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List of Regulatory Links

E-Link 1000

Quantified economic benefits of broadband

 2008 BBC report that the benefit if investing in next generation broadband technologies is
in excess of £16 B:
 British Telecom report that competitive telecoms would generate up to €1,300 B in next 20

 The FCC’s 70-80-90 GHz Page, including details of the service rules and licensing process:
 A good overview of the e-band license procedure:

UK / Ofcom
 Ofcom’s 60-80 GHz rules and regulations:
 Ofcom’s e-band licensing rules:

Australia / ACMA
 ACMA’s 70-80 GHz rules and regulations:

United Arab Emirates / TRA

 TRA’s license fee policy:

Ireland / ComReg
 ComReg’s 70-80 GHz rules and regulations:
 ComReg’s PTP license policy:

Bahrain / TRA
 TRA’s fixed link license policy:

List of Regulatory Links

List of Regulatory Links

Point to Point Gigabit Wireless Links


E-Band’s solution achieves far more reliable connections with sustained GigE data
E-Link 1000
rates at farther distances than the competition.


 Full duplex wire speed Gigabit Ethernet

 Proven Transparent Support of all Ethernet clock synchronization techniques
o Sync-E
o IEEE 1588
o Adaptive Clock recovery
 Highest available E-Band Link Budget (191dB)
 Typical link distances exceeds 2 miles for 99.99% availability
 Low Latency for multimedia applications (<5µs)
 Lightweight, small footprint all outdoor design for ease of installation, maintenance and
 Interference free operation
 Rapid Licensing
 Simple installation and maintenance using PC or PDA
 Supports multiple network architectures including:
o Point-to-Point
o Mesh
o Repeater
 Rapid Field Replicable unit with direct slip-fit antenna


 71-76 GHz paired with 81 – 86 GHz

 10 GHz TR Spacing (fixed)
 Simple DBPSK Modulation
 -48VDC Input Power
 1000BaseLX, 1000BaseSX or 1000BaseTX Tributary
 Automatic Transmit Power Control (ATPC)
 Forward Error Correction
E-Band Communications Corp. Phone: +1-858-408-0660
10095 Scripps Ranch Ct., Suite A Fax: +1-858-408-0665
San Diego, CA 92131,USA

List of Regulatory Links