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.19(1) 3.20(8)(0) 5.20(1)(e) Calculation of Employer's Total Cost, Including Contribution Requested NOTE: Each approved job is intended for ane student ag I, wosee | [aay » @ at oat a lm Iter | wae | ane xeon] ete | ste Psties| ‘seo "ie mp ot geting ete ere | geo [ese no oe tee fetes | eee sue | 1550. Ifyou are a not-for-profit employer, will you require an advance payment to pay the student should your application be approved? Yes Canada Surrer Jobs provides wage subsidies to employers to create employrrent for seconde secondary students. Again this year, Canada Summer Jobs welcomes appications from sre proft employers, public sector and faith-based organizations that provide quality Attestation ‘have read and understood the Canada Sunmer Jobs Art Guide os needed: ‘The Job would nat be created without the fin agreement; ‘© Both the job and my orwanization’s Values underlying the Canaian Char reproductive rights and the right to ethnic origin, colour, mental or physic ‘+ Thave allthe necessary authorties, and the organization. iW Tattest * Please refer to the Applicant Guide for fur fowrization’s mandate. a Date ofattestation: 2018/02/01 Applicant Name: aE aa : ‘of the Organization's Representative | 26. Name of organization's representative _(Fefer to Section 31 of the attached Canada __| (where the organization requires two jummer Jobs Articles of Agreement prior to _| signatures to enter into alegally binding signature) agreement) ‘Name(Print) Name(Print) Signature ‘Signature 24. Position Title 27, Position Title 25. Date (yyyy/mm/dd) 28. Date (yyyy/mm/dd) HRSOC EMPS396(2018-12-11)E 4of4 ‘000197