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GTS Run Book - Application Profile

This document provides a business overview of AutoSys.

Define and summarizes the AutoSys Job Scheduling Application

Target Audience
Will allow the NOC to understand the application and its importance to the organization. It will
also contain business contact information to assist in effective communications

41204739.doc For internal XL Capital use only Last Date Modified October 16, 2008
Application Profile

GTS Run Book - AutoSys Job Scheduler

Application Profile

Application Name: AutoSys

Name & Description of Application: AutoSys is the Enterprise Batch Job Scheduler for XL. All scheduled
Description and batch processing for all business IT systems that process XL information including all
controlled subsidiaries and managed affiliates worldwide need to run via AutoSys.

AutoSys is used for automated advanced scheduling and calendaring, simple and complex
dependency relationships, production controls for auditing, and notification and escalation.
Business US Treasury Accounting Operations
Contacts XL Real Estate/Facilities
XL Insurance Exton XL-Insurance WINS AutoSys Support
XL Re Life IT
XL Destiny
Application Services
Financial Data Repository
Directory Services
Expense Planning System
Financial Data Repository
Global Services
GS-CRMP SupportGroup-US-S
Identity Management
IT Invest Management Job GS-IT Actuals Support Notification-US-S
Job Scheduling
XL America GS-DW-XLRA Support-Notification-US-S
Tax Data Repository for the Financial Tax Department
XL Insurance
XL Reinsurance GS-FxRate Batch-S
XL Professional Hartford Job XL-PH Roundtable AutoSys Support
XL Insurance Monthly Policy, FRC
IT Invest Management Job GS-Global Web Team-US-S
XL London Market GS-MIS SQL Warehouse PreProd Jobs-UK-LON-S

Business IT John Surette

Robert Thomas,

IT Segment Mike Kane

Business List Name: GS-Autosys Users (insert hyperlink)
User(s) General description of Business Users: All AutoSys users should be included in this Exchange
Distribution Distribution List
Availability This application is available 24/7 except for 2 maintenance windows per month. Maintenance
Required/Prima windows occur the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays of every month.
ry Operating
Peak Periods Daily 09:00-17:00 and Month End Close
Specific 1st and 3rd Tuesday of every month, 9:00 AM – 10:30 AM
Backup Requirements Nightly full backup of the autosys2 DB and hourly transactional logging
Backup Window is in place for a 1 hour recovery time. The DB backup occurs at 10:05
PM and runs for 30 seconds.
Expected recovery

Application Priority Basic

Disaster Disaster Recovery Document: Disaster Recovery - Test Script- IT.xls

Recovery/Failover Name of DR Site: Sungard, NJ
Planned Release Schedule What is the standard release cycle for the application?
AutoSys Job Creation Life Cycle Document
How often and when are new releases of the application expected?
The newest release of AutoSys (version r11) is ready for general
availability right now; testing should begin around DEC 2009 at XL.
Support Requirements Expected coverage of applications 08:30-17:00
Specific SLAs: Job Scheduling Services SLA Draft
Vendor Name: Name of vendor(s) that developed the application: CA
Primary vendor support contact : 800-859-1564 Until 6 PM EST Option
Is this application covered by vendor support : Yes
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