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Vol. 19 AUGUST – 2018 No.8
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Felicitations to Retired Archakas J~°Û‰õΩʼnõΩ Ѩ^Œg q~°=∞} â◊√ÉèÏHÍOHõ∆Å∞!!

Z=~À ^èŒ~å‡`«∞‡_»∞! ÃÑ#¬<£ ÖËHõ „ѨÉèí∞`«fiO i>ˇÿ~ü KÕã≤# J~°Û‰õΩʼnõΩ

Lz`«OQÍ zѨÊÅ∞ ѨOzÃÑ_»∞`«∞<åfl_»∞.
Some philanthropist is giving free begging bowls to the Archakas who
are retired by the Government without any pension schemes.

Our humble request to the Hon'ble Chief Minister

of Telangana State Sri K. Chandrashekar Rao...
★ Exempt Low Income Temples from Sec. 15, 29, 34, 144
of Endowments Act 30/87 as amended in 2007.
★ Implement Service Rules G.O. for Hereditary Archakas.
★ Constitute Dharmika Parishad
★ Don't Disturb Archaka Service Inam Lands.
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ã¨Oáê^ŒH©Ü«∞O ................ 7 Ramanuja's Journey to Sharada Peeth-xii .......... 18

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Worship Almighty Rama & Ramayana - Bestower of Bounties
Lord Rama is Maryada Purushottama and is an incarnation of Lord Vishnu, He had taken the
birth of an emperor’s son to teach the mankind Dharma and has been a personification of Dharma itself.
∫Á™Áz uƒT¿“ƒÁåΩ á™|: The word Dharma in its true sense means to cause no pain to anyone. Eu“ÊÃÁ ú∫™Áz á™|:
which he taught and practiced.
Out of compassion Lord Sri Mahavishnu descended to this world as Rama to uplift all the people
to live to the prescribed sanathana dharma values and obtain salvation. He taught the mankind best practices
of how to lead a human life in the best way. How to be a son, a husband with only one wife, a brother, a
friend , a master, a philanthropist, a ruler, a student and a warrior. He taught the whole world how to remain
in truthfulness and how to behave with teacher and preceptors. Although being the supreme being with
pure sattva character he liked to be identified as Dasaratha’s son. Goddess Mahalakshmi has also incarnated
with the Lord as Sita to show to the world how a wife should be. She has demonstrated that Pativratha
women have so much power that the fire cannot even evaporate the dew of the flowers she was adoring.
While Lord Rama came to the world to show how to follow dharma, his brothers exceeded him .
Lakshmana showed that everyone belongs to the Lord and has to be subservient to him and try to please
him by service. He never took food nor slept for 14 years and had any worldly pleasures. His elder brother
Bharatha showed to the world how to behave in the way Lord Rama likes and took upon him all the sins of
others. Such was his devotion that Queen Kausalya herself praised him by saying thousand Rama wont
equal one Bharatha. Shatrughna the youngest of all showed even greater virtue by serving a devotee of the
Lord viz., Bharatha.
The incarnation of Lord Rama with all characters was to create Ramayana to the mankind which
is a sacred text and is called Kalpvruksha with Lord Rama and goddess Sita seated underneath it along
with his brothers, hanuman and courtiers on a golden throne. It is said that worshipping this text will
give all the good items to the worshipper like the kalpaka tree which will fulfill all the desires. Ramayana
will fulfill all the desires here and also lead the living beings to eternal bliss state. When the Mahabharatha
war was over, only 8 people who waged war were alive among the soldiers/ warriros. Crores of men lost
their lives. Dharmaraja was having an empire which was filled with senility, widows and children. He
went to Bheeshma who was lying on bed of arrows to seek solution to the grave state problem. Bheeshma
advised him to arrange for Ramayana Recitations all over the empire and also recitation of Vishnu sahasranama.
In Skanda purana, Sage Narada also says that reciting Ramayana is the solution for people affected by
Kali yuga’s manifestations of unruly behaviours.
Lord Rama, being almighty by virtue of his pure sattva quality can do and did only actions which
are good for others including the Rakshasas. The 14000 rakshasas whom he killed in Janasthana did
not actually get killed but turned back into sages and ascended to divine abode. The other rakshasas
who waged war and got killed in the war also ascended the divine abode.
Criticising Lord Rama or Ramayana will not make Lord Rama happy and one must desist from
doing it. Non-believers who do that must realize that their non-belief does not have sound logical basis
and once they reflect they will have no choice but to believe in Lord Rama and Ramayana. Lord being
infinitely manifested cannot be known by finite people. He is the sole reason for all the living beings and
they depend on him for protection. The entire system of the universe is run by him and he provides
them with all the needs and uplifts them. The increased number of critics of Lord Rama and Ramayana
seems to have resulted in decreased rainfall. In Chilkur we have decided to appease Lord Rama and
have been performing Rama sankeerthanam and Ramayana parayanam for bestowing the state with rain
fall. A whole day Ramasankeerthana was performed at Chilkur praying for rains and there was a great
atmosphere of devotion there when the musicians sang with utmost devotion. Lets all pray that Lord
Rama in the form of Balaji forgives the critics and bestow rains to telengana and provide good crops.
N˛Á¬z ƒ |oÏ ú\|ãÆ: úwusƒy ÃÀÆ∆Áu¬åy@ tz∆Áz zDÆÊ qÁzß∫u“o: §¿Á÷mÁÀÃãoÏ uåß|ÆÁ: @@
Let the clouds bring timely rains and grow the crops making the land green. Let all the people
in here be devotees of Lord Rama and hence be fearless of any calamities.
There should be no regional boundaries for temples.
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Anecdotes on Vishnu Sahasranama - 209


Dr. V.S. Karunakaran B.E.(Mech.), M.A. (Sanskrit), Ph.D

It was way back in 1963. I had joined my Engineering Geometry and Geometrical drawing that they referred
course (B.E.) at Thiagarajar College of Engineering, to the shape of my Urdhwapundram as parabola a
in Tirupparankundram, a suburb of Madurai. My father geometrical curve.)
had arranged for my stay at the residence of my
I thought that it was all just for fun. The next day
cousin brother Sri. N.S. Sundaravaradan in “Teesi
also, I went with the tuft of hair and Urdhwapundram.
House” in the famous Naicker New Street in Madurai.
Sri Sundaravaradan and his wife Sundari Manni were The same group of seniors caught me and took me
very nice and hospitable to accommodate me and to a secluded place. One of them caught my tuft
look after me. and said, “This tuft reminds us of a girl! With this
you are looking very pretty in back elevation- when
In those days, ragging was very common and accepted
seen from back. Since there are no girl students
as necessary evil in Engineering and Medical
in our college, we can use this view of yours to
console us with an intermediate relief or as an
I was the only person to join the college with a tuft alternative for that. So it is tolerable. But this parabola
of hair and Urdhvapundram on the forehead. has to be removed!”
Why in that College? It would be accurate to say (In those days, there were no girl students in
in all the six Engineering Colleges in the whole of engineering colleges. After my marriage, I had called
Tamil Nadu then known as State of Madras under on Sri Ganesh Rajan one of my batch mates with
the University of Madras. my wife. During our chat he told my wife, “Madam!
July 4th 1963, to be precise was the first day of Karunakaran was very pretty those days. When we
my Engineering College life. Some of my seniors used to worry that there were no girls in our college,
had identified me as a very good target for ragging he fulfilled that vacuum to some extent!”.
even while I was remitting my fees to join the college. It is a different story that my wife later pulled my
A Batch of seniors would catch me, start ragging leg saying that Sri Ganesa Rajan had used the term
to their satisfaction and then leave me to another “pretty” and not “handsome” and so I had no reasons
batch for taking over. This would go on during the to be proud of the complements! )
lunch intervals and other breaks between classes. Among those seniors, one person by name
In one such session a member from the concerned Palpandian held the back of my neck with his hands
batch asked me, “What is your name?” and said, “Now, let me lick the parabola on your
“Karunakaran!” I said. face and swallow it!”
“See! You should address us as ‘Respected Senior In no time, he licked my Urdhwapundram completely
Engineer sir! and answer us” he said. with his tongue and swallowed it!.
“You should not stop with this .You should add “I “This is the end of the parabola on your face” He
will abide by your instructions Sir!” added another. said “from tomorrow we will see you without the
parabola on your face!”
“Yes! Respected senior engineer sir! I will abide by
your instructions Sir!” I repeated like a parrot sincerely. Tears rolled in my eyes. Words would not come
There was of course no other alternative for us juniors out of my mouth. I cut a sorry figure and returned
who resembled the trembling deers surrounded by home in a depressed state.
hungry wolves I narrated to my father what had happened in the
“My instruction is that you will cut off your tuft of college. He had planned to leave for our native village
hair and not put this parabola on your face from the next day after having settled me.
tomorrow” said one pointing to the Urdhwapundram He asked me, “Did you chant the Beejaakshara of
on my face. Nrusimha mantra while preparing the holy paste for
(At that time, I didn’t understand what he meant anointing Urdhwa pundra in your forehead as told
by the term ‘parabola’. Later on I learnt from Analytical by me? If you did so, why should you worry? Lord
Nrusimha will protect you”

Pâ◊ J<Õk PYi âßfiã¨Ö’ ‰õÄ_® "≥O\Ï_Õ â◊„`«∞=Ù.

August '18 w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w 5 wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww VAK
I couldn’t fully comprehend what he meant but 1963!”
mustered Courage and boldly went to college the I asked, “How could you remember the date so
next day also with the Urdhwapundram. correctly sir?”
Surprisingly, none of those seniors came to me. He said, “Yes, I remember. It was a Tuesday. On
Some other groups of seniors, though they came that day, I licked the religious symbol on your face.
to rag me, never dared to speak about my I am a Catholic Christian. When I went home that
Urdhwapundram. day, my mother served me meat of a goat. I asked
I was satisfied that Lord Nrusimha had somehow her what it was. To indicate it was regular meat
come to my rescue. only, she said, “Am I going to serve you lion’s meat?
After one month of ragging, the seniors would give Eat it!” I also consumed it. But that night, I had
a “freshers’ party” to the juniors, stop ragging from severe burning sensation in my stomach. I felt as
that day and treat the juniors as friends. They also if a lion were roaring inside my stomach and was
would give gifts to the juniors. scratching my stomach with its nails! I then woke
my mother up and told her my condition. She gave
During the freshers’ party for our batch, Mr. Palpandian
some warm water and butter but the pain did not
seemed to have adopted me as his pet as he gave
subside. I then prayed to my God Jesus yet the
me his book on ‘Geometric Drawing ’, shook hands
roaring and scratching of the lion continued. I then
with me and became my guide. The reason for his
told my mother about my licking of the religious
sudden transformation was still a mystery for me.
mark on your head and asked her whether that had
Years rolled… anything to do with the stomach pain.
In 1980, I was working in SISI Guindy. I had to go My father is a Christian Nadar and my mother is
for the Plant Level Committee meeting for development a Hindu Nadar. My mother is from Srivilliputtur. She
of Ancilliary Industries for Hindustan Teleprinters an said, “You should never hurt the religious sentiments
undertaking of Government of India in its building of others! My birthplace Srivilliputtur is the place
adjacent to my office, as Sri K.S.Natrajan my of incarnation of Andal. She was a great devotee
colleague in charge of Ancilliary Development who of Lord Nrusimha. I recall her verse on lord Nrusimha
had to attend that meeting was on leave. which we were told to chant whenever we went to
When I went inside that company, in the purchase the forest area near Srivilliputtur to save ourselves
section, I saw a board which read as, “Mr. Palpandian, from the fear of wild animals in the forest
B.E., General Manager (Purchase).” That reminded Let me chant that verse of Andal the name of Nrusimha
me of my senior in Engineering College who had and pray to her!”
licked my Urdhwapundram. I wondered whether he
As she prayed to Andal, chanting that verse my
could be very same Palpandian.
pain gradually subsided!”
Suddenly, an older version of Mr. Palpandian came
Palpandian chanted the verse .It is the 23 rd in
out of the room. He recognized me and asked, “Aren’t
Tiruppavai. I am giving a Sanskrit version of the Tamil
you Karunakaran?”
verse for the benefit of those of us who may not
I said, “Yes!” know Tamil. This Translation is from that of my elder
He said, “Don’t you remember me? I’m your college brother Balakavi Sundararajan IAS(Rtd.)
senior Palpandian!”
How Would I forget Him? üÁƒwu  q™Áá∫ÀÆ uåu¸oÁz TÏ“Áão∫z
We then chatted for a few minutes and then I attended ˃ƒÁåΩ ™wTÁuáú: ü§ÏÜÆ tÁ“Nz˛uqoz: @
the meeting and returned to my office.
The next day, Mr. Palpandian came to my office. I
Nz˛Ã∫ÁlÆÏtØÁÆåΩ uƒáÓÆ ƒ…™| ÃØÁ¬åΩ
welcomed him. He told me, “Karunakaran! Do you tyV|ÆåΩ ƒúÏÆ|sÁ ÃTu\|oÊ üuo…eoz @@
remember our college days? I had ragged you a
lot! I’m extremely sorry for all those things!” o˚tzƒ “z! o™Á¬úÏ…úåy¬! ÃÁÊüoÊ
I said, “Please leave it. It’s all over. Past is past! EÁ¬ÆÁutoÁzD•ÆÏúznÆ ÃÏãt∫z Ù϶Áƒ¬z @
You were very nice to give the book for Geometrical
Drawing” ƒy∫uÃÊ“uƒ…b∫z uåuƒ…Æ åu≥ÁN˛yu |oÊ
He said, “No! No! Do you know what happened to N˛ÁÆ|™•ÆƒznÆ ÃÊüÃyt “zDÀ™tWΩTåz! @@
me that day? I still remember it was the 7th of July

P`«‡=OK«##∞ q∞Oz# "≥∂ã¨O =∞~˘Hõ\˜ ÖË^Œ∞.

August '18 w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w 6 wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww VAK
That day onwards, myself and my peer groups made asked for further the details. As I provided the same,
up our minds not to hurt the religious sentiments he said, “Now I have got a chance to expiate my
of any junior students. But since you were a junior offence. I want to contribute for this noble cause!
student of just 16 years of age at that time, my Why didn’t you ask me for help?”
ego prevented me from confessing this to you on I said, “Being a Christian, how can you sponsor
that day itself!” this Hindu religious book?”
By then, I understood the complete meaning He said, “No issue. My company has given me certain
of the question asked by my far-sighted father, “Did powers. I will give my company advertisement in
you chant the Beejaakshara of Nrusimha mantra your book and will contribute for this noble cause
while preparing the holy paste for anointing as expiation for that offence!”
Urdhwapundram in your forehead?”
At that moment, I realized that Lord Nrusimha’s wide
Then Palpandian and I became close friends and spread fame had come to my help once again.
we used to meet often.
Lord Nrisimha is known with all admirations by
Once He asked me, “Is there any expiation for the everyone at all places – heaven or this world, and
offence I had committed?” at all times for His valour & noble character. Hence,
I said, “No need .All is fair in love war and ragging. He is called ‘Vishrutatma’ – the famous one.
More over you have realized your mistake. Nothing Palpandian is one more witness for this.
else needed!” By chanting this name, we will also become famous.
Three years passed. For, He is indeed the bestower of great fame.
In 1983, I wanted to publish MANJU RAMAYANA Nirukti sums this up as:
written by my father. He wrote this for the competition
held by the King of Mysore. He had condensed uƒÀ™Æzå »ÏoÊ tzƒ{: ï“Ê ÆÀÆÁútÁåN˛™Ω @
Ramayana sweetly and crisply into 247 verses and
that work won the prize in that competition. I printed ∆y¬Ê o{uƒ|»ÏoÁn™Á ™“ÁN˛yuo|ütÁz ™åÏ: @@
an appeal for advertisement to fund the publishing Dear Readers of VAK! We will also become famous
of the work on behalf of Nadadoor Ammal Trust and on the basis of our noble nature if we chant this
took those copies of the appeal to my office for getting name with devotion keeping the frame of VISA Balaji
them distributed to my friends. of Chilkoor in our mind.
On the way, I went to meet Mr. Palpandian in his Come Let us chant
chamber for some official reason. He welcomed me
Visrutatmane namaha
and offered a seat. When he switched on the fan
over his seat, the appeal papers started flying and @@ H uƒ»Ï o Án™åz å™: @@
one of them landed on his hands. He read it and

We at VAK are blessed to bring out the second volume in the series of books
on Anecdotes on Vishnu Sahasranama authored by Sri V S Karunakaran Swamy.
Sri V S Karunakaran Swamy started this mammoth never before project of explaining
the significance of the 1000 names. Since the English meaning of this hymn is
given in this work, many in this country and those living abroad, will welcome it.
Every name is a mantra by itself, some with two and some ranging up to eight
words. The hymn is an antidote for all ills.
As the author mentioned the benefits which will accrue by reciting the various
name of Vishnu, it has been practically experienced by Devotees at Chilkur Balaji
temple who are the regular readers of VAK in which these Anecdotes have been
serialised. There is immortal ecstasy that can be experienced by chanting these
names individually.
The second Volume has been released on 6th September 2017, as a part of
the Saptatipoorthi celebrations of the Author Sri V S Karunakaran. You can find
the devotees chanting these names endlessly at the Balaji Temple Chilkur. The
benefit of chanting individual names for particular needs to be granted by Almighty
is being practiced and is yielding expected results. Books available at : Manager 'VAK', 2-2-647/77/D, Srinivasanagar
Colony, Bagh Amberpet, Hyderabad-500 013. Price : Rs.500/- (Exclusive of postage)

=¸~°∞öx „Ѩâ◊O㨠Hõ<åfl - |∞kú=∞O`«∞x =∞O^ŒeOѨ٠q∞#fl.

August '18 w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w 7 wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww VAK
© ∞« O✍ ã¨~åfiO`«~åºq∞ ~å=Ú_çx, ~å=∂Ü«∞} HõÅÊHÍxfl H˘Å∞^•ÌO!!
~å=∂Ü«∞} Hõ^•ä <åÜ«∞‰õΩ_≥#· ~åѶ∞¨ =~å=∞∞_»∞ =∞~åº^ŒÑÙ¨ ~°∞ëÈ`«=Î ∞∞_»∞. ™êH∆Í`«∞Î N=∞<åfl~åÜ«∞}∞_»∞. =∂#"åoH˜ ^è~Œ ‡° =∂~åæxfl K«∂Ѩ_®xH˜
^Œâ◊~°^äŒ=∞Ǩ~åA ‰õΩ=∂~°∞_çQÍ J=`«iOKå_»∞. ^èŒ~°‡=∞∂iÎQÍ, ^èŒ~°‡„ѨÉèí∞=ÙQÍ K«i„`«Ö’ xezáÈÜ«∂_»∞. ~å"≥∂ q„QÆǨÏ"å<£ ^èŒ~°‡: Jx Ö’Hõ=∞O`å
PÜ«∞##∞ H©iÎOzOk. Jã¨Å∞ ^èŒ~°‡=∞O>Ë Uq∞\˜? Z=fiiH© ZÖÏO\˜ Ǩh HõeyOK«HõáÈ=_»O. JÇ≤ÏO™ê Ѩ~°"≥∂ ^èŒ~°‡: J#fl =∞Ǩ^Œ~å≈xfl PÜ«∞#
áê\˜OKå_»∞..=∞#‰õΩ <ÕiÊOKå_»∞.
=∂#"åo x ã¨=∞∞^Œiú OK«_®xH˜..ã¨<å`«# ^è~Œ ‡° âß„™êÎÅ∞ K≥ÑÊ≤ # =∂~°Oæ Ö’ #_çz "≥∂H∆Íxfl á⁄O^Õ ^•ix K«∂Ñ≤OK«_®xH˜ N=∞<åfl~åÜ«∞}∞_»∞
~å=∞∞_çQÍ J=`«iOKå_»∞. `å#∞QÍ Éèí∂Ö’HÍxH˜ `«~°e=KåÛ_»∞. =∞ÃÇ˙`«¯ $+¨ì"≥∞ÿ# =∂#=*ÏuÖ’ ѨÙ\˜ì#O^Œ∞‰õΩ =∞ÃÇ˙#fl`«OQÍ ZÖÏ rqOKåÖ’,
P^Œ~°≈=O`«"≥∞ÿ# r=# q^è•<åxfl ZÖÏ JÅ=~°K«∞HÀ"åÖ’ `å#∞QÍ áê\˜Oz P^Œ~°≈OQÍ xeKå_»∞. D Éèí∂g∞‡^Œ ѨÙ\˜ì#O^Œ∞‰õΩ ѨÙ~°∞+¨µ_»∞ XHõ
H˘_»∞‰õΩQÍ ZÖÏ LO_®e? UHõѨffl„=`«O áê\˜Oz ÉèÏ~°º`À P^Œ~°≈"≥∞ÿ# Éèí~°ÎQÍ ZÖÏ rqOKåe? ™œ„ÉèÏ`«$`«fiO QÆÅ J#flÖÏ ZÖÏ =∞#∞QÆ_»
™êyOKåe? J`«ºO`« qâßfi㨠áê„`«∞_≥·# q∞„`«∞_çQÍ ZÖÏ „Ѩ=iÎOKåe? XHõ <åÜ«∞‰õΩ_çQÍ ã¨Ç¨ÏK«~° QÆ}O`À ZÖÏ =º=ǨÏiOKåe? XHõ áêʼnõΩ_çQÍ
ZO`« ÉÏ^茺`åÜ«∞∞`«OQÍ #_»K«∞HÀ"åe? XHõ q^•ºi÷QÍ ZO`« q#Ü«∞ q^èÕÜ«∞`«Å`À LO_®e? XHõ áÈ~å@g~°∞_çQÍ â∫~°º™êǨϙêÅ#∞ ZÖÏ
„Ѩ^Œi≈OKåe? =O\˜ J<ÕHõ q+¨Ü«∂Å#∞ PÜ«∞# JHõ∆~åÅ áê\˜Oz K«∂Ñ≤OKå_»∞. `«# rq`åxfl `≥iz# ѨÙã¨ÎHõOQÍ =∞Åz ÉèÏq ÉèÏ~°`åxH˜ ÉÏ@QÍ,
ÉÏã¨@QÍ xÅɡ\Ïì_»∞. `å#∞ ã¨fiÜ«∞OQÍ â◊√^Œúã¨`«Î fi ã¨fi~°∂ѨÙ_≥·<å ^Œâ◊~°^äŒ#O^Œ#∞_çQÍ LO_»_®xˆH W+¨ìѨ_®¤_»∞. N=∞ǨÅH˜; ™êH∆Í`«∞Î ã‘`«QÍ
J=`«iOz P^Œ~°≈=O`«"≥∞ÿ# QÆ$Ç≤Ï}˜ ZÖÏ LO_®Ö’ <ÕiÊOzOk. Ѩ~°=∞ áêu„=`åºxH˜ Ѩ~åHÍ+¨ìQÍ `«# rq`åxfl xÅɡ\˜ìOk. `å#∞ JyflѨÙh`«
HÍ=_»"Õ∞HÍ^Œ∞ xѨCÖÏO\˜ =∞x+≤#x Ö’HÍxH˜ Kå\˜Ok. Hõ}Hõ}=∞O>Ë JyflÖ’H˜ „Ѩ"Õâ◊O KÕ¿ãÎ ã‘`« PǨïuHÍ=_»O J@∞Oz P"≥∞ ^èŒiOz#
ѨÓÅÖ’x h\˜K«∞Hõ¯Å∞ ‰õÄ_® ZO_»ÖË^ŒO>Ë P"≥∞ áêu„=`«ºO ZO`« Q˘Ñ¨Ê^À J~°÷O KÕã¨∞HÀ=K«∞Û.
~å=∂#∞A_çQÍ Ö’HÍ~å^è∞Œ º_≥#· ã¨∞q∞„`« ‰õΩ=∂~°∞_»∞ ÅHõ∆ ‡}∞_»∞ ~å=∞∞_çH˜ ™È^Œ~∞° _Õ J~∞∞<å J##ºâ◊~}° ÏQÆu`À ¿ã=KÕã≤ Ѩ~=° ∞ѨÓAº_»Ü∂« º_»∞.
~å=∞∞_»∞ =#"åã¨O KÕã≤# 14 ã¨O=`«û~åÅ HÍÅOÖ’ PHõe^ŒÑ¨CÅ∞ ÖˉõΩO_® N~å=∞¿ã=Ö’ x=∞QÆ∞fl_»Ü«∂º_»∞. `å#∂ ~å‰õΩ=∂~°∞_≥·<å ã¨=∞ã¨Î
Éè’QÍʼnõΩ, q+¨Ü«∞"åOKè«Å‰õΩ ^Œ∂~°OQÍ L<åfl_»∞. x„^•Ç¨~åÅ∞ =∂x ã‘`å~å=∞∞Å ¿ã=Ö’ `«iOKå_»∞. Éèí~°`«∞_»∞ ~å=Úx „Ñ‘uÜÕ∞ `«# ^èպܫ∞OQÍ
JK«OK«Å ~å=∞ÉèíH˜ÎH˜ „Ѩ^äŒ=∞ L^•Ç¨Ï~°}=ÚQÍ JO^Œi áêáêefl `«#g∞^Œ "Õã¨∞H˘x XHõ ÉèÏQÆ=`À`«Î=Ú_çQÍ r=#=Ú ZÖÏ ™êyOKåÖ’ <Õ~åÊ_»∞.
"≥~∞∞º=∞Ok ~å=∞∞Öˇ·<å XHõ¯ Éèí~°`«∞x`À ã¨=∂#O HÍ~°∞ Jx ~å=∞∞x `«e¡ H“ã¨Ö˺ H˘xÜ«∂_çO^ŒO>Ë Éèí~°`«∞_Õq∞\’, PÜ«∞# =ºH˜Î`«fi"Õ∞q∞\’ J~°÷O
KÕã¨∞HÀ=K«∞Û. ~å=∞∞x J_»=ÙÖ áêÖË˚ã≤ PÜ«∞# `«e¡ ÔH·Hõ áêѨO KÕ¿ãÎ `«# J^Œ∞ƒù`«"≥∞ÿ# „Ѩ=~°Î#`À ^•xfl `«∞_çzÃÑ>Ëìã≤ ~å=∂#∞„QÆǨxˆHHÍ^Œ∞ Ö’Hõ
„ѨâO◊ 㨉Äõ áê„`«∞_»Ü∂« º_»∞. JÖÏO\˜ Éè~í `° ∞« _çH˜ ¿ã=‰õΩ_çQÍ LO_ç z#fl`«=∞∞‡_»∞ â◊„`«∞Ѷ∞¨ ∞fl_»∞ =∞iO`« Q˘Ñ¨Ê"å_»Ü∂« º_»∞. WO^Œih ™ê=∞∞^•~∞∞HõOQÍ
¿ãqOz# ǨÏ#∞=∞O`«∞_»∞ P WO\’¡ =∞~À ‰õΩ@∞O| ã¨Éèí∞º_»Ü«∂º_»∞. N~å=∞Ѩ\Ïìaè¿+HõO [~°QÆ_»OÖ’ ZO`À H©ÅHõOQÍ =º=ǨÏiOz<å Ѩ\Ïìaè¿+Hõ
ã¨=∞Ü«∞OÖ’ ~å=∞∞x áê^•Å∞ ¿ãqã¨∂Î `«# J##ºÉèíH˜Î „ѨѨ`«∞ÎÅ#∞ Kå@∞‰õΩ<åfl_»∞. WÖÏ J<ÕHõ ã¨∞QÆ∞}ÏʼnõΩ Ѩ@∞ìH˘=∞‡QÍ xez# áê„`«Å∞#fl
~å=∂Ü«∞}O =∂#"åo áêe\˜ HõÅÊ=$Hõ∆O.
P„â◊~∞∞Oz# "åiH˜ H˘OQÆ∞ÉOQÍ~°O. ~å=∂#∞„QÆǨÏO WǨÏѨ~°^•Ü«∞HõO.
18 JH∆“Ç≤Ï}∞Å Ãã·#ºO `«ÅѨ_ç# =∞ǨÉèÏ~°`« ã¨O„QÍ=∞OÖ’ PYiHõO\Ï „áê}ÏÅ`À q∞ye# "å~°∞ ˆH=ÅO 8 =∞Ok =∂„`«"Õ∞!
J<å^äŒÖˇ· z<åfl~°∞Å∞, JÖÏ¡_çáÈ`«∂ q`«O`«∞=ÙÅ∞, PÅ<åáêÅ<åÖËHõ =$^Œ∞úÅ∞ n<å~°Î r=#∞ÅÜ«∂º~°∞.D ^Œ∞ã≤÷u K«∂ã≤ `«@∞ìHÀÖËHõáÈ~∞∞# ^èŒ~°‡~åA
D ÉÏ^èÅŒ #∞Oz ɡ@· Ѩ_Õ =∂~°Oæ K«∂Ñ≤OK«=∞x JOѨâÜ ◊ ∞« ºÃÑ· L#fl cè+‡¨ Ñ≤`å=∞Ǩïx J_çQÍ_»∞. ~å[º=∞O`å ~å=∂Ü«∞} áê~åÜ«∞}O KÕ~∞∞OK«∞..q+¨µ‚
ã¨ÇϨ „ã¨<å=∂Å∞ qxÑ≤OK«∞ Jx cè+µ¨ ‡_»∞ ã¨ÅǨ WKåÛ_»∞. HõeHÍÅOÖ’ xÜ«∞=∞~°ÇÏ≤ `«∞Öˇ· ã¨OK«iOKÕ =∂#"åoH˜ =∞∞H˜=Î ∂~åæxfl K«∂Ñ≤OKÕk ~å=∂Ü«∞}"Õ∞#x
™ê¯O^ŒÑ¨Ù~å}OÖ’ <å~°^Œ∞_»∞ K≥áêÊ_»∞. ~å=∂Ü«∞}ÏxH˜ L#fl â◊H˜Î« JO`«\ ˜k. ~å=∞∞_»∞ áêáêǨi. Z=fiiH© JѨHÍ~°O KÕ¿ã"å_»∞ HÍ_»∞. [#™ê÷#OÖ’
PÜ«∞# KÕuÖ’ =∞~°}˜Oz# 14"ÕÅ =∞Ok ~åHõ∆ã¨∞Å∞, W`«~° ã¨O„QÍ=∂ÅÖ’ Jã¨∞=ÙÅ∞ ÉÏã≤# ~åHõ∆ã¨∞Å∞ JO^Œ~°∂ ^Õ=Ö’HÍʼnõΩ "≥àϧ~°∞. WѨC_»∞
K≥ѨÊO_ç..PÜ«∞# ~åHõ∆ã¨*Ïux K«Oáê_®? J#∞„QÆÇ≤ÏOKå_®?
W@∞=O\˜ ~å=∞∞x, ~å=∂Ü«∞}Ïxfl #=∞‡x "å~°∞ KÕã¨∞Î#fl q=∞~°≈ÅÖ’, P~ÀѨ}ÅÖ’ ¿ÇÏ`«∞|^Œú`«ÖË^Œ∞. J#O`« QÆ∞}™êQÆ~°∞_≥·# ~å=∞∞_»∞
Ug∞ HÍx "åiH˜ J~°÷OHÍ_»∞. ã¨=∞ã¨Î r=*Ï`«∞ʼnõΩ PÜ«∞<Õ ~°Hõ∆‰õΩ_»∞..PÜ«∞<Õ JÉèíÜ«∞„Ѩ^•`«. ã¨HõÅ K«~åK«~° Éèí∂`«HÀ\˜, JdÅ qâ◊fiO PÜ«∞# =Å¡<Õ
=∞#QÆÅ∞QÆ∞`ÀOk. ~å=∂Ü«∞}Ïxfl `≥QÆ<å_ç# KÀ@, ~å=∞∞}˜‚ `«∂Å<å_ç#KÀ@ =~å¬Å∞ ÖˉõΩO_® áÈ`å~∞∞. D J#~å÷xfl x"åiOK«_®xH˜ zÅ∞‰õÄ~°∞
ÉÏÖÏr PÅÜ«∞OÖ’ ~å=∞<å=∞ ã¨OH©~°Î#O, ~å=∂Ü«∞} áê~åÜ«∞}O KÕâßO. Jã¨OMϺHõOQÍ Ç¨[Ô~·# Éèí‰õΩÎÅ∞ KÕã≤# ~å=∂<å=∞ã¨OH©~°Î# KÕâß~°∞.
ã¨Ow`« q^•fiOã¨∞Å∞ Hõ~°‚¿ÑÜ«∞OQÍ HõKÕsÅ∞ KÕâß~°∞. Ѩ~°=∞ Ѩq„`«"≥∞ÿ# ~å=∂<å=∞ QÍ#O`À XHõ =∞ǨÏ`«Î~° P^蕺u‡Hõ "å`å=~°}O <≥ÅH˘Ok. P
HÍ~°º„Hõ=∞OÖ’ áêÖ∏æ#fl "å~°O`å „|Ǩ‡#O^Œ Ѩ~°=â◊√ÅÜ«∂º~°∞.
Z=~À H˘O^Œ~°∞ J=QÍǨÏ<å ~åÇ≤Ï`«ºO`À KÕã¨∞Î#fl P~ÀѨ}Å∞, q=∞~°≈Å∞ Ѩ\ ˜ìOK«∞HÀ‰õΩO_® `≥ÅOQÍ}Ï ~åR=∞O`å ã¨=∞$kúQÍ "å#Å∞
‰õΩiÑ≤OKåÅx zÅ∞‰õÄ~°∞ ÉÏÖÏrx „áêi÷ã¨∞Î<åflO.
HÍÖË =~°¬`«∞Z Ѩ~°˚#º: Ѩ$näfi ã¨ã¨ºâßeh, ^Õâ’Ü«∞O H∆ÀÉèí~°Ç≤Ï`«: „ÉÏǨχ}ã¨ûO`«∞ x~°ƒùÜ«∂:
"å#=∞|∞ƒÅ∞ ã¨HÍÅOÖ’ =i¬OK«∞QÍHõ..ѨO@Å∞ ѨÙ+¨¯ÅOQÍ Ñ¨O_ç Éèí∂q∞H˜ P‰õΩѨK«Ûâ’Éèí#∞ HõeyOK«∞QÍHõ.. „Ѩ[ÅO^Œ~°∂
x~°ƒùÜ«∞∞Öˇ·..x~å=∞Ü«∞∞Öˇ·..~å=∞Éèí‰õΩÎÖˇ·..Hõ+¨ì#ëêìÅ∞ Öˉõ H∆ÀÉèí~°Ç≤Ï`«∞Öˇ· rqOK≥^Œ~°∞QÍHõ.. O
=ÚYã¨∞Îu KÕ¿ã "å_çH˜, "≥#∞fláÈ@∞ á⁄_çKÕ "å_çH˜ `Õ_® ÖË^Œ∞.
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q+¨µ‚ã¨Ç¨Ï„ã¨<å=∞ QÍ^ä•=o – 209

qâ◊$`å`«‡<Õ #=∞ó
POQÆ¡=¸ÅO : _®II q.Ü«∞ãπ. ‰õ~°∞}ÏHõ~°<£, B.E.(Mech.), M.A. (Sanskrit), Ph.D. J#∞"å^ŒO : _®II ã¨∞=∞<£Å`«

1963= ã¨O=`«û~°OÖ’ <Õ#∞ =∞^èŒ∞Ô~·‰õΩ ^ŒQÆæ~°Ö’L#fl ''#∞=Ùfi h Ñ≤ÅHõx HõuÎiOK«∞HÀ"åe† ˆ~Ѩ\ ˜ #∞O_ç =ÚYO
u~°∞ѨÊ~°‚‰õΩO„_»O J<Õ TiÖ’#∞#fl '`åºQÆ~å[ HÍÖËl PѶπ g∞^Œ D '¿Ñ~åÉ’ÖÏ—#∞ ÃÑ@∞ì H À=\ÏxH˜ gÖË ¡ ^ Œ x ‰õ Ä _®
WO[hiOQÆ∞Ö’— WO[hiOQÆ∞ K«^=Œ \ÏxH˜ KÕ~å#∞. =∂<å#flQÍ~°∞ P*Ï˝Ñ≤ã¨∞Î<åfl#∞!—— JO@∂ XHõ q^•ºi÷ <å=ÚYO g∞^Œ <Õ#∞
<å‰õΩ J#flQÍi =~°ã¨ J~Ú# ã¨∞O^Œ~°=~°^Œ<£ QÍi WO@ ##∞fl k^Œ∞̉õΩ#fl T~°úfiѨÙO„_®Å#∞ K«∂Ñ≤ã¨∂Î J<åfl_»∞.
LOK«\ÏxH˜ `«y# U~åÊ@∞¡ KÕâß~°∞. "åiÅ∞¡ =∞^è∞Œ ~Ô Ö· ’x „Ѩãk≤ HÔú H˜¯# (Pã¨=∞Ü«∞OÖ’ J`«#∞ „ѨÜ∂≥ yOz# '¿Ñ~°É’ÖÏ— J#fl=∂@‰õΩ
<åÜ«∞Hõ~ü H˘`«ÎgkèÖ’ L#flk. ã¨∞O^Œ~°=~°^Œ<£ QÍ~°∞, PÜ«∞# <å‰õΩ J~°O÷ `≥eÜ«∞ÖË^∞Œ . `«~"° å`« HÍÅOÖ’ ~ˆ MÏ QÆ}`˜ « ѨÙãÎ̈HÍÅ∞
ÉèÏ~°º ã¨∞O^Œs=∞}˜ ZO`À PáêºÜ«∞OQÍ ##∞fl "åiO@ LOK«∞‰õΩx J^躌 Ü«∞#O KÕâßHõ '¿Ñ~°É’ÖÏ— J#flk <å T~°fiú ѨÙO„_®Å PHÍ~°OÖ’
K«kqOz P^ŒiOKå~°∞. =ÙO_Õ ˆ~Y#∞ ã¨∂zã¨∞ÎO^Œx `≥Å∞ã¨∞‰õΩ<åfl#∞.)
P~ÀAÖ’¡ WO[hiOQÆ∞, "≥·^Œº HõàÏâßÅÖ’¡ H˘`«Î"åix W^ŒO`å Hˆ =ÅO Ǩ™êºxˆH#x <Õ#∞ J#∞‰õΩ<åfl#∞. =∞~åfl_»∞
~åºyOQÆ∞ KÕã≤ U_çÑ≤OK«_»O J#flk XHõ `«Ñ¨Êxã¨i *Ï_»ºOQÍ ‰õÄ_® <Õ#∞ <å tY`À, T~°úfiѨÙO„_®Å#∞ ^èŒiOKÕ HÍÖËrH˜
LO_Õk. "≥àϧ#∞.
HÍÖËrÖ’ KÕi#"åiÖ’ <Õ<˘Hõ¯_ç<Õ "≥·+¨‚=™êO„Ѩ^•Ü«∞O x#fl\˜ |$O^Œ"Õ∞ ##∞fl ^˘iH˜OK«∞‰õΩx, XHõ =¸ÅH˜
„ѨHÍ~°O A@∞ì tY ÃÑ@∞ì‰Ωõ x, #∞^Œ∞\˜ÃÑ· T~°fiú ѨÙO„_®Å∞ ^èiŒ Oz# MÏmQÍ L#fl „Ѩ^ÕâßxH˜ ÖωõΩ¯"≥àϧ~°∞. JO^Œ∞Ö’ XHõ~°∞ á⁄_»∞QÍæ
q^•ºi÷x. L#fl <å tY#∞ ÖÏy Ѩ@∞ì‰õΩx - ''D á⁄_»∞ÔQ·# tY =∂‰õΩ
P HÍÖË r Ö’<Õ ZO^Œ ∞ ‰õ Ω KÕ ~ å#∞? P~ÀAÖ’¡ J=∂‡~Úx QÆ∞~°∞Î KÕ™ÈÎOk. "≥#Hõ #∞O_ç K«∂¿ãÎ, =∞Ǩ JO^ŒOQÍ
`«q∞à◊<å_»∞Ö’#∞#fl P~°∞ WO[hiOQÆ∞ HÍÖËrÅ∞ =∞„^•ã¨∞ L<åfl=Ù. ZÖÏQÆ∂ =∞# HÍÖËrÖ’ J=∂‡~ÚÅ∞ ÖË~°∞HÍ|\˜ì,
qâ◊fiq^•ºÅÜ«∞O ѨikèÖ’H˜ ~å=@"Õ∞ HÍ~°}O. h D JO^Œ"≥∞ÿ# PHÍ~åxfl "≥#Hõ#∞O_ç K«∂ã≤, J=∂‡~ÚÅ∞
<å‰õΩ ÉÏQÍ QÆ∞~°∞Î - EÖˇ· <åÅ∞QÀ`Õk, 1963= ã¨O=`«û~°O ÖË~°#fl Ö’@∞#∞ f~°∞Û‰õΩx P#Ok™êÎ=ÚÖË! JO^Œ∞Hõx tY‰õΩ
WO[hiOQÆ∞ HÍÖËrÖ’ <å "≥Ú@ì"≥Ú^Œ\ ˜ ~ÀA. JHõ¯_» KÕ~°_®xH˜ 㨈~! HÍx D ¿Ñ~°É’ÖÏ#∞ =∂„`«O f¿ãÜ«∂eûO^Õ!—— J<åfl_»∞.
<Õ#∞ ~°∞ã¨∞=Ú K≥e¡ã¨∞Î#fl ã¨=∞Ü«∞OÖ’<Õ H˘O`«=∞Ok ã‘xÜ«∞~°∞¡ ('P ~ÀAÅÖ’ WO[hiOQÆ∞ HÍÖËrÅÖ’ J=∂‡~ÚÅ∞
##∞fl K«∂ã≤, <Õ#∞ ~åºyOQÆ∞‰õΩ ÉÏQÍ Ñ¨xH˘™êÎ#x QÆ∞~°∞ÃÎ Ñ@∞ì‰Ωõ <åfl~°∞. K«k"Õ"å~°∞ HÍ^Œ∞. <å q"åǨÏO [iy# `«~°"å`« <Õ#∞ <å
XHõ QÆ∞OѨ٠##∞fl Ѩ@∞ì‰Ωõ x "åi `«xqf~å ##∞fl U_çÑO≤ z, q∞„`«∞_»∞ N QÆ}Ëâ◊ ~å[<£x WO\˜H˜ PǨfixOKå#∞. =∂@Å
~åºyOQÆ∞ K≥Ü«∞º_®xH˜ =∞~À |$O^•xH˜ JѨÊyOKÕ"å~°∞. D ã¨O^Œ~°ƒùOÖ’ =∂ Pq_»`À J`«#∞, ''J=∂‡! P ~ÀAÅÖ’
~åºyOQÆ∞ q~å=∞ ã¨=∞Ü«∂Ö’¡#∞, `«H˜¯# HÍ¡ã¨∞Å =∞^茺 MÏm Hõ~∞° }ÏHõ~<° £ KåÖÏ JO^ŒOQÍ LO_Õ"å_»∞. JÜ≥∂º! =∞# HÍÖËrÖ’
^˘iH˜# ã¨=∞Ü«∂Ö’¡#∞ [~°∞QÆ∞`«∂ LO_Õk. J=∂‡~ÚÅ∞ ÖË~ˆ Jx ÉÏ^èÑŒ _¨ ∞» `«∞#flѨC_»∞ `«#∞ HÍã¨OÎ `« Ö’@∞#∞
JÖÏ U_çÑ≤ã¨∞Î#fl "Õà◊, =∂HõO>Ë =ÚO^Œ∞ ã¨O=`«û~°OÖ’ ÉèísÎ KÕ™ê_»∞!—— Jx K≥áêÊ_»∞.
L#fl q^•ºi÷ ##∞fl - 'h ¿Ñˆ~q∞\˜?— Jx „ѨtflOKå_»∞. <Õ#∞ `«~°"å`« HÍÅOÖ’ =∂ Pq_» `«# J=ã¨~åxH˜ `«y#@∞¡,
'Hõ~°∞}ÏHõ~°<£— Jx ã¨=∂^è•#q∞KåÛ#∞. 'QÆ}+Ë ~π å[<£ q∞=∞‡efl JO^ŒOQÍ LO_Õ"å~°x K≥áêÊ~°∞— J#fl=∂@#∞
''K«∂_»∞! #∞=Ùfi =∞=∞‡efl Q“~°=hÜ«ÚÖˇ#· ã‘xÜ«∞~ü WO[h~°∞ <åg∞^Œ PÜ«Ú^èŒOÖÏ „ѨÜ≥∂yã¨∂Î LO_»@O =Å#, <Õ#∞ U<å_»∂
™ê~ü! Jx ã¨OÉ’kèOz =∞s ["å|∞Å∞ K≥áêÊe `≥Å∞ã¨∞HÀ! J`«x =∂@‰õΩ P#OkOK«ÖËHõáÈÜ«∂#∞.)
JHõ¯_ç`À J~ÚáÈÖË^Œ∞. 'g∞iKÕÛ P[˝Å #xfl\˜H© Ö’|_Õ LO\Ï#∞ P<å\˜ =∂ ã‘xÜ«∞~ü q^•º~°∞Å÷ Ö’ áêÖòáêO_çÜ∞« <£ XHõ_∞» .
™ê~ü! Jx ‰õÄ_® *’_çOKåe!—— Jx =∞~˘Hõ ã‘xÜ«∞~ü K≥áêÊ_»∞. J`«_»∞ <å "≥∞_»#∞ `«# KÕ`«∞֒ΠѨ@∞ì‰õΩx - ''WѨC_»∞ h=ÚYO
''JÖψQ Q“~°=hÜ«ÚÖˇ·# ã‘xÜ«∞~ü WO[h~°∞QÍ~°∞!—— Jx g∞^Œ ∞ #fl D ¿Ñ~° É ’ÖÏ#∞ <åÅ∞Hõ ` À â◊ √ „Éè í O KÕ ã ≤
"åi =∂@efl zÅHõѨÅ∞‰õΩÖÏ¡QÆ =i‚OKå#∞. H˘`«Î"åiH˜ JO`«Hõ#fl r~°O‚ K«∞‰õΩO\Ï#∞O_»∞!—— JO@∂<Õ J#flO`« Ѩx KÕã≤ K«∂Ñ≤OKå_»∞.
=∞~À =∂~°æOÖË^Œ∞. PHõeQ˘#fl `À_Õà◊¡ =ÚO^Œ∞ xeÛ X}∞‰õΩ`«∞#fl ''D <å\˜`À h =ÚYO g∞k D ¿Ñ~°É’ÖÏ Ñ¨x ã¨=∂ѨÎO!
lOHõÑ≤šŠѨiã≤÷u =∞i! ˆ~Ѩ\ ˜ #∞O_ç D ¿Ñ~°É’ÖÏ ÖËx h =ÚMÏxfl "Õ∞=Ú K«∂™êÎ=Ú!——
=∞Oz ¿Ñ~°∞ L#fl"åiH˜ =∞~°}"Õ∞ ÖË^Œ∞.
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JO@∂ „ѨHõ\ ˜OKå_»∞. (Ѩˆ~Û*ò)— Jx K«kq# "≥O@<Õ <å‰õΩ =∂HÍÖËrÖ’ ã‘xÜ«∞~ü,
<å HõO\˜"O≥ @ J„â◊√^è•~°Å∞ HÍiáÈ`«∞<åfl~Ú. <å <À\˜"O≥ @ <å T~°úfiѨÙO„_®xfl `«# <åÅ∞Hõ`À <åˆHã≤# q^•ºi÷ QÆ∞~˘ÎKåÛ_»∞.
=∂@~å=_»OÖË^Œ∞. qKå~°=^Œ#O`À ѨÓiÎQÍ ‰õΩOyáÈ~Ú <Õ#∞ J`«_Õ<Õ"≥∂ ##∞‰õΩ<åfl#∞.
WO\˜H˜ KÕ~°∞‰õΩ<åfl#∞. ǨÏ~îå`«∞QÎ Í =Ü«∞ã¨∞û ÃÑiy# áêÖòáêO_»º<£ `«# QÆkÖ’#∞O_ç
=∂ <å#flQÍi`À [iy# ã¨OQÆu#O`å K≥ѨC‰õΩ<åfl#∞. ɡ·@H˘KåÛ_»∞. ##∞fl QÆ∞~°∞ÎѨ_»∞`«∂ - ''#∞=Ùfi Hõ~°∞}ÏHõ~°<£"ÕHõ^•!——
PÜ« ∞ # ##∞fl JHõ ¯ _» HÍ㨠Π‰ õ Ω ^Œ ∞ @|iz, =∞~åfl_» ∞ TiH˜ Jx „ѨtflOKå_»∞.
"≥àÏ¡Å#∞‰õΩ<åfl~°∞. PÜ«∞# WÖÏ J<åfl~°∞ - <Õ#∞ B#<åfl#∞.
''T~°úfiѨÙO„_®xfl ^èŒiOKÕO^Œ∞‰õΩ Ѩq„`«=∞~Ú# <å=∞Ѩ٠''##∞fl QÆ ∞ ~° ∞ Î Ñ ¨ @ ì Ö Ë ^ •? <Õ # ∞ g∞ HÍÖË r ã‘ x Ü« ∞ ~ü
=Ú^ŒÌ#∞ `«Ü«∂~°∞ KÕã¨∂Î, #~°ã≤OǨϙêfiq∞ c[=∞O„`åxfl Ѩiîã¨∂Î, áêÖòáêO_»º<£x!——
uÅHõ ^è•~°} K≥Ü«∞º=∞x <Õ#∞ K≥Ñ≤Ê#>Ë¡ KÕâß"å? #∞=Ùfi <Õ#∞ J`«_ç<≥ÖÏ <Õ#∞ =∞iÛáÈQÆÅ#∞?
K≥Ñ≤Ê#>Ë¡ KÕã≤ LO>Ë hÔHO^Œ∞‰õΩ kQÆ∞Å∞? #~°ã≤OǨϙêfi"Õ∞ x#∞fl HÍ¿ãѨ Ù J`« x `À =∂\Ï¡ _ ç , g∞\˜ O QÆ ∞ Ö’ ‰õ Ä ~° ∞ Ûx
~°H˜∆™êÎ_»∞!—— <åHÍ~åºÅÜ«∂xH˜ uiy =KåÛ#∞.
PÜ«∞# K≥Ñ≤Ê# =∂@Ö’¡x ѨÓiÎ JO`«~å~å÷xfl <Õ#∞ =∞~åfl_»∞ áêÖòáêO_»º<£ =∂ PѶ‘ã¨∞‰õΩ =KåÛ_»∞. J`«_çx
„QÆÇ≤ÏOK«∞HÀÖËHõáÈ~Ú<å, ^è≥·~åºxfl ‰õÄ_»QÆ@∞ì‰õΩx KåÖÏ nè=∂QÍ <Õ#∞ ™ê^Œ~°OQÍ PǨfixOKå#∞. J`«#∞ WÖÏ J<åfl_»∞ -
T~°úfiѨÙO„_®xfl <å#∞k\˜g∞^Œ ÃÑ@∞ì‰õΩ<Õ =∞~°∞<å_»∞ HÍÖËrH˜ ''Hõ~°∞}ÏHõ~°<£! h‰õΩ =∞# HÍÖËr~ÀAÅ∞ QÆ∞~°∞Î<åfl~Ú Hõ^•!
"≥àϧ#∞. <Õ#∞ x#∞fl KåÖÏ U_çÑ≤OKå#∞ Hõ^•! <å‰õΩ KåÖÏ ÉÏ^èŒQÍ
Pâ◊Û~°ºO! P ã‘xÜ«∞~ü q^•º~°∞÷Öˇ=~°∂ <å=^ŒÌ‰õΩ ~åÖË^Œ∞. LOk. ##∞fl Hõ∆q∞OK«∞!—— J<åfl_»∞.
=∞~À H˘xfl |$O^•Å q^•º~°∞÷Å∞ =zÛ<å U^À U_çÑ≤OzáÈÜÕ∞~°∞ ''J=hfl =kÖË Ü « ∞ O_ç ! [iyO^Õ ^ À [iyOk. <å‰õ Ω
`«Ñ¨Ê, <å T~°úfiѨÙO„_»O QÆ∞iOz z#fl=∂@ ‰õÄ_® J#ÖË^Œ∞. *Ï"≥∞„\˜HõÖò „_®~ÚOQÆ∞ QÆ∞iOz# KåÖÏ =∞Oz ѨÙã¨ÎHÍxfl
#~°ã≤OǨϙêfi"Õ∞ ##∞fl ~°H˜∆OKÕO^Œ∞‰õΩ =KåÛ_»x <Õ#∞ |ǨïHõiOKå~°∞ Hõ^•!——
ã¨O`«$Ñ≤ÎѨ_®¤#∞. ''JÖÏ HÍ^Œ∞! <å‰õΩ P~ÀA U=∞~ÚO^À `≥Å∞™ê? <åH˜OHÍ
JÖÏ XHõ <≥Å~ÀAÅ∞ H˘`«Î q^•º~°∞÷Å#∞ <å<åÉÏ^èŒÅ‰õΩ QÆ∞~°∞ÎOk - 1963Ö’ EÖˇ· 7= `Õk.——
QÆ∞iKÕã#≤ ã‘xÜ«∞~ü q^•º~°∞Å÷ ∞ `«~åfi`« "åiH˜ K«H¯õ \˜ áêsìx™êÎ~∞° . ''Jˆ~! P<å\˜ `ås‰õΩx JO`«ÉÏQÍ ZÖÏ QÆ∞~°∞ÃÎ Ñ@∞ìHÀQÆeQÍ~°∞
WHõ P<å\˜ #∞O_ç ExÜ«∞~°∞ q^•º~°∞÷Å#∞ U_çÑ≤Oz ~åºyOQÆ∞ ™ê~ü?—— Jx Pâ◊Û~°ºOQÍ J_çQÍ#∞.
K≥Ü«∞º~°∞. "åix `«=∞ q∞„`«∞Å∞QÍ „ѨHõ\ ˜Oz, H˘`«Î q^•º~°∞÷ʼnõΩ J`«#∞ WÖÏ q=iOKå_»∞ - ''<å‰õΩ KåÖÏ ÉÏQÍ QÆ∞~°∞Î
áê`« q^•º~°∞÷Å∞ |Ǩï=∞`«∞Å#∞ ‰õÄ_® WzÛ PǨ¡^Œ Ѩ~°∞™êÎ~°∞. LO_çáÈ~ÚOk. P<å_»∞ =∞OQÆà◊"å~°O. <Õ#∞ h =ÚYO g∞^Œ∞#fl
P<å\˜ Páêsì<å_»∞, áêÖòáêO_çÜ«∞<£ ##∞fl q∞„`«∞xQÍ, g∞ ã¨O„Ѩ^•Ü«∞O „ѨHÍ~°O ^èiŒ OKÕ <å=∂xfl <åÅ∞Hõ`À <åˆHâß#∞.
W+¨µì_çQÍ fã¨∞‰õΩx `«# '*Ï"≥∞„\˜H± „_®~ÚOQÆ∞— J#fl ѨÙã¨ÎHÍxfl <Õ#∞ HÍ^äŒeH± „H˜ã≤ìÜ«∞<£x. WO\˜H˜ "≥àϧHõ =∂ J=∞‡QÍ~°∞
WKåÛ_»∞. <å`À KÕ`«∞Å∞ HõeÑ≤ P<å\˜ #∞O_ç <å‰õΩ K«Hõ¯\˜ <å‰õΩ "Õ∞Hõ =∂Oã¨O`À =O_ç# ‰õÄ~°`À Éè’[#O ÃÑ\Ïì~°∞.
=∂~°^æ ~Œ ≈° ‰õΩ_»Ü∂« º_»∞. J`«_∞» JO`«ÖÏ Ç¨Ï~îå`«∞QÎ Í =∂iáÈ=\ÏxH˜ 'J^Õq∞\˜?— Jx „ѨtflOz# <å‰õΩ =∂ J=∞‡ ã¨=∂^è•#O Wã¨∂Î
HÍ~°}O =∂„`«O <å‰õΩ `≥eÜ«∞x ~°Ç¨Ï㨺OQÍ<Õ q∞yeáÈ~ÚOk. ZѨC_»∂ ÃÑ>Ëì =∂Oã¨O ‰õĈ~ Jx K≥ѨÊ_®xH˜, ''UO? ã≤OǨÏO
ã¨O=`«û~åÅ∞ ^˘i¡áÈÜ«∂~Ú.... =∂Oã¨O`À ‰õÄ~° =O_ç ÃÑ\Ïì##∞‰õΩO@∞<åfl"å? u#∞-u#∞!——
1980= ã¨O=`«û~°OÖ’ <Õ#∞ yO_çÖ’ Zãπ.S.Zãπ.S.Ö’ J<åfl~°∞. <Õ#∂ u<Õâß#∞. HÍx P<å\˜ ~å„u =∂„`«O <å ‰õ_∞» ѨÙÖ’
L^ÀºQÆO KÕ¿ã"å_çx. XHõ™êi <å ã¨ÇϨ Ÿ^Àºy N HÔ .Zãπ. #@~å[<£ XHõ>Ë <˘Ñ≤Ê`À ‰õÄ_ç# =∞O@! U^À <åHõ_»∞ѨÙÖ’ ã≤OǨÏO
ÃãÅ=Ù g∞^Œ LO_»@O =Å# J`«_»∞ W<£Kåi˚QÍ L#fl Ancilliary QÆi˚ã¨∞Î#fl@∞¡, Jk <å Hõ_»∞ѨÙ#∞ `«# QÀà◊¡`À w~°∞`«∞#fl@∞¡
Development `«~°Ñ¶¨Ù# <Õ#∞ g∞\˜OQÆ∞‰õΩ "≥à◊¡=Åã≤ =zÛOk. ÉèíÜ«∞OHõ~°"≥∞ÿ# ÉÏ^èŒ! =∂ J=∞‡QÍix ÖËÑ≤, <å Ѩiã≤÷u K≥áêÊ#∞.
Wk ÉèÏ~°`« „ѨÉ∞íè `«fi ã¨Oã¨"÷ åiH˜ K≥Ok# Ç≤ÏO^Œ∞™ê÷<£ >ˇe„Ñ≤O@~üû Pq_» QÀ~°∞ "≥K«Û\˜ hà◊¡`À "≥#fl uxÑ≤OzOk. HÍx <˘Ñ≤Ê
"åi HÍ~åºÅÜ«∞OÖ’ x~°fiÇ≤Ïã¨∞Î#fl áê¡O@∞ ™ê÷~Ú g∞\˜OQÆ∞. =∂„`«O `«QÆæÖË^Œ∞. rã¨ãπ#∞ „áêi÷OKå#∞ QÍx ã≤OǨÏQÆ~°˚#,
"åi HÍ~åºÅÜ«∞O <å PѶ‘ã¨∞‰õΩ ѨHõ¯<Õ LOk. w~°@O U=∂„`«O `«QÆæÖË^Œ∞. JѨC_»∞, =∂ J=∞‡QÍi`À WÖÏ
P HõOÃÑhÖ’H˜ „Ѩ"ÕtOKåHõ H˘#∞QÀÅ∞ qÉèÏQÆOÖ’ XHõ h #∞^Œ∞@#∞#fl <å=∂xfl <åÅ∞Hõ`À <åˆHâß#x K≥Ñ≤Ê, ^•xH˜
É’~°∞¤ HõxÑ≤OzOk - 'áêÖòáêO_»º<£, a.W. [#~°Öò "Õ∞<Õ[~ü nxH˜ U"≥∞ÿ<å ã¨O|O^èŒO LO^• Jx „ѨtflOKå#∞.

x*Ï~ÚfQÍ ã¨OáêkOK«∞ - =∞Oz H˘~°‰õΩ qxÜ≥∂yOK«∞.

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=∂ <å#flQÍ~°∞ „ÔH·ã¨Î= <å_®~ü† =∂ J=∞‡QÍ~°∞ Ç≤ÏO^Œ∂ 1983Ö’ <Õ # ∞ =∂ <å#flQÍ~° ∞ ~° z Oz# ''=∞OA
<å_®~ü. Pq_»k Nqe¡ ѨÙ`«∂Î~°∞. WÖÏ J<åfl~°∞ - ''K«∂_»∞! ~å=∂Ü«∞}Ïxfl—— „ѨK∞« iOKåÅ#∞‰õΩ<åfl#∞. "≥∞ãÿ ∂¨ ~°∞ =∞Ǩ~å*Ï"å~°∞
#∞=Ùfi U<å_» ∂ W`« ~ ° ∞ Å =∞`« Ñ ¨ ~ ° " ≥ ∞ ÿ # Éè Ï "åʼnõ Ω ÃÑ\˜ì# áÈ\©Ö’ áêÖËæ#O^Œ∞‰õΩ PÜ«∞# ~å=∂Ü«∞}Ïxfl ZO`À
ÉÏ^èHŒ eõ yOK«‰Äõ _»^∞Œ . <Õ#∞ PO_®à◊√ [x‡Oz# Nqe¡ ѨÙ`«∂~Î ∞° Ö’ =∞^èŒ∞~°OQÍ, =∞OAÅOQÍ, ã¨OH˜∆ѨÎOQÍ 247 â’¡HÍÅÖ’ ~°zOz
[x‡OKå#∞. Pq_» #~°ã≤OǨϙêfiq∞H˜ Q˘Ñ¨Ê Éèí‰õΩÎ~åÅ∞. "Õ∞=Ú Ñ¨Oáê~°∞. ^•xH˜ |Ǩï=∞u ÅaèOzOk. '#_®^Œ∂~°∞ J=∂‡àò—
Nqe¡ ѨÙ`«∂Î~°∞‰õΩ ^ŒQÆæ~°Ö’#∞#fl J_»q „Ѩ^ÕâßxH˜ "≥o¡#ѨC_»ÖÏ¡ „@ã¨∞ì `«~Ñ° Ù¨¶ # „ѨK∞« iOK«É’ÜÕ∞ D „QÆO^ä•xH˜ „ѨH@õ #Å∞ W=fi=∞x
ÉèíÜ«∞OHõ~°"≥∞ÿ# =#º=∞$QÍÅ #∞O_ç ~°H˜∆OK«∞‰õΩ<ÕO^Œ∞‰õΩ, PO_®à◊√ J_»∞QÆ∞`«∂ <Õ<˘Hõ Hõ~°Ñ¨„`åxfl „ѨK«∞iOKå#∞. =∂ HÍ~åºÅÜ«∞O
#~°ã≤OǨϙêfiq∞ÃÑ· ~°zOz# #$ã≤OǨϙêfiq∞ â’¡HÍxfl ѨiîOz, q∞„`«∞ʼnõΩ "å\˜x W^•Ì=∞#fl L^ÕÌâ◊ºO`À P Hõ~°Ñ¨„`åÅ#∞
ÉèíÜ«∞O áÈQ˘@∞ìHÀ=∞x =∂ ÃÑ^ŒÌ"å~°∞ K≥¿ÑÊ"å~°∞. fã¨∞‰õΩ"≥à◊√Î<åfl#∞.
WѨC_»∞ <Õ#∞ PO_®à◊√ ~°zOz# #~°ã≤OǨϙêfiq∞ ã¨∞Îux ^•iÖ’ áêÖòáêO_»º<£`À U^À PѶ㑠∞¨ Ѩx QÆ∞iOz HõÅ=_®xH˜
ѨiîOz „áêi÷™êÎ#∞ Jx K≥Ñ≤Ê ''Pq_» „áêi÷ã¨∂Î LO_»QÍ <åÉÏ^èŒ J`«x QÆkÖ’H˜ "≥àÏ¡#∞. J`«_∞» ##∞fl PǨfixOz ‰õÄ~ÀÛ=∞<åfl_»∞.
<≥=∞‡kQÍ LѨâ=◊ ∞#O á⁄O^Œ∞`«∂ =zÛOk.—— Jx <å‰õΩ q=iOz# J`«_»∞ á¶êº#∞ ã≤fiKü "≥Ü«∞ºQÍ<Õ <å Hõ~°Ñ¨„`åÅ∞ ZQÆ∞~°∞`«∂
áêÖòáêO_»º<£ P ÉèÏQÍxfl K«k"å_»∞ Jk 'u~°∞áêÊ"≥·—Ö’x 23= XHõ\ ˜ J`«x KÕ`«∞Ö’¡ Ѩ_çOk. J`«_»∞ K«kq =∞ixfl q=~åÅ∞
áêâ◊√~°O. `«q∞à◊O ~åx áê~î°‰õΩÅ ™œHõ~åº~°÷O ^•x ã¨O㨯 $`« <å#∞O_ç `≥Å∞ã¨∞‰õΩ<åfl_»∞. <Õ#∞ K≥Ñ≤Ê# q+¨Ü«∂Å∞ q#QÍ<Õ,——
J#∞"å^•xfl g∞ =ÚO^Œ∞ LOK«∞`«∞<åfl#∞.. nxx =∂ J#flQÍÔ~#· WѨC_»∞ <å `«ÑC¨ ‰õΩ „áêÜ«∞tÛ`«OÎ KÕã∞¨ HÀQÆeQˆ J=HÍâ◊O ÅaèOzOk.
i>ˇ~ÿ ∞° ¤ S.U.Zãπ JkèHÍi ÉÏÅHõq ã¨∞O^Œ~~° å[<£ QÍ~°∞ ~°zOKå~°∞. <Õ#∞ WO`«\ ˜ ã¨`å¯~åºxH˜ <å=O`«∞ ã¨Ç¨ÏHÍ~åxfl JOk™êÎ#∞.
üÁƒwu  q™Áá∫ÀÆ uåu¸oÁz TÏ“Áão∫z B#∞QÍx #∞=Ùfi ##∞fl ã¨Ç¨Ü«∞O ZO^Œ∞‰õΩ J_»QÆÖË^Œ∞?——
˃ƒÁåΩ ™wTÁuáú: ü§ÏÜÆ tÁ“Nz˛uqoz: @ ''#∞=Ùfi „ÔH·ã¨Î=Ù_çq Hõ^•, Ç≤ÏO^Œ∂ ^èŒ~°‡ „QÆO^ä•xH˜ ZÖÏ
Nz˛Ã∫ÁlÆÏtØÁÆåΩ uƒáÓÆ ƒ…™| ÃØÁ¬åΩ ã¨Ç¨Ü«∞Ѩ_»QÆÅ=Ù?——
tyV|ÆåΩ ƒúÏÆ|sÁ ÃTu\|oÊ üuo…eoz @@ ''J^ÕO ã¨=∞㨺HÍ^Œ∞. =∂ HõOÃÑh "å~°∞ <å‰õΩ H˘xfl
o˚tzƒ “z! o™Á¬úÏ…úåy¬! ÃÁÊüoÊ JkèHÍ~åÅ∞ WKåÛ~°∞. <Õ#∞ =∂ HõOÃÑh „ѨH@ õ ##∞ D ѨÙãÎ̈HÍxH˜
EÁ¬ÆÁutoÁzD•ÆÏúznÆ ÃÏãt∫z Ù϶Áƒ¬z @ WzÛ, <å =O`«∞ ã¨Ç¨ Ü«∂xfl JOkOK«QÅÆ #∞. JÖψQ <å áêáêxH˜
ƒy∫uÃÊ“uƒ…b∫z uåuƒ…Æ åu≥ÁN˛yu |oÊ „áêÜ«∞tÛ`«Î=¸ KÕã¨∞HÀQÆÅ#∞?——
N˛ÁÆ|™•ÆƒznÆ ÃÊüÃyt “zDÀ™tWΩTåz! @@ P Hõ∆}OÖ’ #~°ã≤OǨϙêfiq∞ "åi Ѷ¨∞#H©iÎ ZO`« Q˘Ñ¨Ê^À
áêÖòáêO_»º<£ uiy WÖÏ K≥áêÊ_»∞. ''P<å\˜ #∞O_ç <Õ#∞, `≥e™⁄zÛOk. =∞~˘Hõ™êi PÜ«∞# Q˘Ñ¨Ê^Œ#O <å‰õΩ ã¨Ç¨ Ü«∞Ѩ_Oç k.
<å =ÚYº"≥∞ÿ# q∞„`«|$O^•Å∞ H˘`«Î q^•º~°∞÷Å =∞`«Ñ¨~°"≥∞ÿ# #~°ãO≤ Ǩϙêfiq∞ Ѷ∞¨ #`«#∞, Jxfl HÍÖÏÖ’¡ JO^Œ~∂° ã¨fi~°Oæ Ö’,
qâßfi™êÅ#∞ ZO`«=∂„`«O ÉÏ^èÃŒ Ñ@ì‰Äõ _»^#Œ fl x~°Ü ‚ ∂« xH˜ =KåÛ=Ú. D Éèí∂„ѨѨOK«OÖ’ ZÅ¡"Õà◊ÖÏ H©iÎã¨∂Î<Õ LO\Ï~°∞. „Ѩã≤kúÔHH˜¯#
J~Ú`Õ #∞=Ùfi Hˆ =ÅO 16 Uà◊¡ H˘`«Î q^•ºi÷QÍ JHõ¯_»‰Ωõ =KåÛ=Ù. PÜ« ∞ # g~° ` « fi O`ÀÉÏ@∞ PÜ« ∞ # B^•~° º =¸ JO^Œ i h
JO^Œ∞ˆH P~À*Ë Hõ∆=∂Ѩ}Å∞ K≥ѨC‰õΩ<ÕO^Œ∞‰õΩ <å JǨÏO PHõ @ ∞ì H À=_» O =Å<Õ PÜ« ∞ ##∞ 'qâ◊ $ `å`« ‡ —QÍ H© i Î ™ êÎ ~ ° ∞ .
J_˘¤zÛOk!—— áêÖòáêO_»º<£ WѨC_»∞ =∞~˘Hõ =∞Oz L^•Ç¨Ï~°}QÍ xeKå_»∞.
J`«_∞» `«# =∞#ã¨∞#∞ qÑ≤Ê K≥¿ÑÊã¨iH˜ <å‰õÄ, =∂ <å#flQÍ~°∞ 'qâ◊$`å`«‡— <å=∞[ѨO =Å# =∞#=¸ „Ѩãk≤ xú á⁄O^Œ=K«∞Û.
J_çy# P<å\˜ „Ѩâfl◊ - ''<å=∂xfl ^èiŒ OKÕO^Œ∞‰õΩ #∂~°∞`«∞#flѨC_»∞ x*ÏxH˜ PÜ«∞<Õ „Ѩã≤kúx ‰õΩiÑ≤OKÕ Q˘Ñ¨Ê™êfiq∞.
#~°ã≤OǨϙêfiq∞ c*ÏHõ∆~åÅ#∞ ѨiîOKå"å? Ö’x JO`«~å~°÷O x~°∞H˜Î „ѨHÍ~°O
D<å_»∞ `Õ@`≥Å¡=∞~ÚOk. P<å\˜ #∞O_ç áêÖòáêO_»º<£, <Õ#∞ uƒÀ™Æzå »ÏoÊ tzƒ{: ï“Ê ÆÀÆÁútÁåN˛™Ω @
QÍ_è» q∞„`«∞Å∞QÍ =∂~å=Ú. `«~°∞K«∞ HõÅ∞ã¨∂Î LO_Õ"å~°O. ∆y¬Ê o{uƒ|»ÏoÁn™Á ™“ÁN˛yuo|ütÁz ™åÏ: @@
XHõ™êi `«#∞ ##∞fl „ѨtflOKå_»∞ - ''P<å_»∞ <Õ#∞ KÕã≤# „Ñ≤Ü«∞"≥∞ÿ# '"åH±— Ѩ„uHõ áê~î°‰õΩÖÏ~å! =∞#O ‰õÄ_® =∞#
`«Ñ¨C‰õΩ U^≥·<å ѨiǨ~°O LO^•?—— K«Hõ¯\˜, „âı+¨ª"≥∞ÿ# =ºH˜Î`«fiO, #_»=_çHõ =Å# „Ѩã≤kú á⁄O^Œ=K«∞Û.
''UO Ѩ~åfiÖË^∞Œ . „¿Ñ=∞Ö’ - ~åºyOQÆ∞Ö’ Jhfl K≥Å∞¡`å~Ú. JO^Œ∞ˆH zÅ∞‰õÄ~°∞Ö’ "≥Åã≤# ÉÏÖÏr ~°∂áêxfl ^蕺xã¨∂Î,
JO`ÕHÍ^Œ∞, #∞=Ùfi h á⁄~°áê@∞#∞ „QÆÇ≤ÏOK«∞‰õΩ<åfl=Ù. WOˆH Ѩ~°=∂`«‡#∞ 'qâ◊$`å`«‡<Õ #=∞ó— J#fl <å=∞O`À H©iÎã¨∂Î LO>Ë
„áêÜ«∞tÛ`«ÎO J=ã¨~°OÖË^Œ∞!—— Ѩk=∞OkÖ’ Z=Ô~·<å Q“~°"åxfl, H©iÎx á⁄O^ŒQÆÅ~°∞.
=¸_Õà◊√¡ QÆ_çKå~Ú. ''FO qâ◊$`å`«‡<Õ #=∞ó—— O

ã¨Ç¨Ü«∞O KÕã≤# "åiH˜ Hõ$`«[˝`«Å∞ K≥ѨÊ@O =∞~°∞=‰õΩ.

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ÃÊ ú ÁtN˛yÆ ...
ßTƒÁå »y ∫Á™ osÁ »y™¸Á™Æm N˛¡úN˛ N˛Á ÃzƒÁ N˛∫z
ßTƒÁå ∫Á™ ™ÆÁ|tÁ úϪ Áz ™ “{ EÁ{∫ ßTƒÁå uƒ…mÏ N˛Á EƒoÁ∫ “{, Gã“Áıåz ™Áåƒ \Áuo á™| N˛Áz uÃQÁåz Nz˛ u¬L Ù¿Áb Nz˛
úÏfi Nz˛ øú ™ı EƒoÁ∫ u¬ÆÁ sÁ EÁ{∫ á™| N˛Á LN˛ √ÆuO˛nƒ §åz@ ∫Á™Áz uƒT¿“ƒÁå á™|: á™| N˛Á Eúåz ƒÁÀouƒN˛ Es| §oÁÆÁ u\ÃN˛Á
Es| uN˛Ãy N˛Áz ßy tÏQy å“Î N˛∫åÁ “{@ Eu“ÊÃÁ ú∫™Ázá™|: N˛Áz Gã“Áıåz uÃQÁÆÁ EÁ{∫ Ãßy N˛Áz EåÏÃ∫m N˛∫ƒÁÆÁ@
N˛ªmÁ ÃÁT∫ ßTƒÁå »y ™“Áuƒ…mÏ åz Fà tÏuåÆÁ ™ı Go∫z oÁuN˛ ∫Á™ Ãßy ¬ÁzTÁı N˛Áz uåáÁ|u∫o ÃåÁoå á™| ™Ó¡ÆÁı ú∫ \yåz
EÁ{∫ ™Ázq üÁõo N˛∫åz Nz˛ u¬L u∆qÁ ty@ Gã“Áıåz ™ÁåƒÁı N˛Áz ÃÁz| ™ o∫yNz˛ Ãz ™Áåƒ \yƒå N˛Á åzownƒ N˛∫åz Nz˛ o∫yNz˛ Nz˛ §Á∫z ™ı
uÃQÁÆÁ@ LN˛ EXZÁ §zbÁ N{˛Ãz §åı, LN˛ EXZÁ úuo “y å“Î, §u¡N˛ LN˛ ßÁF|, LN˛ tÁzÀo, LN˛ ™ÁÀb∫, LN˛ ú∫ÁzúN˛Á∫y, ∆ÁÃN˛,
LN˛ ZÁfi EÁ{∫ LN˛ ÆÁzÚÁ N{˛Ãz §åz FÃN˛y u∆qÁ ty@ Gã“Áıåz úÓ∫y tÏ uåÆÁ N˛Áz ÃÄÁÁF| Nz˛ ™ÁT| ú∫ N{˛Ãz Y¬ı EÁ{∫ u∆qN˛ Nz˛ ÃÁs N{˛ÃÁ
√ƃ“Á∫ “Áz FÃz uÃQÁÆÁ@ Æ˘uú ∆ÏÚ Ã‹ƒ Yu∫fi Nz˛ ÃÁs ÃÁz|ÄÁ “Ázåz Nz˛ åÁsz Gã“ı t∆∫s Nz˛ úÏfi Nz˛ øú ™ı ú“YÁåÁ \ÁåÁ úÃÊt sÁ@
tzƒy ™“Á¬fl™y åz ßy ßTƒÁå Nz˛ ÃÁs EƒoÁ∫ EÁ{∫ ÃyQ utÆÁ uN˛ LN˛ úfiy Nz˛ N{˛Ãz “Ázåy YÁu“L@ Gã“Áıåz utQÁÆÁ “{ uN˛ úuoƒ¿oÁ
™u“¬ÁEÁı ™ı Foåy oÁN˛o “Ázoy “{ uN˛ EuSå ßy Gå“z MÆ GåNz˛ E¬ÊN˛Á∫ Nz˛ úÏ…ú ™z uÀso u“™u§ãtÏ N˛Áz ßy ZÓN˛∫ ∆Áz m å“y N˛∫
¬fl™m åz utQÁÆÁ uN˛ “∫ ßTƒÁåΩ N˛Áz ∆z nƒ EsÁ|oΩ ÃzƒÁ uN˛Ã üN˛Á∫ N˛∫åÁ YÁu“Æz @ ƒz 14 ƒ | ƒåƒÁà ™z uå¸Á -
EÁ“Á∫ osÁ ÃÁÊÃÁu∫N˛ ÃÏQ N˛Áz nÆÁTN˛∫ ågz ßÁF| N˛y ÃzƒÁ N˛y GåNz ˛ §‰gz ßÁF| ßÁ∫o åz tÏuåÆÁ N˛Áz utQÁÆÁ uN˛ ßTƒÁå ∫Á™ Nz˛ ßO˛
N{˛Ãz √ƃ“Á∫ N˛∫oz “¯ EÁ{∫ ƒz tÓÃ∫Áı Nz˛ Ãßy úÁúÁı N˛Áz Eúåz Hú∫ ¬z ¬zoz “¯@ Fà o∫“ GåN˛y ßuMo sy uN˛ ∫Áåy N˛Á{áÆÁ åz ÀƒÆÊ
“\Á∫Áı ∫Á™Áı Nz˛ §Á∫Á§∫ LN˛ ßÁ∫o Nz˛ N˛“N˛∫ GåN˛y ü∆ÊÃÁ N˛y@ ∆fiÏUå çÃz ZÁzbz sz ƒz ßTƒÁå Nz˛ ßO˛ Nz˛ ßO˛ sz EÁ{∫ ß∫o
N˛y ÃzƒÁ N˛∫Nz˛ ßy EuáN˛ TÏm N˛™ÁÆÁ@ ƒz ßÁTƒo ßuO˛ N˛Áz t∆Á|ÆÁ@
Ãßy úÁfiÁı Nz˛ ÃÁs ßTƒÁå ∫Á™ N˛Á EƒoÁ∫ ™Áåƒ \Áuo Nz˛ u¬Æz ∫Á™ÁÆm §åÁåÁ Nz˛ u¬L “ÏEÁ sÁ@ \Áz LN˛ úuƒfi úÁe
“{ EÁ{∫ ßTƒÁå ∫Á™ N˛Áz N˛¡úåÁ üN˛Á∆ N˛“Á \ÁoÁ “{ ƒz tzƒy ÃyoÁ EÁ{∫ Eúåz ßÁFÆÁı, “åÏ™Áå EÁ{∫ t∫§Áu∫ÆÁı Nz˛ ÃÁs ÃÏå“∫z
uÃÊ“ÁÃå ú∫ §{eoz “¯@ LzÃÁ N˛“Á \ÁoÁ “{ uN˛ Fà úÁe N˛y úÓ\Á N˛∫åz Ãz úÓ\Á N˛∫åz ƒÁ¬z N˛y Ãßy FXZÁLÊ N˛¡úƒwq Nz˛ ÃÁ™Áå úÓ∫Á
“Ázoy “¯@ ∫Á™ÁÆm Æ“ÁÊ Ãßy FXZÁEÁı N˛Áz úÓ∫Á N˛∫zTy EÁ{∫ \yuƒo üÁumÆÁı N˛Áz ∆ÁæÁo EÁåÊt Nz˛ ÃÁs ™Ázq ßy ütÁå N˛∫zTy@ \§
™“ÁßÁ∫o ÆÏÚ Qo™ “Áz TÆÁ sÁ, oÁz Ã{uåN˛Áı, ÆÁzÚÁEÁı ™ı ÆÏÚ N˛∫åz ƒÁ¬z Nz˛ƒ¬ 8 ¬ÁzT \yuƒo sz@ N˛∫Áz‰gÁı úϪ Áı åz EúåÁ \yƒå
QÁz utÆÁ@ á™|∫Á\ N˛Á LN˛ ÃÁ™¿Á[Æ sÁ \Áz ƒwÚÁı, uƒáƒÁEÁı EÁ{∫ §ÄÁÁı Ãz ß∫Á sÁ@ ƒ“ Fà ÙÀÆÁ N˛Á “¬ Nz˛ u¬Æz ßy…™ Nz˛ úÁÃ
TÆz \Áz TÊßy∫ ∫Á[Æ N˛y ÙÀÆÁ N˛Á ÙÁáÁå N˛∫åz Nz˛ u¬L oy∫Áı N˛y ∆{´ÆÁ ú∫ ¬zbz “ÏL sz@ ßy…™ åz Gã“ı úÓ∫z ÃÁ™¿Á[Æ ™ı ∫Á™ÁÆm
N˛Á uå™Êfim tzåz EÁ{∫ uƒ…mÏ Ã“œÁåÁ™ Nz˛ úÁe N˛y √ƃÀsÁ N˛∫åz N˛y ìÁ“ ty@ ÀNÊ˛t úÏ∫Ám ™ı, J u  åÁ∫t Æ“ ßy N˛“oz “¯ uN˛
N˛¬yÆÏT ™ı ∫Á™ÁÆm N˛Á u\N¿˛ N˛∫åz Ãz Eú™Áå\åN˛ √ƃ“Á∫Áı N˛y Euß√ÆuO˛ÆÁı Ãz üßÁuƒo ¬ÁzTÁı N˛Áz ÙÁáÁå u™¬oÁ “{@
ßTƒÁå ∫Á™, Eúåy ∆ÏÚ Ã‹ƒ TÏmÁı Nz˛ EÁáÁ∫ ú∫ Ã|∆uO˛™Áå “Ázåz Nz˛ åÁoz Ã|tÁ ™Wï¬ “y N˛∫ ÃN˛oz “¯@ GåNz˛ Ãßy
N˛ÁÆ| ™Wï¬™Æ “Ázoz “¯@ ÆÏÚ ™ı ™Á∫z TL 14000 ∫ÁqÃÁı N˛Áz ƒÁÀoƒ ™ı ™Á∫Á å“Î TÆÁ sÁ, ¬zuN˛å J u  Nz˛ øú ™ı ƒÁúà ¬Á{bz EÁ{∫
ut√Æ uåƒÁà ú∫ EÁÃyå “ÏL@ ÆÏÚ N˛∫åz ƒÁ¬z EãÆ ∫ÁqÃÁı EÁ{∫ ÆÏÚ ™ı ™Á∫z TL EãÆ ∫ÁqÃÁı åz ßy ut√Æ uåƒÁà N˛Áz üÁõo uN˛ÆÁ@
ßTƒÁå ∫Á™ ÆÁ ∫Á™ÁÆm N˛y uåãtÁ N˛∫åz Ãz ßTƒÁå ∫Á™ N˛Áz QÏ∆y å“Î “ÁzTy EÁ{∫ uN˛Ãy N˛Áz LzÃÁ N˛ÁÆ| N˛∫åz Ãz tÓ∫ ∫“åÁ YÁu“L@
ƒz T{∫-uƒæÁÁuÃÆÁı \Áz LzÃÁ N˛∫oz “¯ Gã“ı Æ“ ™“ÃÓà N˛∫åÁ YÁu“L uN˛ GåNz˛ Eo: EuƒæÁÁà N˛Á ܃uå oÁuN|˛N˛ EÁáÁ∫ å“Î “{ EÁ{∫
LN˛ §Á∫ \§ ƒz üuou§Êu§o “Ázoz “{Ê oÁz GåNz˛ úÁà ßTƒÁå ∫Á™ EÁ{∫ ∫Á™ÁÆm ™ı uƒæÁÁà N˛∫åz Nz˛ E¬ÁƒÁ N˛ÁzF| uƒN˛¡ú å“Î “ÁzTÁ@
Eåão øú Ãz üN˛b “Ázåz ƒÁ¬z ßTƒÁå N˛Áz Ãyu™o ¬ÁzTÁı ˚Á∫Á å“Î \ÁåÁ \Á ÃN˛oÁ “{@ ƒ“ Ãßy \yuƒo üÁumÆÁı N˛Á LN˛™Áfi N˛Á∫m
“{ EÁ{∫ ƒz ÃÏ∫qÁ Nz˛ u¬L GåNz˛ Hú∫ uåß|∫ ∫“oz “¯@ §¿÷ÁÊg N˛y úÓ ∫y ümÁ¬y GåNz˛ ˚Á∫Á “y Y¬ÁÆy \Áoy “{ EÁ{∫ ƒ“ Gã“ı Ãßy
\ø∫oÁı Nz˛ ÃÁs ütÁå N˛∫oz “¯ EÁ{∫ Gã“ı Hú∫ GeÁoz “¯@ LzÃÁ ¬ToÁ “{ uN˛ ßTƒÁå ∫Á™ EÁ{∫ ∫Á™ÁÆm Nz˛ EÁ¬ÁzYN˛Áı N˛y ÃÊPÆÁ ™ı
N˛™y EÁF| “¯@ uY¬NÏ˛∫ ™ı “™åz ßTƒÁå ∫Á™ N˛Áz üÃëÁ N˛∫åz N˛Á ¢{˛ ìÁ uN˛ÆÁ “{ EÁ{∫ §Áu∫∆ osÁ ÃÏQ ∆ÁÊuão Nz˛ u¬L ∫Á™ ÃÊN˛yo|å
EÁ{∫ ∫Á™ÁÆm úÁ∫ÁÆm uN˛ÆÁ \Á ∫“Á “{@ uY¬NÏ˛∫ ™ı LN˛ úÓ∫z utå ∫Á™ÀoÏuo N˛∫ §Áu∫∆ Nz˛ u¬L üÁs|åÁ N˛∫ ∫“y sy EÁ{∫ ÃÊTyoN˛Á∫Áı
åz úÓm| ßuO˛ Nz˛ ÃÁs FÃz TÁÆÁ sÁ@ ƒ“ÁÊ ßuO˛ N˛Á LN˛ §‰gÁ ƒÁoÁƒ∫m §å TÆÁ sÁ@ Ãßy Ãz üÁs|åÁ N˛∫oz “¯ uN˛ §Á¬Á\y Nz˛ øú
™ı ßTƒÁå ∫Á™ uåãtN˛Áı N˛Áz ™Á¢˛ N˛∫ tıTz EÁ{∫ EXZz Ã™Æ oN˛ §Áu∫∆ tıTz, oÁuN˛ EXZy ¢˛Ã¬ı ütÁå “Áz ÃNz˛@
N˛Á¬z ƒ |oÏ ú\|ãÆ: úwusƒy ÃÀÆ∆Áu¬åy@ tz∆Áz zDÆÊ qÁzß∫u“o: §¿Á÷mÁÀÃãoÏ uåß|ÆÁ: @@
§Át¬Áı Ãz Ã™Æ ú∫ §Áu∫∆ EÁoy “{ EÁ{∫ \™yå N˛Áz “∫Á ß∫Á §åÁåz ƒÁ¬y ¢˛Ã¬Áı N˛Áz GTÁåz tzoy “{@ Ãßy ¬ÁzT ßTƒÁå
∫Á™ osÁ ∫Á™ÁÆm Nz˛ ßO˛ §åı EÁ{∫ FÃu¬L uN˛Ãy ßy EÁútÁ Ãz uåg∫ “ÁzN˛∫ \yÆı@
`«Ñ¨C „`À= #_çKÕ h =∞#ã¨∞û hâ◊„`«∞=x `≥Å∞ã¨∞HÀ.
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uƒ…mÏ Ã“œÁåÁ™Áƒ¬y TÁsÁ - 209

uƒ»ÏoÁn™åz å™:
-gÁ} .ƒy.LÃ.
. ƒy.LÃ. N˛ªmÁN˛∫åΩ B.E.(Mech.), M.A. (Sanskrit), Ph.D. EåσÁtN˛ : gÁ} . ÃÏ ™ å¬oÁ

ÃåΩ 1963 ™ı ™¯ ™tÏ∫{ Nz˛ uåN˛b uoªõúm|NÏ˛ÊtÓ™Ω åÁ™N˛ LN˛ ƒu∫…e uƒ˘Ásy| åz <<™{ EÁtz∆tzoÁ “Ó uN˛ E§ Ãz
ütz∆ ™ı uÀso <<nÆÁT∫Á\ N˛Á¬z\ EÁ¢˛ FÊ\uåÆ∫ÎT>> ™ı FÊ\åyÆu∫ÊT oÏ™ Eúåy u∆QÁ N˛Áz N˛Áb gÁ¬ÁzTz EÁ{∫ ™ÏQ ú∫ Fà Eåσw
N˛y újÁF| N˛∫åz üƒz∆ u¬ÆÁ sÁ@ ™z∫z ƒ“Á ∫“åz Nz˛ u¬L ™z∫z (ú{∫Á§Áz¬Á) N˛Áz å“Î ¬TÁEÁzTz!>> N˛“oz “ÏL ™z∫z Yz“∫ N˛y EÁz∫
uúoÁ\y åz, “™Á∫z LN˛ u∫≈oztÁ∫ Nz˛ V∫ ™ı EÁƒÁà N˛Á ü§ãá FÊuTo uN˛ÆÁ@
uN˛ÆÁ sÁ@ u∫≈oz ™ı ÃÏãt∫ƒ∫tå\y ™z∫z ßÁF| ¬Toz “¯@ GåN˛Á V∫ (GÃ Ã™Æ Gà uƒ˘Ásy| Ãz üÆÏO˛ ƒ“ ú{∫§Áz¬Á (Eåσw )
™tÏ∫{ Nz˛ üuÃÚ <åÁÆN˛∫ ãÆÓ Àb~yb> ™ı “{@ ÃÏãt∫ƒ∫tå \y EÁ{∫ ∆£t N˛Á Es| ™Ï^z å“Î ™Á¬Ó™ sÁ@ ú∫ƒoy| N˛Á¬ ™ı ∫zQÁTumo
GåN˛y únåy ÃÏãt∫y™um ßÁßy\y åz ™Ï^z GåNz˛ V∫ §‰gz õÆÁ∫ Nz˛ Nz˛ úÏÀoN˛Áı Nz˛ EÜÆÆå Ãz ™Ï^z úoÁ Y¬Á uN˛ ú{∫Á§Áz¬Á (Eåσw )
ÃÁs ÀƒÁTo uN˛ÆÁ EÁ{∫ Eúåz V∫ ú∫ ∫Q N˛∫ ™z∫z újÁF| Nz˛ ƒÁz ∫zQÁ “{, \Áz ™z∫z H܃|úÏÊg~ (ƒ{…mƒÁı Ãz ¬TÁÆÁ \Áåz ƒÁ¬Á
tÁ{∫Áå §“Ïo EXZz jÊT Ãz ™z∫Á tzQßÁ¬ uN˛ÆÁ sÁ@ uo¬N˛) Nz˛ EÁN˛Á∫ ™ı “Ázoy “{@
Gå utåÁı ™ı FÊ\åyÆu∫ÊT EÁ{∫ ™zugN˛¬ N˛Á¬z\Áı ™ı üƒz∆ ™¯ åz ÃÁzYÁ uN˛ Æ“ ç “ÊÃy-™„\ÁN˛ “{ EÁ{∫ tÓÃ∫z
N˛∫åz ƒÁ¬z åL uƒ˘Áus|ÆÁı N˛Á ∫zuTÊT N˛∫åÁ (uYjÁåÁ EÁut) LN˛ utå ™¯ ÆsÁƒoΩ Eúåy u∆QÁ EÁ{∫ uo¬N˛ áÁ∫m N˛∫ ™“Áuƒ˘Á¬Æ
EuåƒÁÆ| §y™Á∫y §åN˛∫ ¢{˛¬y “ÏF| sy@ ú“ÏÂYÁ@
N˛Á¬z\ ™ı üƒz∆ ¬zåz ƒÁ¬z uƒ˘Áus|ÆÁı ™ı Ãz ™¯ ENz˛¬Á N˛¬ Nz˛ “y uƒ˘Áus|ÆÁı Nz˛ ^Ïl‰g åz ™Ï^z úN˛‰gÁ EÁ{∫
“y LN˛ LzÃÁ uƒ˘Ásy| sÁ, u\ÃN˛y ƒ{…mƒ ÃÊütÁÆ Nz˛ EåÏÃÁ∫ LN˛ QÁ¬y ütz∆ ™ı ¬z Y¬z@ Gå™ı Ãz LN˛ uƒ˘Ásy| åz ™z∫y ¬Ê§y
uÃ∫ ú∫ u∆QÁ sy EÁ{∫ ¢˛Á¬ ú∫ H܃|úÏÊg~ N˛“¬Áåz ƒÁ¬Á uo¬N˛@ u∆QÁ (\Áz YÁzby \{Ãy “Ázoy “{) N˛Áz QÎYN˛∫ úN˛‰gÁ@ GÃåz N˛“Á
ƒ“Á újÁF| N˛∫åz üƒz∆ FÃu¬L u¬ÆÁ MÆÁıuN˛ ou™¬åÁgÏ - <<oz∫y Æ“ ¬Ê§y u∆QÁ “™ı ¬‰guN˛ÆÁı N˛y ÆÁt ut¬Á ∫“y “{@
™ı uÀso úÓ∫z Z: FÊu\uåÆu∫ÊT ™“Áuƒ˘Á¬Æ ™¸Áà uƒæÁuƒ˘Á¬Æ úyZz Ãz tzQåz ú∫ oÏ™ §‰gz ÃÏãt∫ ¬T ∫“z “Áz@ YÓÂuN˛ “™Á∫z
Nz˛ “y EÊoT|o “y EÁoz sz@ N˛Á¬z\ ™ı ¬‰guN˛ÆÁ å“Î “¯, oz∫z Fà ÃÏãt∫ øú N˛Áz úyZz Ãz
™Ï^z ߬yßÁÊuo À™∫m “{@ 1963 Nz˛ \ϬÁF| ™Á“ N˛y uå“Á∫ N˛∫ “™¬ÁzT QÏ∆ “Áz \ÁLÊTz@ ¬‰guN˛ÆÁı Nz˛ å “Ázåz N˛y
YÁ∫ oÁ∫yQ@ Gà N˛Á¬z\ ™ı ™z∫Á ú“¬Á utå@ ƒ“Á üƒz∆ ¬zåz Nz˛ N˛™y LzÃz úÓ∫y “Áz \ÁLTy@ FÃu¬L oz∫y u∆QÁ oÁz Y¬zTy! ú∫ãoÏ
u¬L ∆Ï¡N˛ ß∫oz Ã™Æ “y “™Á∫z NÏ˛Z ƒu∫…e uƒ˘Áus|ÆÁı åz ™Ï^z Æ“ <ú{∫Á§Áz¬Á> oÁz å“Î Y¬zTy@ FÃz u™bÁåÁ “y ú‰gzTÁ>>@
tzQN˛∫ ÆÁt ∫Q u¬ÆÁ sÁ uN˛ ™¯ GåNz˛ ∫zuTÊT Nz˛ u¬L LN˛ (Gå utåÁı ™ı FÊ\uåÆu∫ÊT ú‰jåz Nz˛ u¬L ¬‰guN˛ÆÁı N˛Áz
EXZÁ å™ÓåÁ “ÓÂ@ uß\Áoz å“Î sz@ ™z∫z uƒƒÁ“ Nz˛ §Át ™¯ åz Eúåz u™fi Tmz∆
LN˛ ^Ïl‰g, ™Ï^z úN˛‰gN˛∫ \y ß∫ Nz˛ ™z∫Á ™„\ÁN˛ G‰gÁåÁ ∫Á\å N˛Áz V∫ ú∫ ßÁz\å Nz˛ u¬L EÁ™Êufio uN˛ÆÁ sÁ@ §ÁoÁı
EÁut N˛∫, tÓÃ∫z ^Ïl‰g N˛Áz ÃÁıú utÆÁ N˛∫oz sz@ Æ“ úu∫“Áà §ÁoÁı ™ı GÃåz ™z∫y únåy Ãz N˛“Á - <<§“å\y! Gå utåÁı ™ı
QÁ¬y Ã™Æ ™ı EÁ{∫ N˛qÁEÁı Nz˛ §yY u™¬åzƒÁ¬z ZÁzbz-ZÁzbz Eão∫Á¬Áı N˛ªmÁN˛∫åΩ §‰gÁ ÃÏãt∫ utQoÁ sÁ@ “™Á∫z N˛Á¬z\ ™ı ¬‰guN˛ÆÁı Nz˛
™ı Y¬oÁ sÁ@ å “Ázåz N˛y N˛™y GÃÃz ßoy| “ÏF| sy@>>
LzÃz “y ™z∫z ÃÁs ™„\ÁN˛ N˛∫oz ÙÆ, “™Á∫z uN˛Ãy ú∫ƒoy|N˛Á¬ ™ı ™z∫y únåy åz Tmz∆ ∫Á\å Nz˛ ∆£tÁı N˛Áz
ƒu∫…e uƒ˘Ásy| åz ™Ï^Ãz ü≈å uN˛ÆÁ <<oÏ©“Á∫Á åÁ™ MÆÁ “{?>> ™Á{N˛Á u™¬oz “y ™Ï^ ú∫ ∆ÕÁÁı Nz˛ ÙÁå üÆÁzT N˛∫oy EÁåz Nz˛
™¯ åz G ∫ utÆÁ - <<N˛ªmÁN˛∫å>>@ N˛Á∫m ™Ï^z Gå ∆£tÁı N˛Á EÁåÊt ¬zåz N˛Á EƒÃ∫ “y å“Î u™¬Á)
Fà ú∫ tÓÃ∫z uƒ˘Ásy| åz N˛“Á - <<tzQÁz! oÏ©“ı, “™ı Gà utå ™z∫y ∫{uTÊT N˛∫åzƒÁ¬z uƒ˘Áus|ÆÁı ™ı Ãz úÁ¬
™ÁååyÆ ƒu∫…e FÊ\åyÆ∫ Ã∫!>> Nz˛ øú Ãz ÃʧÁzuáo N˛∫åÁ “ÁzTÁ@ úÁulgÆå åÁ™Nz˛ uƒ˘Ásy| åz ™z∫z T¬z N˛Áz “Ás Ãz úN˛‰gN˛∫ N˛“Á
ü≈åÁı N˛Á G ∫ tzoz ÙÆ, <<EÁú Nz˛ ÃÁ∫z EÁtz∆Áı N˛Á úÁ¬å - <<E§ oz∫z ™ÏQ Nz˛ Fà ú{∫Á§Áz¬Á N˛Áz Eúåy \yß Ãz ÃÁ¢˛N˛∫,
N˛øÂTÁ!>> ßy \Áz‰gåÁ “ÁzTÁ Ù^z? GÃz “„\™ ßy N˛∫ ¬ÓÂTÁ tzQ!>> N˛“oz-N˛“oz GÃåz N˛∫ utQÁÆÁ
<<eyN˛ “{! ™ÁååyÆ ƒu∫…e FÊ\åyÆ∫ Ã∫!>> N˛Á G ∫ ßy!
™¯åz oÁzoz Nz˛ ÙÁå ∫b utÆÁ@ åL uƒ˘Áus|ÆÁı Nz˛ u¬L FÃNz˛ <<EÁ\ Ãz oz∫z ™ÏQ ú∫ Fà ú{∫Á§Áz¬Á N˛y ZÏcy “Áz
E¬ÁƒÁ N˛ÁzF| EÁ{∫ GúÁÆ “y å“Î@ ßÓQz ßzu‰gÆÁı Nz˛ ÃÁ™åz Q‰gz TF|@ N˛¬ Ãz Fà ú{∫Á§Áz¬Á uƒ“yå ™ÏQ Nz˛ “y “™¬ÁzT t∆|å
™z™åÁı N˛y t∆Á “Ázoy “{ åL uƒ˘Áus|ÆÁı N˛y@ N˛∫ıTz Ù^z?>> GÃåz ™ÁåÁz VÁz mÁ N˛∫ ty@

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™z∫y EÁÂQÁı Ãz E»ÏáÁ∫Á üƒÁu“o “Áz ∫“y “{@ ™ÏQÃz LN˛ À™∫m EÁÆÁ@ ™Ï^z ¬TÁ uN˛ Æ“ ƒ“y “Áz ÃN˛oÁ “{@
ßy ∆£t å“Î uåN˛¬ ∫“Á “{@ tÏQy ™åÃz GtÁà “ÁzN˛∫ V∫ ú“ÏÂYÁ@ EYÁåN˛ Eúåz N˛™∫z ™ı Ãz úÁ¬úÁÊg∞å ÃÁ™åz EÁoz
™ÁåÁı ™¯ úÓ∫y o∫“ Ãz bÓb TÆÁ@ utQÁ, \Áz Eßy EÁÆÏ ™ı §‰gÁ “Áz TÆÁ “{@ ™Ï^z GÃåz ú“YÁåÁ
™¯åz Eúåz uúoÁ\y Ãz ÃÁ∫y §Áo N˛“y@ Gã“Áıåz ÃÁzYÁ EÁ{∫ ü≈å uN˛ÆÁ - <<oÏ™ N˛ªmÁN˛∫åΩ “y “Áz å? ™¯ åz <“ÁÂ>
sÁ uN˛ ™Ï^z ƒ“Á ∫“åz N˛Á ü§ãáN˛∫, ET¬z utå ƒz “™Á∫z TÁƒ N˛“Á@>>
Nz˛ u¬L uåN˛¬ ú‰gıTz, oÁuN˛ ™¯ ÃÊ߬ \ÁHÊTÁ@ ™z∫y Fà §Áo <<MÆÁ oÏ™åz ™Ï^z å“Î ú“YÁåÁ? ™¯ oÏ©“Á∫z N˛Á¬z\
N˛Áz ÃÏååz Nz˛ §Át GåN˛Á ü≈å sÁ uN˛, <<H܃|úÏÊg~¬TÁåz Nz˛ u¬L N˛Á ÃyuåÆ∫ - úÁ¬úÁÊg∞å!>>
o{ÆÁ∫y N˛∫oz ÙÆ, MÆÁ oÏ™åz ™z∫z EÁtz∆ÁåÏÃÁ∫ å∫uÃÊ“ ÀƒÁ™y ™¯ GÃz N{˛Ãz ßÓ¬ ÃN˛oÁ “ÓÂ?
Nz˛ §y\ ™Êfi N˛Áz ú‰joz “ÏL uo¬N˛ áÁ∫m uN˛ÆÁ sÁ? ET∫ oÏ™åz sÁz‰gy tz∫ GÃNz˛ ÃÁs Tú∆ú “ÏF|@ §{eN˛ ™ı ßÁT ¬zN˛∫
™z∫z Fà N˛så N˛Á úÁ¬å uN˛ÆÁ sÁ oÁz oÏ^z MÆÁ uYãoÁ? ÀƒÆÊ ™¯ Eúåz N˛ÁÆÁ|¬Æ ƒÁúà EÁTÆÁ@
ßTƒÁå å∫uÃÊ“ oz∫y ∫qÁ N˛∫ıTz@>> tÓÃ∫z utå “™Á∫z N˛ÁÆÁ|¬Æ ™ı EÁL úÁ¬úÁÊg∞å N˛Á
Æ˘uú GÃ Ã™Æ ™Ï^z GåNz˛ ÃÁ∫z ∆£tÁı ™ı uåu“o TÓjÁs| ™¯åz ÃÁt∫ ÀƒÁTo uN˛ÆÁ@ GÃåz N˛“Á - <<N˛ªmÁN˛∫å! oÏ©“z
N˛Á úoÁ å“Î sÁ, u¢˛∫ ßy ET¬z utå Eúåz Yz“∫z ú∫ H܃|úÏÊg~ “™Á∫z N˛Á¬z\ Nz˛ utå ÆÁt “ÁıTz “y@ ™¯åz oÏ©“ı §“Ïo ÃoÁÆÁ ßy
uo¬N˛ N˛Á áÁ∫m N˛∫, §‰gz ÃÁ“à Nz˛ ÃÁs N˛Á¬z\ TÆÁ@ sÁ@ ™Ï^z §“Ïo E¢˛ÃÁzà “Áz ∫“Á “{@ ™Ï^z ™Á¢˛ N˛∫Áz!>>
§‰gz EÁ≈YÆ| N˛y §Áo! Gå ƒu∫…e uƒ˘Áus|ÆÁı Nz˛ ^Ïl‰g <<E∫z! Gå §ÁoÁı N˛Áz ZÁz‰g tyu\L! \Áz “ÁzåÁ sÁ, ÃÁz
™ı Ãz N˛ÁzF| LN˛ ßy ™z∫z úÁà å“Î EÁÆÁ@ tÓÃ∫z uƒ˘Ásy|, \Áz EÁL “Áz TÆÁ@ ƒ{Ãz EÁúåz ™Ï^z <[ÆÁu™oy g~ÁFÊT> N˛y §“Ïo EXZy
sz, GåN˛Á oÁz Nz˛ƒ¬ åÁ™ ™Áfi Nz˛ u¬L sÁ@ uN˛Ãy åz ßy ™z∫z uN˛oÁ§ ßıb N˛y sy@>>
uo¬N˛ áÁ∫m Nz˛ §Á∫z ™ı YÓ å“Î N˛y@ <<§Áo ƒ“ å“Î! \Áåoz “Áz Gà utå ™Ï^z MÆÁ “ÏEÁ
™¯ ßy ÃãoÏ…b “ÏEÁ uN˛ ßTƒÁå å∫uÃÊ“ “y ™z∫y ∫qÁ sÁ? EÁ\ ßy ™Ï^z ÆÁt “{ - ÃåΩ 1963 ™ı \ϬÁF| 7 oÁ∫yQ
N˛∫åz Y¬z EÁL@ N˛Á utå sÁ@>>
úÓ∫Á ™Á“ ß∫ LzÃz “ÁÃ-úu∫“ÁÃ, “ÂÃÁåÁ-ª¬ÁåÁ ç NÏ˛Z <<E∫z! EÁúåz Gà oÁ∫yQ N˛Áz N{˛Ãz ÆÁt ∫QÁ Ã∫?>>
N˛∫åz Nz˛ §Át, ƒu∫…e uƒ˘Ásy|, åL uƒ˘Áus|ÆÁı Nz˛ u¬L ß√Æ ™¯ åz §‰gz EÁ≈YÆ| Nz˛ ÃÁs úÓZÁ@
ÀƒÁTo ÙÁ∫Áz“ N˛Á EÁÆÁz\å N˛∫oz “¯@ \¬úÁå “ÁzoÁ “{@ §Ã, GÃåz £ÆÁz∫Á utÆÁ uN˛ - <<™Ï^z §“Ïo EXZy o∫“ Ãz
Gà utåNz˛ §Át N˛ÁzF| uN˛Ãy Nz˛ ÃÁs LzÃz ∫zuTÊT å“y N˛∫zTÁ! ÆÁt “{@ ™ÊT¬ƒÁ∫ N˛Á utå sÁ@ Yz“∫z ú∫ Eúåz ÃÊütÁÆ Nz˛ EåÏÃÁ∫
Gã“ı Eúåz u™fiÁı Nz˛ øú ™z ÀƒyN˛Á∫ N˛∫, úÏ∫Áåz uƒ˘Ásy|, åƒÁToÁı oÏ™Ãz ¬TÁL TL uo¬N˛ N˛Áz ™¯ åz Eúåy \yß Ãz YÁb u¬ÆÁ
N˛Áz ßzÊb tzoz “¯ EÁ{∫ Gã“ı QÏ∆ N˛∫oz “¯@ sÁ@ ™¯ F|ÃÁF| á™| N˛Á N{˛su¬N˛ “ÓÂ@ V∫ \Áåz Nz˛ §Át ™z∫y ™ÁÂåz
Gà EÁÆÁz\å Nz˛ utå úÁ¬úÁÊg∞å åz ™Ï^z u™fi Nz˛ øú ™Ï^z “™z∆Á N˛y o∫“ ßz‰g Nz˛ ™ÁÊÃÃz o∫N˛Á∫y §åÁN˛∫ ßÁz\å
™ı üN˛b N˛∫ ™Ï^z <[ÆÁu™oy g~ÁFÊT> N˛y uN˛oÁ§ ßıb N˛y sy@ uQ¬ÁÆÁ sÁ@ \§ ™¯ åz úÓZÁuN˛ <Æ“ MÆÁ “{>, ™z∫y ™ÁÂåz N˛“Á -
™Ï^Ãz “Ás u™¬Áoz “ÏL GÃy utå Ãz ƒ“ ™z∫Á EXZÁ u™fi EÁ{∫ <“™z∆Á N˛y o∫“ ßz‰g Nz˛ ™ÁÊà N˛y “y o∫N˛Á∫y “{, ∆z∫ Nz˛ ™ÁÊÃ
™ÁT|t∆|N˛ §åÁ@ uN˛ãoÏ GÙı LzÃz EYÁåN˛ úu∫ƒo|å EÁ\ÁåÁ ™z∫z Ãz §åy Ù^z MÆÁ?> ™¯åz ßy u§åÁ NÏ˛Z N˛“z QÁ u¬ÆÁ sÁ@
u¬L ∫“ÀÆ “y ∫“TÆÁ@ uN˛ãoÏ Gà utå Nz˛ ∫Áo ™ı ™z∫z úzb ™ı å\Áåz MÆÁı \¬å Nz˛
Ã™Æ N˛y Tuo ™ı ƒ | §yo TL..... ÃÁs tt| Geåz ¬TÁ@ ™ÁåÁz ∆z∫ ™z∫z úzb ™ı T∫\ ∫“Á “Áz EÁ{∫
ƒ | 1980 ™ı ™¯ uTÊgy ™ı uÀso LÃ.EF|.LÃ.EF|. ™z∫z úzb N˛Áz Eúåz åQÓåÁı Ãz QÏ∫Y ∫“Á “Áz@ ™Á N˛Áz GeÁN˛∫ ™¯åz
ÃÊÀsÁ ™ı åÁ{N˛∫y N˛∫ ∫“Á sÁ@ LN˛§Á∫ ™z∫z ÓN˛™y| »y Nz˛.LÃ. Eúåz tt| Nz˛ §Á∫z ™ı §oÁÆÁ, oÁz Gã“Áıåz ™Ï^z T∫™ úÁåy Nz˛
åb∫Á\å ZÏcy ú∫ ∫“åz Nz˛ N˛Á∫m, GåN˛y EÁz∫ Ãz Ancilliary ÃÁs ™MQå QÁåz N˛Áz utÆÁ@ ú∫ãoÏ ∫Á“o å“Î u™¬y@ ™¯åz \yÃÃ
Development Nz˛ §{eN˛ ™ı ™Ï^z \ÁåÁ ú‰gÁ, u\ÃN˛Á N˛ÁÆ|ßÁ∫ Ãz üÁs|åÁ N˛y@ ú∫ãoÏ tt| NÏ˛Z ßy N˛™ å“Î “ÏEÁ@ o§ \Á N˛∫
Gå ú∫ sÁ@ ßÁ∫o Ã∫N˛Á∫ N˛y ÃÊÀsÁ u“ãtÏÀsÁå bz¬y uüÊbÃ| Nz˛ ™¯åz Eúåy ™Á N˛Áz §oÁÆÁ uN˛ LzÃz ™¯åz oÏ©“Á∫z Yz“∫z ú∫ ¬TÁL
N˛ÁÆÁ|¬Æ ™ı õ¬ÁÊb Ào∫yÆ §{eN˛ ÃÊúëÁ “Áz ∫“Á sÁ@ ƒ“ N˛ÁÆÁ|¬Æ TL uo¬N˛ N˛Áz Eúåy \yß Ãz YÁb u¬ÆÁ “{@ MÆÁ Få tÁzåÁı ™ı
™z∫z N˛ÁÆÁ|¬Æ Nz˛ §T¬ ™ı “y sÁ@ N˛ÁzF| ÃʧÊá “{?>>
Gà NÊ˛úåy ™ı üƒz∆ N˛∫åz Nz˛ §Át, N¿˛Æ uƒßÁT Nz˛ ™z∫z uúoÁ\y F|ÃÁF| åÁ‰gÁ∫ ƒT| Nz˛ “¯ oÁz ™z∫y ™Á u“ãtÓ
LN˛ åÁ™ úc åz ™z∫z ÜÆÁå N˛Áz EÁN˛u |o uN˛ÆÁ u\à ú∫ u¬QÁ åÁ‰gÁ∫ “¯@ GåN˛Á \ã™ ÀsÁå »yuƒu® úÏ Ó∫ “{@ ™Ï^z ÃÏåoz “y
sÁ - <<úÁ¬úÁÊg∞å, §y.F|., \å∫¬ ™{åz\∫ (úYz|„\)>> FÃz ú‰joz Gã“Áıåz N˛“Á - <<tzQ §zbÁ! oÏ©“ı N˛ßy ßy tÓÃ∫Áı N˛y áÁu™|N˛
“y ™Ï^z “™Á∫z N˛Á¬z\ Nz˛ ™Ï^Ãz ƒu∫…e N˛qÁ Nz˛ uƒ˘Ásy|, u\Ãåz ßÁƒåÁEÁı N˛Áz ezà ú“ÏÂYÁåy å“Î YÁu“L@ ™z∫Á \ã™ EÁÊgÁ¬ Nz˛
Eúåy \yß Ãz ™z∫z H܃|úÏÊg~ N˛Áz YÁb u¬ÆÁ sÁ, N˛Á Eƒ≈Æ \ã™z »yuƒu®úÏ Ó∫ ™ı “ÏEÁ “{@ ƒz å∫uÃÊ“ÀƒÁ™y N˛y §‰gy ßuMoå

PtOKÕ =ÚO^Œ∞ JO^Œ∞‰õΩ HÍ=Åã≤# J~°›`«#∞ ã¨OáêkOK«∞HÀ.

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“¯@ “™ ƒ“Á Nz˛ \ÊT¬y ütz∆Áı Nz˛ EÁà úÁà \Áoz Ã™Æ “™Á∫z N˛y N˛sÁ N˛Áz ™áÏ∫-™Ê\Ϭ, Ã∫à ∆{¬yN˛Áı ™ı Nz˛ƒ¬ 247 ≈¬ÁzN˛Áı
§Ï\ÏT| “™Ãz N˛“oz sz uN˛ EÁÊgÁ¬ Ãz ∫YÁ TÆÁ å∫uÃÊ“ ú∫ ≈¬ÁzN˛ ™ı ∫YN˛∫ ßz\Á sÁ@ Fà ú∫ Gã“ı úÏ∫ÀN˛Á∫ u™¬Á sÁ@
N˛Áz ú‰jÁz! oÁuN˛ “™ ƒ“Á Nz˛ \ÊT¬y \Áåƒ∫Áı Ãz EÁ{∫ GåNz˛ ßÆ <å‰gtÓ∫ E©™Á¬ b~Àb> N˛y EÁz∫ Ãz üN˛Áu∆o N˛∫åzƒÁ¬z
Ãz ∫qÁ N˛∫ ÃN˛oz “¯@ E§ ™¯ oÏ©“Á∫z u¬L GÃy å∫uÃÊ“ ú∫ Fà T¿ãs ™ı uƒrÁúå tzåz Nz˛ u¬L üÁs|åÁ N˛∫oz “ÏL ™¯ åz ú∫Yz
u¬uQo ≈¬ÁzN˛ N˛Áz ú‰joz “ÏL oz∫z u¬L üÁs|åÁ N˛øÂTy@>> N˛“oy N˛Á üN˛Á∆å uN˛ÆÁ sÁ@ “™Á∫z N˛ÁÆÁ|¬Æy u™fiÁı ™ı §ÁÂbåz Nz˛ u¬L
“ÏF| ™Á åz ™z∫z u¬L üÁs|åÁ N˛∫åÁ ∆Ïø uN˛ÆÁ@ áy∫z-áy∫z ™z∫Á tt| ú∫YÁı N˛Áz ™¯ Eúåz ÃÁs ¬ÁÆÁ@
ßy N˛™ “ÁzoÁ TÆÁ>>@ FoåÁ ç N˛“åz Nz˛ §Át úÁ¬úÁÊg∞å åz ∫ÁÀoz ™ı úÁ¬úÁÊg∞å Ãz N˛ÁÆÁ|¬Æ ÃʧÊáy NÏ˛Z §Áo N˛∫åz
Gà ≈¬ÁzN˛ N˛Áz ßy ú‰jN˛∫ ÃÏåÁÆÁ@ ƒÁÀoƒ ™ı EÁÊgÁ¬ Ãz ∫uYo GÃNz˛ N˛q ™ı ú“ÏÂYÁ@ GÃåz ™Ï^z §{eåz Nz˛ u¬L N˛“Á EÁ{∫ úÊQÁ
<uoªõúÁƒ{> N˛Á 23 ƒÁ úÁ∆Ï∫™Ω “{@ ou™¬ å“Î \ÁååzƒÁ¬z úÁeN˛Áı YÁ¬Ó uN˛ÆÁ@ “ƒÁÁ Nz˛ N˛Á∫m ™z∫z “Ás Nz˛ ú∫Yz G‰goz TL EÁ{∫
N˛y ÃÏuƒáÁ Nz˛ u¬L GÃNz˛ ÃÊÀNw˛o EåσÁt N˛Áz ™¯ üÀoÏo N˛∫ GÃNz˛ “Ás ™ı LN˛ ú∫YÁ EÁTÆÁ@ GÃz ú‰jN˛∫ úÁ¬úÁÊg∞å ™Ï^Ãz
∫“Á “ÓÂ@ FÃN˛y ∫YåÁ ™z∫z ET¿\ EƒN˛Á∆ üÁõo EF|.L.Là EuáN˛Á∫y NÏ˛Z EÁ{∫ \ÁåN˛Á∫y ßy ¬y@ ™z∫y FXZÁ N˛Áz ÃÏåoz “y GÃåz N˛“Á
§Á¬N˛uƒ ÃÏãt∫ ∫Á\å åz N˛y “{@ - <<E§ ™Ï^z Eúåz Foåz ƒ | úÓƒ| uN˛L TL N˛™| Nz˛ úu∫“Á∫
üÁƒwu  q™Áá∫ÀÆ uåu¸oÁz TÏ“Áão∫z N˛∫åz N˛Á ™ÁzN˛Á u™¬ ∫“Á “{@ ™¯ oÏ©“Á∫z Fà ™“Áå N˛ÁÆ| Nz˛ u¬L
˃ƒÁåΩ ™wTÁuáú: ü§ÏÜÆ tÁ“Nz˛uqoz: @ Eúåy EÁz∫ Ãz ÓÆÁzT tÓÂTÁ! EXZÁ, oÏ™åz ™Ï^Ãz ÓÁÆoÁ MÆÁı
Nz˛Ã∫ÁlÆÏtØÁÆåΩ uƒáÓÆ ƒ…™| ÃØÁ¬åΩ å“Î ™ÁÂTy?>>
<<oÏ™oÁz F|ÃÁF| á™Á|ƒ¬Ê§y “Áz, LN˛ u“ãtÓ á™|T¿ãs Nz˛
tyV|ÆåΩ ƒúÏÆ|sÁ ÃTu\|oÊ üuo…eoz @@ üN˛Á∆å ™ı N{˛Ãz ™tt N˛∫ úÁEÁzTz?>>
o˚tzƒ “z! o™Á¬úÏ…úåy¬! ÃÁÊüoÊ <<Æ“ N˛ÁzF| §‰gy §Áo å“Î@ “™Á∫z NÊ˛úåy ƒÁ¬Áı åz ™Ï^z
EÁ¬ÆÁutoÁzD•ÆÏúznÆ ÃÏãt∫z Ù϶Áƒ¬z @ NÏ˛Z QÁà EuáN˛Á∫ utL “¯@ ™¯ Eúåy NÊ˛úåy N˛Á uƒrÁúå FÃ
ƒy∫uÃÊ“uƒ…b∫z uåuƒ…Æ åu≥ÁN˛yu |oÊ T¿ãs Nz˛ u¬L tzN˛∫ EúåÁ “Ás §ÊbÁ ÃN˛oÁ “ÓÂ@ Fà N˛ÁÆ| Ãz ™¯
N˛ÁÆ|™•ÆƒznÆ ÃÊüÃyt “zDÀ™tWΩTåz! @@ Eúåz úÁú N˛Á qÁ¬å ßy N˛∫ ÃNÓ˛ÂTÁ@>>
GÃy ú¬ ™Ï^z Ù^ ™ı EÁÆÁ uN˛ ßTƒÁå å∫uÃÊ“
úÁ¬úÁÊg∞å åz Eúåy §Áo N˛Áz EÁTz §jÁoz “ÏL N˛“Á uN˛oåz ™“ÁåΩ “¯@ LN˛§Á∫ u¢˛∫ ™¯ Ù^ ÃN˛Á uN˛ GåN˛y ™“ÁåoÁ
uN˛, Gà utå Ãz ™¯ EÁ{∫ ™z∫z u™fiÁı åz uåm|Æ u¬ÆÁ uN˛ “™, åz ™z∫y ÓÁÆoÁ N˛y@
åƒÁTo uƒ˘Áus|ÆÁı N˛y áÁu™|N˛ ßÁƒåÁEÁı N˛Áz N˛ßy ßy ezà å“Î å∫uÃÊ“ ÀƒÁ™y N˛Á Æ∆ÁzTÁå “∫ N˛Á¬ ™ı, “∫ ÙÆ,
ú“ÏÂYÁLÊTz@ GÃ Ã™Æ oÏ©“Á∫y EÁÆÏ Nz˛ƒ¬ 16 ÃÁ¬ sy@ Eo: ÀƒT| EsƒÁ úw·ƒy ú∫, “∫ ütz∆ ™ı “∫ N˛ÁzF| N˛∫oÁ “y ∫“oÁ “{@
oÏ©“Á∫z ÃÁ™åz q™Á ÆÁYåÁ N˛∫åÁ GÃ Ã™Æ ™z∫z E“™ Nz˛ N˛Á∫m GåN˛y ƒy∫oÁ Nz˛ ÃÁs-ÃÁs GåNz˛ ÃÁ{“Á¸| Yu∫fi ßy Ãßy N˛Áz
å“Î “ÏEÁ@ EÁN˛u |o N˛∫ §ÁÊá ∫Qåz Nz˛ “y N˛Á∫m Gã“ı <uƒ»ÏoÁn™Á> Nz˛ øú
úÁ¬úÁÊg∞å åz \§ Eúåz ™å N˛Áz ™z∫z ÃÁ™åz ∫QÁ oÁz ™ı üN˛yuo|o ßy uN˛ÆÁ \ÁoÁ “{@ §u¬úÁÊg∞å FÃN˛Á EÁ\ LN˛
Gà utå ™z∫z uúoÁ\y Ãz úÓZÁ TÆÁ ü≈å uN˛ - <<MÆÁ oÏ™ EÁ{∫ EXZz GtÁ“∫m §åN˛∫ ™z∫z ÃÁ™åz “{@
uo¬N˛ áÁ∫m N˛∫åz N˛y o{ÆÁ∫y N˛∫oz Ã™Æ EÁ{∫ Eúåz ßÁ¬ ú∫ <uƒ»ÏoÁn™Á> åÁ™ N˛Á \Áú N˛∫oz “ÏL “™ ßy uƒPÆÁo
uo¬N˛ ¬TÁoz Ã™Æ å∫uÃÊ“ÀƒÁ™y Nz˛ §y\Áq∫Áı N˛Á \ÁúuN˛ÆÁ?>> “Áz ÃN˛oz “¯@ ƒÁÀoƒ ™ı Æ∆ EÁ{∫ N˛yuo| N˛Áz §∫ÃÁåz ƒÁ¬z ÀƒÆÊ
N˛Á TÓ‰jÁs| EÁ\ ™¯ Ù^ ÃN˛Á@ ƒz “y “¯@
Gà utå Ãz §u¬úÁÊg∞å EÁ{∫ ™Ï^™ı Vuå…eoÁ §‰jy EÁ{∫ uåªuO˛ Nz˛ EåÏÃÁ∫
Fà §“Ïo EXZz u™fi §å TL@ uƒÀ™Æzå »ÏoÊ tzƒ{: ï“Ê ÆÀÆÁútÁåN˛™Ω @
LN˛ utå GÃåz ™Ï^Ãz ü≈å uN˛ÆÁ - <<Gà utå Nz˛ ∆y¬Ê o{uƒ|»ÏoÁn™Á ™“ÁN˛yuo|ütÁz ™åÏ: @@
™z∫z uN˛L N˛Á N˛ÁzF| úu∫“Á∫ “{?>> <ƒÁN˛Ω> Nz˛ uüÆ úÁeN˛Tm! “™ ßy Eúåz G ™ YÁ¬
<<N˛ÁzF| §Áo å“Î, õÆÁ∫ ™ı EÁ{∫ ∫{uTÊT ™ı çNÏ˛Z Y¬zTÁ@ Y¬å EÁ{∫ ∆y¬ Nz˛ N˛Á∫m üuÃÚ “Áz ÃN˛oz “¯@ FÃNz˛ u¬L
FoåÁ “y å“Î, Eúåz Gà N˛ÁÆ| ú∫ oÏ©“ı úZoÁƒÁ “Áz ∫“Á “{@ uY¬NÓ˛∫ ™ı uƒ∫Á\™Áå ßTƒÁå §Á¬Á\y Nz˛ øú N˛Á ÜÆÁå ßuO˛
§Ã, uN˛Ãy EÁ{∫ úu∫“Á∫ N˛y N˛ÁzF| EÁƒ≈ÆN˛oÁ å“Î@>> Ãz N˛∫oz “ÏL, GåNz˛ <uƒ»ÏoÁn™Á> åÁ™N˛Á \Áú ßuO˛ßÁƒ Ãz N˛∫ı@
oyå ƒ | §yo TL@ FÃNz˛ ˚Á∫Á ÙÁ\ ™ı N˛ÁzF| ßy √ÆuMo åÁ™ EÁ{∫ Æ∆ N˛Áz N˛™Á
ÃåΩ 1983 ™ı ™¯ Eúåz uúoÁ \y Ãz u¬uQo <<™Ê\Ï ÃN˛oÁ “{@ úÓ∫y ßuO˛ EÁ{∫ »ÚÁ Ãz \ÁuúL-
∫Á™ÁÆm>> åÁ™N˛ T¿ãs N˛Á üN˛Á∆å N˛∫åÁ YÁ“Á@ ™{ÃÓ∫ Nz˛ ™“Á∫Á\Á
Ãz EÁÆÁzu\o LN˛ ÀúáÁ| ™ı ßÁT ¬zåz Nz˛ u¬L Gã“Áıåz ∫Á™ÁÆm <<H uƒ»Ï o Án™åz å™:>>

"≥Å∞QÆ∞`«∞#fl nѨ"Õ∞ =∞~À náêxfl "≥eyOK« QÆÅ^Œ∞.

August '18 w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w 15 wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww VAK
Kadiri Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy Temple meaning are atrtributed to the word Khadri denoting the
Temples following Ahobila Mutt Sampradaya exists all place with a hill representing the feet of Vishnu. Another
over India. There are many such temples existing in version is that the town has been named after the Khadri
Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. VAK attempts to bring tree (Acacia catchedu) under which the idol of the local
some key temples to the notice of the readers. This temple of Narasimha Swamy is found. The place of Kadri
time it is about Kadiri temple which has a strong bondate and its surroundings are connected with several pouranic
with Ahobila Mutt.. legends. It is said that the sage Vedavyasa without being
Kadiri is a place in Ananthapur district and is situated known to asuras imparted lessons to his disciples and
between Pakala and Dharmavaram. This is a decently so the place is called Kedaranyam. The tradition is that
big town. This was a great Sri Vaishnava Agrahara the present town was formerly a jungle under the palegar
during the period of Vijayanagara empire. Although the of Patnam and that the town is attached with the temple
town has significantly changed over the years, one can which was named after the tree under which the idol was
see a feast of archeologically valuable structures and found in an ant hill. The jungle was cleared by the poligar
signatures of glorious past. Here we have a world and the temple built on the site. It is also said to be that
famous temple for Lord Lakshmi Narasimha. This temple the main deity in this temple was in wood like Puri
is twice as big as the Thiruvallur Veeraraghavaswamy Jagannadh in Orissa state and was housed on the branch
temple in Tamil Nadu. The image of Sri Narasimha swamy of Chandra Tree. It is also said that the main deity is
is in human form with Lion’s Head, is in the posture of Swayabhu. The Lord is further worshipped in the names
bearing the stomach of the demon Hiranyakasipu. The of Vasantha Vallabha or Vasantha Madhava as the pratishta
procession image of the deity (utsava idol) is beautiful was done in the Spring season. The river Maddileru, other
and in the form of Vishnu made of metal with Bhudevi wise called as the Arjuna River, (where Arjun did penace)
and Sridevi on either side. It is said that the gate way at has its pounranic fame as being the river on the banks of
West Rajagopuram, leads to the Bhrugu theertham tank which Arjuna did penace. The course of the river is through
where the uthsava murthies as per the sthalapurana were 6 theerthams called respectively: 1.Sweta pushkarini 2.
handed down to Bhrigu Rishi by the Lord himself in a Bhrugu Theertham 3.Sesha Theertham, 4. Kunti Theertham
box for his daily worship. 5. Laxmin Theertham, 6.Ganga Theertham 7. Garuda
The deity in the Sannidhi was worshipped in the past Theertham and 8. Bhavanasi Theertham.
by Sri Adi Van Satakopa Yatheendra mahadesikan, the The temple is enclosed in a 500 ft square high walled
first Jeer of Sri Ahobila Mutt and Rajaguru for the compound with 4 entrances having a gopuram at each
Vijayanagara dynasty. After him several Jeers of Sri entrance constructed. The stone sculpture in Yagna
Ahobila Mutt worshipped the deity and performed several mantapam is abound with lions. The temple is facing
utsavams to the deity. The Pushakarini (temple tank) east and the Kalyanamandapam is in its front. The layout
in this place is also known as Bhavanashini in the of the temple also somewhat resembles Ahobilam temple.
same lines as in Ahobilam. This clearly indicates the To the left of the temple there is Yagasala, a pakasala
relationship of this temple with Ahobilam. There are and Astana mandapam to the north where the utsava
separate sub-temples in the temple complex for Sri vigraha of the lord resides during the annual temple
Nammalvar, Sri Ramanuja and Sri Vedanta Desika. festival. An 80 ft square pushkarini is in the north east
Behind the temple there is the temple tank with a corner within the temple compound.
mantapam in the centre called the central Mantapam The inscriptions in the temple relate mostly to the Vijayanagar
of the tank and on the banks of the tank there is a period and are all in Telugu, except two. One of them on
huge Tirumanjana mantapam where Lord’s Abhisheka the south wall of the arthamantapam, states that the temple
utsavam is performed. On the streets around the temple was built by a Nayaka during the reign of Bukka Raya-I
there are several Mantapams to enable the saka 1274 (1332 A.D.). Another inscription near it, dated
Brahmotsavams for the Lord. Because this Lord bestows the next year records the gift of a jewel to the idol by Gopanna
bounties to the devotees there are many devotees who the commander-in-chief of Vijayanagara army under
come from distant places to worship the Lord. One Kampana Raya, the famous son of emperor Bukka Raya
of the greatest utsavams is Paaruvettai (the royal hunting) and the restorer of the Srirangam temple. Gopanna was
which is conducted in the tamil month of Thai (Makara an ardent disciple of Sri Vedanta Desika. A stone slab
month). In the distant past till the british period the is said to contain an inscription regarding this custom
temple trustees used to bring a tiger during this utsavam, which still prevails. Yet another inscription shown that in
let it lose and go for hunting it with weapons. Because the Salivahana Saka 1451, (1529 A.D.) the Palegar of
of a tragedy during 19 th century this practice was Tadipatri constructed the Vasanta mandapam adjacent
discontinued due to the orders of the British Government. to the prakaram (now called the thousand pillar mandapam)
In this temple every year there is special darshan for in which Anna danam is conducted. The shrine is vividly
the Dalit devotees similar to the practice followed in described as the Khadri Sthalapuranam in Brahmanda
Melkote Thirunarayana puram. The temple archakas Puranam. The temple car which is considered to be the
currently hail from Gandikota. The Ahobila Mutt relationship heaviest in South India contain numerous carvings and
with the temple is visible based on the history of the the Car streets contain several small mantapams on four
temple and several historic evidences. Here one can tall pillars in which the idol is set down and worshipped
also see sculptures of scenes from Vasanthika during festivals.
Parinayam, a play written by 7th Jeer of Sri Ahobila Mutt. The famous East, South, North, West Rajagopurams of this
The local hill called stotradri is the place where the devas temple were constructed by Vijayanagara Emperors,
worshipped the Lord after He destroyed the demon Chinnamma a devotee and, Kokanti Poligar respectively. The
Hinranyakasipu in the Durgam in Godduvelagala village popular king of Vijaya Nagara Sri Krishna Devaraya and
which is situated nearby to this town Kadiri. Some derivative Maharastra King Shivaji Maharaj have visited this famous temple.

`≥eÜ«∞x ^•xx `≥eã≤#@∞¡ #\˜OK«@O =Å# #+¨ì"≥∞‰õΩ¯=.

August '18 w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w 16 wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww VAK

~å=∂#∞AÅ∞ - Hõj‡~°∞Ö’x âß~°^•Ñ‘~î° „Ѩܫ∂}O

^è•~å"åÇ≤ÏHõ 12= ÉèÏQÆO.... `≥Å∞QÆ∞ J#∞"å^ŒO : N=∞u ã¨∞^è• ~°OQÆ~å[<£
[iy# Hõ^äŒ : ~å=∂#∞*ÏKå~°∞ºÅ∞ K«„Hõ^èŒ~åÅÜ«∞O KÕ~°∞‰õΩ#fl QÆ∞_ç"¤ åxH˜ K«∂Ѩ٠W=fiQÆey, Q˘„_®ex ã¨O`å#=ux KÕÜ∞« QÆey#
J^Õ ã¨ = ∞Ü« ∂ # H˜ ∆ u ~åA JHõ ¯ _» |㨠K Õ ã ≤ L<åfl~° ∞ . P =~°^Œ~å[™êfiq∞H˜ ##∞fl <Õ#∞ ã¨=∞iÊOK«∞‰õΩO\Ï#∞.
~å=∂#∞*ÏKå~°∞ºÅ Pâ◊Ü«∞O ™êkèOKÕO^Œ∞‰õΩ P ~åA ã¨Ç¨Ü«∞O ¬fl™y∆ úÏlg∫yN˛Áq Nw˛úÁÊ ∫Á™ÁåÏ\z oƒ @
fã¨∞HÀ"åÅ#∞‰õΩ<åfl~°∞ ˆHâ◊"åKå~°∞ºÅ∞. É’^è•Ü«∞#=$uÎ „QÆO^äŒ uåáÁÆ Àƒ™oz åÁs üuƒ…bÊ N˛oÏ|™“|uÃ@@
=∞Ǩ  `« º O „áê=ÚYº`« QÆ ∞ iOz =∞iÜ« Ú =∞Ǩ  *Ï˝ x N (F! ÅH©;<å^ä•! ™êfig∞! ^ŒÜ«∞KÕã≤ h Hõ$Ѩ#∞ ~å=∂#∞AxÃÑ·
Ü«∂=Ú<åKå~°∞ºÅ"å~°∞ WO`«\ ˜ Q˘Ñ¨Ê „QÆO^ä•xfl ZÖÏ QÆ∞iÎOK«Hõ „Ѩã¨iOK«∞, J`«xH˜ J^≥· fi`«O g∞k #∞O_ç "≥·+¨‚= ã≤^•úO`«OÃÑ·
=^Œ Å ∞‰õ Ω <åfl~° # fl 㨠O ^Õ Ç ¨  xfl ˆ H â◊ " åKå~° ∞ ºÅ"å~° ∞ x=$uÎ Jáê~°"≥∞ÿ# Pã¨H˜Î HõeˆQÖÏ K≥Ü«Úº=Ú)
KÕã¨∞HÀ^ŒÅKå~°∞. P ™êfiq∞ <å „áêKå~°∞ºx „áê~°÷#Å∞ q#fl@∞ìQÍ
N~å=∂#∞AÅ"å~°∞ H˘kÌ Hõ}∆ ÏÅ∞ Hõà√◊ ¡ =¸ã¨∞‰õΩ<åfl~°∞. JxÑ≤ã¨∞Î#flk. PÜ«∞# PtOz#@∞ìQÍ<Õ "≥·+¨‚= ã≤^•úO`«OÃÑ·
"åi 㨇 $uѨ^äŒOÖ’ „áêKå~°∞ºÅ∞ („áêKå~°∞º_»#QÍ QÆ∞~°∞=Ù‰õΩ *Ï˝<åaè=$kú KÕã∞¨ HÀ"åÅx <åÖ’ Jáê~°"∞≥ #ÿ `«$+¨#‚ ∞ HõeyOKå_»∞.
QÆ∞~°∞=Ù) NÜ«∂=Ú<åKå~°∞ºÅ∞ "≥∞kÖÏ~°∞ PÜ«∞# "≥∞Å¡QÍ kQÆ∞= H˘O`« H ÍÅO `« ~ ° ∞ "å`« N Ü« ∂ =Ú<åKå~° ∞ ºÅ"å~° ∞
â’¡HÍxfl ѨiîOKå~°∞. HÍOz=~°^∞Œ xÃÑ· ™È΄`«~`° åflxfl ~°zOKå~°∞. `«~∞° "å`« P â’¡HÍÅ#∞
å™Áz å™Áz ÆÁ™ÏåÁÆ ÆÁ™ÏåÁÆ å™Áz å™:@ `«# t+¨µºÅ‰õΩ É’kèOKå~°∞. H˘O`« HÍÅO `«~°∞"å`«, ##∞fl
å™Áz å™Áz ÆÁ™ÏåÁÆ ÆÁ™ÏåÁÆ å™Áz å™:@@ J#∞„QÆÇ≤ÏOKÕ xq∞`«ÎO `«# t+¨µº_»∞ HÍOpѨÓ~°∞‚x, <Õ#∞
Ñ≤^ŒÑ¨ WÖÏ =∂\Ï¡_»™êQÍ~°∞. =~°^Œ~å[™êfiq∞H˜ |OQÍ~°∞ ‰õΩO_»Ö’ f~å÷xfl fã¨∞‰õΩ=KÕÛ
''™êfig∞! <å „áêKå~°∞ºÖˇ·# NÜ«∂=Ú#=Úx D =∞^茺 ã¨=∞Ü«∞OÖ’ P â’¡HÍÅ#∞ ѨiîOK«=∞x P^ÕtOKå~°∞. t+¨µº_»∞
HÍÅOÖ’ k=OQÆ`«∞Öˇ·<å~°∞. PÜ«∞##∞ Hõeã≤ PÜ«∞# áê^•Å#∞ QÆ∞~°∞=Ù P*Ï˝#∞™ê~°O <å =ÚO^Œ∞ P â’¡Hõ Ѩ~î°#O KÕâß~°∞. D
#=∞㨯iOK«QÆey# g∞~°∞ J^Œ$+¨ì=O`«∞Å∞. <Õ#∞ HÍOpѨÙ~°OÖ’ „H˜Ok â’¡Hõ ÉèÏ= ™œO^Œ~åºxH˜ <Õ#∞ =∞O„`«=ÚQÆ∞ú_çx JÜ«∂º#∞.
L#flѨC_»∞ z#fl"å_çx HÍ=_»O =Å# PÜ«∞##∞ ^Œi≈OK«ÖËHõ ÀƒÁßÁuƒN˛ÁåƒuáN˛Áuo∆Æzu∆ownƒÊ
áÈÜ«∂#∞. PÜ«∞# =∞ǨÏ`«Î~° LѨ<庙êÅ∞ q<Õ ÉèÏQƺO ‰õÄ_® åÁ∫ÁÆm nƒuÆ å ™w…Æuo ƒ{utN˛: N˛: @
<å‰õΩ HõÅ∞QÆÖ^Ë ∞Œ . <å‰õΩ `≥eã≤O^ŒÖÏ¡ „áêKå~°∞ºÅ‰õΩ <åÃÑ· Jáê~°"∞≥ #ÿ
Hõ$Ѩ L#fl^Œ#fl q+¨Ü«∞O. HÍOpѨÙ~°OÖ’x N =~°^Œ~å[™êfiq∞ §¿÷Á u∆ƒ: ∆o™Q: ú∫™Àƒ∫ÁugnÆzoz
PÅÜ«∞OÖ’ Ü«∂^Œ=„ѨHÍâ◊√Å "åi t+¨º ã¨=¸Ç¨ÏOÖ’ ##∞fl uú ÆÀÆ ™u“™Ám|ƒuƒüÏ Àoz @@
"≥Ú^Œ\ ™˜ êi K«∂ã≤#ѨC_Õ P =∞Ǩ`«∞‡xH˜ <åÃÑ· J"åº["≥∞#ÿ Hõ$Ѩ (J~°O÷ :- F! <å~åÜ«∞}Ï! D J#O`« qâßfiÅxflO\˜H˜ JO^Œ∞Ö’x
U~°Ê_çO^Œx "≥O@<Õ PÜ«∞# =~°^Œ∞x =ÚO^Œ∞ "≥∂Hõie¡ <å‰õΩ J^Œ∞ƒù`« q+¨Ü«∂ÅHõ∞ HÍ~°}Éèí∂`«∞_»=Ù. "Õ^•Å#∞ JÉèíºã≤Oz, h
JѨÓ~°fi"≥∞ÿ# *Ï˝<åxfl „Ѩ™êkOK«=∞x "Õ_»∞‰õΩ<åfl~°x ^•x=Å# J^Œ∞ƒù`« QÆ∞}QÆ}ÏÅ#∞ Ziy#"å~°∞ h "≥·Ñ¨Ù PHõi¬OK«|_»‰õΩO_®
"≥·+¨‚= ™êO„Ѩ^•Ü«∂xH˜ <Õ#∞ Z#ÖËx ¿ã= KÕÜ«∞QÆÅ#x ZÖÏ LO_»QÆÅ_»∞? „|Ǩχ, t=, WO„^Œ, „ÉǨχÅO^ŒiÖ’ÔHÅ¡,
„áêKå~°∞ºÅ∞ „áêi÷OKå~°x =∂ QÆ∞~°∞=ÙÅ∞ N HõOzѨÓ~°∞‚Å"å~°∞ „âı+¨µì_»~Ú# „|Ǩχ`ÀÉÏ@∞ JO^Œ~°∂ L#fl`«"≥∞ÿ# h ã¨=Ú„^ŒOÖ’
<å‰õΩ K≥áêÊ~°∞. PÜ«∞# HõOz =~°^∞Œ x „áêi÷ã∂¨ Î D â’¡HOõ K≥áêÊ~°x h\˜ aO^Œ∞=ÙÖË).
‰õÄ_® JO\Ï~°∞. D â’¡HOõ q#flO`«<Õ <Õ#∞ J„ѨuÉè∞í _ç#Ü«∂º#∞. "≥O@<Õ
ÆÀÆ üÃÁtN˛¬ÆÁ §uá∫≈»wmÁzuo P ™êfiq∞ HÍà◊§ÃÑ· Ѩ_ç D â’¡HOõ ~°zOz# P =∞Ǩ#∞ÉèÏ=Ù_≥=~°x
úWΩTÏ:üáÁƒuo \ƒzå Y ƒuO˛ ™ÓN˛: @@ J_çQÍ#∞. ZѨÊ\˜#∞OKÀ <å‰õΩ#fl ã¨O^ÕǨÅ#∞ fiÛ# J`«x
Eãá:üú≈Æuo ÃÏoÊ ¬ßoz Y ƒãÜÆÁ =ÚO^Œ∞ "≥O@<Õ „Ѩ}q∞e¡ áê^•aè=O^Œ#O K≥Ü«∂ºÅxÑ≤OzOk
oÊ tzƒ™zƒ ƒ∫tÊ ∆∫mÊ ToÁz uÀ™ @@ HÍOzѨÓ~°∞_‚ xç PÜ«∞# =^Œ‰Ì Ωõ ##∞fl fã¨∞‰õΩ"≥à=¡◊ ∞x „áêi÷OKå#∞,
J~°÷O : `«# H˘kÌáê\˜ Hõ~°∞}ÏHõ\ÏHõ∆ gHõ∆}`À QÆ∞_ç¤"åxH˜ qxH˜_ç HÍh JHõ¯_» <Õ#∞ J#∞HÀxk [iyOk. =~°^~Œ å[™êfiq∞ =∞iÜ«Ú
„Ѩ™êkOz, ‰õΩO\˜ "åx #_çÑ≤Oz, =¸QÆ"åx =∂@HÍix KÕã≤, <å ‰õΩ@∞O|OÖ’x ÃÑ^Œ"Ì åi J#∞=∞u fã¨∞‰õΩx HÍOzѨÓ~°∞x‚ `À

JkèHÍ~° ^Œ∞ifixÜ≥∂QÆO ÃÑ^ŒÌ „Ѩ=∂^•Å#∞ `≥zÛÃÑ_»∞`«∞Ok.

August '18 w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w 17 wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww VAK
|Ü«∞Å∞^Õi "≥o§áÈÜ«∂#∞. HõOz #∞O_ç "Õ∞=Ú N~°OQÆO KÕ~∞° ‰õΩ<Õ Ñ¨~åâ◊~° =∞ǨÏ~°∞¬Å Q“~°"å~°÷O W^ŒÌ~°∞ N"≥·+¨‚=ÙʼnõΩ "åi ¿Ñ~°¡#∞
ã¨iH˜ <Õ#∞ HõÅ"åÅ#∞‰õΩ#fl P Q˘Ñ¨Ê =ºH˜Î Ѩ~=° ∂`«∞‡x ã¨xfl^è•<åxH˜ ÃÑ\˜,ì "åiH˜ "≥+· =‚¨ ã≤^•úO`åÅ∞ =∞iÜ«Ú W`«~° JOâßÅÖ’ K«H¯õ x
KÕ~°∞‰õΩ<åfl~°∞. HÍ"Õs#k X_»∞¤# D q+¨Ü«∞O `≥Å∞ã¨∞‰õΩ#fl <Õ#∞ tHõ∆} WÑ≤Ê™êÎ#∞.
ǨÏ`åâ◊√_ç<≥· „H˜O^ŒÑ¨_ç qÅÑ≤OKå#∞. `«~°∞"å`« QÆ∞O_≥ k@=Ù WÖÏ <Õ#∞ "åQÍú#O KÕã≤# `«Hõ∆}"Õ∞ „áêKå~°∞ºÅ KÕu
Ѩ~°K«∞‰õΩx Ѩ~°Ö’Hõ QÆ`«∞_≥· „ѨâßO`«OQÍ L#fl P =Úx =^ŒÌ‰õΩ "Õà◊√¡ `≥~°∞K«∞‰õΩx ѨÓ~°fiã≤÷uH˜ =KÕÛ™ê~Ú. Ѩ~°=∂â◊Û~°º=Ú Hõ^•!
"≥àÏ¡#∞. „ѨHÍâ◊=O`«OQÍ L#fl "åi â◊s~åxfl ѨsHõ∆QÍ K«∂_»QÍ, <åÃÑ· <å PKå~°∞ºÅ∞ xeÑ≤# ÉÏ^躌 `«#∞ J~°O÷ KÕã∞¨ ‰õΩ<åfl#∞ Hõ#∞Hõ<Õ
"åi KÕu "Õà◊√¡ =¸_»∞ ֒ѨeH˜ =Ú_»∞K«∞‰õΩx LO_»@O WHõ¯_ç=~°‰õΩ ~å=_®xH˜ Hõ$+≤ KÕâß#∞. WHõ g∞ Ô~O_À „Ѩâ◊fl, `«#∞
QÆ=∞xOKå#∞. ^•xH˜ HÍ~°}O Uq∞@x JHõ¯_»∞#fl t+¨µºÅ#∞ KÕÜ«∞^Œy# HÍ~°ºO QÆ∞~°∞=ÙQ͈~ ZO^Œ∞‰õΩ ѨÓiÎKÕã¨∞HÀÖË^Œ∞ J#fl
J_»∞QÆQÍ, "å~°∞ `«=∞‰õΩ `≥eÜ«∞^Œx, HÍh `å=Ú P "Õà◊¡#∞ ^•xH˜ <å ^ŒQÆæ~° ã¨=∂^è•#O ÖË^Œ∞. N Ü«∂=Ú<åKå~°∞ºÅ"å~°∞
`≥~=° ÖËHáõ È`«∞<åfl=∞x K≥áêÊ~°∞. PÜ«∞#‰õΩ f~°x HÀiHõÅ∞ U"≥∞<ÿ å Ü«∞=fi#OÖ’ L#flѨC_»∞ D „Ѩܫ∂}ÏxH˜ ѨÓ#∞‰õΩ<åfl~°h, HÍh
L<åflÜ«∂ Jx J_çQÍ#∞. t+¨µºÅ∞ "å\˜ QÆ∞iOz <å‰õΩ P „Ѩ^Õâ◊O x`«º `«∞~°∞+¨¯ ^ŒO_»Ü«∂„`«Å`À JÅ¡HõÖ’¡ÅOQÍ
q=iOKå~°∞. LO_»@O =Å#, ÃÑ^Œ"Ì å~°∞ P „ѨÜ∂« }O Hˆ =∆ ∞Hõ~O° HÍ^Œx ã¨ÅǨ
`«~°∞"å`« <å „áêKå~°∞ºxH˜ D =¸_»∞ "åQÍÌ<åÅ∞ WKåÛ~°x =∂ „áêKå~°∞ºÅ t+¨µºÅ∞, <å‰õΩ QÆ∞~°∞`«∞Å∞ºÖˇ·# N
KÕâß#∞. 'Ѩ~°=∞ ѨÓAºÖˇ·# PKå~°º=~åº! <å â◊s~°O ^Œ$_è»OQÍ ÃÑiÜ«∞#Oa QÍi <À\˜"≥O@ q<åfl#∞.
L#flѨÙ_»∞, <å QÆ∞~°∞=ÙQÍ~°∞ NÜ«∂=Ú<åKå~°∞ºÅ Pj~åfi^•Å∞ `«~°∞"åu ~ÀAÖ’¡ ~åAÅ∞ =∂~å~°∞, Ju Ѩ~å„Hõ=∞
<åÃÑ· "≥∞O_»∞QÍ LO_»QÍ, P ÉèíQÆ=O`«∞x Pâ◊, Pj~åfi^•Å∞ =O`«∞_»∞ H©.âı. N ã¨O„QÍ=∞ ~åAQÍ~°∞, `«∞~°∞+¨µ¯Å#∞
<åÃÑ· L#flO^Œ∞# <Õ#∞ D kQÆ∞= =¸_»∞ JOâßÅ#∞ ѨÓiÎK™Õ êÎ#x ZkiOzáÈ~å_ç "åix ^Œ∂~°f~åʼnõΩ `«iq∞"Õâß~°∞. HÍj‡~°∞
=∂@ Wã¨∞Î<åfl#∞. 1. `«q∞à◊ "Õ^•xfl "åºÑ≤Î KÕ™êÎ#∞. xëê‚`«∞_≥·# „Ѩ^Õâ◊=∞O`å âßOu"å`å=~°}O <≥ÅH˘#fl D ã¨=∞Ü«∞O
XHõ "≥·+¨‚=Ùx`À `«q∞à◊ „QÆO^ä•Å‰õΩ ÉèÏ+¨ºO „"å~Ú™êÎ#∞. 2. É’^è•Ü«∞# =$u΄QÆO^ä•xH˜ Q“~°==∞~åº^ŒÅ∞ K«∂Ѩ_®xH˜ Lz`«
É’^è•Ü«∞# =$uÎ „QÆO^ä•xfl J^茺ܫ∞#O KÕ™êÎ#∞ =∞iÜ«Ú ã¨=∞Ü«∞=∞x ÉèÏqã¨∞Î<åfl#∞. D „QÆO^ä•xfl ™êkèOK«_»OÖ’ g∞
"Õ^"Œ åºã¨∞x „|Ǩχã¨∂„`åʼnõΩ ÉèÏ+¨ºO „"å™êÎ#∞. 3. "åºã¨ =∞iÜ«Ú ã¨Ç¨Ü«∂xfl Ptã¨∞Î<åfl#∞. (ã¨âı+¨O)
All slokas Chant 28 times
FO Ѩ~°=∂`«‡<Õ #=∞ó G ú∫™Án™åz å™:
FO ǨÏ$+‘ˆHâßÜ«∞ #=∞ó For self employed people, for promotions and
G J  yNz ∆ ÁÆ å™: success in games.
For overcoming bad habits „H©_®HÍ~°∞ʼnõΩ, ã¨fiÜ«∞O LáêkèÖ’ L#fl "åiH˜, L#fl`«
^Œ∞~°Å"å@¡#∞O_ç q=ÚH˜Î á⁄O^Œ_®xH˜. Ѩ^Œ=ÙÅ∞ PtOKÕ "åiH˜.
FO =+¨\ϯ~åÜ«∞ #=∞ó G ƒ bΩN˛Á∫ÁÆ å™: FO Éè∂í `«ÉÏè =<åÜ«∞ #=∞ó G ßÓoßÁƒåÁÆ å™:
For Success in Business, Interviews, Visa
For better health. =∞Oz P~ÀQͺxH˜.
Interviews, building relationship
"åºáê~åaè=$kúH˜, WO@~°∂fi ºÅÖ’ ã¨Ñ¶¨ÅO FO ѨÓ`å`«‡<Õ #=∞ó G úÓoÁn™åz å™:
To remove mental stress and for mental
HÍ=_®xH˜ 㨇iOK«O_ç.
FO N=∞`Õ #=∞ó G »y™oz å™: =∂#ã≤ H õ P~ÀQͺxH˜ =∂#ã≤ H õ XuÎ _ ç #∞O_ç
Please Chant for Handsome Appearance and wealth.
â◊s~° ™œO^Œ~åºxH˜, ã¨OѨ^Œ‰õΩ.
FO JHõ∆~åÜ«∞ #=∞ó G Eq∫ÁÆ å™: FO â◊~°‡}Ë #=∞ó G ∆™|mz å™:
For Job Satisfaction
For Education and better Financial strength. L^ÀºQÆOÖ’, KÕ¿ã ѨxÖ’ JOH˜`« ÉèÏ"åxH˜, `«$Ñ≤ÎH˜.
q^•ºaè=$kúH˜ =∞iÜ«Ú Sâ◊fi~åºaè=$kúH˜.

u@∞ì Hõ<åfl u\Ïì_»#fl ÉèÏ=# Z‰õΩ¯= ÉèÏkã¨∞ÎOk.

August '18 w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w 18 wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww VAK

Ramanuja’s Journey to Sharada Peeth – Kashmir

Serial - 12 CSL Narasimhan
Lord Ramanuja, the great Vaishnavite seer whose saint saw me first in the group of disciples of
1000 th year birth day was celebrated this year Yadavaprakasha at Sri Varadaraja swamy temple,
throughout India with pomp and glory. He was a seer Kancheepuram he developed instant passion for me
who brought to light the concept of the whole universe and prayed to the Lord surrendering to him that I
as one family : Vasudhaiva kutumbakam and brought should be bestowed with best knowledge so that I
to light the right understanding and interpretation can do service to the Vaishnava sampradaya. It is
of Vedas and established equal chance for all living said that he recited the following sloka as prayer
beings to attain salvation at the end of the current to Lord Varadaraja :
birth by surrendering before the Lord – Saranagathi.
In order to putforth his understanding Lord Ramanuja ÆÀÆ üÃÁtN˛¬ÆÁ §uá∫≈»wmÁzuo
had to first understand what his predecessor Acharyas úWΩTÏ:üáÁƒuo \ƒzå Y ƒuO˛ ™ÓN˛: @@
have done to explain the Vedas. On this account
he visited atleast twice to Sharada Peetham of Eãá:üú≈Æuo ÃÏoÊ ¬ßoz Y ƒãÜÆÁ
Kashmir which was the seat of Goddess Saraswathi
and a huge store house of learning known as Shree
oÊ tzƒ™zƒ ƒ∫tÊ ∆∫mÊ ToÁz uÀ™ @@
Bhandaram. VAK is attempting to bring the interesting (meaning I surrender to Lord Varadaraja whose trace
items of this effort of Lord Ramanuja to its readers. of grace can make a deaf to hear, a lame to run, a
Story so far: dumb to speak, a blind to see and a woman without
potency to bet a child)
Obtaining the ordainment of Lord Varadaraja of Kanchi,
Lord Ramanuja and Kuresa set out to study ¬fl™y∆ úÏlg∫yN˛Áq Nw˛úÁÊ ∫Á™ÁåÏ\z oƒ @
Boudhayana Vrutti Grantha at Sharada peetham in
Kashmir. They had taken a fast route and reached uåáÁÆ Àƒ™oz åÁs üuƒ…bÊ N˛oÏ|™“|uÃ@@
Kashmir in just about 6 months time from Kanchi (O! Lord of Lakshmi, lotus eyed Lord! Please bestow
travelling almost everyday. They reached Chakradhara your compassion on Ramanuja and make him have
theertham at the outskirts of Kashmir and had been great interest in his own Vaishnava sidhdhanta rather
well received by a learned scholar Keshavacharya than Advaitha)
who till recently served as the Prime Minister of the It seems like the Lord has heard the prayers of my
King. When they had the darshan of Lord Chakradhara praacharya and he had bestowed me the inquisitiveness
there, Kshitiraja arrived in the temple and was camping. and knowledge to know more about the great
Keshavacharya was planning to take his help to help Vaishnava siddhanta. After some time Sri Yamunacharya
Lord Ramanuja. He was trying to understand how composed stotra ratna in the name of Lord of Devas
Boudhayana vrutti Grantha is important and missed of Kancheepuram. He then instructed the slokas to
the attention of the great saint Yamunacharya… his disciples. Some time later, probably he thought
Saint Ramanuja closed his eyes for a moment at of blessing me and he instructed his disciple
the rememberance of his Praacharya (Praacharya Kancheepurna to recite the sloka when I am performing
means the teacher of his teacher) Yamunacharya service to Lord Varadaraja by bringing water from the
and Slowly he recited: way side well in a golden pot. Sri Kancheepurna came
to Kanchi and when I was bring in water he was reciting
å™Áz å™Áz ÆÁ™ÏåÁÆ ÆÁ™ÏåÁÆ å™Áz å™:@ the Stotra ratna. I was fully attracted towards the
å™Áz å™Áz ÆÁ™ÏåÁÆ ÆÁ™ÏåÁÆ å™Áz å™:@@ devotional slokas and I got mesmerized when he recited:
“Oh! Revered Swamy, My praacharya, Sri Yamuna ÀƒÁßÁuƒN˛ÁåƒuáN˛Áuo∆Æzu∆ownƒÊ
Muni had recently passed away. You are lucky to
have met and prostrated before his feet. I had a very åÁ∫ÁÆm nƒuÆ å ™w…Æuo ƒ{utN˛: N˛: @
small chance to do so when I was young in §¿÷Á u∆ƒ: ∆o™Q: ú∫™Àƒ∫ÁugnÆzoz
Kanchipuram. I did not have the luck of listening to
his revered speech. All I knew was Sri Yamunacharya uú ÆÀÆ ™u“™Ám|ƒuƒüÏ Àoz @@
had a great compassion for me. I was told by one (Oh! Lord Narayana! You are by your nature the lord
of my Acharyas Kancheepurna that when the great of all the infinite universes and all the wonderful items

`«Ñ¨C#∞ ã¨=∞iúOK«@=∞O>Ë `«Ñ¨C KÕÜ«∞@"Õ∞.

August '18 w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w 19 wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww VAK
and who is that person following Vedas who does (1) As mark of love towards I will popularize the
not get attracted towards you because of your natural Tamil Veda. I will get an able Srivaishnava to
virtues. Brahma, Shiva, Indra, supreme Brahma of write commentary to the works,
all brahmas are all drops of your ocean of greatness) (2) I will study Bodhayana Vrutti Grantha and
I was stunned by the sloka and I at once approached undertake writing commentary to sage Veda
the great swamy who was reciting the sloka and Vyasa’s Bhramasutras.
enquired about its composer. I had the instant desire (3) I shall show respect to Vyasa and Parashara
of prostrating before the composer as he cleared my by naming two Sri Vaishnavas as Vyasa and
doubts with this sloka. I requested Kancheepurna Parashara and training them in all the aspects
to take me to him and the unforeseen item in my of Sri vaishnava siddhanta.
life happened. I took permission of Lord Varadraja
As soon as I promised the above, the three fingers
and also the permission of my elders and went along
became automatically straight. What a great surprise!.
the great soul Kancheepurna. By the time I reached
I felt that I have the ordainment and hence I have
from Kanchipuram to Sri Rangam where he was in
taken this effort. On your other question of why
his last days, he passed away. When I heard about
my Praacharya could not accomplish what he wanted,
this at the banks of Cauvery I fell down and cried
I cannot say anything. I have heard one of his
for a long time. I then got courage, took my self to
shishyas who is a great preceptor for me, Sri Peria
the great saint who was lying in peace. I observed,
Nambigal, say that he wanted to undertake this
in his radiant body his three fingers were folded. When
journey in his younger days but could not do so
I enquired the reason of folding of the three fingers
due to constant conquests of the turushkas and
the Shishyas attending to him said we don’t know
people advised him it is not safe.
and we could not unfold them. I then enquired if he
had any unfulfilled desires. The Shishyas told me After that since the powerful Kashmir king Late
about them. Sangrama Raja was successful in defeating and
driving the turushkas, I think this is apt time to
I then made the following vows as a duty to my
pay respects to the great Bodhayana vrutti Grantha.
Praacharya. Oh! Revered Acharya, when my body
I seek your help to acquire the same with your
is strong and when there is blessing from the great
good offices” (to be continued)
saint Yamunacharya and Lord Almighty’s will and
blessing, I will fulfill all the three following items:
All slokas Chant 108 times

FO <å~°ã≤OÇ¨Ï =Ѩٿ+ #=∞ó FO ˆH∆„`«*Ï˝Ü«∞ #=∞ó FO *’ºuëêOѨ`«ÜÕ∞ #=∞ó

G åÁ∫uÃÊ “ ƒúÏ   z å™: G qz fi rÁÆ å™: G [ÆÁz u o ÁÊ ú oÆz å™:
In moments of distress and despair For aspirants of Plots and own residence.
For good eye - sight.

PѨ^ŒÖ’ L#flѨC_»∞ 㨇iOK«O_ç. ã¨fiO`«OQÍ áê¡@∞¡, WO_»∞¡ H˘<åÅ#∞‰õΩ#fl "åiH˜. ã¨Ê+¨ì"≥∞ÿ# K«∂Ѩ٠H˘~°‰õΩ.
™åσu| åoÁ ÃÁqÁ˘ÁzTy N˛À™ÁëÁ úÓ\Æzo@Ω å NÏ˛ÆÁ|tΩ ƒwu\åÊ åÁÆÁ|: NÏ˛ƒwÊ å À™∫zoΩ uœÁÆ:@@
Every woman is my direct embodiment. One should not commit a wicked deed involving a woman; one should
not (even) think about sinful acts in connection with a woman. (Source : Lakshmi Tantram 43rd Chapter)

=∞`«Î#∞~°fix`å ™êH∆Í`ü Ü≥∂w Hõ™ê‡#fl ѨÓ[ÜÕ∞`üI # ‰õΩ~åº^Œfi$l#O <å~åºó ‰õΩ=$`«ÎO # 㨇ˆ~`ü „ã≤ÎÜ«∞óII
„Ѩu =x`« <å â◊s~°O. 'P_»"åiѨ@¡ Jã¨ÉèíºOQÍ „Ѩ=iÎOK«_»"Õ∞ HÍ^Œ∞. qHÍ~°OQÍ PÖ’zOK«_»O ‰õÄ_® ã¨Ç≤ÏOK«#∞—
JO@∞<åfl~°∞. J=∞‡"å~°∞. (¿ãHõ~°} : ÅH©;`«O„`«O 43= J^蕺ܫ∞O)
=„[O ÖÏO\˜ â◊s~åxH˜....... –j ∆∫y∫ Nz˛ u¬L Chant 28 times

FO #"≥∂ <å~°ã≤OǨÜ«∞ =„[^ŒO„ëêìÜ«∞ =„l}ËI =„[^ÕǨÜ«∞ =„*ÏÜ«∞ #"≥∂ =„[ #MÏÜ«∞K«II

H å™Áz åÁ∫uÃÊ “ ÁÆ ƒ\¿ t Ê … b~ Á Æ ƒu\~ m z @ ƒ\~ t z “ ÁÆ ƒ\~ Á Æ å™Áz ƒ\~ åQÁÆ Y @@
»y∫Á™∫Á™ ∫Á™z u o ∫™z ∫Á™z ™åÁz ∫ ™z @ ÓœÁåÁ™ o Ï ¡ ÆÊ ∫Á™ åÁ™ ƒ∫Áååz @@
N~å=∞ ~å=∞ ~å"Õ∞u ~°"Õ∞ ~å"Õ∞ =∞<À~°"Õ∞ I ã¨Ç¨Ï„ã¨<å=∞ `«`«∞ÎźO ~å=∞ <å=∞ =~å#<Õ II
ã¨ÅǨÅ∞ JO^Œ~°∂ qO\Ï~°∞ - q"ÕHõ=O`«∞Å∞ "å\˜x áê\˜™êÎ~°∞.
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NEWS W<åO Éèí∂=ÚÅÃÑ· J~°Û‰õΩʼnõΩ ѨÓ~°fi ǨωõΩ¯Å∞ HõeÊOKåe PÅÜ«∞ J~°Û‰õΩÅ∞ PÜ«∞#‰õΩ ѨÓ~°‚‰õΩOÉèíO`À ™êfiQÆ`«O ѨeH˜ ™êfiq∞"åi
_çѨӺ\˜ ã‘ZO‰õΩ ^Õ"åÅÜ«∂ŠѨi~°Hõ∆} ã¨q∞u q#u f~°÷ „Ѩ™ê^•Å∞ JO^Œ*Ëâß~°∞. J#O`«~°O Ѩ@ì}OÖ’ =∞¿ÇÏâ◊fis Ѷ¨OHõ∆<£
ÃÇÏ· ^Œ~åÉÏ^£, EÖˇ· 16 : W<åO Éè∂í =ÚÅÃÑ· J~°Û‰õΩʼnõΩ ѨÓ~°fi ǨωõΩ¯Å∞ ǨÖòÖ’ Ü«∂^•„k „Ѩ^•è <å~°Û‰õΩÅ∞ HÍ~°OѨÓ_ç #~°ãO≤ ǨKå~°∞ºÅ∞ J^躌 Hõ`∆ #«
HõeÊOKåÅx „ѨÉèí∞`åfixfl ^Õ"åÅÜ«∞ Ѩi~°Hõ∆} ã¨q∞u HÀiOk. J#∞Éèí= [iy# ~åR J~°ÛHõ W<åO^•~°∞Å ã¨=∂"ÕâO◊ Ö’ áêÖÁæx „ѨãO¨ yOKå~°∞.
JkèHÍ~åÅ∞, ^Œ∞#∞fl‰õΩ<Õ Ç¨Ï‰õΩ¯#∞ ѨÙ#~°∞^ŒúiOKåÅO@∂ ™È=∞"å~°O ZO_À"≥∞O\òû K«@ìO 30/87Ö’ 76= ÃãHõ∆<£#∞ [ã≤ìãπ K«ÖÏ¡ H˘O_»Ü«∞º
ã¨z"åÅÜ«∞OÖ’ _çѨӺ\© ã‘ZO =∞ǨÏ=¸^£ JbH˜ ^Õ"åÅÜ«∞ Ѩi~°Hõ∆} U~åÊ@∞ KÕã≤# K«@ìO ^•fi~å PÅÜ«∞ Éèí∂=ÚÅ`Àáê@∞ J~°Û‰õΩÅ∞
ã¨q∞u Hõhfi#~ü ã≤.Zãπ. ~°OQÆ~å[<£, Ü«∂^Œyi QÆ∞@ì „Ñ¨^è•<å~°Û‰õΩ_»∞ J#∞Éèíqã¨∞Î#fl Éèí∂=ÚÅ#∞ Ãã·`«O J~°Û‰õΩňH K≥O^ÕÖÏ K«~°ºÅ∞
HÍ~°OѨÓ_ç #iûOǨKå~°∞ºÅ∞ q#u Ѩ„`«O JO^Œ*Ëâß~°∞. H˘`«ÎѨ\Ïì^•~°∞ fã¨∞HÀ"åÅ<åfl~°∞. „ѨÉèí∞`«fiO H˘`«ÎQÍ Ñ¨\Ïì^•~°∞ áêãπѨÙã¨ÎHÍÅ#∞ Wã¨∞Î#fl
áêãπѨÙã¨ÎHÍÖ’¡ J~°Û‰õΩÅ, „@ã‘ìÅ ¿Ñ~°¡#∞ `˘ÅyOz ^Õ=Ù_ç ¿Ñ~°∞#∞ <ÕѨ^䌺OÖ’ D<åO Éèí∂=ÚÅÃÑ· ѨÓiΠǨωõΩ¯Å∞ J~°Û‰õΩʼnõΩ W"åfiÅx
KÕ~°∞ã¨∞Î<åfl~°∞. D K«~°ºÅ∞ J~°Û‰õΩÅ „áê^äŒq∞Hõ ǨωõΩ¯Å#∞ ^≥|ƒf¿ãÖÏ HÀ~å~°∞. ~°∂. 2 ÅHõ∆Å HõO>Ë `«‰õΩ¯= P^•Ü«∞OQÆÅ ^Õ"åÅÜ«∂Å#∞
L<åflÜ«∞<åfl~°∞. P~ü"ÀP~ü iHÍ~°∞Ö¤ ’¡ J~°Û‰õΩÅ#∞ J#∞Éè=í ^•~°∞Å∞QÍ ¿Ñ~˘¯x ^Õ"å^•Ü«∞ K«@ìO ÃãHõ∆<£ 15, 29, 34, 144Å #∞Oz q∞#Ǩ~ÚOѨÙ
"åiH˜ <åºÜ«∞O KÕÜ«∂Åx HÀ~å~°∞. (PO„^èŒ*’ºu 17.7.2018) W"åfiÅ<åfl~°∞. J~°Û‰õΩÅ ã¨sfiã¨∞ x|O^è#Œ Å r"À#∞ J=∞Å∞ Ѩ~K° åÅ<åfl~°∞.
'W<åO Éèí∂=ÚÅÃÑ· ǨωõΩ¯#∞ ѨÙ#~°∞^ŒúiOKåe— ^è•i‡Hõ Ѩi+¨`ü#∞ "≥O@<Õ U~åÊ@∞ KÕÜ«∂Åx „ѨÉèí∞`åfixfl HÀ~å~°∞. D
™êH˜∆, ÃÇ·Ï^Œ~åÉÏ^£ : W<åO Éèí∂=ÚÅÃÑ· J~°Û‰õΩŠѨÓ~°fi ǨωõΩ¯Å∞, ã¨=∂"ÕâO◊ Ö’ J~°ÛHõ ã¨=∂Yº ~åR J^躌 ‰õΩ∆ _»∞ QÆOQÆ∞ L¿ÑO„^Œâ~◊ ‡° , QÆOQÆ∞
J#∞Éèí= JkèHÍ~åÅ#∞ ѨÙ#~°∞^ŒúiOKåÅx PÅÜ«∞ Ѩi~°Hõ∆} L^Œº=∞ ÉèÏ#∞=¸iÎ, ÃÇ·ÏHÀ~°∞ì J_»fiˆH\ò Ѩ=<£ ‰õΩ=∂~ü ѨÓ*Ïi áêÖÁæ<åfl~°∞.
"ÕkHõ ã¨O^è•#Hõ~°Î ZO.g. ™œO^Œ~°~å[<£ HÀ~å~°∞. ™È=∞"å~°O PÜ«∞# (#=∞¿ãÎ `≥ÅOQÍ} 26.7.2018)
_çѨӺ\© ã‘ZO =∞ǨÏ=¸^£ JbH˜ q#u Ѩ„`«O ã¨=∞iÊOKå~°∞. J~°Û‰õΩÅ ã¨sfiãπ W<å"£∞ Ѩi+¨¯iOKåe-Ü«∂^ŒyiQÆ∞@ì J~°ÛHõ ã¨^㌠∞¨ ûÖ’ =HõÅÎ ∞
(™êH˜∆ 17.7.2018) ÃÇÏ· ^Œ~åÉÏ^£ : =ÚYº=∞O„u Hˆ ã‘P~ü‰Ωõ J~°Û‰õΩÅO>Ë Jáê~° Q“~°=O`Àáê@∞
W<åO Éèí∂=ÚÖ’¡ J~°Û‰õΩ_çx J#∞Éèí=^•~°∞xQÍ QÆ∞iÎOKåe ™ê#∞Éè∂í u ‰õÄ_» L#fl^Œx, ã¨sfiãπ W<å"£∞ J~°Û‰õΩÅ ã¨=∞㨺`«Å#∞ Hˆ ã‘P~ü‰Ωõ
Ü«∂^ŒyiQÆ∞@ì : =Oâ◊áê~°OѨ~°º J~°Û‰õΩÅ Jnè#OÖ’x W<åO Éèí∂=ÚÅ x"Õk¿ãΠѨiëê¯~°O J=Ù`åÜ«∞x ^Õ"åÅÜ«∞ Ѩi~°Hõ∆} L^Œº=∞ "ÕkHõ
áêã¨∞ѨÙã¨ÎHÍÖ’¡ "åi ¿Ñ~°∞#∞ J#∞Éèí=^•~°∞ HÍÅO #∞Oz `˘ÅyOK«_»O J^茺‰õ∆Ω_»∞ ~°OQÆ~å[<£ Jaè„áêÜ«∞Ѩ_®¤~°∞. =Oâ◊áê~°OѨ~°ºOQÍ JOk#
K«@ì, <åºÜ«∞ q~°∞^Œú=∞x zÅ∞‰õÄ~°∞ ÉÏÖÏr PÅÜ«∞O „Ѩ^è•<å~°Û‰õΩÅ∞ ã¨sfiãπ W<å"£∞#∞ Ô~"≥#∂º K«\ÏìÅ x|O^èŒ#Å H˜O^Œ K«∂_»@O
~°OQÆ~å[<£, J~°ÛHõ ã¨=∂Yº Q“~°= J^茺‰õ∆Ω_»∞ ÉèÏ㨯~°Éèí@¡ ~å=∞â◊~°‡ ÉÏ^è•Hõ~°=∞<åfl~°∞. |∞^èŒ"å~°O Ü«∂^ŒyiQÆ∞@ìÖ’ ^Õ"åÅÜ«∞ Ѩi~°Hõ∆}
J<åfl~°∞. ^Õ"åÅÜ«∞, ^è•i‡Hõ ã¨Oã¨÷Å Éèí∂=ÚʼnõΩ „Ѩ`ÕºHõ áêã¨∞ѨÙã¨ÎHÍÅ∞ L^Œº=∞ "ÕkHõ, ã¨sfiãπ W<å"£∞ J~°ÛHõ ã¨=∂Yº P^èfiŒ ~°ºOÖ’ ã¨sfiãπ W<å"£∞
=∞OE~°∞ KÕÜ«∂Åx „ѨÉèí∞`åfixfl HÀ~å~°∞. |∞^èŒ"å~°O Ü«∂^ŒyiQÆ∞@ìÖ’ J~°Û‰õΩÅ ã¨=∞㨺ÅÃÑ· ã¨^㌠∞¨ û [iyOk. Ü«∂^ŒyiQÆ∞@ì „Ñ¨^•è # J~°Û‰õΩ_»∞
x~°fiÇ≤ÏOz# `≥ÅOQÍ} W<å"£∞^•~ü J~°ÛHõ ã¨=∂Yº ã¨~fi° ã¨Éºíè ã¨=∂"ÕâO◊ Ö’ HÍ~°OѨÓ_ç #~°ãO≤ ǨKå~°º J^躌 Hõ`∆ « =Ç≤ÏOz# D ã¨^㌠∞¨ ûÖ’ ~°OQÆ~å[<£
=∂\Ï¡_®~°∞. ~Ô "≥#∂º K«\ÏìÅ H˜O^Œ ^Õ"åÅÜ«∞ Éè∂í =ÚÅ∞ ~å=x, ^Õ"åÅÜ«∞ „Ѩã¨Oyã¨∂Î ^Õ"å^•Ü«∞ K«@ìOÖ’x 15, 29, 34, 144 ÃãHõ∆#¡ #∞Oz
Éè∂í =ÚÅhfl ^Õ"å^•Ü«∞âßY K«@Oì H˜OkH˜ =™êÎÜ∞« <åfl~°∞. ~Ô "≥#∂º K«\ÏìÅ ã¨sfiãπ W<å"£∞ J~°Û‰õΩÅ∞ ѨÓ[Å∞ KÕã∞¨ #Î fl PÅÜ«∂Å#∞ q∞#Ǩ~ÚOKåÅx
ѨikèÖ’x Éè∂í =ÚÅ <å=∂Å∞, QÀ„`åÅ#∞ =∂ˆ~Û JkèHÍ~°O „ѨÉ∞íè `åfixH˜ HÀ~å~°∞. ã¨sfiãπ J~°Û‰õΩÅ∞ 40 "ÕÅ ZHõ~åÅ Éè∂í =ÚÅ#∞ J#∞Éèqí ã¨∞<Î åfl~°x.
ÖË ^ Œ x L^•… \ ˜ O Kå~° ∞ . ^•`« Å ∞ WzÛ# Éè í ∂ =ÚÖ’¡ J~° Û ‰õ Ω Å∞ J~°Û‰õΩÅ KÕ`«∞Ö’¡x Éèí∂=ÚÅ∞ =∂„`«"Õ∞ J<庄HÍO`«O HÍÖË^Œ<åfl~°∞.
™êQÆ∞KÕã¨∞‰õΩO@∂ rqã¨∞Î<åfl~°x q=iOKå~°∞. WÖÏO\˜ ã¨=∞Ü«∞OÖ’ `≥ÅOQÍ} J~°ÛHõ ã¨=∂Yº J^茺‰õ∆Ω_»∞ QÆOQÆ∞ L¿ÑO„^Œâ◊~°‡ =∂\Ï¡_»∞`«∂
J~°Û‰õΩÅ#∞ J#∞Éèí=^•~°∞ HÍÅO #∞Oz `˘ÅyOz W|ƒO^Œ∞Å∞ ã¨sfiãπ W<å"£∞ J~°Û‰õΩÅ∞ r`åÅ∞QÍh, ^èŒ∂ѨnѨ<≥·"Õ^Œº Ѩ^äŒHõO QÍh
HõeyOK«_®xH˜ gÖË¡^Œx =ºuˆ~H˜OKå~°∞. J~°Û‰õΩʼnõΩ WKÕÛ Ñ¨\Ïì^•~°∞ HÀ~°_O» ÖË^xŒ , "åi =Oâ◊áê~°OѨ~º° ǨωõΩ¯Å#∞ Ѩi~°HO∆˜ KåÅx =∂„`«"∞Õ
áêã¨∞ѨÙã¨ÎHÍÅÖ’ J#∞Éèí=^•~°∞Å∞QÍ QÆ∞iÎOKåÅx ã¨Ê+¨ìO KÕâß~°∞. z#fl HÀ~°∞`«∞#fl q+¨Ü∞« O QÆ∞~°∞OÎ KåÅ<åfl~°∞. ã¨=∂"ÕâO◊ Ö’ „ÉÏǨχ} ¿ã<åã¨q∞u
z#fl ^Õ"åÅÜ«∂Ö’¡ J~°Û‰õΩʼnõΩ ã¨fiÜ«∞O „ѨuѨuÎ Hõeyã¨∂Î =∞Oz Láê^茺‰õ∆ΩÅ∞ ÉèÏ㨯~°Éèí@¡ ~å=∞â◊~°‡, #Å¡Q˘O_» J~°ÛHõ ã¨=∂Yº Hõhfi#~ü
P~å^è#Œ Å`À ÉèQí =Æ O`«∞_ç HÔ O· Hõ~åºxfl ã¨∞ÅÉèOí QÍ KÕã∞¨ ‰õΩ<Õ gÅ∞#∞ „ѨÉ∞íè `«fiO âı+¨O #~°ã≤OǨKå~°º, J~°ÛHõ ã¨=∂Yº <åÜ«∞‰õΩÅ∞ QÆOQÆ∞ ÉèÏ#∞=¸iÎ
^Œ$+≤ì ™êiOKåÅ<åfl~°∞. `«fi~°QÍ ^è•i‡Hõ Ѩi+¨`«∞Î#∞ U~åÊ@∞ KÕÜ«∂Åx `«k`«~°∞Å∞ áêÖÁæ<åfl~°∞. (PO„^èŒ*’ºu 26.7.2018)
_ç=∂O_£ KÕâß~°∞. J~°Û‰õΩÅ ã¨=∞㨺ÅÃÑ· PQÆã¨∞ì 8# =~°OQÆÖòÖ’ Plea to restore names of archakas in RoR documents
The Temples Protection Movement (TPM) has represented
x~°fiÇ≤ÏOK«#∞#fl ã¨Éèí‰õΩ `«~°e~å"åÅx Ñ≤Å∞ѨÙxKåÛ~°∞. ã¨=∂"Õâ◊OÖ’ to the Telangana government to restore the rights of
Ü«∂^•„k ^Õ=™ê÷# „Ѩ^•è <å~°Û‰õΩÅ∞ HÍ~°OѨÓ_ç #iûOǨKå~°∞ºÅ∞, QÆOQÆ∞Å Archakas over the service Inam lands in their occupation
L¿ÑO^Œ~üâ◊~°‡, "Õ}∞=∂^èŒ"£, "åã¨∞^Õ=â◊~°‡, Ѩ=<£‰õΩ=∂~ü, g~°Éèí„^Œâ◊~°‡, and personal cultivation.(The Hindu 17.7.2018)
Call to restore Archakas’ rights over gifted land
~å*Ëâ◊fi~°â◊~°‡ `«k`«~°∞Å∞ áêÖÁæ<åfl~°∞. (D<å_»∞ 26.7.2018) To ensure periodic ‘Brahmotsavams’ and daily
=Oâ◊áê~°OѨ~°º J~°ÛHõ`åfixH˜ K«@ì|^Œú`« HõeÊOKåe ‘Kainkaryams’ in temples, the Temples’ Protection
Ü«∂^•„k Éèí∞=#yi lÖÏ¡ : =Oâ◊áê~°OѨ~°º K«@ì|^Œú`« HõeÊOKåÅx Movement (TPM) has urged the Telangana government
to restore the rights of Archakas (priests) over service
>ˇOѨÙÖò „á⁄>ˇHõ∆<£ =¸"≥∞O\ò ~åRâßY J^茺‰õ∆Ω_»∞, zÅ∞‰õÄi ÉÏÖÏr inam land (gifted land) and restoration of their names
^Õ"åÅÜ«∞ „Ѩ^è•# J~°Û‰õΩÅ∞ ã‘Zãπ ~°OQÆ~å[<£ J<åfl~°∞. |∞^èŒ"å~°O in the ‘Record of Rights’ (RoR).....
Ü«∂^•„k NÅH©;#~°ãO≤ Ǩϙêfiq∞ "åix ^Œi≈OK«∞‰õΩ<åfl~°∞. D ã¨O^Œ~ƒ° Où QÍ (Times of India 17.7.2018)

h J=ã¨~åxfl W`«~°∞Å∞ J=HÍâ◊OQÍ =∞Å∞K«∞‰õΩO\Ï~°∞.

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^Õ"åÅÜ«∂ŠѨi~°Hõ∆} L^Œº=∞O ѨH∆Í#..., Wk XHõ q#„=∞ x"Õ^Œ#...
Q“~°=hÜ«∞ =ÚYº=∞O„u QÍ~°∞! =Oâ◊áê~°OѨ~°º J~°Û‰õΩÅ QÀ_»∞ q#O_ç...
LáÈ^•…`«O : WѨC_»∞ =∞#O K≥ѨCHÀÉ’ÜÕ∞ qëê^ŒQÍ^äŒ 1987<å\˜k. QÆ∞à◊§Ö’ J~°ÛHõ`«fiO KÕã≤, W`«~°„`å ¿ã=Å∞ KÕã≤ J~å÷Hõe`À
É∏\ÏÉ∏\© rq`åÅ∞ QÆ_ç¿Ñ J~°ƒù‰õΩÅ Hõ^äŒ Wk. ã¨∞„Ñ‘OHÀ~°∞ì QÆ_»Ñ¨Å∞ ‰õÄ_® `˘H˜¯# `«~°∞"å`« Ô~O_»∞ Hõq∞\©Å#∞ HÀ~°∞ì xÜ«∞q∞OzOk.
"Õ`«# ¿ã¯à◊§Hõq∞\©, J~°Û‰õΩÅ ã¨OˆH∆=∞ Hõq∞\©. g\˜ x"ÕkHõÅ#∞ ‰õÄ_® „ѨÉèí∞`«fiO P"≥∂kOz HÀ~°∞ì=∞∞O^Œ∞OzOk. HÀ~°∞ì"å~°∞ ‰õÄ_®
ã¨O`À+≤Oz1997Ö’<Õ "å\˜ J=∞Å∞‰õΩ P^ÕtOKå~°∞. JO`Õ ! P `«~°∞"å`« J^Õg∞ Z~°QÆ#@∞¡ „ѨÉèí∞`«fiO nxfl Ѩ\ ˜ìOK«∞HÀÖË^Œ∞.
DÖ’QÍ XH˘¯Hõ¯\˜QÍ QÆ∞_çnáêÅ∞ H˘O_≥Hõ¯™êQÍ~∞∞.
2004Ö’ H˘`«Î „ѨÉèí∞`«fiO H˘Å∞=ÙniOk. JdÅѨHõ∆ã¨=∂"Õâ◊O, 2007Ö’ ÃãÅH±ìHõq∞\© x"ÕkHõ`À z=~°‰õΩ ^Õ"å^•Ü«∞
K«\Ïìxfl ã¨=iOKå~°∞. JO`Õ ! =∞m§ KÕ`«∞Å∞ ^Œ∞e¿Ñã¨∞‰õΩ<åfl~°∞. WѨÊ\˜H˜ 10Uà◊√§ QÆ_çz<å K«~°ºÅ∞ â◊¥#ºO.
=∞~À Jã¨HHΘ ~õ ° q+¨Ü∞« O–Éè‰í Ωõ eÎ KÕÛ q~åàÏÖ’¡ 21.5% „ѨÉ∞íè `«fi"Õ∞ QÆ∞O*Ëã∞¨ ‰õΩO@∞Ok. ^Õ"å^•Ü«∞âßY Hõg∞+¨#~ü, L^ÀºQÆ∞Å∞,
HÍ~°ºx~åfiǨÏHõ ã≤|ƒOk r`åÅhfl D x^èŒ∞Å#∞O_Õ K≥e¡™êÎ~°∞. D ™È‰õΩÅ∞ J#∞Éèíqã¨∞Î#fl "å~°O`å „Ñ¨Éèí∞`åfixH˜ K≥Ok# '"≥·\òHÍÅ~ü—
L^ÀºQÆ∞Å∞ HÍQÍ, QÆ∞_çã≤|ƒOk =∂„`«O k‰õį"≥∞∞‰õįÖËx kfifÜ«∞ „âı}˜ áœ~°∞Å∞.
J~°Û‰õΩÅ∞, PÅÜ«∞ã≤|ƒOkH˜ ã¨O|OkèOz# ã¨sfiã¨∞ JOâßÅÃÑ· „ѨÉèí∞`«fi x"ÕkHõ, 2011#∞ WOHÍ J=∞Å∞ Ѩ~°K«ÖË^Œ∞.
D<å=Ú Éèí∂=ÚÅ QÆ∞iOz :
=∞# ã¨=∂[OÖ’ PÅÜ«∂ʼnõΩ, ¿ã"åã¨Oã¨÷ʼnõΩ D<å=∞∞eKÕÛ ã¨O„Ѩ^•Ü«∞O D<å\˜kHÍ^Œ∞. ^è•i‡Hõ HÍ~°º„Hõ=∂Å∞,
¿ã"åHÍ~°º„Hõ=∂Å∞ ã¨=∂[OÖ’ x~°O`«~°OQÍ H˘#™êQÍÖ<Õ ã¨`«ûOHõÅÊO`À Hõey# P™ê=∞∞Å∞, PKå~° ã¨O„Ѩ^•Ü«∂ÅÃÑ· =∞#ã¨∞
Hõey# ~åAÅ∞, JkèHÍ~°∞Å∞ D<å=∞∞eKÕÛ"å~°∞. D<å=∞∞e=fi_»O J<Õk =∞∂_»∞ ~°HÍÅ∞QÍ [iˆQk. 1. P^蕺u‡HõѨ~°"≥∞ÿ# /
ã¨fiK«ÛùO^Œ ¿ã"å ã¨Oã¨÷Å∞ =∞#∞QÆ_»™êyOz `«=∞ HÍ~°º„Hõ=∂Å#∞ U `«_»ÉÏ@∞ÖˉõΩO_® x~°fiÇ≤ÏOK«∞HÀ=_®xH˜ 2. =∞`« / ã¨fiK«ÛùO^Œ
¿ã"åã¨Oã¨÷Å∞ `«=∞ HÍ~°º„Hõ=∂ʼnõΩ JÜÕ∞º Y~°∞ÛÅ#∞ ÉèíiOK«_®xH˜ / ÉèísÎKÕÜ«∞_®xH˜ 3.=ºH˜ÎQÆ`« D<å=∞∞Å∞. XHõ =ºH˜ÎKÕ¿ã ¿ã=Å∞
x~å@OHõOQÍ âßâ◊fi`«OQÍ H˘#™êQÆ«_®xH˜ g\˜x WKÕÛ"å~°∞. `åq∞KÕÛ Éèí∂=∞∞Å∞ ^Œ∞#∞fl‰õΩx ^•x g∞^Œ =KÕÛ „ѨÜ≥∂[#O P ã¨Oã¨÷Å∞
á⁄O^•Åx, JHõ¯_» [iˆQ HÍ~°º„Hõ=∂Å∞ x~°O`«~°OQÍ ™êQÍÅ<Õ „ѨQÍ_è»"≥∞ÿ# "åOKè«`À D<å=∞∞ Éèí∂=∞∞eKÕÛ"å~°∞.
ZO_À"≥∞O\òû K«@ìO 30/87Ö’ 76= ÃãHõ∆<£#∞ [ã≤ìãπ K«ÖÏ¡H˘O_»Ü«∞º *∏Ñ≤ÊOz, D ÃãHõ∆<£ ^•fi~å PÅÜ«∞Éèí∂=∞∞Å<ÕHÍ^Œ∞
J~°Û‰õΩÅ J#∞Éèí=OÖ’ L#fl Éèí∂=∞∞Å#∞ ‰õÄ_® ÖψQã¨∞‰õΩ<Õ J=HÍâ◊O HõeÊOKå~°∞. nxÃÑ· ÃÑkÌO\˜ "≥OHõ@ =∞∞~°m ~°OQÆ<å^äŒ ^ÕtHõ
JÜ«∞ºOQÍ~ü ã¨∞„Ñ‘OHÀ~°∞ìÔHHͯ~°∞. <å\˜ PO„^茄Ѩ^Õâò „ѨÉèí∞`åfixfl HõH©∆^•~°∞x KÕâß~°∞. „ѨÉèí∞`«fiO fã¨∞‰õΩ#fl K«~°º#∞ ^Œ∞â◊Û~°ºQÍ,
~å*ϺOQÆ=ºuˆ~Hõ"≥∞ÿ#kQÍ ¿Ñ~˘¯O@∂ ã¨∞„Ñ‘OHÀ~°∞ì H˘\˜ì"Õã≤Ok.
`å*ÏQÍ `≥ÅOQÍ} „ѨÉèí∞`«fiO H˘`«ÎQÍ Ñ¨\Ïì^•~°∞ áêãπѨÙã¨ÎHÍÅ∞ *ÏsKÕã¨∞Î#flk. nxÖ’ J~°Û‰õΩÅ ¿Ñ~°¡#∞, „@ã‘ìÅ ¿Ñ~°¡#∞
ѨÓiÎQÍ `˘ÅyOz"Õã¨∂Î. Ѩ\Ïì^•~°∞ ã¨iìѶ≤ÔH@∞¡, =∞∞O`«MÏÉòÅÖ’ HõxÑ≤OKÕ D<å=∞∞ Éèí∂=∞∞ŠѨÓsfi‰õΩÅ ¿Ñ~°¡#∞ `«∞_çzÃÑ>Ëìã≤ ^Õ=Ù_ç
¿Ñ~°∞#∞ =∂„`«"Õ∞ KÕiÛOk. Ô~"≥#∂º JkèHÍ~°∞Å D K«~°º ~å*ϺOQÆO „Ѩ™êkOz# „áê^äŒq∞Hõ ǨωõΩ¯Å#∞ ^≥|ƒfã¨∞Î#flk. Éèí∂=∞∞ÅÃÑ·
ǨωõΩ¯Å#∞ |^ŒÖÏ~∞∞OKÕ@ѨC_»∞ „ѨÉ∞íè `åfiÅ∞ J#∞ã¨iOK«=Åã≤# U q^è•<åhfl Ѩ\Oì˜ K«∞HÀÖË^∞Œ . ѨiǨ~°O „ѨH\õ O˜ K«Ö^Ë ∞Œ . J~°Û‰õΩÅ#∞,
"åi J#∞Éèí= ǨωõΩ¯Å#∞ `«∞OQÆÖ’ `˘Hͯ~°∞. Wëêì#∞™ê~°OQÍ Ç¨Ï‰õΩ¯^•~°∞Å ¿Ñ~°∞¡ =∂ˆ~ÛÜ«∞_»O =Å¡ J~°Û‰õΩÅ∞ ѨÓiÎQÍ J<åºÜ«∂xH˜
QÆ∞~°Ü«∂º~°∞. ^Õ=Ù}˜‚ =∂„`«"Õ∞ #=∞∞‡‰õΩx, PÅÜ«∂xˆH JOH˜`«"≥∞ÿ `«~°`«~åÅ∞QÍ ¿ã=Å∞ JOkã¨∞Î#fl J~°Û‰õΩÅ∞ XHõ¯™êiQÍ k‰õΩ¯ÖËx
"å~°Ü«∂º~°∞. =ÚYº"≥∞ÿ# q+¨Ü«∞O U=∞O>Ë, ^Õ"åÅÜ«∞ Éèí∂=ÚÅ∞ „ѨÉèí∞`«fi Éèí∂=ÚÅ∞ HÍ=Ù. Ô~"≥#∂º K«\ÏìÅ∞ ^Õ"åÅÜ«∞ Éèí∂=ÚʼnõΩ
=iÎOK«=Ù. ^Õ"åÅÜ«∞ Éèí∂=ÚÅÃÑ· UK«~°º J~Ú<å ^Õ"å^•Ü«∞ K«@ìO ^•fi~å<Õ [~°QÍe.
D q+¨Ü«∞OÖ’ `«Hõ∆}O *’HõºO KÕã¨∞‰õΩx D<å=∞∞ Éèí∂=∞∞ÅÃÑ· J~°Û‰õΩŠѨÓ~°fiǨωõΩ¯Å#∞, J#∞Éèí= JkèHÍ~åÅ#∞,
^Œ∞#∞fl‰õΩ<Õ Ç¨Ï‰õΩ¯#∞ ѨÙ#~°∞^ŒúiOKåÅx PÅÜ«∞ Ѩi~°Hõ∆} L^Œº=∞ "ÕkHõ `«~°Ñ¶¨Ù# P^蕺u‡Hõ ÉèÏ"åÅ∞ xO_»∞QÍ "≥∞O_»∞QÍ L#fl
`≥ÅOQÍ}Ï =∞∞Yº=∞O„u ÔH. K«O„^ŒâıY~°~å=ÙQÍix HÀ~°∞‰õΩO@∞<åflO. P~üXP~ü iHÍ~°∞¤ÅÖ’ J~°Û‰õΩÅ#∞ J#∞Éèí=^•~°∞Å∞QÍ ¿Ñ~˘¯x
<åºÜ«∞O KÕÜ«∂Åx HÀ~°∞‰õΩO@∞<åflO. D LѨHÍ~°O =Å¡ PÅÜ«∂ÅÖ’ ^èŒ∂Ѩ, nѨ, <≥·"Õ^•ºÅ‰õΩ, L`«û"åʼnõΩ ZÖÏO\˜ Ö’@∂
LO_»^Œx, Jxfl HÍ~°º„Hõ=∂Å∂ Wk=~°Hõ\ ˜ÖψQ x~°O`«~°OQÍ, x~å@OHõOQÍ ™êQÆ∞`åÜ«∞x q[˝Ñ≤Î KÕã¨∞Î<åflO.

ã¨^Œ∞æ}ÏÅ∞O>Ë KåÅ^Œ∞ - "å\˜x =∞Oz ѨxH˘~°‰õΩ qxÜ≥∂yOKåe.

August '18 w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w 22 wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww VAK
On behalf of the Temples Protection Movement, this is a humble request !
Dear Chief Minister... Please listen to Agony of Hereditary Archakas...
Back ground : The temples’ Archakas and other Employees situation is unfortunately the sad story of one
such experiment by the Government which was started in 1987. It went to the Supreme Court. The Supreme
Court appointed two committees namely, The Pay Scales Committee and the Archaka welfare Committee.
The reports were accepted by the Government and put before the Supreme Court in 1997. The Supreme Court
ordered its implementation in 1997 itself. The Government conveniently ignored these recommendations and
watched the Temples being shut down. Again in 2004, a new Government came and an All Party meeting
happened on the Archakas and their abysmal plight... Its report was followed by the Select Committee report
in 2007 which resulted in the Endowments Act being amended in 2007. Again the Act remains unimplemented
even after 10 years.
The State Government is taking 21.5 per cent of donations made by the devotees to temples. The
Endowments Department is being run with taxes collected from temples. The salaries of Endowments
Department Employees, Executive staff, Commissioner and the likes are being paid from these funds. While
these employees were considered Government Employees, Temple employees are being treated as second
class citizens. Apart from the implementation of PRC, regularisation of services of Non-Muster Rolls and
compassionate appointments were some of their main demands which are still pending.
About Inam Lands :
Inams granted in respect of institutions are usually of three types. Firstly, inams granted for
the maintenance of the institution or for the performance of a religious or public charity; secondly,
inams granted as a remuneration for performing certain customary services in a religious or charitable
institution, and thirdly, personal inams granted but burdened with service…
Instead of providing monetary remuneration per month or annum payable to the service-holders,
such service inams were granted burdened with service by the pious and benevolent grantors only for
the purpose of ensuring regular and proper performance of several services in the temple permanently.
The servicedar can only enjoy the land so long as he renders the service, which enables the regular
and continuous performance of the service irrespective of the individuals. Hence, there is a direct connection
of nexus between these inam grants and the service to be rendered by the service-holders in the institutions.
Justice Challa Kondaiah introduced a Section 76 in the Draconian Endowments Act 30/87 to
enable the Inam lands as well as the lands which are in the possession and enjoyment of the Archakas
in lieu of the remuneration towards the services rendered by them or by compromise approved and
accepted by the department, must be restored to the religious institutions, and if necessary by making
law with retrospective effect. This Section was struck down by the Supreme Court as Unconstitutional.
Divesting the right, title and interest vested over the land held by the Archakas under
this Section was held to be invalid and unconstitutional. Peddinti Venkata Murali Ranganadha
Desika Iyyengar vs. Government of Andhra Pradesh, AIR 1996 SC 966.
Recently, New Pattadar Pass Books are being issued in which Archakas and Trustees’ names
have completely been deleted contrary to the Pattadar certificates and Muntaqab issued to their
fore fathers and only the name of presiding Diety is inserted, such action on the Part of Revenue
Authority is nothing but interfering with the Fundamental Rights guaranteed under the constitution of
India. Archakas cannot be deprived of their rights to the schedule lands without due process of law
and no amount of compensation can equate this change of nomenclature of the Lands.
We need to say that the Endowments Department wants to first dispossess the lands from
Archakas and then lease them at throwaway prices as noted by the High Court, this will
ensure that the temples will not only lose lands but also the dedicated archaka families. It
is very important to note that Temple lands will be governed by Endowment Laws and not
Revenue Laws.
The sincere Archakas who served these many years making a livelihood from the service
inam lands can not be harassed by driving them to court by the Endowments Department and
Revenue authorities which will prejudicially affect the rendition of Religious services in said Devasthanam.
On behalf of Temples Protection Movement, we are requesting the Government led by Hon’ble
Chief Minister of Telangana Sri K Chandrasekhara Rao to restore the rights of Archakas over
the service Inam Lands in their occupation and Personal Cultivation and restore their names
in the R.O.R. Records as Anubhavadars (Cultivators ), so that the Kainkaryams- in the temple
are not affected and the regular services are rendered, periodical Utsavams are conducted
as before.

Hõ$`«[˝`« K«∂Ѩ=Åã≤#^Õ HÍh, PtOK«=Åã≤#k HÍ^Œ∞.

August '18 w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w 23 wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww VAK

HÀ\˜ Hõ`«∞ÎʼnõΩ ã¨=∂^è•#O N~å=∞ H©~°Î#

- ~å=∞<å=∞㨇~°}`À =∂~À‡y# zÅ∞‰õÄ~°∞ - 108 =∞Ok`À ~å=∞QÍ# ã¨∞^è•~°ã¨O HÍ~°º„Hõ=∞O
- N~å=Ú_ç <å=∞O 㨇i¿ãÎ<Õ =~å¬Å∞ - PÅÜ«∞ J~°Û‰õΩ_»∞ ~°OQÆ~å[<£
"≥Ú~Ú<åÉÏ^£ : HÀ\˜ Hõ`«∞ÎʼnõΩ ã¨=∂^è•#O N~å=∞ <å=∞ H©~°Î# Jx zÅ∞‰õÄ~°∞ ÉÏÖÏr PÅÜ«∞ J~°Û‰õΩ_»∞ ~°OQÆ~å[<£
J<åfl~°∞. zÅ∞‰õÄ~°∞ ÉÏÖÏr PÅÜ«∞ „áêOQÆ}O ~å=∞<å=∞ 㨇~°}`À =∂~À‡yOk. =~å¬Å∞ ã¨=∞$kúQÍ ‰õΩ~°"åÅx, áê_çѨO@Å`À
Ô~·`«∞Å∞ ã¨∞aèHõ∆OQÍ LO_®Åx zÅ∞‰õÄ~°∞ ÉÏÖÏr PÅÜ«∞ "Õ∞<ÕlOQ∑ Hõq∞\© K≥·~°‡<£ ™œO^Œ~°~å[<£ P^èŒfi~°ºOÖ’ ^Õ"åÅÜ«∞
„áêOQÆ}OÖ’ QÆ∞~°∞"å~°O JO`å ~å=∞=∞Ü«∞O JO@∂ '~å=∞QÍ# ã¨∞^è• ~°ã¨O— HÍ~°º„Hõ=∞O x~°fiÇ≤ÏOKå~°∞. #QÆ~°OÖ’x
„ѨÉèí∞`«fi ã¨Ow`« HõàÏâßʼnõΩ K≥Ok# 108 =∞Ok "å~Ú^Œº HõàÏHÍ~°∞Å∞, q^•º~°∞÷Å∞ L^ŒÜ«∞O 10 QÆO@Å #∞Oz ™êÜ«∞O„`«
5 QÆO@Å =~°‰õΩ ~å=∞<å=∞ H©~°Î#Å∞ PÅÑ≤OKå~°∞. J=∞$`«=~°¬x ~åQÆO`À PÅÑ≤Oz# ~å=∞<å=∞ H©~°Î#Å∞ Éèí‰õΩÎÅ#∞
PHõ@∞ì‰õΩ<åfl~Ú. J#O`«~°O ~°OQÆ~å[<£ =∂\Ï¡_»∞`«∂... ~å=∞<å=∞O 㨇i¿ãÎ<Õ =~å¬Å∞ Ѩ_»`åÜ«∞x zÅ∞‰õÄ~°∞ ÉÏÖÏr PÅÜ«∞O
J~°Û‰õΩ_»∞ ~°OQÆ~å[<£ J<åfl~°∞. HÀ\˜ ã¨∞^Œ∞ÌʼnõΩ ã¨=∂^è•#O XHõ ~å=∞<å=∞ Éèí[# Jx JÖÏO\˜ ã¨=∂^è•#O W=fi_»O HÀã¨"Õ∞
108 =∞Ok ã¨Ow`« q^•fiOã¨∞Å∞, HõàÏHÍ~°∞ÅKÕ`« zÅ∞‰õÄ~°∞Ö’ ~å=∞ QÍ# ã¨∞^è• ~°ã¨O HÍ~°º„Hõ=∞O KÕѨ\Ïì=∞<åfl~°∞.
~å=Úxfl u_ç`Õ =~å¬Å∞ Ѩ_»=x... ~å=Úxfl 㨇i¿ãÎ<Õ =~å¬Å∞ Ѩ_ç JO`å ã¨∞aèHõ∆OQÍ LO@∞O^Œ<åfl~°∞. zÅ∞‰õÄ~°∞Ö’ D
HÍ~°º„Hõ=∂xfl x~°fiÇ≤ÏOKåÅx QÆ`« â◊x"å~°"Õ∞ J#∞‰õΩ<åfl=∞x... P~ÀA ~å„u #∞OKÕ ™êfiq∞ J#∞„QÆǨÏO`À =~å¬Å∞
Ѩ_»∞`«∞<åflÜ«∞<åfl~°∞. JO^Œ∞ˆH JO`å ~å=∞=∞Ü«∞O JO@∂ ™êfiq∞x 㨇iã¨∂Î D HÍ~°º„Hõ=∂xfl U~åÊ@∞ KÕâß=∞<åfl~°∞.
(™êH˜∆ 13.7.2018)

ã¨~°Ê^À+¨O áÈ=_®xH˜ Ãú|tÁz  uåƒÁ∫m “zoÏ

QÆ~°∞_» Hõ=K« ™È΄`«=Ú - Tªg N˛ƒY ÀoÁzfi™Ω
J㨺N QÆ~°∞_» Hõ=K« ™È΄`« =∞„#Î㨺 <å~°^Œ EÀÆ »y Tªg N˛ƒY ÀoÁzfi ™ãfiÀÆ åÁ∫t J u : ƒ{åozÆÁz tzƒoÁ@
|∞∞+≤ó "≥#· `ÕÜ∂≥ ^Õ=`å J#∞+¨µÑì Kπ #«è óÌ I =∞=∞ EåÏ…bÏúΩ Zãt:@ ™™ Tªg üÃÁt uÃÚΩÆsz| \úz uƒuåÆÁzT: @
QÆ~°∞_» „Ѩ™ê^Œ ã≤^Œúºˆ~÷ [¿Ñ qxÜ≥∂QÆó 1. u∆∫Áz ™z Tªg: úÁoÏ ¬¬ÁbÊ uƒåoÁ ÃÏo: @
1. t~À "Õ∞ QÆ~°∞_»ó áê`«∞ ÅÖÏ@O q#`å ã¨∞`«ó I åzfizoÏ Ãú|“Á úÁoÏ N˛mÁ{| úÁoÏ ÃÏ∫ÁuY|o: @@
<Õ„`Õ `«∞ ã¨~°ÊǨ áê`«∞ Hõ~“‚áê`«∞ ã¨∞~åiÛ`«ó II 2. åÁuÃNÊ˛ úÁoÏ ÃúÁ|u∫: ƒtåÊ uƒ…mÏ ƒÁ“å:@
2. <åã≤HõO áê`«∞ ã¨~åÊió =^Œ#O q+¨µ‚"åǨÏ#ó I ÃÓÆ|ÃÓoÁåÏ\: N˛leÊ ßÏ\Á{ úÁoÏ ™“Á§¬: @@
ã¨∂~°º ã¨∂`å#∞[ó HõO~î°O Éèí∞*∫áê`«∞ =∞Ǩ|Åó II 3. “ÀoÁ{ QTzæÁ∫: úÁoÏ N˛∫ÁT¿z nƒªmÁNw˛oy @
3. ǨϙœÎ YˆQâ◊fi~°ó áê`«∞ Hõ~儈Q `«fi~°∞}ÏHõ$f I åQÁåΩ åQÁÆÏá: úÁoÏ N˛qÁ{ ™ÏuO˛ ¢˛¬üt: @@
#MÏ<£ #MÏÜ«Ú^èŒó áê`«∞ HõH∆“ =ÚH˜ÎѶ¨Å„Ѩ^Œó II 4. ÀoåÁ{ ™z úÁoÏ uƒ“T: ”tÆÊ úÁoÏ Ãƒ|tÁ @
4. ã¨Î<Ò "Õ∞áê`«∞ qǨÏQÆó ǨÏ$^ŒÜ«∞O áê`«∞ã¨~°fi^• I åÁußÊ úÁoÏ ™“Áoz\Á: N˛ubÊ úÁoÏ ÃÏáÁ“∫: @@
<åaèO áê`«∞ =∞Ǩ`Õ*Ïó Hõ\ ˜O áê`«∞ ã¨∞^è•Ç¨Ï~°ó II
5. HøúÁoÏ ™“Áƒy∫Áz \ÁåÏåy YlguƒN¿˛™: @
5. T~°∂áê`«∞ =∞ǨÏg~À *Ï#∞h K«O_»q„Hõ=∞ó I
[O¿Ñ¶∞ ^Œ∞}ϤܫÚ^èŒó áê`«∞ QÆ∞Ö∫Êù q+¨µ‚~°^èŒó ã¨^• II \ÊVz tÏlgÁÆÏá: úÁoÏ TÏ¡¢˛Á{ uƒ…mÏ∫s: ÃtÁ @@
6. ã¨∞Ѩ~°‚ó áê`«∞ "Õ∞ áê^Ò `å~°∆ ºó áê^•OQÆ∞b`«^• I 6. ÃÏúm|: úÁoÏ ™z úÁtÁ{ oÁflÆ|: úÁtÁWï̬y otÁ@
~À=∞‰õÄáêx "Õ∞ g~°ó `«fiK«O áê`«∞ ÉèíÜ«∂ѨǨÏó II ∫Áz™NÓ˛úÁuå ™z ƒy∫: nƒYÊ úÁoÏ ßÆÁú“: @@
7. W`Õº=O k=ºHõ=K«O áêѨѶ¨∞flO ã¨~°fiHÍ=∞^ŒO I 7. FnÆzƒÊ ut√ÆN˛ƒYÊ úÁúUåÊ Ãƒ|N˛Á™tÊ @
Ü«∞ó Ѩˆ~î`ü „áê`«~°∞`å÷Ü«∞ q+¨âı+¨O „Ѩ}â◊ºu II Æ: úezoΩ üÁoªnsÁÆ uƒ ∆z Ê üm≈Æuo @@
8. „uã¨#úºO Ü«∞ó Ѩˆ~îxfl`«ºO |#ú<å`ü =ÚK«º`Õ #~°ó I 8. ufiÃãÜÆÊ Æ: úezuëÁnÆÊ §ãáåÁoΩ ™ÏXÆoz å∫: @
^•fi^ŒâßǨÏO Ѩˆ~î^Œºã¨∞Î =ÚK«º`Õ â◊„`«∞ |#ú<å`ü II ˚Át∆Á“Ê úez˘ÀoÏ ™ÏXÆoz ∆fiÏ §ãáåÁoΩ @@
9. UHõ"å~°O Ѩˆ~î^Œºã¨∞Î =ÚK«º`Õ ã¨~°fiH˜eƒÃ+·ó I 9. LN˛ƒÁ∫Ê úez˘ÀoÏ ™ÏXÆoz Ã|uN˛u¡§ {: @
=„[ ѨO[~° <å"Õ∞^ŒO Hõ=K«O |#ú "≥∂K«#O II
ƒ\¿úÊ\∫ åÁ™ztÊ N˛ƒYÊ §ãá™ÁzYå™Ω @@

HÍÅ=Ú, ÔH~°@=Ú Z=i HÀã¨=Ú PQÆ=Ù.

August '18 w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w 24 wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww VAK

Pk`«º ǨÏ$^ŒÜ«∞O
1. `«`À Ü«Ú^Œú Ѩi„âßO`«O ã¨=∞ˆ~ zO`«Ü«∂ ã≤÷`«"£∞ I ~å=}O Kå„QÆ`À ^Œ$ëêìfi Ü«Ú^•úÜ«∞ ã¨=ÚѨã≤÷`«"£∞ II
2. ^≥·=`≥·â◊Û ã¨=∂QÆ=∞º „^Œ+¨µì=∞ÉèϺQÆ`À ~°}"£∞ I LѨQÆ=∂º „|g„^•=∞"£∞JQÆ™Èκ ÉèíQÆ"å<£ |∞∞+≤ó II
3. ~å=∞ ~å=∞ =∞ǨÉÏǨϟ â◊$}∞ QÆ∞ǨϺO ã¨<å`«#"£∞ I ÜÕ∞# ã¨~åfi#s<£ =`«û ã¨=∞ˆ~ q[~Ú+¨ºã≤ II
4. Pk`«º ǨÏ$^ŒÜ«∞O ѨÙ}ºO ã¨~°fiâ◊„`«∞ q<åâ◊#"£∞ I [Ü«∂=ǨÏO [¿Ñxfl`«º"£∞ JHõ∆Ü«∞ºO Ѩ~°=∞O t="£∞ II
5. ã¨~°fi=∞OQÆà◊ =∂OQÆà◊ºO ã¨~°fi áêѨ „Ѩ}Ïâ◊#"£∞ I zO`åâ’Hõ „Ѩâ◊=∞#"£∞ PÜ«Ú~°fi~°÷# =Ú`«÷=∞"£∞ II
6. ~°t‡=∞O`«O ã¨=Ú^ŒºO`«O ^Õ"åã¨∞~° #=∞㨯 $`«"£∞ I ѨÓ[Ü«∞ã¨fi q=ã¨fiO`«O ÉèÏ㨯~°O Éèí∞=<Õâ◊fi~°"£∞ II
7. ã¨~°fi^Õ"å`«‡HÀ ¿ÇϺ+¨ `Õ[ã‘fi ~°t‡ÉèÏ=#ó I U+¨ ^Õ"åã¨∞~° QÆ}Ï<£ Ö’HÍ<£ áêu QÆÉèíã≤Îaèó II
8. U+¨ „|Ǩ‡ K« q+¨µ‚â◊Û t=ó 㨯O^Œó „Ѩ*ÏѨuó I =∞¿ÇÏO„^À ^èŒ#^Œó HÍÖ’ Ü«∞=∞ó ™È"≥∂ ǨϺáêO Ѩuó II
9. Ñ≤`«~À =ã¨=ó ™ê^蕺 ǨϺtfi<Ò =∞~°∞`À =∞#∞ó I "åÜ«Ú~°fiÇ≤Ïfló „Ѩ*Ï„áê}ó |∞∞`«∞Hõ~åÎ „ѨÉèÏHõ~°ó II
10. Pk`«ºó ã¨q`å ã¨∂~°ºó YQÆó ѨÓëê QÆÉèíã≤Î=∂<£ I ã¨∞=~°‚ã¨^Œ$â’ ÉèÏ#∞ó Ç≤Ï~°}ºˆ~`å k"åHõ~°ó II
11. ǨÏi^Œâ◊fió ã¨Ç¨Ï„™êiÛó ã¨Ñ¨Îã¨Ñ≤Î-~°‡sz=∂<£ I uq∞~À#‡^äŒ#ó â◊OÉèí∞ó `«fiëêì =∂~åÎO_»HÀ-Oâ◊√=∂<£ II
12. Ç≤Ï~°}ºQÆ~°ƒùó tt~°ó `«Ñ¨<À ÉèÏ㨯~À ~°qó I JyflQÆ~Àƒù-k`Õó Ѩل`«ó â◊OYó tt~°<åâ◊#ó II
13. "Àº=∞<å^äŒ ã¨Î"≥∂ÉèËn |∞∞QƺAó ™ê=∞-áê~°QÆó I Ѷ¨∞<å=$+≤ì ~°áêO q∞„`À qO^茺gnä Ѩ¡=OQÆ=∞ó II
14. P`«Ñ‘ =∞O_»b =∞$`«∞ºó Ñ≤OQÆà◊ó ã¨~°fi`åѨ#ó I Hõqifiâ’fi =∞Ǩ`Õ*Ï ~°HõÎó ã¨~°fiÉèí"À^Œƒù=ó II
15. #Hõ∆„`« „QÆÇ¨Ï `å~å}Ï"£∞ JkèáÈ qâ◊fiÉèÏ=#ó I `Õ[™ê=∞Ñ≤ `Õ[ã‘fi ^•fi^Œâß`«‡<£ - #"≥∂-ã¨∞Î`Õ II
16. #=∞ó ѨÓ~åfiÜ«∞ y~°ÜÕ∞ ѨtÛ=∂Ü«∂„^ŒÜÕ∞ #=∞ó I *’ºu~°æ}Ï<åO Ѩ`«ÜÕ∞ k<åkèѨ`«ÜÕ∞ #=∞ó II
17. [Ü«∂Ü«∞ [Ü«∞Éèí„^•Ü«∞ ǨÏ~°ºâßfiÜ«∞ #"≥∂ #=∞ó I #"≥∂ #=∞ó ã¨Ç¨Ï„™êOâ’ Pk`åº #"≥∂ #=∞ó II
18. #=∞ L„QÍÜ«∞ g~åÜ«∞ ™ê~°OQÍÜ«∞ #"≥∂ #=∞ó I #=∞ó Ѩ^Œ‡„Ѩɒ^è•Ü«∞ =∂~åÎO_®Ü«∞ #"≥∂ #=∞ó II
19. „|¿Çχâß<åK«∞º`ÕâßÜ«∞ ã¨∂~åºÜ«∂k`«º - =~°Û¿ã I ÉèÏã¨fi`Õ ã¨~°fiÉèíH∆ÍÜ«∞ ~“„^•Ü«∞ =Ѩٿ+ #=∞ó II
20. `«"≥∂Ѷ¨∂flÜ«∞ Ç≤Ï=∞Ѷ¨∂flÜ«∞ â◊„`«∞Ѷ¨∂flÜ«∂ q∞`å`«‡<Õ I Hõ$`«Ñ¶¨∞flѶ¨∂flÜ«∞ ^Õ"åÜ«∞ *’ºuëêO Ѩ`«ÜÕ∞ #=∞ó II
21. `«Ñ¨Î Kåg∞Hõ~åÉèÏÜ«∞ =ǨÏflÜÕ∞ qâ◊fiHõ~°‡}Ë I #=∞ã¨Î"≥∂-aè xѶ¨∂flÜ«∞ ~°∞K«ÜÕ∞ Ö’Hõ™êH˜∆}Ë II
22. <åâ◊Ü«∞`Õº+¨ "≥· Éèí∂`«O `«^Õ= ã¨$[u „ѨÉèí∞ó I áêÜ«∞`Õº+¨ `«Ñ¨`Õº+¨ =~°¬`Õº+¨ QÆÉèíã≤Îaèó II
23. U+¨ ã¨∞¿ÑÎ+¨µ *ÏQÆiÎ Éèí∂`Õ+¨µ Ѩix+≤ª`«ó I U+¨ U"åyfl Ǩϟ„`«O K« Ѷ¨ÅO K≥·"åyfl Ǩϟ„u}Ï"£∞ II
24. "Õ^•â◊Û Hõ`«Ñ¨â‹·Û= „Hõ`«∂<åO Ѷ¨Å"Õ∞= K« I Ü«∂x Hõ$`åºx Ö’ˆH+¨µ ã¨~°fi U+¨ ~°qó „ѨÉèí∞ó II
25. U# =∂Ѩ`«∞û Hõ$„KÕÛù+¨µ HÍO`åˆ~+¨µ ÉèíÜÕ∞+¨µ K« I H©~°ÎÜ«∞<£ ѨÙ~°∞+¨ó HõtÛ<£ - <å=j^Œu ~åѶ¨∞= II
26. ѨÓ[Ü«∞Ãã· fi# "Õ∞HÍ„QÀ ^Õ=^Õ=O [QÆ`«Êu"£∞ I U`«`ü „uQÆ∞}˜`«O [áêÎ fi Ü«Ú^ÕÌ+¨µ q[~Ú+¨ºã≤ II
27. Jã≤‡<£ Hõ∆}Ë =∞ǨÉÏǨϟ ~å=}O `«fiO =kè+¨ºã≤ I U==ÚHÍÎ fi `«^•QÆ™Èκ [QÍ=∞ K« Ü«∞^ä•QÆ`«"£∞ II
28. U`«„K«∞Ûù`åfi =∞Ǩ`Õ*Ïó #+¨ìâ’HÀ- Éèí=`ü - `«^• I ^è•~°Ü«∂=∂㨠ã¨∞„Ñ‘`À ~åѶ¨∞=ó „Ѩܫ∞`å`«‡"å<£ II
29. Pk`«ºO „¿ÑHõ∆ º [áêÎ fi `«∞ Ѩ~°O ǨÏ~°¬=∞"åѨÎ"å<£ I „u~åK«=∞º â◊√z~°∂ƒù`åfi ^èŒ#∞~å^•Ü«∞ g~°º"å<£ II
30. ~å=}O „¿ÑHõ∆ º ǨÏ$ëêì`å‡ Ü«Ú^•úÜ«∞ ã¨=ÚáêQÆ=∞`ü I ã¨~°fiÜ«∞`Õfl# =∞ǨÏ`å =^èÕ `«ã¨º ^èŒ$`À-Éèí=`ü II
31. J^èŒ ~°q~°=^Œ<-£ xsHõ∆ º ~å=∞O =Úk`«=∞<åó Ѩ~=° ∞O „ѨÇϨ $+¨º=∂}óI
xtK«~°Ñ¨u ã¨OHõ∆Ü«∞O qk`åfi ã¨∞~°QÆ} =∞^茺QÆ`À =K«ã¨Î fiˆ~u II
W`庈~¬ N=∞„^•=∂Ü«∞}Ë "åb‡H©ÜÕ∞ PkHÍ"Õº Ü«Ú^ŒúHÍO_Õ Ñ¨OKåkèHõ â◊`«`«=∞ ã¨~°æó II
Chant 28 times

N˛Áo| ƒ yÆÁ| \ Ï | å Áz åÁ™ ∫Á\Á §Á“Ï Ã“œÁƒÁåΩ @ oÀÆ À™∫m™Áfiz m ToÊ å…bÊ Y ¬•Æoz @ @
HÍ~°Îg~åº~°∞˚<À <å=∞ ~å*Ï ÉÏǨï ã¨Ç¨Ï„ã¨"å<£ I `«ã¨º 㨇~°} =∂„`Õ} QÆ`«O #+¨ìO K« ÅÉèíº`Õ II
Karthaveeryarjuno nama Raaja Baahu Sahasravaan |
Thasya Smarana Maathrena Gatham Nashtam cha Labhyathe||
Please chant this sloka to locate lost objects, persons and belongings.
`«Ñ≤ÊáÈ~Ú# =º‰õΩÎÅ∞, =ã¨∞Î=ÙÅ∞ uiy ÅaèOK«∞@‰õΩ D â’¡HÍxfl ÉèíH˜Î`À ѨiîOK«O_ç.
LëÈ^ŒÜ«∂xH˜ =ÚO^Œ∞#flk QÍ_è®O^èŒHÍ~°=Ú.
August '18 w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w 25 wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww VAK
Chant 108 times
FO ã¨÷qëêªÜ«∞ #=∞ó FO ѨÙ+¨¯~åH∆ÍÜ«∞ #=∞ó
G Àsuƒ…eÁÆ å™: G úÏ … N˛∫ÁqÁÆ å™:
To keep Evil forces at bay. For overcoming bad times.
^Œ∞+¨ì â◊‰õΩÎÅ #∞O_ç HÍáê_»∞H˘#∞@‰õΩ. HõëêìÅ #∞O_ç q=ÚH˜Î á⁄O^Œ_®xH˜.

|∞∞} q"≥∂K«# #$ã≤OÇ¨Ï ™È΄`«O Chant one time

1. ^Õ=`å HÍ~°º ã≤^Œúº~°÷O ã¨ÉèÏã¨ÎOÉèí ã¨=Ú^Œƒù=O 6. „ѨǨ¡^Œ =~°^ŒO Nâ◊O ^≥·`Õºâ◊fi~° q^•i}O
N #$ã≤OǨÏO =∞Ǩg~°O #=∂q∞ |∞∞}=ÚHõÎÜÕ∞ N #$ã≤OǨÏO =∞Ǩg~°O #=∂q∞ |∞∞}=ÚHõÎÜÕ∞
2. ÅH∆͇º eOy`« "å=∂OQÆO ÉèíHÍÎ<åO =~°^•Ü«∞HõO 7. „‰õÄ~°„QÆÃÇ·Ïó Ñ‘_ç`å<åO, ÉèíHÍÎ<å=∞ÉèíÜ«∞„Ѩ^ŒO
N #$ã≤OǨÏO =∞Ǩg~°O #=∂q∞ |∞∞}=ÚHõÎÜÕ∞ N #$ã≤OǨÏO =∞Ǩg~°O #=∂q∞ |∞∞}=ÚHõÎÜÕ∞
8. "Õ^Œ "Õ^•O`« Ü«∞*Ë˝â◊O „|Ǩχ~°∞„^•k =Ok`«O
3. PO„`« =∂ÖÏ^èŒ~°O â◊OY K«„HÍÉÏ˚Ü«Ú^èŒ ^è•i}O
N #$ã≤OǨÏO =∞Ǩg~°O #=∂q∞ |∞∞}=ÚHõÎÜÕ∞
N #$ã≤OǨÏO =∞Ǩg~°O #=∂q∞ |∞∞}=ÚHõÎÜÕ∞
9. Ü«∞ W^ŒO Ѩ~î°`Õ x`«ºO |∞∞}"≥∂K«# ã¨Ol˝`«O
4. 㨇~°}Ï`ü ã¨~°fiáêѨѶ¨∞flO Hõ„^Œ∂[q+¨<åâ◊#O J#$}©*ÏÜ«∞`Õ ã¨`Àº ^èŒ#O j„Ѷ¨∞=∞"åѨÙflÜ«∂`ü
N #$ã≤OǨÏO =∞Ǩg~°O #=∂q∞ |∞∞}=ÚHõÎÜÕ∞
D ™È΄`åxfl Jxfl JiëêìÅ∞, ^ÀëêÅ∞, Pi÷Hõ W|ƒO^Œ∞Å`À
5. ã≤OǨÏ<å^Õ# =∞ǨÏ`å kQÆúOuÉèíÜ«∞ <åâ◊#"£∞ L#fl"åà◊√§ ™êÜ«∞O ã¨=∞Ü«∞OÖ’ XHõ™êi 㨇i¿ãÎ K«Hõ¯x
N #$ã≤OǨÏO =∞Ǩg~°O #=∂q∞ |∞∞}=ÚHõÎÜÕ∞ Ѷ¨e`«O Åaèã¨∞ÎOk.
FO Éèí∂`å^ŒÜÕ∞ #=∞ó G ßÓoÁtÆz å™: FO ^è•„`Õ #=∞ó G áÁfiz å™:
Chant this name to amend soured friendship For issueless couple. ã¨O`å# „áêÑ≤Î H˘~°‰õΩ
or any personal relationship FO q^è•„`Õ #=∞ó G uƒáÁfiz å™:
q∞„`«∞Å`À ¿ãflǨÏÉèÏ=O ÃÑOK«∞HÀ=_®xH˜, ^ŒOѨ`∞« Å Pregnant ladies to chant for healthy babies.
J<Àº#º`«‰õΩ. P~ÀQƺHõ~°"≥∞ÿ# tâ◊√=ÙÅ H˘~°‰õΩ
Chant one time
Runa Vimochana Nrisimha Stotram
Devataakaarya-siddhyartham Sri Nrisimham mahaaveeraam
sabhaastambha-samudbhavam namaami runamuktaye
Sri Nrisimham mahaaveeram
Prahlaada varadam sreesam
namaami runamuktaye
Lakshmyaalingita-vaamaangam Sri Nrisimham mahaaveeram
bhaktaanaam varadaayakam namaami runamuktaye
Sri Nrisimham mahaveeram
Krooragrahaih peeditaanaam
namaami runamuktaye
bhaktaanaam abhayapradam
Aanthramaalaadharam Sankha Sri Nrisimham mahaaveeram
Chakraabja aayudha dha arina m namaami runamuktaye
Sri Nrisimham mahaaveeram
namaami runamuktaye
Brahma Rudraadi vanditam
Smaranaat sarvapaapagnam Sri Nrisimham mahaaveeram
kadrooja visha naasanam namaami runamuktaye
Sri Nrisimha mahaaveeraam
Ya idam patathe nityam runa
namaami runamuktaye
mochana samjnitam
Simhanaadena Mahataa Anrunee jaayate satyo dhanam
Digdhanthi Bhaya Naashanam sheeghram avaapnuyaat

L#fl`« tY~åÅ∞ <ÕÅÃÑ·<Õ „áê~°OÉèí=∞=Ù`å~Ú.

August '18 w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w 26 wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww VAK
Chilkur Balaji's Grace - 165 zÅ∞‰õÄ~°∞ ÉÏÖÏr J#∞„QÆÇϨ O – 165

My Marriage settled... q"åǨÏO ‰õΩkiOk...

<å‰õΩ H˘xfl ã¨O=`«û~åÅ∞QÍ q"åǨÏO U"À HÍ~°}ÏÅKÕ`«
My wedding was getting delayed for many
years due to one problem of the other. My friend PÅ㨺O J=Ù`«∂ LOk. <å ¿ãflÇ≤Ï`«∞_ç „áÈ^ŒƒùÅO`À zÅ∞‰õÄ~°∞
requested me to go to Chilkur to pray. The Archaka =KåÛ#∞. J~°ÛHõ™êfiq∞ K≥Ñ≤Ê# ''HÍ"Õ∞â◊fi~åÜ«∞ HÍ=∂Ü«∞....——
asked me to chant "Kameshwaraya Kamaya...."
within one week my marriage was finalised and I am
â’¡HÍxfl ѨiîOK«=∞<åfl~°∞. XHõ "å~°OÖ’QÍ q"åǨÏO ‰õΩkiOk.
happily married now. WѨC_»∞ <Õ#∞ ã¨O`À+¨OQÍ L<åfl#∞. Wk PÉÏÖÏr J#∞„QÆǨÏO.
Devotee Éèí‰õΩÎ_»∞
N˛Á™z æ Á∫ÁÆ N˛Á™ÁÆ N˛Á™úÁ¬ÁÆ N˛Áu™åz @ D â’¡HÍxfl 㨇iOK«O_ç. Chant 28 times

å™: N˛Á™uƒ“Á∫ÁÆ N˛Á™øúá∫ÁÆ Y@@ =∂ ÃÑo§ [iy# H˘xfl <≥ÅÖ’¡<Õ PÜ«∞#`À q_®‰õΩÅ∞ fã¨∞HÀ"åÅx
HÍ"Õ∞â◊fi~åÜ«∞ HÍ=∂Ü«∞ HÍ=∞áêÖÏÜ«∞ HÍq∞<Õ I x~°~‚ ÚOz# ã¨=∞Ü«∞OÖ’ ÃÑ· â’¡HÍxfl zÅ∞‰õÄ~°∞Ö’ q#_»O [iyOk.
#=∞ó HÍ=∞qǨ~åÜ«∞ HÍ=∞~°∂Ѩ^~Œè åÜ«∞ K« II ~ÀE 㨇iã¨∂Î<Õ L<åfl#∞. Pâ◊Û~°ºHõ~°"≥∞ÿ# suÖ’ =∂ =∞^茺
Kaameshwaraya Kaamaya Kaamapalaya Kamine J=QÍǨÏ# ÃÑiy KåÖÏ J<Àº#ºOQÍ LO@∞<åfl=Ú.
Namaha Kaamavihaaraya Kaamarupa dharaayacha
Marriages get finalised by Chanting this Sloka. Also XHõ Éèí‰õΩÎ~åÅ∞, =∞OQÆà◊yi
this sloka bestows intimacy, mutual affection and =∂ J=∂‡~ÚH˜ 38 Uà◊√§. Z<Àfl ã¨O|O^è•Å∞ =zÛ<å ÃÑo¡
trust between couples.
‰õΩ^Œ~°ÖË^Œ∞. J~Ú`Õ D â’¡HõO K≥Ñ≤Ê# H˘xfl ~ÀAÅÖ’ =∞Oz
q"åÇ¨Ï „áêÑ≤Î, ÉèÏ~åº Éèí~°ÎÅ #_»∞=∞ „Ñ‘u, SHõ=∞`åºxH˜ =~°∞_ç`À ÃÑo§ ‰õΩkiOk. XHõ Éèí‰õΩÎ~åÅ∞,
The Temples Protection Movement has represented to Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao to restore the rights
of archakas over the service Inam lands in their occupation and personal cultivation.
Several archaka inamdars met at Yagadigirigutta on Wednesday to discuss the injustice meted out to archakas
by deletion of their names along with that of trustees in the recently issued Pattadar Passbooks.
The meeting was presided over by Yadadri Chief Priest Karampudi Narasimhacharyulu and Temple Protection
Movement convener and Chilkur Balaji temple chief priest C.S. Rangarajan.
Mr. Rangarajan said that the meeting resolved to request the Chief Minister to restore their names in the R.O.R
(Record of Rights) records as cultivators so that the daily service rituals and periodical festivals were conducted
as before. He said that Inams were granted to archakas only for the purpose of ensuring regular and proper
religious services in the temple permanently in lieu of remuneration. The service providing archakas could only
enjoy the land so long as he rendered the service and this enabled regular conduct of service in the temples.
Subsequently a Section 76 was introduced in the Endowments Act 30/87 to restore the Inam lands to the religious
institutions. This section was challenged in the Supreme Court and the Court struck down the section as
unconstitutional, he recalled. (The Hindu 26.7.2018)
"å~°ã`¨ fi« J~°ÛHõ =º=ã¨#÷ ∞ H˘#™êyOKåe - [QÆ<åfl^äŒ PÅÜ«∞O ™ê‡~°Hãõ ∂¨ Ñ÷ O¨ HÍ^Œ∞ - ѨÓs â◊OHõ~åKå~°º xâ◊ÛÖÏ#O^Œ ã¨~ã° fi¨ u
Éèí∞=<Õâ◊fi~ü, AÖˇ· 27 : ѨÓs [QÆ<åfl^äŒ PÅÜ«∞OÖ’ "å~°ã¨`«fiO J~°ÛHõ ¿ã=Hõ =º=ã¨÷‰õΩ ѨÓs â◊OHõ~åKå~°º, QÀ=~°ú<£ Ñ‘~î°O ™êfiq∞ xâ◊ÛÖÏ#O^Œ
ã¨~°ã¨fiu =∞^ŒÌ`«∞ WKåÛ~°∞. J~°ÛHõ ¿ã=Hõ =º=ã¨÷Ö’ ѨxKÕã¨∞Î#fl "åi Pi÷Hõ Ѩiã≤÷u "≥∞~°∞QÆ∞Ѩ_®Åx, JÖψQ „Hõ=∞tHõ∆}, „Ѩ=~°Î# q^è•#OÖ’
=∂~°∞ÊÅ∞ ‰õÄ_® fã¨∞‰õΩ~å"åeû# J=ã¨~°O LO^Œx PÜ«∞# ¿Ñ~˘¯<åfl~°∞. ѨÓs ~åA QÆ[Ѩu =∞Ǩ~å*ò k=ºã≤OQ∑ ^Õ"£, J~°ÛHõ ¿ã=‰õΩÅ∞ WHõ¯_»
â◊OHõ~åKå~°º xâ◊ÛÖÏ#O^Œ ã¨~°ã¨fiux HõÅ∞ã¨∞‰õΩ<åfl~°∞. D ã¨O^Œ~°ƒùOQÍ ™êfig∞r =∂\Ï¡_»∞`«∂ N [QÆ<åfl^äŒ ^Õ"åÅÜ«∞O XHõ á¶êºHõìs HÍ^Œx,
QÍOnè ™ê‡~°Hõ ã¨∂÷ѨO HÍ^Œx K≥áêÊ~°∞. ^Õ"åÅÜ«∞ B#fl`åºxfl Ѩi~°H˜∆OKåÅx, J^Õ ã¨=∞Ü«∞OÖ’ Éèí‰õΩÎʼnõΩ L#fl`« ã¨O™ê¯~°O`À, „Hõ=∞tHõ∆}`À
¿ã=Å∞ JOkOKåÅ<åfl~°∞. D U_®k E<£ 6= `Õn# ã¨∞„Ñ‘OHÀ~°∞ì ѨÓs PÅÜ«∞OÖ’ "å~°ã¨`«fi J~°ÛHõ¿ã=Hõ =º=ã¨÷#∞ ~°^Œ∞ÌKÕÜ«∂Åx
ã¨∂zOzOk. D <ÕѨ^䌺OÖ’ D JOâ◊O q"å^•ã¨Ê^ŒOQÍ =∂iOk. ™êfig∞r =∂\Ï¡_»∞`«∂ PÅÜ«∞OÖ’ "å~°ã¨`«fi J~°ÛHõ ¿ã=Hõ =º=ã¨÷#∞
H˘#™êyOKåÅx, nxH˜ ã¨O|OkèOz# iHÍ~°∞¤Å#∞ ã¨∞„Ñ‘OHÀ~°∞ì‰õΩ ã¨=∞iÊOKåÅx X_çâß „ѨÉèí∞`åfixfl HÀ~å~°∞. J~°ÛHõ ¿ã=Hõ =$uÎÖ’ L#fl"åi
Pi÷Hõ ÉÏQÀQÆ∞ʼnõΩ K«~°ºÅ∞ fã¨∞HÀ"åÅx, "åi Ñ≤šʼnõΩ =∞Oz q^Œº#∞ JOkOKÕ q^èŒOQÍ „ѨÉèí∞`«fiO `«y# =º=ã¨÷#∞ U~åÊ@∞ KÕÜ«∂Åx
HÀ~å~°∞. QÆ[Ѩu =∞ǨÏ~å*ò =∂\Ï¡_»∞`«∂ D q+¨Ü«∞OÖ’ "å~°ã¨`«fi J~°ÛHõ ¿ã=Å∞ ã¨OѶ¨∞\˜`«OQÍ Ñ¨xKÕÜ«∂Å<åfl~°∞. ã¨∞„Ñ‘OHÀ~°∞ìÖ’ gi
"å^Œ#Å∞ qxÑ≤OKÕO^Œ∞‰õΩ bQÆÖò ÃãÖò#∞ U~åÊ@∞ KÕÜ«∂Å<åfl~°∞. (PO„^èŒÉèí∂q∞ 28.7.2018)
J=ã¨~°OÖ’ P^Œ∞‰õΩ#fl"åˆ~ x["≥∞ÿ# ¿ãflÇ≤Ï`«∞Å∞.

Exclusive for OUR

,Ɯ++ ",2101+!&+$
/" "&3)"0
(i.e., input tax credit due under GST) of MSME units

K Existing MSME borrowers of our Bank are eligible K Maximum period of 6 months over and above the
gestation/holiday period of 2 months
K 20% of existing fund based working capital limit
or 80% of input tax creditț "/1&Ɯ"!6Ȝ K No collateral security
due to the unit, whichever is lower

Toll free No. 1800 425 1515

Date of Posting 6th & 7th 28 Date of Publication 1st of every month

Registered as a News Paper Title Code : TELMUL00053 RNI. No. AP/2000/2474

Vol.19 VAK / AUGUST / 2018 Postal Registration No. HSE/738/2017-19 No.8

The world may stand without the sun, the crops

uo…ez ® Áz N ˛Áz uƒåÁ ÃÓ Æ ˙ ÃÀÆÊ ƒÁ Ãu¬¬Ê uƒåÁ@ may thrive without water but if I be without Rama,
my life will leave my body. (Ayodhyakandam 12 -13)
å oÏ ∫Á™Ê uƒåÁ tz “ z uo…ez Ï ™™ \yuƒo™Ω @ @ ã¨∂~°∞º_»∞ ÖˉΩõ O_® D Ö’Hõ=Ú LO_»=K«∞Û#∞† h~°∞ ÖˉΩõ O_®
ã¨ã¨º=Ú LO_»=K«∞Û#∞. HÍx ~å=Ú_»∞ ÖˉõΩO_® <å
u¿+ªÖ’¡HÀ q<å ã¨∂~°ºO ã¨ã¨ºO "å ã¨eÅO q<å I ^ÕÇϨ =ÚÖ’ „áê}=ÚO_»*ÏÅ^Œ∞.
# `«∞ ~å=∞O q<å ^Õ¿ÇÏ u¿+ª`«∞Î =∞=∞ rq`«"£∞ II (JÜ≥∂^茺HÍO_»=Ú 12-13)
zÅ∞‰õÄ~°∞ ÉÏÖÏr ^Õ"åÅÜ«∂xH˜ xkè.... ''_≥~Úb ѨÓ*Ï Ñ¶¨O_£——^•fi~å ã¨=∞‰õÄ~°ÛO_ç.
D Ѷ¨O_£H˜ kQÆ∞= ã¨∂zOK«|_ç# ÉϺO‰õΩÅÖ’ K≥e¡OѨÙÅ∞ ã‘fiHõiOK«|_»∞#∞.
1) C. A/c No.62055583940 of Sri Balaji Venkateswara Swamy Temple, Chilkur maintained with
State Bank of India, Moinabad Branch (R.R. Dist.) (¿ãì\ò ÉϺOH± PѶπ WO_çÜ«∂, "≥Ú~Ú<åÉÏ^£ âßY, ~°OQÍÔ~_ç¤
lÖÏ¡) from any branch of State Bank of Hyderabad situated in any part of the Country.
2) C. A/c No. 091110011008633 of Sri Balaji Venkateswara Swamy Temple, Chilkur maintained with Andhra
Bank, Pedda Mangalaram (Moinabad Branch PO„^è• ÉϺOH±, ÃÑ^ŒÌ=∞OQÆàÏ~°O ("≥Ú~Ú<åÉÏ^£ âßY)) (R.R. Dist.) from any
branch of Andhra Bank situated in any part of the World. „ѨѨOK«OÖ’x U „áêO`«OÖ’ #∞O_≥·<å [=∞ KÕÜ«∞=K«∞Û.
3) C. A/c No.3063101000001 of Sri Balaji Venkateswara Swamy Temple, Chilkur maintained with Canara Bank,
113, Main Road, Himayatnagar, Moinabad Mandal, R.R. Dist. ÔH#~å ÉϺOH±, 113, "≥∞~Ú<£ ~À_£, Ç≤Ï=∂Ü«∞`ü#QÆ~ü, "≥Ú~Ú<åÉÏ^£
=∞O_»Ö,ò ~°OQÍÔ~_ç¤ lÖÏ¡, from any branch of Canara Bank situated in any part of India. (=∞#^ÕâO◊ Ö’x U „áêO`«OÖ’ #∞O_≥<· å [=∞ KÕÜ∞« =K«∞Û.)
4) SB A/c No.24730110000007 of Sri Balaji Venkateswara Swamy Temple, Chilkur maintained with UCO
Bank, Chilukuru Branch, Moinabad Mandal, R.R. Dist. Ü«¸HÀ ÉϺOH±, zÅ∞‰õÄ~°∞ „ÉÏOz, "≥Ú~Ú<åÉÏ^£ =∞O_»Ö,ò ~°OQÍÔ~_ç¤ lÖÏ¡,
from any branch of UCO Bank situated in India. (=∞#^ÕâO ◊ Ö’x U „áêO`«OÖ’ #∞O_≥<· å [=∞ KÕÜ∞« =K«∞Û.)
Éè‰í Ωõ ÅÎ ∞ ~°∂.100/- Hõh㨠K≥eO¡ ѨÙQÍ D xkèH˜ [=∞ KÕÜ∞« =K«∞Û.
D âßâ◊fi`« xkèx ã¨=∞‰õÄ~°Û_®xH˜ Éèí‰õΩÎÅO^Œih ã¨Ç¨ÏHõiOK«=Åã≤#kQÍ „áêi÷ã¨∞Î<åfl=Ú. JÖÏ ã¨Ç¨ÏHõiOz Éèí‰õΩÎÅÖ’ ÉèíH˜Î=∂~åæxfl ÃÑOá⁄OkOKÕ
qÖHõ∆}"≥∞ÿ# zÅ∞‰õÄ~°∞ ѨÓ*Ï q^è•<åxfl PK«O„^•~°¯O xeKÕÖÏ `À_»Ê_ç#O^Œ∞‰õΩ P ÉÏÖÏr Hõ$Ѩ‰õΩ áê„`«∞Å=Ù`å~°∞.
The Fund donations can be remitted in the Following Banks with the following Particulars:-
1) C. A/c No.62055583940 of Sri Balaji Venkateswara Swamy Temple, Chilkur maintained with
State Bank of India, Moinabad Branch (R.R. Dist.) from any branch of State Bank of Hyderabad situated
in any part of the Country. IFSC Code 'SBIN0020637'.
2) SB A/c No.091110011008633 of Sri Balaji Venkateswara Swamy Temple, Chilkur maintained
with Andhra Bank, Pedda Mangalaram (Moinabad Branch) (R.R. Dist.) from any branch of Andhra
Bank situated in any part of the World. IFSC Code 'ANDB0000911'.
3) SB A/c No.3063101000001 of Sri Balaji Venkateswara Swamy Temple, Chilkur maintained with Canara
Bank, 113, Main Road, Himayatnagar, Moinabad Mandal, R.R. Dist. from any branch of Canara Bank situated in
India. IFSC Code 'CNRB0003063'.
4) SB A/c No.24730110000007 of Sri Balaji Venkateswara Swamy Temple, Chilkur maintained with
UCO Bank, Chilukuru Branch, Moinabad Mandal, R.R. Dist. from any branch of UCO Bank situated in India.
IFSC Code 'UCBA0002473'.
Devotees can remit their contributions with a minimum of Rs.100/- to this Fund.
The Devotees who contribute to this Fund will have the blessings of the Lord Balaji for participating
in the continuation of this unique way of worship which inculcates Pure Devotion in the Temple system…..
Andhra Bank Ph : 08417-252064, SBH Ph. : 08417-252071, Canara Bank : 08413-235088, UCO Bank Ph.: 08417-200023
All business communications and payments may
be addressed to The Manager VAK, 2-2-647/77/D, D.D. BOOK – POST
Colony, Bagh Amberpet, Hyderabad-500 013. Ph : To STAMP
27425640. Only local cheques and DDs drawn in favour
of VAK will be accepted. Subscriptions can be sent
through money orders also. Give your correct address.
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