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You can The exercises in this workbook also connect with your peers build on each other.INTRODUCTION A B O U T T H I S WO R K B O O K M A S T ER C L A S S CO M M U N I T Y S U P P L I ES A N D M AT ER I A L S The MasterClass team has Throughout. constructive feedback. resources to The Hub to give and receive watch the lessons. we’ll encourage To be an active participant in created this workbook as a you to share work and Martin’s MasterClass. you’ll supplement to Martin’s class. with the in the discussion section ultimate goal of equipping you beneath each lesson video. learn more. and assignments. to direct a short film. MARTIN SCORSESE 2 . discuss course materials need a notebook to jot down Each chapter is supported here with your classmates in ideas that are sparked as you with a review.

In Rolling Stones in concert. The Last Temptation of Christ. Scorsese Masters series on PBS. That year. Scorsese also followed with New York. which later provided the inspiration Presents: The Blues. Scorsese’s The Wolf of Wall Street released in 2002. 2005. Scorsese completed a four-hour Award nominated film Hugo. Scorsese went on to direct The Color of Money. was 1976. and The Age of Innocence. was released in 2011. which Award winning Elia Kazan: A Letter to Elia on received eight Academy Award nominations PBS and Public Speaking starring writer Fran including Best Picture and Best Director. was Directing. In February 2010. He also served documentary was commissioned by the British as executive producer on HBO’s series Film Institute to celebrate the 100th anniversary Boardwalk Empire. Academy Award nomination for Best Director. pilot episode. In University’s School of Film. Scorsese’s Emmy Award winning Casino. Lebowitz on HBO. Scorsese earned a BS December of 2004 and earned five degree in film communications in 1964. the same year as his Golden Globe and Academy In 1996. During this time. in the Material World. His home both the Emmy and DGA Awards for long-cherished project. Scorsese’s Taxi Driver was awarded the released in 2008. for which he directed the of the birth of cinema. The film Scorsese Through American Movies. earning numerous critical garnered him an 11th Directors Guild of honors including a Golden Globe Award for Best America Award Nomination and his 8th Director. The as AFI’s Best Movie of the Year. PBS broadcast the seven-film City. The Aviator was released in for several of his films. Scorsese directed his first Best Director. Goodfellas. Italianamerican. and Raging Bull in 1980. followed Academy Awards in addition to the Golden by an MA in the same field in 1966 at New York Globe and BAFTA awards for Best Picture. Gangs of New York. The released two documentaries: the Peabody Last Waltz in 1978. He served as Assistant Director and an editor National Board of Review and Critic’s Choice of the documentary Woodstock in 1970 and won awards for Best Director. entitled Who’s That Departed was released to critical acclaim and Knocking At My Door?. “No Direction Home: Bob Dylan” was he made numerous prize-winning short films broadcast as part of the American including The Big Shave. was honored with the Director’s Guild of America. The directed his first feature film. for which he won documentary. and was raised in the neighborhood of documentary series Martin Scorsese Little Italy. George Harrison: Living other films. in 1974. MARTIN SCORSESE 3 . Cape Fear. Shutter Palme d’Or at the Cannes Film Festival. as well co-directed by Michael Henry Wilson. in addition to four critical and popular acclaim for his 1973 film Academy Awards including Best Picture and Mean Streets. Scorsese’s documentary of the documentary film. New York Film Critics. went on to win five Academy Awards. Emmy Award and the Golden Globe for Best an epic documentary that affectionately Television Series Drama and Scorsese took chronicles his love for Italian Cinema. among documentary for HBO. Golden Globe. He Island premiered.ABOUT MARTIN SCORSESE Martin Scorsese was born in 1942 in New York In 2003. Kundun. In 2006. New York in 1977. A Personal Journey With Martin the Golden Globe for Best Director. The series went on to win the In 2001 Scorsese released Il mio viaggio in Italia. In 1968. Shine A Light.

Spain. the Honoree at the Film Society of Cinema. the classic Polish films. Critics’ Choice Music + Film Award as well as a film made to recognize the 50th Anniversary by the British Academy of Film and Television of The New York Review of Books. directed by Arts (BAFTA) with the Academy Fellowship. is distributed free of charge to more tour. based on the Shūsaku and protection of motion picture history. Scorsese’s passion project created in 1990. China. Légion D’Honneur (2005). neglected films from around the world. To date. the United Kingdom. series VINYL for which Scorsese directed the Scorsese is the founder and chair of The Film pilot and served as an executive producer Foundation. a screening series of 24 restored Lincoln Center’s 25th Gala Tribute (1998). Award (2010). Honors (2007) and the HFPA Cecil B. starring Robert De Niro. Canada. In 2016. the screened in Australia. HBO aired the Award from the Emperor of Japan. The Kennedy Center Poland. Scorsese was honored by the Broadcast Film Critics Association with the MARTIN SCORSESE 4 . and disseminate feature. Silence. than 100.In 2014.000 middle and high school educators Scorsese’s additional awards and honors in the US. 2007. In 2012. include the Golden Lion from the Venice Film In 2014. Sweden. DeMille and the United States. and Joe Pesci. The Al Pacino. HBO presented The 50 Year Argument. a non-profit organization he with Mick Jagger. as well as The Rolling foundation’s educational curriculum. a film about Bob Dylan’s 1975 of Movies. The Irishman. Most Scorsese and his long-time documentary recently he received the Praemium Imperiale editor David Tedeschi. was released in December of 2016. the series has DGA Lifetime Achievement Award (2003). In Endō novel. the foundation launched Martin Festival (1995). the AFI Life Achievement Award Scorsese Presents: Masterpieces of Polish (1997). dedicated to the preservation for thirty years. Scorsese launched the World Cinema Scorsese is currently at work on his next Project to preserve. restore. India. The Story Thunder Revue.