanif Kibzai Kakar

302. Foundered: sank; failed; stumbled

303. Fraudulent: crooked; intending to cheat
304. Frugal: economical; parsimony
305. Furtive: secretive
306. Futile: useless; waste of time and effort
307. Gestures: signals
308. Glacial: icy; unfriendly
309. Glutton: greedy; spearing in eating and drinking
310. Grating: harsh; rasping; irritating
311. Gratuitous: free; unwarranted
312. Grimy: dirty
313. Hackneyed: commonplace; banal; over-used
314. Heterogeneity: variety; non-uniformity
315. Hilarity: great laughter
316. Histronic: melodramatic; expressing exaggerated emotion
317. Holistic: whole; entire
318. Hubris: excessive pride; haughtiness
319. Husbandry: careful management of resources
320. Idiosyncratic: quirky; eccentric; unique to an individual
321. Ignominy: shame
322. Imperious: in a commanding manner
323. Impetuosity: impulsiveness; rash
324. Impudent: cheeky; irrespectful
325. Inane: silly
326. Incoherence: lack of clarity
327. Inconsequential: unimportant
328. Inconspicuous: not easily seen; indiscernible
329. Indiscriminate: without thought; random; careless
330. Indomitable: unshakeable; fearless
331. Indulgent: kindly; pampering
332. Ineffable: cant be expressed in words
333. Ineptitude: lack of ability
334. Infelicity: unsuitabilility; inappropriateness
335. Infusion: influx; addition
336. Ingenuous: naive
337. Indigenous: native to a locality
338. Indictment: charge; legal accusation
339. Innocuous: harmless
340. Inscrutable: not easy to comprehend
341. Subversive: intending to overthrow; seditious; split
342. Succulent: juicy
343. Supplant: replace; usurp
344. Supple: flexible; pliant; lithe
DAWN Vocabulary By Hanif Kibzai Kakar

345. Surfeit: excess

346. Sustain: support; experience
347. Sycophant: toady; servile flatterer
348. Tactile: through the sense of touch
349. Tangential: off the point; irrelevant
350. Temper: moderate
351. Temperamental: volatile; changeable
352. Temporize: put off; procrastinate; delay
353. Tenacious: holding firmly to idea or purpose
354. Therapeutic: medicinal
355. Thwarted: prevented
356. Transitory: short-lived; not continous
357. Teacly: too sweet; over sentimental
358. Tremulous: hesitant
359. Tribulation: trouble
360. Truculence: stubbornness
361. Undermine: weaken
362. Unequivocal: certain; undoubtful
363. Unwitting: not deliberated
364. Unyielding: not giving up
365. Vacillate: waver; hesitate
366. Validated: proved right
367. Valor: bravery
368. Venality: corruption
369. Versatility: ability to do many things
370. Vex: annoy
371. Vicarious: experience indirectly; at secondhand
372. Vigilant: wary; watchful
373. Vindication: proving right; acquittal
374. Vindictive: seeking revenge
375. Viscous: thick and sticky
376. Volatile: evaporates easily; mercurial; easily angered; emotional
377. Voluminous: large; bulky; extensive
378. Vulnerable: open to attack; susceptible
379. Waning: declining
380. Warped: twisted; distorted
381. Wary: cautious
382. Wannow: sift; separate good from bad
383. Wistful: sad; yearning; longing in a thoughtful way
384. Wrath: anger
385. Abhor: hate
386. Bigot: narrow-minded, prejudiced person
387. Counterfeit: fake; false
DAWN Vocabulary By Hanif Kibzai Kakar

388. Enfranchise: give voting rights

389. Hamper: hinder; obstruct
390. Kindle: to start a fire
391. Noxious: harmful; poisonous; lethal
392. Placid: calm; peaceful
393. Remuneration: payment for work done
394. Talisman: lucky charm
395. Abasement: humiliation; degradation
396. Billowing: swelling; fluttering; waving
397. Cower: recoil in fear or servility; shrink away from
398. Enhance: improve; make better or clearer
399. Harangue: noisy, attacking speech
400. Labyrinth: a maze
401. Nullify: to counter; make unimportant
402. Plaintiff: petitioner (in court of law)
403. Replete: full
404. Tangible: can be touched
405. Plagiarism: taking credit for someone else's writing or ideas
406. Knotty: complex; difficult to solve
407. Engender: cause
408. Covert: hidden; undercover
409. Abrogate: cancel; deny; repeal
410. Blasphemy: speech which offends religious sentiments
411. Credible: believable
412. Enigma: puzzle; mystery
413. Harbingers: indicators; bringers of warnings
414. Labyrinthine: complicated; highly convoluted
415. Plaudit: statement giving strong praise
416. Reprehensible: shameful; very bad
417. Tardy: slow; late; overdue; delayed
418. Creditable: praiseworthy
419. Hasten: hurry; accelerate; rush
420. Laceration: a cut
421. Obdurate: stubborn
422. Plausible: can be believed; reasonable
423. Reprieve: a respite; postponement of a sentence
424. Tawdry: of little value; gaudy
425. Abstain: desist; go without; withdraw
426. Blighted: damaged; destroyed; ruined
427. Credulous: gullible; ready to believe anything
428. Enshroud: cover
429. Haughtiness: arrogance; pride
430. Lachrymose: tearful; sad
DAWN Vocabulary By Hanif Kibzai Kakar

431. Obfuscate: deliberately make something difficult to understand

432. Plethora: an excess
433. Repudiate: shun; eschew; back from statement
434. Tedium: boredom
435. Abstemious: self denying; refraining from indulging
436. Enunciation: clear pronunciation; accent; articulation
437. Headstrong: stubborn; willful
438. Lackluster: dull; monotonous; bland
439. Objective: unbiased; not subjective
440. Pliable: flexible; not stubborn
441. Rescind: retract; repeal
442. Temper: to moderate; soften
443. Abstruse: difficult to understand; obscure
444. Cringe: recoil; flinch; shy away
445. Envenom: to cause bitterness and bad feeling
446. Hedonism: self indulgence; pleasure-seeking
447. Laconic: using few words; brief; to the point
448. Oblique: indirect; slanting
449. Tenacious: stubborn; resolute; holding firm to a purpose
450. Accolade: tribute; honor; praise
451. Bolster: support; prop up
452. Cryptic: puzzling; enigmatic
453. Ephemeral: short-lived
454. Lamentation: expression of regret or sorrow
455. Obliterate: destroy; demolish; eradicate
456. Plummet: fall suddenly and steeply
457. Resolution: determination
458. Tentative: not certain
459. Acquiesce: to agree to; give in to
460. Bombast: arrogant, pompous language
461. Curtail: cut short
462. Heed: listen to
463. Lampoon: ridicule; spoof
464. Oblivious: totally unaware
465. Podium: raised platform
466. Resonant: echoing
467. Tenuous: flimsy; not solid
468. Debility weakness; incapacity
469. Hiatus interruption; pause
470. Languid tired; slow
471. Obscured: hidden; covered; buried
472. Poised: calm; collected; self-possessed
473. Resplendent: shining; glowing
DAWN Vocabulary By Hanif Kibzai Kakar

474. Therapeutic: medicinal; curative

475. Acuity: sharpness (mental or visual)
476. Braggart: someone who boasts
477. Debunking: exposing false claims or myths
478. Hidebound: rigid in opinions
479. Languish: decay; fade away; get weaker
480. Obsequious: servile; submissive
481. Polemical: causing debate or argument
482. Restorative: a tonic
483. Thwart: prevent; frustrate
484. Adamant: forceful; inflexible
485. Brawny: muscular
486. Equivocate: speak ambiguously; avoid telling the truth
487. Hieroglyphics: 1. picture writing; 2. writing which is difficult to read
488. Larceny: theft; robbery; stealing
489. Ponderous: weighty; slow and heavy
490. Retention: preservation; withholding
491. Timorous: cowardly; fearful
492. Adroit: skilful Brevity being brief
493. Decorum: dignified, correct behavior [decorous (a)]
494. Err: make a mistake
495. Hinder: obstruct
496. Largess: generosity
497. Obsolete: no longer valid
498. Reticent: restrained; holding something back; uncommunicative
499. Tirade: stream of verbal abuse
500. Adulation: strong admiration; worship
501. Bristle: to show irritation
502. Erratic: wandering; irregular
503. Histrionic: theatrical; exaggerated
504. Laud: praise
505. Portend: foretell
506. Retraction: withdrawal; cancellation of a statement
507. Titter: giggle quietly
508. Adversity: hardship
509. Broach: start to discuss; approach
510. Deference: respect
511. Esoteric: obscure and difficult to understand
512. Hoary: old; white with old age
513. Lavish: on a grand scale; wasteful
514. Obtuse: mentally dull
515. Portent: a warning sign; omen
516. Revere: worship
DAWN Vocabulary By Hanif Kibzai Kakar

517. Advocate: support

518. Brusque: blunt; abrupt
519. Espouse: promote; take up; support
520. Hone: sharpen; increase; whet
521. Lax: careless; not strict
522. Obviate: avoid; make unnecessary
523. Poseur: someone who puts on an act
524. Riddled: full of (usually full of holes)
525. Torpid: inactive; lazy; stagnant
526. Defunct: no longer in existence
527. Etymology: the study of word origins
528. Legend: 1. key to map; 2. myth or story
529. Odious: hateful Posterity future generations
530. Rife: common
531. Torpor: dormancy; sluggishness; inactivity
532. Affable: friendly; social; easygoing
533. Bureaucracy: officialdom
534. Degradation: deprivation; poverty; debasement
535. Eulogy: praise
536. Hypochondriac: a person obsessed with health; having imaginary illnesses
537. Legion: in large numbers
538. Officious: domineering; intrusive; meddlesome
539. Posthumous: after death
540. Rigor: thoroughness
541. Totter: walk unsteadily
542. Alacrity: eagerness; enthusiasm; quickness
543. Deleterious: harmful
544. Euphemism: a polite phrase to cover something unpleasant
545. Hypocritical: insincere
546. Lethargic: tired; without energy
547. Ogle: stare at; observe in an obvious manner
548. Robust: strong; healthy; tough
549. Tractable: obedient; dutiful; polite
550. Deliberate: to think over deeply
551. Euphony: pleasant sounds
552. Iconoclast: person who opposes orthodoxy
553. Levity: flippancy; joking about serious matters; lightness
554. Olfactory: concerned with the sense of smell
555. Alibi: an excuse that shows someone was not at a crime scene
556. Buttress: strengthen; support
557. Delineation: demarcation; explanation; definition; outlining
558. Evacuate: vacate; empty; abandon
559. Idiosyncrasy: a personal peculiarity; something unique to an individual
DAWN Vocabulary By Hanif Kibzai Kakar

560. Libertarian: someone who opposes tyranny

561. Ominous: threatening
562. Potent: powerful; compelling; strong
563. Ruminate: think over something; ponder
564. Transcribe: copy
565. Allay: to lessen
566. Byline: the line that tells you who wrote an article
567. Demur: hesitate; refuse
568. Exacerbate: make worse
569. Ignominious: shameful
570. Omnipotent: all-powerful
571. Pragmatic: practical Ruse trick; stratagem
572. Transgress: go astray; disobey; commit a sin
573. Alleviate: make less severe
574. Cacophony: discordant loud noises
575. Denounce: condemn; speak out against
576. Exasperated: frustrated; annoyed
577. Ignominy: shame [ignominious (a) = shameful]
578. Lithe: flexible; supple
579. Omniscient: all-knowing
580. Pragmatist: practical person; one who is concerned with usefulness
581. Saccharin: falsely sweet
582. Transient: short-lived; ephemeral
583. Aloof: distant; detached; cold
584. Cajole: coax; wheedle; decieve by flattery
585. Deplete: use up; lessen
586. Exceptionable: very bad (something which we should object to)
587. Illuminate: to light up or make clear
588. Livid: very angry
589. Onerous: burdensome; hard to undertake
590. Preamble: introductory material
591. Sacrosanct: very holy; inviolable
592. Traverse: to move across
593. Altruism: putting others first; being self-sacrificing
594. Deplore: regret
595. Exculpate: free someone from blame; pardon; acquit
596. Illusory: deceptive; false; misleading
597. Onus: burden
598. Precarious: unstable; risky
599. Sagacious: wise
600. Trepidation: fear
601. Amass: accumulate
602. Callow: immature
DAWN Vocabulary By Hanif Kibzai Kakar

603. Depravity: moral corruption

604. Execrable: very, very bad
605. Immoderate: excessive; extreme
606. Lofty: snooty; arrogant; haughty
607. Opaque: does not let light through
608. Precedent: a previous occurrence used as a guide
609. Sage: a wise person; person celebrated for wisdom
610. Trinket: something of little value; knick-knack
611. Ambiguity: uncertainty; vagueness
612. Candid: frank; honest
613. Deprecate: criticize; denounce
614. Immutable: unchanging; permanent
615. Longevity: long life
616. Opulent: wealthy; rich; magnificent
617. Precept: guiding principle
618. Salacious: lecherous; erotic
619. Trite: unoriginal; dull
620. Ambiguous: unclear in meaning; can be interpreted in different ways
621. Candor: frankness; openness
622. Deride: ridicule; make fun of; mock
623. Exemplary: outstandingly good; setting a fine example
624. Impartial: unbiased; neutral
625. Loquacious: talkative
626. Sallow: yellowish
627. Trivial: unimportant
628. Ambivalence: lack of clarity; wavering; being undecided
629. Cantankerous bad-tempered; quarrelsome
630. Exemplify: to serve as a good example
631. Impecunious: having no money
632. Lucid: clear
633. Ornate: highly decorated
634. Salubrious: health-giving
635. Truant: shirker; someone absent without permission
636. Ambulatory: able to walk around (used of hospital patients)
637. Capacious: spacious
638. Desecrate: to damage or pollute a holy place
639. Exhaustive: complete and thorough Impious wicked; profane
640. Ludicrous: ridiculous; silly
641. Orthodox: conventional
642. Precipitous: done in a hurry
643. Salutary: something which teaches you a lesson; beneficial
644. Truncate: cut short
645. Ameliorate: make better
DAWN Vocabulary By Hanif Kibzai Kakar

646. Capitulate: surrender; give in to

647. Exonerates: acquits; absolves; removes blame
648. Impoverished: destitute; poor
649. Ossify: 1. turn to bone; 2. become fixed and rigid
650. Preclude: prevent or make impossible
651. Sanctimonious: hypocritically holy
652. Tumult: uproar; noise
653. Amelioration: improvement
654. Carping: constant criticism; finding faults
655. Desist: stop; discontinue; cease
656. Exorcism: getting free/rid of; eliminating (especially demons)
657. Impromptu: unrehearsed; spontaneous
658. Lummox: clumsy person
659. Ostentatious: showy
660. Precocious: developing early
661. Sanction: give approval to
662. Turpitude: depravity
663. Amiable: friendly; lovable
664. Cartographer: person who makes maps
665. Despondent: having no hope; miserable
666. Expatriate: refugee; emigrant; someone living away from his own country
667. Inadvertent: not intentional
668. Luscious: juicy; moist; succulent
669. Oust: push out of a position
670. Predecessor: one who came before
671. Sanguinary: bloodthirsty; bloody
672. Tyro: novice; beginner
673. Amity: friendship
674. Castigate: scold strongly
675. Destitution: hardship; poverty; misery
676. Expedient: convenient; practical
677. Lynch: assassinate; kill; illegal hanging
678. Overt: obvious; not hidden
679. Predicament: dilemma; difficult situation
680. Sanguine: optimistic; cheerful
681. Ubiquitous: found everywhere; omnipresent
682. Amorphous: lacking in shape
683. Deter: put off; prevent
684. Expedite: make faster
685. Incarceration: putting in prison
686. Machinations: plots and plans
687. Preeminent: famous; outstanding
688. Sardonic: mocking
DAWN Vocabulary By Hanif Kibzai Kakar

689. Unalloyed: undiluted; total

690. Analgesic: medicine to combat pain
691. Caucus: type of private political meeting
692. Deteriorate: worsen; decline
693. Exposition: clear explanation
694. Incessant: without stopping
695. Maelstrom: whirlpool; storm in the ocean
696. Prerogative: right or privilege
697. Savant: person with knowledge
698. Unctuous: oily; using excessive flattery
699. Analogous: comparable
700. Caustic: burning
701. Detrimental: harmful
702. Extol: praise
703. Incipient: just beginning
704. Magnanimous: generous; big-hearted
705. Prescient: having fore-knowledge
706. Scale: to climb
707. Undermined: damaged; attacked
708. Anarchy: chaos; lack of government
709. Devoured: greedily eaten/consumed
710. Extradite: deport from one country back to the home country
711. Inclination: tendency; a leaning toward
712. Palliative: a remedy that improves but doesn't cure
713. Presentiment: a feeling that something might happen
714. Scapegoat: person on whom blame is placed for faults of others
715. Underscore: emphasize
716. Dexterous: skilful with hands
717. Extraneous: irrelevant
718. Incoherent: not clear
719. Maladroit: clumsy; unskillful
720. Pallid: pale
721. Presumptuous: assuming too much; arrogant
722. Scrupulous: careful; diligent; painstaking
723. Unequivocal: clear; obvious
724. Animosity: hatred; antagonism
725. Censorious: disapproving; critical
726. Dichotomy: a division into two parts
727. Extrapolate: extend; predict on the basis of known data
728. Incongruous: not fitting in; out of place
729. Malady: illness
730. Palpable: easily felt; easily perceived
731. Pretentious: pompous; self-important
DAWN Vocabulary By Hanif Kibzai Kakar

732. Scrutinize: examine carefully

733. Unfetter: set free
734. Censure: blame; criticize
735. Extrinsic: irrelevant; on the outside
736. Inconsequential: unimportant; insignificant; negligible
737. Malediction: a curse Panacea remedy for all ills
738. Prevaricate: speak misleadingly and evasively
739. Cerebral: intellectual
740. Diffident: lacking confidence
741. Fallacious: false
742. Inconspicuous: not easily seen; subtle; not noticeable
743. Malefactor: a wrong-doer
744. Paradigm: 1. example; 2. model; 3. way of looking at things
745. Pristine unspoiled
746. Unprecedented: never having happened before
747. Anomaly: something which does not fit in a pattern; irregularity
748. Certitude: certainty
749. Digress: wander off the subject
750. Falter: hesitate; waver
751. Indelible: cannot be wiped out
752. Malinger: deliberately avoid work; shirk
753. Paradox: apparently contradictory statement
754. Sensuous: appealing to the senses
755. Unscathed: unharmed; intact; without a scratch
756. Antagonism: hostility; strong opposition
757. Charlatan: trickster who claims knowledge he doesn't have
758. Indifferent: 1. neutral; 2. not outstanding
759. Malingerer: person who deliberately tries to avoid work
760. Paragon: a perfect example
761. Procrastinate: delay; put off
762. Unwitting: not deliberate; unconscious
763. Antagonistic: opposed; hostile; aggressive
764. Chary: watchful; wary of; cautious about; reluctant to give
765. Dilatory: slow; falling behind with one's work
766. Fanaticism: passion; excessive devotion
767. Indigenous: native to a particular area
768. Malleable: flexible; can be shaped
769. Paramount: of supreme importance
770. Prodigal: wasteful; extravagant
771. Sequester: isolate
772. Upbraid: scold; tell off; reprimand
773. Antediluvian: outdated; prehistoric; very old-fashioned
774. Dilemma: puzzling situation
DAWN Vocabulary By Hanif Kibzai Kakar

775. Fastidious: overly particular; finicky

776. Indolence: laziness
777. Prodigious: very large
778. Serendipity: fortunate coincidence; unsought discovery
779. Uproarious: hilarious; hysterical; very funny
780. Dilettante: person who dabbles in a subject without serious study
781. Inductee: novice; beginner
782. Manipulatable: influencable; controllable
783. Profane: unholy
784. Serene: calm; peaceful
785. Upshot: outcome
786. Diligent: hard-working
787. Feasible: possible and practicable
788. Indulgent: pampering; satisfying desires
789. Marred: damaged; spoiled
790. Pariah: an outcast from society
791. Urbane: sophisticated; suave; refined
792. Antiquated: outdated; old fashioned
793. Choleric: easily angered
794. Diorama: model of a scene
795. Fecund: fertile Inebriation drunkenness; intoxication
796. Marshal: to gather together
797. Parity: equality
798. Profound: having deep meaning
799. Servile: overly submissive; groveling
800. Usurp: take someone's position (usually by force)
801. Apathetic: indifferent; uninterested; lethargic
802. Chronicler: person who records historical information
803. Dirge: mournful song
804. Felicitous: apt
805. Ineffable: cannot be expressed in words
806. Marsupial: pouched mammal (like a kangaroo)
807. Parochial: narrow-minded; concerned only with local matters
808. Skeptical: doubting; not gullible
809. Utilitarian: useful
810. Apathy: lack of interest or emotion
811. Circuitous: indirect; roundabout (circuitous statement)
812. Disapprobation: disapproval
813. Fervor: passion; enthusiasm; zeal
814. Inept: incompetent; unskilled; useless
815. Martinet: person who believes in strict discipline
816. Parody: a mockery; imitation for ridicule; spoof
817. Proletarian: member of the working class
DAWN Vocabulary By Hanif Kibzai Kakar

818. Skirmish: minor battle

819. Utopian: a believer in an ideal world
820. Apocryphal: of doubtful origin; not original
821. Circumlocution: using too many words; long-windedness
822. Discern: to distinguish one thing from another
823. Fickle: unpredictable; whimsical; easily swayed
824. Inertia: inactivity; lethargy
825. Masochist: person who intentionally inflicts pain on himself
826. Parry: ward off; avoid
827. Prolific: producing a lot
828. Sluggard: slow-moving; lethargic person
829. Vacillate: waver; hesitate
830. Appease: pacify; soothe; calm down; make peace with
831. Circumscribe: limit
832. Discord: disagreement
833. Finesse: skill
834. Inevitable: cannot be avoided
835. Matriarchy: society governed by women
836. Parsimonious: economical; frugal; thrifty
837. Proponents: promoters; supporters
838. Vacuous: empty; silly; meaningless
839. Apprehensive: worried; fearful
840. Circumspect: cautious; considering all sides
841. Discordancy: cacophony; harshness; jarring
842. Fitful: not continuous; stopping and starting
843. Inexorable: relentless
844. Maverick: a loner
845. Parsimony: stinginess; frugality; cost-cutting
846. Prosaic: dull; boring; ordinary
847. Vagrant: person wandering without a home
848. Arable: can be cultivated
849. Circumvent: avoid
850. Discrepancy: something which does not match up; inconsistency
851. Flagrant: clearly wrong
852. Inexpedient: not advisable
853. Meager: in short supply
854. Partisan: biased; one-sided; committed to one group
855. Proscribe: forbid
856. Solace: comfort for grief
857. Vapid: dull; uninspiring
858. Arbitrary: random; for no definite reason
859. Clairvoyant: psychic; mystic
860. Discriminate: to make a clear distinction; see the difference
DAWN Vocabulary By Hanif Kibzai Kakar

861. Flamboyant: showy; ornate Infallible perfect; flawless;

862. Meander: wander from side to side
863. Pathos: evoking sadness or pity
864. Prosody: study of versification
865. Solicit: to ask for; seek
866. Variegated: multicolored; speckled
867. Arcane: obscure; known only to a few people
868. Clamor: shout; scream
869. Discursiveness: long windedness; indirectness
870. Flaunt: show off; display in a showy manner
871. Infamous: famous for something bad
872. Mellow: soft; melodious; ripe
873. Patron: one who give support (usually financial)
874. Prostration: 1. lying face down; 2. be overcome with extreme weakness
875. Somnambulist: sleepwalker
876. Vehemence: violence; fervor; forcefulness
877. Archaic: ancient; outdated; old fashioned
878. Clandestine: secret; covert; stealthy
879. Disdain: contempt; strong dislike
880. Flippant: making jokes about serious matters Infer deduce; conclude
881. Menagerie: collection of animals
882. Patronize: condescend to; behave in an arrogant manner towards
883. Protagonist: main character in film, book, play etc.
884. Soothsayer: fortuneteller
885. Vehement: forceful
886. Archetype: classic example of
887. Clemency: mercy
888. Disinterested: unbiased
889. Flout: defy; reject
890. Ingénue: naïve, unsophisticated person
891. Mendacious: given to lying
892. Paucity: shortage
893. Protean: changeable
894. Sophomoric: juvenile; immature
895. Venal: corrupt; can be bribed
896. Archives: collections of old records; place of storage of old documents
897. Cliché: overused expression; something unoriginal
898. Disparage: criticize; belittle
899. Flustered: worked-up; not calm Ingrate ungrateful person
900. Mercenary: concerned only with money
901. Peccadillo: minor weakness; trivial offence
902. Protégé: person under protection of, or guided by another
903. Soporific: inducing sleep; sleep producer
DAWN Vocabulary By Hanif Kibzai Kakar

904. Veneer: surface coating

905. Articulate: clear; lucid; eloquent
906. Clientele: customers
907. Disparity: an inequality
908. Fly-by-night: unreliable; disreputable
909. Inimical: hostile
910. Mercurial: volatile; changeable
911. Pedant: person who insists on strict adherence to rules or narrow learning
912. Protocol: procedure; code of behavior
913. Sparse: spare; bare; meager Venerate revere; worship
914. Artifice: deception; trickery
915. Coalesce: come together; merge
916. Dispassionate: neutral; objective
917. Forensic: concerned with argument or debate (esp. for legal evidence)
918. Innate: inherited; inborn
919. Merge: come together
920. Pedestrian: common; mundane; banal
921. Provincial: unsophisticated; narrow-minded
922. Specious: false
923. Venial: minor; unimportant
924. Artisan: craftsman
925. Coddle: pamper; fuss over; indulge
926. Disseminating: circulating; broadcasting; spreading (information)
927. Fortitude: bravery Innocuous harmless; inoffensive
928. Metaphorically: symbolically; figuratively Peerless without equal
929. Prudent: cautious; wise
930. Speckled: spotted; freckled; dotted
931. Veracity: truthfulness
932. Ascetic: without luxuries; severely simple
933. Coercion: force
934. Diurnal: active in daytime
935. Fortuitous: happening by chance
936. Innovate: create; introduce something new
937. Meticulous: very careful; painstaking
938. Pejorative: derogatory
939. Puerile: childish
940. Sporadic: not continuous; intermittent
941. Verbose: talkative; long-winded; rambling
942. Assiduous: thorough; diligent
943. Cogent: lucid; well argued
944. Divert: 1. entertain; 2. distract; 3. cause a detour
945. Fractious: irritable; difficult to control
946. Inscrutable: mysterious; impenetrable
DAWN Vocabulary By Hanif Kibzai Kakar

947. Mettle: courage; bravery; valor

948. Pellucid: transparently clear
949. Punctilious: paying attention to small details
950. Spurious: false
951. Assuage: to calm
952. Cogitate: think over something; ponder
953. Docile: gentle and easily lead
954. Fraudulent: fake; false
955. Insentient: unfeeling
956. Milieu: environment
957. Pensive: in a thoughtful mood; thinking deeply
958. Purloin: steal
959. Stagnant: still; not moving
960. Vertigo: dizziness
961. Astute: perceptive; sharp-witted
962. Collage: picture made from fragments of other pictures
963. Dogmatic: having stubbornly held opinions
964. Frivolous: not serious Insipid dull; bland; boring
965. Mire: swamp; muddy ground
966. Penury: poverty
967. Pusillanimous: cowardly
968. Staid: dull; sober; serious
969. Vestigial: not developed
970. Asylum: place of refuge or safety
971. Collate: arrange in order
972. Dolt: stupid person
973. Frugal: economical; not wasting anything
974. Instigate: to start; provoke
975. Misanthrope: hater of the rest of mankind
976. Perceptive: observant
977. Pyromania: compulsion to start fires
978. Stanza: section of a poem
979. Vignette: small sketch
980. Atheist: person who does not believe in God
981. Colloquial: local and informal (used of language)
982. Dotard: foolish old man
983. Furrow: groove
984. Instigator: troublemaker; person who entices others to do something
985. Misnomer: wrong name
986. Percipient: perceptive; insightful
987. Quaff: drink down quickly
988. Staunch: loyal; faithful; dependable
989. Vilification: blackening someone's name
DAWN Vocabulary By Hanif Kibzai Kakar

990. Atrophy: waste away from lack of use

991. Collusion: plotting and planning
992. Drawl: speak slowly with words running together
993. Furtive: hidden and secret
994. Insurgent: a rebel
995. Misogynist: hater of women
996. Perdition: damnation
997. Quagmire: marsh; bog
998. Stereotype: fixed image
999. Vindicate: prove right; remove blame
1000. Attenuate: weaken
1001. Commandeer: take possession of
1002. Drivel: nonsense
1003. Futile: useless; hopeless
1004. Interminable: never-ending
1005. Misrepresentation: deliberately deceiving
1006. Peremptory: in a commanding manner
1007. Virtuoso: an accomplished musician
1008. Augment: increase; make bigger
1009. Complacent: self-satisfied; smug
1010. Droll: dryly amusing
1011. Galleon: ancient type of sailing ship
1012. Intermittent: sporadic; irregular
1013. Mitigate: lessen; make less severe
1014. Perfidy: treachery
1015. Quandary: dilemma; puzzle
1016. Stifle: suppress
1017. Virulent: dangerous; harmful
1018. Auspicious: favorable; promising to turn out well
1019. Compliant: easy to control; submissive
1020. Drone: 1. monotonous noise (n); 2. to speak with no emotion (v); Bee
1021. Gambol: frolic; leap; bound Intransigence stubbornness
1022. Modicum: small amount
1023. Perfunctory: superficial; cursory
1024. Quarantine: indifferent to pleasure or pain
1025. Vital: essential; alive; important
1026. Austere: severely plain; strict
1027. Concatenate: link together
1028. Dubious: doubtful Garble distort; confuse; muddle
1029. Intransigent: stubborn; unyielding
1030. Momentous: very important
1031. Peripatetic: nomadic; moving from place to place Quarry 1
1032. Stoke: add fuel to; strengthen
DAWN Vocabulary By Hanif Kibzai Kakar

1033. Vitriolic: corrosive; strongly attacking

1034. Aversion: a dislike of
1035. Concatenation: linking into chains
1036. Dupe: to fool someone
1037. Garish: gaudy Intrepid brave
1038. Monotonous: dull; unvarying
1039. Peripheral: on the edge; not important
1040. Querulous: always complaining
1041. Stolid: impassive; dull; indifferent
1042. Vivacity: liveliness; animation
1043. Balk: hinder and prevent; hesitate over
1044. Conciliate: to bring together; end a dispute
1045. Dynamic: lively; vibrant; energetic
1046. Garner: gather; collect Inveterate habitual
1047. Moratorium: temporary prohibition or halt to activity
1048. Perjury: telling lies under oath
1049. Quirk: oddity
1050. Stratagem: plot; plan; trick
1051. Vivify: enliven
1052. Banal: common; dull
1053. Concise: stated in few words
1054. Ebullient: very lively; cheerful; jovial; happy
1055. Garrulous: talkative Invidious arousing envy
1056. Moribund: on the point of death
1057. Pernicious: destructive; harmful
1058. Ramble: wander aimlessly
1059. Strident: loud and harsh
1060. Vociferous: noisy; loud in speech
1061. Condescend: talk down to
1062. Eccentric: unusual; quirky; odd
1063. Gaunt: emaciated; bony and angular
1064. Inviolable: cannot be invaded
1065. Morose: gloomy; bad tempered
1066. Persnickety: fastidious; fussy
1067. Ramifications: branches; subdivisions of a complex system; outcomes
1068. Stringent: strict or severe
1069. Volatile: dangerously unstable; evaporates easily
1070. Bane: troublesome influence
1071. Condone: tacitly support; overlook
1072. Eclectic: taking things from different sources
1073. Genre: a category; type Irascible easily angered
1074. Mundane: ordinary; worldly
1075. Perpetuated: caused to continue
DAWN Vocabulary By Hanif Kibzai Kakar

1076. Rancor: resentment; animosity; bad feeling

1077. Strut: swagger; show off
1078. Voluble: talkative
1079. Germane: relevant Ire anger [irate (a) = very angry]
1080. Munificent: generous; charitable
1081. Perpetuity: eternity
1082. Rant: use bombastic language
1083. Stupefying: astonishing; shocking; stunning into silence
1084. Voluminous: very large; spacious
1085. Bastion: fortress; stronghold
1086. Conflagration: big fire
1087. Efface: wipe out; remove all trace of
1088. Germinal: just growing; not developed; immature
1089. Irksome: annoying; infuriating
1090. Mutinous: very rebellious
1091. Personable: attractive
1092. Ratify: approve; consent
1093. Subpoena: summons to court
1094. Voracious: ravenous
1095. Befuddle: confuse
1096. Confound: confuse
1097. Effigy: a model of a person
1098. Gibbering: making meaningless noises
1099. Ironic: satiric; unexpected
1100. Myriad: in large numbers
1101. Perspicacious: insightful; sharp; wise
1102. Raucous: rough and unpleasant (of sounds)
1103. Substantiate: give supporting evidence
1104. Waive: surrender; give up
1105. Begrudge: resent
1106. Congeal: to solidify
1107. Effusive: gushing; demonstrative
1108. Glacial: hostile; unfriendly; cold; icy
1109. Irrational: unreasonable; absurd
1110. Navigable: suitable for sailing
1111. Perspicacity: insight Raze destroy; demolish; tear down
1112. Subterfuge: a trick
1113. Wane: grow less
1114. Beguile: mislead; lure
1115. Congenital: present from birth
1116. Egalitarianism: belief in equality
1117. Goad: prod; urge
1118. Irreproachable: cannot be criticized; perfect
DAWN Vocabulary By Hanif Kibzai Kakar

1119. Nebulous: vague

1120. Pertinent: relevant
1121. Rebuttal: denial
1122. Subtle: not obvious
1123. Wary: hesitant; cautious
1124. Belabor: explain in unnecessary detail
1125. Connoisseur: person with refined taste and good judgment
1126. Egregious: outstandingly, obviously bad
1127. Grate: (v) 1. to annoy; aggravate; vex; 2. shred
1128. Irrevocable: cannot be cancelled; unchangeable
1129. Nefarious: wicked; immoral; disreputable
1130. Peruse: read carefully
1131. Recant: disclaim; retract statement
1132. Subversive: rebellious; revolutionary
1133. Wax: to increase; to grow
1134. Beleaguer: besiege; attack
1135. Consecrate: dedicate
1136. Egress: exit
1137. Gratis: free of charge; without payment
1138. Itinerant: nomadic; wandering from place to place
1139. Negate: cancel; deny
1140. Pervasive: spreading everywhere
1141. Recapitulate: summarize
1142. Succinct: concise
1143. Waylay: accost; stop; approach; hinder
1144. Belie: contradict
1145. Consensus: general agreement
1146. Eloquent: fluent and persuasive in speech
1147. Gratuitous: unwarranted
1148. Jaded: tired; bored; worn out
1149. Negligence: carelessness
1150. Petrify: 1. terrify; 2. turn to stone
1151. Receptacle: container; vessel; holder
1152. Suffragist: someone who campaigns for voting rights
1153. Weighty: serious
1154. Belittle: to demean
1155. Conspicuous: easily seen; prominent
1156. Elucidate: make clear
1157. Gravity: seriousness
1158. Jargon: specialized language used by experts
1159. Neologism: newly coined word
1160. Petulant: sulky; peevish
1161. Recluse: someone who cuts himself off from life
DAWN Vocabulary By Hanif Kibzai Kakar

1162. Supercilious: proud and haughty

1163. Bellicose: war-like; aggressive
1164. Consummate: complete; total; supremely good
1165. Elusive: hard to pin down
1166. Gregarious: extroverted; sociable; outgoing
1167. Jaundiced: cynical; pessimistic
1168. Nettle: annoy
1169. Phenomenon: an event or happening (plural: phenomena)
1170. Recuperate: get better after illness
1171. Superlative: extremely good; the best
1172. Whet: sharpen
1173. Belligerent: aggressive; ready to fight
1174. Contemporary: living or happening at the same time
1175. Emaciated: very thin; withered
1176. Gritty: coarse; granular
1177. Jaunt: short pleasure trip
1178. Niggardly: miserly; stingy
1179. Philanthropy: charity; love of mankind
1180. Red tape: formalities; paperwork; official procedure
1181. Surly: grumpy; rude
1182. Whimsical: capricious; changeable
1183. Bemoan: complain about
1184. Contrite: sorry
1185. Emancipate: set free
1186. Guffaw: sudden loud laughter
1187. Jeopardize: put at risk; endanger
1188. Nomadic: wandering from place to place
1189. Philistine: uncultured person
1190. Redolent: smelling of; giving off odors
1191. Surreptitious: secret; sneaky; stealthy
1192. Willful: stubborn
1193. Benevolent: kindly
1194. Contrition: sorrow and repentance
1195. Embezzle: defraud; steal
1196. Guile: cunning; craftiness
1197. Jingoistic: extremely patriotic; nationalistic
1198. Nonchalance: an appearance of indifference; calm and composed
1199. Phlegmatic: calm; imperturbable
1200. Redress: put right something that was wrong
1201. Surreptitiously: secretly; furtively; stealthily
1202. Wily: cunning
1203. Benign: kindly; harmless
1204. Contumacious: stubborn
DAWN Vocabulary By Hanif Kibzai Kakar

1205. Embroil: involve in hostility or argument

1206. Guileless: frank; straightforward; honest
1207. Jocular: in a joking manner
1208. Nondescript: having no special features; dull and ordinary
1209. Pillage: plunder
1210. Redundant: unnecessary; superfluous
1211. Susceptible: vulnerable
1212. Wispy: flimsy; frail; delicate
1213. Benignity: compassion; gentleness; fondness
1214. Contusion: a bruise
1215. Emerge: come out; appear
1216. Gullibility: unwariness; trustfulness; being easily fooled
1217. Jollity: gaiety; happiness
1218. Nonentity: a person of no importance; not famous
1219. Pinnacle: topmost point
1220. Referendum: public vote
1221. Suspect: doubtful
1222. Wistful: melancholy; pensive; expressing a longing for
1223. Bequeath: leave something in one's will to be given after one's death
1224. Conundrum: a puzzle
1225. Emulate: to imitate something admired
1226. Gullible: easily fooled
1227. Jubilant: ecstatic; delighted; rejoicing
1228. Nostalgia: longing for the past
1229. Pious: very religious
1230. Refute: disprove
1231. Sybarite: lover of luxury
1232. Zany: crazy; wacky
1233. Berate: scold; criticize
1234. Conventional: usual; customary; common
1235. Endorse: give support or approval to
1236. Gustatory: concerned with the sense of taste
1237. Judicious: correct in judgment; wise
1238. Notoriety: infamy; known for wrong doing
1239. Pivotal: of central importance
1240. Regale: entertain
1241. Sycophant: bootlicker; flatterer
1242. Zeal: enthusiasm
1243. Beret: type of cap
1244. Corpulent: fat
1245. Endurance: staying power; patience; stamina
1246. Hackneyed: common and over-used
1247. Jurisprudence: science or study of law
DAWN Vocabulary By Hanif Kibzai Kakar

1248. Novel: new; unusual

1249. Placate: pacify; soothe; calm
1250. Relegate: dismiss to a lower position
1251. Taciturn: quiet; saying little
1252. Zealot: fanatic
1253. Bestial: behaving like a beast; brutal
1254. Corrugated: highly folded
1255. Enduring: lasting
1256. Hallowed: worshipped; consecrated
1257. Juxtapose: place next to
1258. Novice: a beginner; tyro
1259. Placebo: harmless medicine with no effect; dummy medicine
1260. Remorse: regret; sorrow; contrition
1261. Tactile: concerned with the sense of touch
1262. Zenith: summit
1263. consensus : Hum ahngi : Agreement invasions
1264. Insurgent: Baghi: A person who rises in revolt against civil authority Bid.
1265. Plunder: Lot Mar: robbery
1266. Sculpture: Mujasma Sazai: The art of carving, cutting, or hewing wood,
1267. Novelty: Anokhi: strange thing.
1268. Briskly: Taizi Say:
1269. Utilitarian : Faida Mand : Useful,
1270. Attire : Labas: To dress; to array; to adorn
1271. Stifling: Gala Ghontna: To stop; to extinguish Pragmatic
1272. Sanction : Tasdeeq, Jawaz, Hillat: Anything done or said to enforce the will
1273. Decree: Digri, Hukam: A determination
1274. Alleged: Mansoob Karna: Supposed,
1275. Allege: Ilzam Dayna, Biyan Dayna: To bring forward with positiveness
1276. Disruptive: Tafarqa Dalnay Wala: Causing, or tending to cause, disruption
1277. Deferred: Maltawi, Moakhar : Postponed,
1278. Nullify: Rad Karna : To make void
1279. Strife: Ikhtalaf: Exertion or contention for superiority
1280. Poise: Wazan Karna: The weight, or mass of metal
1281. Rival : Mukhalif : To stand in competition with
1282. Inception: Aghaz: Beginning
1283. Divulge: Fash Karna : To make public; public, Disclose
1284. Immunity : Nijat : Freedom or exemption from any charge
1285. Tenor : Qareena : Strain
1286. Complicity : Saaz Baaz : participation in guilt.
1287. Ditch: Garha : Chuck, Dump, Trench,
1288. Endorse : Taid Karna, Tasdeeq Karna : Back, Certify, Indorse, Second, ,
1289. Barring : Nakablay Tawajah : To restrict or confine

DAWN Vocabulary By Hanif Kibzai Kakar


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DAWN Vocabulary By Hanif Kibzai Kakar