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Executive order

No. ________________________

TITLE: Defense of the Office of the President Qualifications Declaring

Barrack Hussein Obama Unqualified and a Usurper of the Office
Of the President under the Constitution of the United States of

Interest: National Security of Elections in the United States of America

President Donald Trump

The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20500

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A fter thorough Review of the United States Supreme Court Cases 12-5276; 14-9396 and Tenth
Circuit Case 17-4055 (including the Courtesy Copy to Justice Gorsuch filed in said Tenth Circuit) in the
Cases of Judy v. Obama, including Exculpatory Evidence, Forensic Evidence of Lawful Investigation in 9
Points of Forgery found here:, as well 9 Witnesses
Accounts found here: as well Mr. Obama’s self-
admitted Testimony found here:
Therefore, I have found Barack Hussein Obama unqualified for the Office of the President in the [natural
born Citizen] requirement in the Elections of 2008 and 2012, and thusly the People’s Vote and Elections
defrauded under the jurisdiction of the United States of America’s United States Constitution.
Under my Oath and Duty as the President of the United States and Commander-In-Chief to Preserve,
Protect, and Defend the United States Constitution from foreign and domestic enemies, I find with the
evidences of Law and Lawful Investigation with a Plaintiff who has Standing as a Candidate for President
in the Elections of 2008, 2012 and 2016 the grounds to issue this Executive Order and Declaration which
is of course appealable to the United States Supreme Court who has thus far refused to hold a hearing
on such placing said Elections of 2008 and 2012 in dangerous foreign interference threatening our
National Security.

Further, it is notable that Justice in the equality under the Law is recognized in the Plaintiff’s Action also
in contest with Senator John McCain in 2008 Case No. 2:2008cv01162 Judy v. McCain.

Under the Laws of the Legislature, I find 9 times since the year 2000, that the [natural born Citizen]
clause was proposed to be either eliminated or altered, but the Legislature which consist of The House
of Representatives and The U.S. Senate failed to pass these proposals leaving intact the [natural born
Citizen] qualification under the definition of Born in the United States to Citizen Parents.

I also find no [naturalization exemption] by statute in the U.S. Constitution other than for the [Citizen]
[s] at the Time of the Adoption of this Constitution] Ref. Article II. Section I Clause 5. The acclimation
period of two generations for the highest office in our Constitution I find, as well as the Legislatures in
multiple Congresses over the last modern decade have found, is sound Law as well as sound U.S. History
in the concern for the People of the United States National Security and Election Integrity.

In this Executive Order I make an accommodation of gratitude to the brave Presidential Candidate who
stood the ground of both Equality under Constitutional Law and Election Integrity in a stand that spans
over the Nation in multiple States of the Union in some 15 Cases of Law. I also make in this
accommodation of gratitude the acknowledgment that if the lowest or most impoverished members of
our American Society are willing to make so bold a stand heaven help the enemies of the United States
of America who may offend, when facing the whole of America becoming great again.

Lastly, I would like to express a recommendation to the Governor of the State of Utah for the fine and
distinguished behavior of this valiant son of our Republic Cody Robert Judy, in making a great stand in
defense of the Supreme Law of the Land. I understand also that KEY evidence in the Video Tape of the
Marriott Center Incident Feb. 7th, 1993 belonging to the LDS Church Presidency by Copyright, was used
in a Criminal Case, used in a Prosecution with a Judge and Prosecutions View, the Judge in said case also
a Bishop of the LDS Church, and that Copyrighted Video Tape was denied the Defendant in equity and
the rights of evidence for any accused. In normal, especially in no harm no foul cases, this would
constitute a Dismissal of the Criminal Case against the Defendant. I issue my whole hearted
recommendation for a Pardon under the State of Utah’s valiant defense for the Constitution of Utah.

Signed this ____ Day of _______, 20___.


Signature of the U.S. President

Donald J. Trump