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5.1944) 5.20(1)0) 8.20(1)) Calculation of Employer's Total Cost, Including Contribution Requested NOTE: Each approved job is intended for one student ESOC = Enplaymer nd Salt Develop Coad? HE If you are a not-for-profit employer, application be approved? ves Canada Suraer bs provides wage subs secondary students, Agan this Year Canada prof ervloves, puble sector and fath-bas astestation I ave read and understood the Conada Surtmer Jobs articles of Agreemant and refed to the Appicant Guie os needed «The job woul not be crested without the financial assistance provided under potent contribution agreements + Both the jb and my organization's core mandate* respect individual huran rights n Gnade, ieluing the ales usderving the Canadan Charter of Bons ond Freedoms as well 9 atherdghts, “hese nckide Teoductive ight andthe rit to be free fom ducrminaton onthe basis of sem regan, rac, national or tine ori, color, metal or physiel kab or sexiolerantation or gender went o expression + Tha ale necesiory autores, pels ard approval fo sri hippest on Dera of ys and the erganzation. i Tottest ‘employment Icores applications ations that provide quality sl * Please vefer to the Applicant Guide for further information regarding eligible activities and organization's mandate. ee Date ofattestation; ——20190%/29 ‘Applicant Nam« 19 of 20 ‘00161