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From the free man commonly called John-Doe: Smith, Standing in God's Kingdom. In Care Of (Other Party Handling Docs) Full Address 12345 Wryz Country To: Lawful Notice To Ms. Marry Doe Smith Full Address 12345 Wxyz Country TO WHOM-SO-EVER THIS MAY CONCERN FIAT JUSTITIA, RUAT COELUM Let Right Be Done, Though The Heavens Should Fall Notice to principal is notice to agent. Notice to agent is notice to principal. |, commonly addressed by the calling of John-Doe: Smith®, hereinafter the “Principal’, in my correct public capacity as beneficiary to the Original Jurisdiction, being of majority in age, competent to testify, a self realized and free sentient man make the following notice to those whom may wish to communicate with me. Notice of Methods of Communication Principal herby notices the recipient of this notice of agreeable method of communication for the Purposes of timely and peaceful performance of business, trade and dispute reconciliation. All documents to be delivered to Principal must be Affidavits signed under oath and penalty of perjury and full commercial liabilty. Should you wish to communicate something that does not require attestation or Oath then you may do so. However, it may be discarded without dis-honour and without response, In order to perform business in a timely manner Principal will accept documents directed to a private fax number. The Principal will then accept the formal hard copy documents delivered by registered mail inside the following TEN (10) days. Principal herby notices forward copies of documents will be accepted to the fax number: 430. 200 200 200K, ‘Should the reader wish to send documents to the Legal Fiction Strawman known as JOHN DOE. SMITH please use the following addressing and send follow on mail as registered mail to: