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0 Participation of Significant Number of Faculty/ in Major Projects

and Activities

6.1 Alumni Homecoming

 Usually held in December when maximum number of alumni

are in the city for Christmas
 An opportunity for BSFi faculty, staff and alumni as
stakeholders to get together to have fun and discuss
curricular matters or bring feedbacks re the program’s
strengths and weaknesses

6.2 The Annual Birds Festival

 A yearly tradition where BSFi student-advocates lead in the

activities that benefit the birds sanctuary

6.3 The Fisheries Week

 A week-long celebration held usually in October to remind

everyone of the importance of the fisheries
 BFAR spearheads the series of activities during the
celebration with BSFi and the CFFS forming the frontline
among the ZSCMST participants

6.4 The Sardines Festival

 Usually initiated by the City Government during the

Zamboanga Hermosa Festival
 The BSFi and CFFS represent the college in the activity

Other programs and activities:

 Coastal clean-ups
 Mangrove planting and clean and green activities

7.0 Awards of Distinction, Achievement and Grants of the Program and

Best Practices Adopted

 The BSFi is AACCUP accredited for Level III (Phase I)

 A COE in Fisheries
 A NUCAF grants recipient

Best Practices Adopted by the Program:

 A culture of research as evidenced by the yearly

Undergraduate Research Forum (URF)
 A feedback mechanism for the college on the students’
performance in OJTs outside the college through the TEA
 The cultivation of value for the environment as shown by the
students’ nurture of the mangroves and the birds sanctuary

Extent of Compliance with the Team Recommendation during the
Last Visit

Recommendation of Action Taken by the Percentage Remarks

Accreditors during the College of
last survey/visit Compliance

1. Active participation The faculty have 90% Expected

and involvement of agreed to develop on target
more faculty members standard laboratory by the end
in developing activities for the of SY 2017-
instructional materials BSFi courses with 2018
are encouraged and laboratory
submission of same to component to
the Instructional reinforce the
Materials (IM) students’
Committee for preparation for
approval their special

2. Enjoin the active The BSFi faculty, the 95% On target

participation of the dean, alumni, but need to
stakeholders such as parent-faculty consider
alumni, employees, members, industry the K – 12
parents and other representatives and program.
stakeholders in the other stakeholders
periodic have gathered for a
review/revision and meeting to discuss
assessment of the the present BSFi
curriculum. curriculum. The
group, however,
was cautious with
revisions in
anticipation of the
K – 12 curriculum

3. Dean of colleges BSFi alumni who 98% of the The FHS is

and the academic have graduated BSFi alumni for
services may help with honor have who registration
encourage the organized graduated
students to organize themselves into the with honors
the Honor Society Fisheries Honor are
Society (FHS) members of
the FHS