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KAINEN fee caeeaae ESCALERA. ce “°MCHALE. | “"e"™ LABOR 4 EMALOYMENT LAWYERS \workerlawcom August 10, 2018 Peter M. Haberlandt, Director of Legal & Governmental Affairs State of Connecticut Department of Education Box 2219 Hartford, Connecticut 06145 Dear Mr. Haberlandt: Please accept this communication as the Ansonia Board of Education's (‘Board") position statement regarding the August 9, 2018 lotter to you from the City of Ansonia (‘City"). This response is intended to place on the record the Board's position to what can only be interpreted as the intentional misrepresentation of the facts by the City in an attempt to obfuscate the legitimate course of activities of the Connecticut State Board of Education (CSBE”) in dealing with the Section 10-4b complaints filed on the behalf of several City citizens. Dealing first with the erroneous statement that the current litigation between the Board and the City is “to address the precise minimum budget requirement (“MBR") issues you raise in your lotter*. There is no reference in the Board's litigation against the City seeking relief regarding the MBR. Instead, the litigation is to address the City’s blatant violations of both City Charter and State statutes Section 10-222. As you know, and your letter to the City addresses, the independent Section 10-4b complaint filed by City citizens is appropriately before the CSBE to utilize the statutory mechanism for the correction of MBR violations that the legislature has delegated to the CSBE, You should also be aware of the City’s additional bad faith refusal to abide by the Court- mediated settlement agreement (“Agreement”) of the Board’s request for injunctive relieve regarding the City’s above-referenced illegal 2017-18 budget activities. Contrary to the Agreement, the City has neither established a settlement account, nor released funds to pay tho agreed 2017-18 educational costs of the Board. To date, the City’s account for the Board is in arrears by over $35,000, a figure which grows every day. Rest assured that the Board will be pursuing additional legal action against the City for its unethical behavior. While I am certain that the CSBE will not be intimidated by the “inappropriate and offensive" actions of the City, if there is any additional information that your department needs to facilitate the processing of the Section 10-4b complaint, please do not hesitate to contact me, Ticawet. Se? Frederick L. Dorsey William Nimons Dr, Carole Merlone Vincent M. Marino Mayor David S. Cassetti John P. Marini, Esq,