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12 verb tenses with examples used in English grammar PDF The 12 tenses in English grammar Past ad Future Late pizza Teat pizza I will eat pizza yesterday. everyday. tomorrow. ‘Toindicate a past habit-oran | To express habits or goneral truth. | To indicate an action condition. ‘action already completed. or circumstance which To indicate a future event ona hasn't taken place yet. ‘Can be used with or without | designated date as part of a plan ‘adverbs of tino, ‘or arrangement. With ‘mental action’ veros: ‘ie, fore, want, need, believe, etc. Iwas eating pizza Lam eating pizza Iwill be eating pizza ‘when you arrived. right now. when you arrive. To indicate ‘Toindicate action going on | To indicate what will be going on ‘action ofthe past atthe time of speaking. ‘at some time in the future. {ith or without ime reference) To indicate temporary acton | Te indicate planned future events. habits ‘which may not be happening ‘of the past fwithabways, atthe time of speaking. forever, otc) Wr a sabia! ction verb, ‘especially 9 ndicate ‘astubbom habe Thad eaten all of T have eaten all of the I will have eaten all of ‘the pizza when pizza. the pizza by you arrived. the time you arrive. Toindicate a completed action ot | To indicate past action which | To incicate an action that will be the past that happened before isnot defined by atime of ‘complete before another event ‘another event took plac. ‘occurence. takes place. ‘To incicate an action which ‘started in the past anc has ‘continued up until now. Thad been eating pizza | 1 have been eating pizza | | will have been eating for 2 hours when you for 2 hours. pizza for 2 hours arrived. ‘when you arrive. Re TTTST OM To indicate an action in the past To indicate an action which | To indicate an action that will have ‘that bogan before a certain point | started at some point in the past | happened for some time and vil inthe past and continued | and may or may not be complete. | not be complete yet ata certain punt that te. pointin the ture ‘The 12 tenses in English grammar explained Past Prosont fo ate pizen eat pizza 1 wf ent pizan yesterday. everyday. seuso sews0 Seweeveo ‘was eating pizza 1am eating pizza I will be eating pizza ‘when you arived. ‘ight now. ‘when you arrive. Serene’ orgs Seema «(y+ Seruoe ething +0 had eaten al of the pizza have eater al ofthe pizea. 1 will have eaten all of the pizza when you arrives. by the time you arive, sem eeo Se ravnes 260 Sewanee’ +¥00 Thad been eating pizea have Been eating pizza | ill have been eating pizza for hours when you arived. for 2hours. for 2hours when you arive. 8 Made’ 0 Se nmehas bee «CeO Betta boon «ing +0 Legend: Se Subject = Object List of the 12 tenses in English grammar 1 2 8 9, Past simple Present simple Future simple Past continuous Present continuous Future continuous Past perfect Present perfect Future perfect 10. Past perfect continuous 11. Present perfect continuous 12. Future perfect continuous Ve= Verb (Vi prosant / Vs = past / Vs = past partiip)