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AS REQUIRED BY G. L. c. 268A, § 23(b)(3)

Name of public
employee: Nelson Rafael Roman

Title or Position: City Councilor, Ward 2

Agency/Department: Holyoke City Council

Agency address: 536 Dwight Street, Holyoke, MA 01040

Office Phone: 413-276-9480

Office E-mail:

In my capacity as a state, county or municipal employee, I am expected to take certain actions in the
performance of my official duties. Under the circumstances, a reasonable person could conclude
that a person or organization could unduly enjoy my favor or improperly influence me when I
perform my official duties, or that I am likely to act or fail to act as a result of kinship, rank, position
or undue influence of a party or person.

I am filing this disclosure to disclose the facts about this relationship or affiliation and to dispel the
appearance of a conflict of interest.

Describe the issue The Holyoke City Council will be voting to approve Cannabis Industry special permits.
that is coming before We are voting on special permits. The community and I as a City Councilor have been
you for action or demanding more in terms of granting/philanthropy and increased local employment. The
decision. industry has made several generous donations to groups affiliated with and or close to the
agency for which I am involved full time. Despite this generosity I have been the most
vocal and critical of the industry and their entrance into the City of Holyoke.

What responsibility
do you have for
taking action or I am a voting member of the Ordinance Committee and the City Council overall and will be
making a decision? one of 13 votes to determine whether to approve any company.

Explain your
relationship or I have no affiliation to any of the current Cannabis corporations none have donated to my
affiliation to the political campaign or to me directly.
person or
organization. I in my role as Executive Director foster relationships between industry and community all
the time acting as a bridge builder and connection to the larger communities of color,
poor, Latinx etc. In this role and capacity, I have also connected the cannabis industry to
the community and key stake holders and or other agencies.

How do your official
actions or decision My official actions or vote on this matter could potentially determine the outcome of a
matter to the person company making it to the City of Holyoke as a cannabis grower, retailer or medical
or organization? research facility.
Optional: Additional
facts – e.g., why All companies coming into the City of Holyoke are all equally referred to contact the
there is a low risk of neighborhood association and other community stake holders and leaders from me.
undue favoritism or No individual cannabis organization/company was given any special treatment and/or
improper influence. favoritism. All were equally told that I would be seeking to ensure local hiring of Holyoke
residents (regardless of ward or neighborhood) and local philanthropy would be key to
seeing the companies’ true commitment to the City.

There is low risk of undue favoritism because my comments in public comment and on the
record are consistent with my dealings with all of the members of the industry furthermore
at all meetings I try to always have a witness, email stream and or evidence of fair and
equal treatment across the board.

If you cannot confirm
this statement, __X_ Taking into account the facts that I have disclosed above, I feel that I can perform
you should my official duties objectively and fairly.
recuse yourself.
Employee signature:

Date: 07/31/2018

Attach additional pages if necessary.

Not elected to your public position – file with your appointing authority.

Elected state or county employees – file with the State Ethics Commission.

Members of the General Court – file with the House or Senate clerk or the State Ethics Commission.

Elected municipal employee – file with the City Clerk or Town Clerk.

Elected regional school committee member – file with the clerk or secretary of the committee.

Form revised July, 2012