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Antenna and Wave Propagation

Assignment No. 1

1. Explain single wire and double wire radiation mechanism of an antenna.

2. With polar coordinates and power pattern explain beam solid angle (in Sr. and sq. Deg)
of the antenna
3. Explain the directivity of antenna and derive the expression for it.
4. Two space crafts are separated by 3 Mm, each has antenna with D=200 and operating
frequency is 2 GHz. If Craft A’s receiver requires 20dB over 1 pw. What transmitter
power is required on craft B’s receiver to achieve this signal level?
5. What is the maximum power received at a distance of 0.5 km over. a free space 1 GHz
circuit consistence of transmitting antenna with a 25 dB gain and a receiving antenna
with 20 dB gain? The gain is with respect to a lossless isotropic source. The transmitting
antenna input is 150 Watt.
6. Write a short note on Shape – Impedance considerations.
7. Write a short note on Field from oscillating Dipole.
8. Write a short note on antenna ranges.
9. A plane wave is incident on a short dipole antenna and wave is linearly polarized with
electric field in Y direction. It’s terminal resistance is equal to radiation resistance and
loss resistance is zero. Find the
i. Maximum effective aperture of dipole
ii. Directivity of dipole
10.Calculate the approximate directivity from the half power beam width of the three
unidirectional antennas having power patterns as follows:
P(θ,Φ)= Pn sin (θ) sin2 (Φ)
P(θ,Φ)= Pn sin (θ) sin3 (Φ)
P(θ,Φ)= Pn sin2 (θ) sin3 (Φ)
P(θ,Φ) has values only for 0<= θ <=π, 0<= Φ <= π and zero elsewhere