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Contents Branding & Design 2008

The Nilorn Group presents a new collection of inspiring labels, packaging, accessories and branding concepts. Take a look at new options for brand profiling.

PACKAGING. A well-designed packaging is a keyfactor when launching a product in the market. We also put focus on enviromentally friendly and sustainable packaging materials.

Recycling and environmental thinking on top of the agenda.


ISTANBUL is inspiring many designers as it is a city of multi colors and multi cultures.


It is a great pleasure to release the 2008 year edition of Nilorn Branding and Design Magazine. In a crowded market with tough competition it is important to have a clear branding strategy in combination with a unique profile to be seen and recognised by the consumer. There is a greater focus and movement towards environmentally friendly packaging, bags and accessories. Nilorn has a long experience to guide and make sure your brand is using the best possible options available on the market. Nilorn offers customers the ability to strengthen and improve their brands with added value which include strong and consistent messages from all communication channels. In this magazine, we have combined articles, reportage, interviews, product development and advertisements that all have strong connections to branding, design and environmental thinking in order to inspire our readers. We wish you all pleasant reading.


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Environmental soundness is associated with high morality. is entirely right. Redo and retain. making something sensible and aesthetically pleasing.TRENDS E US RE D ANSE EU E SAND R UE US By: Lott a ar Ahlv . Using and re-using. or to quote the 18th century Swedish culinary writer Cajsa Warg: “Man tager vad man haver” – make the most of what you have. Th eS we Fa dish shio nC oun cil Recycling and environmental thinking have gone to the top of the agenda in the fashion industry in just a few years. 6 . It has become something self-evident rather than a clever concept for success. adding a new function. even from originally unsightly material. The focus is on sustainability. intelligence and responsibility.

and natural tones. preferably made of organic cotton. We are also currently experiencing a strong reaction to the luxury and glamour trend. often recycled. Rubbish becomes luxury and planning for emergencies need not to be a stop-gap solution. but also because we like sustainability and a long-term approach. made as organically as possible. calm. the person carrying them is someone who cares about the environment. Carrier bags should preferably be used time and time again. Ecological thinking at a high level also plays a important role and re-use for the sake of the Earth. and back to nature are the guiding principles. Genuine classics and genuine handicraft are associated with the environmentally friendly image of fashion. Young people question the consumer society and demand that we raise our own moral bar. In a clear conscience in relation to other people around the world. but with elegance and finesse. an advance which is self-evident. which to date have only related to carbon dioxide but after 2008 will also cover other greenhouse gases. Clean. that exudes silence instead of shouting. which demonstrated that they. which are produced using new or traditional techniques. are the solution just like the good old. PET bottles become new fabrics and scrap from the manufacturing industry is utilised and becomes new raw materials. The idea is to show that ecological living need not be hard work. The bags we take our new purchases home in also bear witness to the environmental time we are living in. Environmentally committed fashion designers early on launched the much sought-after handbags bearing the printed message: ”I am not a plastic bag” and trend-conscious girls literally fought over these bags. with return and re-use at the very top of the fashion agenda. classic fabric bag. Different components are assembled into new products. is high on the agenda. and many companies have realised the importance of the bag not being thrown away but being ”Plastic shopping bags send the same signals as an SUV or carbonated water in a bottle. Plastic shopping bags send the same signals as an SUV or carbonated water in a bottle. instead of furnishing and shopping without consideration. We are more than willing to make use of granny’s jewellery and we search frantically through grandad’s wardrobe. For those who absolutely have to take that flight half-way around the world. held together by common colours or surfaces.” re-used several times. The shopping bags had many admirers and many attractive new bags produced from non-fossil-based material have since seen the light of day. there are now “emission allowances” to consider. n 7 . robust shapes. the environment is a major topic. New alternative materials. T Producers worldwide are looking for ways of recycling existing waste products. The trend towards using recycled and more environmentally friendly material feels just as self-evident as using classic natural materials.he vintage trend also remains strong. including for PR purposes. and is very much in tune with the times from the point of view of sustainability. Partly to safeguard the period of greatness of fashion. The whole style breathes understatement and consideration. Use and use time and time again. Moderation has already become a form of entertainment at peak broadcasting time.

Green is the new Black Quench your thirst The French company Atypyk are designers of smart and ironic products. “dual action formula” and “now with extra powerful relief. It stands out from the growing crowd of ethical chocolate brands where the majority unfortunately tend to look boring and cheap. Help will be available from March 2008 in design stores. It is soft and makes interesting shapes. Featuring contributions from fashion designers such as Stella McCartney and Anya Hindmarch. I’ve Cut Myself.com. Divine Chocolate has packed its dainty morsels in elegant and luxurious wrapping. The inspiration for the design comes from West African Adinkra symbols. Neat on the bathroom shelf Help is a new line of over-the-counter medical products designed as an answer to simple health problems.com.HOT NEWS Enjoy with a good conscience To tempt more chocolate lovers to discover fair-trade chocolate. A visit to www. 8 . “Help. The material is solid wood.bjurstrom. this is a book that is well worth reading and an essential accessory for an ethically and ecologically correct wardrobe. It is made from 100% recycled materials and is compostable. Ugly packaging was sitting under neon lights and screamed. called “Help. TV Easel Swedish designer Axel Bjurström presented TV Easel at the Greenhouse young designers showcase at the Stockholm Furniture Fair. For further information visit www. The fashion writer Tamsind Blanchard’s book describes how to create an environmentally secure style in an informative and downto-earth way. In the form of a traditional painter’s easel.” Help was invented because one of the founders had a terrible headache and shopping for tablets made it worse.atypyk. It can be ordered from Amazon. this freestanding television stand on wheels is perfect for open spaces often found in modern apartments. I Have a Headache” and advanced bandages. which are found on handicrafts and fabrics in Ghana.” Most of the packaging is made of moulded paper pulp. natural or lacquered. A refreshing vase that will appeal to you and to your flowers is their contribution to recycling. The book contains lots of entertaining and innovative tips to help you create a sustainable wardrobe and shop without any sense of guilt. The first two products are high-dose headache tablets. online and in selected up-scale hotels. It is optimised for televisions with 32 to 47 inch screens and is adjustable in both height and angle.com is guaranteed to put a big smile on your face.

with a restaurant above and a Multi-Shop in the basement. The outside building material is primarily a geotextile planted with a herbaceous perennial to form a living façade.fi Greenhouse effect This project.HOT NEWS New life for classics When Alvar Aalto’s stool with its L-shaped legs was created more than 70 years ago. It has become a timeless classic which today is more popular than ever. flaking paint and scratches make each stool unique. The shop is located on the first floor. it represented a breakthrough in both wooden technology and design. Kisu Park. Architects: Minsuk Cho. The concept is known as 2nd Cycle. It can be read using a mobile phone and also provides access to a website where the new owner can report on the stool’s continued life. 9 . the importance of originality and ethical consumption. Patina. schools. a homage to genuine design. Read more at www. while the other three sides that face bamboo borders are clad with steel sheets and are finished with propylene resin. nicks. stickers.artek. which since it started in 1935 has sold around 8 million stools. is by the Korean architect Minsuk Cho of Mass Studies. has now started collecting older examples from private homes. the Ann Demeulemeester Shop in the Gangham district of Seoul. old people’s homes and flea markets. Each recycled product comes with an RFID tag that stores information on the history and origin of the stool. They are to be given a new lease on life and an opportunity to tell their story. Artek. and is part of Artek’s environmental strategy. Design Team: Mass Studies. This concept is an attempt to incorporate as much nature as possible into the building within the constraints of a low-elevation and a high-density urban environment of limited space.

Photo by: Isabel Truniger 10 .

It has been a long time now since the bags were made in the apartment. together with bicycle tubes and car seat belts became the first Freitag bag. They smell bad. One day Markus hauled a dirty truck tarpaulin into the apartment. YOU’RE SURE TO HAVE SEEN THEM. The order lists were quickly filled and soon the apartment was full of cartons. they liked the idea that the bags would be completely unique and made of recycled material. RIGHT A classic messenger bag. This is the story of two swiss brothers who have achieved world success by recycling and refining used truck tarpaulins. The Freitag brothers realised that the material would be suitable as it is waterproof and hard-wearing. an industrial sewing machine and a whiff of motorway. LEFT Markus and Daniel Freitag. The pieces cut out were sewn together and the result. Then he drew cutting marks on it. then family and friends also wanted one. The story begins in the apartment brothers Markus and Daniel Freitag shared in Zurich. As graphic designers they were on the look-out for a robust. All with a unique design and made of recycled material. They are dirty. Today Freitag is a successful company whose products are found in stores and museums th- 11 . Since 1993 the brothers Markus and Daniel Freitag have created a strong brand by cutting up truck tarpaulins into hard-wearing bags carried by environmentally aware city dwellers around the world. The heavy. He found it on an excursion to a nearby industrial estate. tarpaulins. FROM THE HIGHWAY TO THE STREET. He scrubbed it clean in the bathtub and spread it out in the apartment. They become sought-after bags and accessories. They first manufactured the bags for themselves. In addition.ECO-FASHION FREITAG. The bag was even tested by a cycle messenger in San Francisco. noisy and brightly coloured trucks on the motorway outside their apartment window led to an idea that became the start of a success story. Bags in clear colours with abstract motifs. waterproof and functional bag in which to carry their sketches.

and more are joining them every year. When the bags return from the sewing factory they undergo tough quality control and are documented by camera. so the designer can imagine what a finished bag will look like. laptop bags and wallets. The bags are sewn by associated companies in France. Up to the present more than 30 different products have seen the light of day. the cornerstones of Freitag remain: recycling. THE FACTORY ”THE HEAVY. Berlin or wherever someone is waiting for a unique classic.000 articles a year are produced in a former gearwheel factor. Sixty employees work on production. quality and Zurich. rucksacks. Washing time is adapted to reduce the impact on the environment. n Photo: Noë Flum Freitag contacts transport companies in Europe and buys the old tarpaulins when it is time for updating.800 sq.” More than 120. When the pieces have been put together it is time for the only stage in the process not done by Freitag itself: the sewing. To make them easier to handle. Maag Zahnräder AG.m large warehouse. The original messenger bag is still in the product range. Using transparent templates. the parts are cut to size.as well as in Switzerland. and contributes social commitment to a company that already has an environmental approach. logistics and administration in the 2. Tarpaulins are sorted and stored in the factory to await washing and cutting. the tarpaulins are cut up into smaller parts. Tunisia and Portugal . which has been expanded to include shopping bags. Containers and old office furniture have also been given a new lease of life here. which it has done since 1996. 12 . However. Colourful tarpaulins contribute to the right look. A heavy and dirty job. washbags. NOISY AND BRIGHTLY COLOURED TRUCKS ON THE MOTORWAY OUTSIDE THEIR APARTMENT WINDOW LED TO AN IDEA THAT BECAME THE START OF A SUCCESS. The bag is then sent to Tokyo. In its own country. New York. in central Zurich. Freitag cooperates in a workshop for disabled people. The road dirt disappears in the big industrial washing machines.countries that are geographically not far away .roughout the world. The bags are still made by hand in the factory in Switzerland. Markus and Daniel are still responsible for all design and development and follow every new creation from sketch to finished product.

. and sent to selected facilities where the bag is sewn together using special sewing machines..LEFT The flagship store in Zurich. After quality control. packed and dispatched.. 13 . the bag is photographed. Photo: Roland Tännler Now the pieces are assembled using paper clips.. .

Products which are difficult to assess in advance are in most need of differentiation and unique packaging design. The demands to be met for the encounter between packaging and consumer to result in a purchase are strict. Colour. The significance of packaging which conveys the tone and style of the brand in a clear 14 way increases every day as more brands are launched and compete for space on the shelf. the product will soon be taken off the shelves. and consumers today have increased awareness. has to protect and fix and tempt buyers while also promoting the brand. communicate the company’s personality and soul. It has to inform. it is possible to explore the effect of choosing different materials. packaging is a major focus. All this in a limited communication interface. the quality of the contents and create trust. Graphic design is one of the most powerful ways of expressing the core of a brand. Coca- . Brands such as Absolut Vodka. An important part of the branding function of the packaging is the possibility of creating strong emotional associations and messages. Visual communication can effectively transform sensations and identity into concrete elements. P ackaging. The significance of design is increasing in all areas. constructions and ways of opening the packaging. For the brand holder there is the possibility of communicating directly to the consumer before and after the time of purchase. and a large amount of time and money has been invested in marketing and product development. in the form we generally associate with it.PACKAGING PACKAGING – PART OF THE EXPERIENCE As one of the most important product attributes with the strongest link to the brand. The importance of the packaging for the success of a brand product varies between different product categories. As well as colour and shape. logo and packaging individualize and visualise the brand product. Unless the packaging can create desire and arouse the impulse to buy through a strong link to the brand. Here we see a level of prioritization just as important as for brand development.

graphic clarity and consistent identity . there will be copies available tomorrow. Relying on the product and the distinguishing features of its packaging can otherwise be risky. In other words it is important to always invest in a strong brand. Barilla broke with conventional colouring when it launched its blue-and-red packaging. If a company launches a product with unique characteristics today. Everything was colour-coded black with only typography that reflected the contents with its colouring. We recognise an electronic product from the design of the packaging and would feel unsure if it contained detergent instead. it is also functional. Not being afraid to stand out can also produce good sales results. It turned to the design consultancy R Design in London.Cola and Perrier have such a distinctive colour. The result was a series of packaging with a powerful form of expression. which developed styling to reflect the store’s progressive approach. its advantages and function have to be signalled. 15 . The Selfridges department store felt that its own brands for food and wine were poorly recognised and lacked personality. Provided. opening and discovering the packaging into an experience. The packaging in this way acquires a dual function and a longer life. The product’s category also has to be visualised. and strengthen the brand. Perfume makers have long been leaders in producing innovative packaging and turning opening into an art.g. orange for orange marmalade and pink for strawberry jam. however. e. In a similar way. There have to be special “codes” that guide the consumer in the right direction. The project shows that when three important components work together – clear originator. the design does not take space to the detriment of function. With regard to the product itself.success is guaranteed. Their cardboard boxes for children’s shoes can be transformed into colourful animals. It does not matter that the ”code” is broken. A good design is not just unique and attractive. preferably with attractive graphics that demonstrate what the product does. EXPERIENCE Brands such as Apple have turned buying. Development of the marketing and packaging concept is usually started even before the actual perfume! Combining experiences with environmental thinking is an idea shared by the Italian firm of Primigi. shape and design for their packaging that it has been possible to protect them by brand registration.

This is an effect that may be worth utilising when working with ecological and natural products. labels. Giving packaging more functions than product attributes is one way of reducing the waste mountain. When more consumers demand environmentally friendly packaging alternatives. The use of natural materials and recycled raw materials is becoming increasingly popular. Primigi makes packaging that can be converted to toys. OPENING AND DISCOVERING THE PACKAGING INTO AN EXPERIENCE.” What many companies have disregarded or have not put sufficient work into is bags. Transparent packaging makes use of the content as part of the design. If this proves successful. as mentioned above. The market is becoming ever more global. though the movement towards reducing packaging materials and choosing materials that are organic for real. One way of solving this problem may be to use symbols. 16 . TRENDS Transparent packaging has long been popular and its popularity does not appear to be waning. Symbols can be an international language and provide an opportunity to reach a larger target group. and this is principally apparent with a greater need for multilinual packaging. designers and producers. pro- duct development in this area will speed up. the rewards are products which stand out from the crowd and convey pride to those who buy them. A transparent bottle generally makes an “honest and sincere” impression in comparison with one that is not. Requirements are also changing. Diesel has previously packed its men’s fragrance in worn woven jute. This is good from the environmental standpoint. Paradoxically the trend towards overpackaging has grown steadily alongside a trend to reduce impact on the environment.”BRANDS SUCH AS APPLE HAVE TURNED BUYING. The eau de toilette version of Enre Noire is contained in a glass bottle decorated with precious wood. Brands acting responsibly in this way favours their image and creates pride among their employees. pallets and transport vehicles. we see hangtags that can be used as notepads. Not only does packaging have to protect and inform. As mentioned earlier. Last year Dsquared launched a men’s fragrance with a bottle enclosed in wood. n Products which are difficult to assess in advance are in most need of differentiation and unique packaging design. If the supportive attributes are also revised. it also has to provide a physical and emotional experience and at the same time be environmentally friendly. Attributing all these properties to a product requires skill and patience on the part of the brand owners. this obviously has to be done by a pleasant messenger with clothing featuring the corporate identity and a neatly designed vehicle. but the designer has a difficult task in producing an appealing layout with large amounts of text. These too are an important part of the packaging concept. It can be risky to rely solely on a strong brand. stickers and jewellery. The significance of the product packaging cannot be emphasised enough. key-rings. effective and visible communication interfaces can be found and the consumer is given added value if the article is packed in a neat and practical bag that makes the carrier proud and encourages continued use. If a product is delivered to the door.

Reducing the use of unnecessarily large packaging (which leads to air being transported and a greater number vehicles having to be on the roads) is another. By 2012 it will be carbon-neutral and all its packaging will be recyclable. We describe some of them downbelow: BIOPLASTIC Bioplastic is not a specific type of plastic. But which material to use? That obviously depends on what kind of product to be packaged and what demands consequently have to be met by the material. as the company’s Chief Executive Stuart Rose states: “This is a deliberately ambitious and. A small picture of a corncob can sometimes be seen on packaging made from this material. The large British company Marks & Spencer has an ambitious “eco-plan”. “GREEN POLYTHENE” PLA PLASTIC This plastic is based on corn starch and can be used to make thin. We won’t have all the answers but we are determined to work with our suppliers. Manufacturing of Green Polythene will not begin until 2009 at the earliest. is that they are either made of a renewable material or can be composted. This is a by-product from the manufacturing of palm oil. One way of reducing one’s environmental impact. Avoiding unnecessary transportation in manufacturing is one way. for example disposable plates and mugs. However. In addition.” When a company wants to profile itself as environmentally friendly with regard to packaging. but a term that represents a whole family of different plastic products. Products we have seen manufactured in this material include. there are number of different ways of going about it. for instance. Companies that have not been directly associated with environmental activism have also started thinking along these lines.A company choosing to package its products in a luxurious way does not necessarily mean having an adverse impact on the environment.com. Packaging made of this material can be composted in 45-60 days. difficult plan. 17 LINKS: www. Doing less is not an option. is to choose a packaging material that is ecologically sustainable. The hemp can be used. ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY PACKAGING MATERIAL MANY LARGE COMPANIES TODAY HAVE environmental policies aimed at reducing their adverse impact on the environment. . The Body Shop says that its packaging for make-up is made of 25% recycled material and all their PET plastic bottles consist of 50% recycled plastic. There are a large number of environmentally friendly materials that are available. However what they have in common. Its appearance is reminiscent of compressed paper. “Ordinary” polythene plastic is most commonly used in the manufacturing of plastic bags today. What is more environmentally friendly to use must be decided on a case-by-case basis. Reed grows quickly and can be planted at the water’s edge. BAGASSE REED FIBRE Packaging can also be made from reed fibre. Packaging made from palm fibre is similar to paper packaging but is more coarse in structure. Or. for string or woven into bags. the raw material for this plastic is crude oil. transparent packaging or bags. These vary as to the beneficial impact they have on the environment. in some areas. tolerant and fast-growing plant that can grow on nutrient-poor soils in most climatic zones. which means that it does not compete for land with food production. PALM FIBRE Hemp is an ancient. HEMP Plastic that is made from ethanol rather than crude oil can be used to produce both flexible and hard packaging. partners and Government to make this happen.natureworksllc. The hygiene and cosmetics company.org www. PET PLASTIC Bagasse is a by-product from the manufacturing of sugar. This plastic is transparent and recyclable and often used in the manufacturing of bottles and bags.european-bioplastics. it is better to choose an environmentally friendly material to produce packaging from.

stickers and a notebook.URBAN SAINTS The Urban Saints concept is designed for the young girl teenager . The label concept has a lot of playful items like keyrings. slim T-shirt and hoodies. 18 . and punk music inspired. rock. embroideries. metal. The clothes are pop. for example a short jeans skirt. silicone and rubber. slim fit jeans. The materials chosen are leather. The colouring is in black and red. the older child who doesn’t want to be cute any more. A ”my little pony” that has grown dragon wings and tail is used as a symbol to communicate the brand personality of Urban Saints.

19 . and collections that combine technical solutions and visual design are launched a few times each year. Market trends and needs are analysed. New combinations of materials and technical development make it possible to create exciting and innovative options for brand profiling.PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT PRODUCTDEVELOPMENT Product development is continuously under way in The Nilorn Group design departments.

Materials such as felt and plush are chosen to create a soft feel for the labels. grass-green and petrol are combined with natural brown colours.SPROUT A concept for children’s wear. age 0-4 years. 20 . This gives the brand a rustic feel. The bright red. The design uses retro seventies style and targets parents aged 25-35. The brand communicates in a playful way with characters such as monkeys and owls. white. Other materials chosen are wood and rubber.

co ig ® ’s te ildren rms h ® WEAR ears with a – 12 y LEGO lothes size 0 ol c in d co ilable fun an is ava ® WEAR om LEGO AR.SPR SUM ING 2008 MER n ch WEAR hildren – o ndy. tre LEGO d for c nd we lothes a ren’s c ne mfort Desig is high quality chilhd functionality.LEG www PRODUCED BY KABOOKI ® . y arabilit .c OWE .

The sense of genuineness is fostered by retaining the material colours and only adding Bordeaux red to particular parts. canvas and leather. jeans and leather jackets. The style is based on a slim silhouette with prewashed and distressed clothing items such as t-shirts. To create this style we have designed the label concept with raw materials such as brushed metal. The target group is 25-35-year-olds.PETROL Petrol is a jeans brand with influences from pop and rock musicians. 22 .

and the main materials used are silicone and plastics. The colour scale runs from black to purple. It has a technical approach and plays on the transparency of light. 23 . It is designed for both men and women aged between 20 and 40. The concept includes many items linked to footwear.MURKY The sport/streetwear brand ”Murky” reflects a darker side of sports.

We have used a range of colours consisting of dull and dirty pastels: pink. light blue and grey. The style is quite romantic and cute.BOUDOIR BELLES This is a concept for trendy women in their 30’s. 24 . Satin combined with mesh creates a light. exclusive and feminine feel.

a wardrobe freshener and bags. The main colour is gold. such as a cardholder. white leather and mesh are qualities that add a sophisticated touch. used in an elegant way. 25 .LINNEA HANSEN The Linnea Hansen brand and label concept is aimed at women over the age of 50. Many of the items are intended to be kept and used by the consumer. Lurex.

This huge house was located next to the beach on Long Island outside New York.PEOPLE LITTLE EDIE: AN UNKNOWN FASHION ICON TEXT: William Oudhuis PHOTO: Getty Images ngrid Bergman. Beautiful women have become immortal style and fashion icons throughout history. Marilyn Monroe. Greta Garbo. Edie Beale will be on more people’s lips and her name will join those of the other immortal fashion icons. Jackie Onassis paid a large sum of money for an extensive renovation of the house. Little Edie really comes to life in the presence of the camera and every day puts on a kind of play in which she sings. Despite the fact that for a long period of time she has been a fashion icon who inspired stars like Madonna and Kylie Minogue. While Big Edie mostly lies in bed singing and eating ice cream and paté. or “Little Edie” as she was known? Probably nothing. It was during this renovation in 1975 that the well-known documentary film-makers Albert and David Maysles (known for the Rolling Stones documentary Gimme Shelter) decided to make a film about these two remarkable women and their lives. Before long. Their names bring to mind countless photographs. songs and items of clothing. had . Later this year the feature film Grey Gardens will be premiered with Drew Barrymore playing the role of Edie Beale. To understand who Edie Beale was. The two women were close relations of Jackie Onassis and had long been part of New York society. it is necessary to go back to 1975 and the 28-room house called Grey Gardens. In 1973 the tabloid The National Enquirer shocked its readers with articles that showed the squalid conditions Big Edie and Little Edie were living in and how they had let the house decline. films. changes clothes and constantly talks about longing to go back to New York and about her mother being the reason for Little Edie’s failed artistic career (Big Edie. in the early 1959 Little Edie moved 26 I to Grey Gardens to look after her mother and as the years went by they steadily lost contact with the outside world. But what happens if I mention the name Edith Bouvier Beale. There was a scandal. However. The ageing Edith Bouvier Beale lived in the building together with her daughter of the same name (to distinguish between them they were known as “Big Edie” and “Little Edie”). on the other hand. and to enable them to carry on living there at all. The film was given the title Grey Gardens and traces everyday life in the house and the complex relationship between the mother and daughter. dances. Marlene Dietrich and Madonna.

for its intrusion into and depiction of the women’s private life. As well as the documentary film Grey Gardens. Despite this Little Edie became a cult figure. the only evidence of her mother’s brief singing career. Little Edie had a career as a model. and coming dancing down the staircase at Grey Gardens. although it was criticised. And in the background you will hear Big Edie calling to her daughter: “Yo-hoo! Edie! I want ice cream!” n ”Grey Gardens was a success when it was screened in cinemas. the follow-up Beales of Grey Gardens and now the Hollywood film Grey Gardens. and both Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar published large spreads inspired by Little Edie’s clothes.a career as a singer). Greta Garbo and the other names that this article began with. As soon as you hear her name you will think of this remarkable woman. at the age of 84. for its intrusion into and depiction of the women’s private life. with a tight scarf wrapped around her head. as present-day docu-soaps are. the documentary film Ghosts of Grey Gardens. She then moved around various cities before she died in 2002. And I promise you that the name Edie Beale (or Little Edie) will find a place alongside Madonna. Grey Gardens was a success when it was screened in cinemas. although it was criticised. as present-day docu-soaps are. But instead she spent the greater part of her life at Grey Gardens and sang along to Big Edie’s records.” 27 . Despite this Little Edie became a cult figure. In particular her clothes and sense of fashion made a great impression. In Grey Gardens Little Edie also talks a lot (and she really has a divine verbal gift and is the source of many well-known quotations) about her complex relationship with men and she is constantly feeding the 52 cats and the shy raccoon family that also lives in the house. singing Tea for Two. Big Edie and Little Edie inspired a successful Broadway musical (also called Grey Gardens). She herself had a brief career as a cabaret artist in New York after the film. which was behind her and had dreamed her whole life about the stage.

Lovegrove and Rashid expressed their interest by actually designing collections with Istanbul inspiration. mosaics or china. Murat Günak. Piero Lissoni. is expressing most Ottoman heritages in his designs. Derin Sarıyer is quoted in an English magazine that every designer is effected by the culture of his country. the period that counts from ‘looking’ to design to ‘using’ design is another long process. every day we are applauding the success story of a new Turkish designer in the world arena. Turkish brands like Vitra. Autoban. Karim Rashid. Moreover. Knoll International and Boots Healthcare in his portfolio. Apart from Defne Koz. HELLO! and Evim magazines in Turkey. Istanbul is inspiring many designers as it is a city of multi colors and multi cultures . has Centre Georges Pompidou. Koray Ozgen. but not necessarily should use the inspiration as a decorative element in all his designs. The city offers many hidden points like shops and antique dealers in the lanes of Cukurcuma. Olivetti and Siemens. On the other hand. bazaars in the historical peninsula. The Elements’i. They have conquered the city and the city has conquered them. Elle Decor. The City welcomes designers from all around the world seeking new influences within the city’s rithym. Mr. ISTANBUL: FRESH AIR FOR CREATIVE MINDS One of the very important factors of being in the world market competition and in the global economy is innovation. Lovegrove also declared that it is very important to protect the nature and history of the city when expanding it with skyscrapers and shopping malls. The only way to differentiate is innovation with industrial design! Establishing design as a country culture or even as a corporate culture is a long stepped process. Derin. Paris municipality. Aksu is currently designing projects for Poltrano Frau. Caimi.CREATIVE ISTANBUL By: Melda Narmanlı Çimen Publishing Director of Maison Française. Step. Rosenthal. Gebrüder Thonet. Gaia&Gino and Hiref offer their design prospects to the new millenium by showing that Turkish taste is not only rugs. texture and history. a Turkish design genius living in France. The Astroid vase that he promoted in the latest edition of YOUNG TURKS ERA IN DESIGN 28 . Guzzini. Of the few names who have visited Istanbul in recent years are: Ross Lovegrove. Aziz Sarıyer. Ayse Birsel. Andree Putman and Tyler Brule. The magazine announces Derin as the new generation canditate to Cappellini and Edra. T he Turkish design sector is speeding up within the world arena by pushing Istanbul into the international design agenda offering a new inspiration and meeting point for all the design world. International Herald Tribune. Istanbul draws attention as the local designers are being discovered by international markets and as more Turkish Fashion brands invest in design. the D’art’ı and the Abdulla. Inci Mutlu. modernity and moreover to be able to be distinguished. In the recent years. Palais de la Decouverte. Sezgin Aksu who is sharing the same office as Michele Lucchi in Milano. Derin offers an identity and is a leader in promoting the Turkish design label to the world. Barlas Baylar and Mirzat Koç. Also.

their voice will continue to conquer design addicts. 17 Turkish designers have come together under the name Barbarians and have proposed the first samples of their creations that have been developed using the Rapid Prototyping technology under an exhibition they have named as the Barbarians Table. IDW is also creating new projects that will lay out design all throughout the year. which resembles the silhouette of the beautiful Istanbul cityscape has won one of the most prestigious design award at Design Plus 2005 and became a part of the permanent collection displayed in the Museum of Applied Arts. Erkmen Savaşkan. has attracted attention by applying traditional forms of turban and Turkish bath sandals to contemporary pouffe and stools. Established in 2003. Seyhan Ozdemir and Sefer Caglar partners of Autoban in Istanbul. Erdem Akan.istanbuldesignweek. As long as Turkish designers continue to dream.com. Alper Böler. Oya Akman. Ela Cindoruk. in Frankfurt. Taner Şekercioğlu and Ömer Ünal are the designers that concentrate on the genuine aspects of the culture of the City Istanbul.Paris Maison & Objet has been lauded by nearly all design magazines. n Istanbul Design Week Centennial Galata Bridge is back to life with the City’s new Design Fair that takes place once every year. The exhibitors have the opportunity to showcase in a 10. The ”Morphescape” tableware collection designed by Karim Rashid. Secil Ulur and Demet Bilici.000m2 area. Another young Turkish talent Joelle Hançerli studying at Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti in Milano. Kunter Şekercioğlu. For more information: www. Grandbazaar Sofa of Maybe design. . The new designers group: Barbarians GAIA&GINO is a Turkish brand who works with international designers and worldwide manufacturers to bring fine quality. Defne Koz. Not only a week of design. in closed rooms and open areas. inspired by Turkish kilim motifs. Eray Makal. Murad Babadağ. Gökhan Karakuş. Gamze Güven. Hakan Gencol. on water. Adnan Serbest. Istanbul’s historic quarter developing interior environments for commercial and residential purposes. graduates of ITU Industrial Design are moreover two very young designers who have recently arrived as 10 most wanted designers by Wallpaper. fun and sense appealing products by using traditional materials. have been chosen as Best young designers in 2004 by Wallpaper. Istanbul Design Week is heading to point out Istanbul as the new destination of design in 2010. These projects will strengthen the week itself and moreover will work as a bridge between the communication to international markets. Sedef Haydaroğlu. ABOVE AND FAR LEFT HIREF is a Turkish design company fed by the wealth of Anatolian history. Yankı Göktepe. Autoban operates from an office in Galata.

The city fills up the artists so deeply that Fashion photography results in stunning images from the cameras of Tamer Yılmaz. Nihat Odabasi. the ancient and the modern. Sedef Delen. Creative minds enchanced by the city’s centennial history and culture. It is more than just nice clothes and pretty models.CREATIVE ISTANBUL Istanbul based photographers offer avant-garde aesthetics in the city’s exotic locations ! Photo by Tamer Yılmaz Photo by Koray Birand FASHION PHOTOGRAPHY IS A FORM OF ART. Istanbul offers emotions of the past and the present. come up with stunning fashion images paying a lot of attention to detail. all artists of Istanbul. Koray Birand Nihat Odabasi Tamer Yılmaz Ayten Alpun 30 . Ayten Alpun and Koray Birand. It tells the brands story and effects the society.

Photo by Ayten Alpun Photo by Nihat Odabasi Photo by Sedef Delen Photo by Nihat Odabasi Photo by Sedef Delen 31 .

has built up a company that elegantly combines ecology. 32 . economics and ethics. CEO of Bergman Sweden.TEXT AND PHOTO: Maja Stensdotter Olovsson With one foot firmly anchored in Borås. Stephan Bergman. Sweden and the other in Peru.

What is missing. I wanted to convert W the bank. but there was backing from 33 ding the grown-up children. Japan and the United Kingdom. Because of this involvement in Peru. are vehicles adjusted to this particular type of fuel .ORGANIC COTTON LEFT ON HOME GROUND. Anyone admiring the view from the window cannot avoid seeing the attractive but empty premises of a former textile factory that has now closed down its operation in Borås. for example. but there was no interest” says Stephan. and Bergman Sweden had to find customers abroad. inclu- the existing products to something with a more distinct character of their own and less geographically restrained. Stephan Bergman is surrounded by the bare concrete. waiting to be moved to its final position. but Bergman Sweden’s six employees have already moved in. and the family’s strong interest in the environment led to the idea of growing cotton without using any toxic substances. It is hoped that the Fair Trade mark will also be gained in the very near future. despite a brief upturn in the early nineties. CEO of Bergman Sweden. Leaning against the wall in the office. It was a great financial risk. At the 2007 ELLE gala Bergman Sweden was awarded an H&M scholarship in the category of ”ability to promote sustainability in the fashion industry in Sweden”. Interest in Sweden was cool. Stephan Bergman is responsible for around 100 Peruvian families in Western Sweden. “We had an idea about helping Swedish companies to gain added value for their products. The possibility of converting cottonseed oil to biodiesel. from yarn to finished product. and Bergman Sweden ensures the growers are provided with organic fertili- . among others. the company’s philosophy and products are more relevant than ever. Prize-winning activity. most of their customers are abroad. ith one foot firmly anchored in Borås and the other in Peru. open areas and generous daylight. Today the whole family works in the firm. the farmers are assisted by agronomists and agricultural technicians. BRILLIANTLY COLOURED. and the Swedish textile industry at that time was contracting. the number of contracted growers has increased almost a hundredfold and the company is certified by KRAV. but in 1991 the company had it’s first certified harvest. is being examined presently. Building plastic materials and shuttered windows give away the fact that the building is still a few weeks from completion. where all the company’s cotton is grown. and in cooperation with environmental organisations in Sweden and researchers in Peru cultivation began on a trial basis. During the conversion and use of the soil. HONORARY MENTION. To find possible uses for by-products there is a need for both invention and perseverance. “I became CEO in 1985. THIS PAGE FROM LEFT OFFICES. and tries to find ways to sell by-products such as comb waste and even seeds. Stephan Bergman has been appointed honorary consul for the country. All that was missing was the buyers. Both the location of the building and the international connection seem particularly symbolic as Bergman talks about the company. The office is adorned by a poster. Stephan Bergman. contracted to grow for Bergman Sweden. As honorary consul. All the farmers are self-employed. when interest has also been kindled in Sweden. The project took shape. and in the entrance area you encounter clean lines. The company sells what there is demand for. The Swedish textile industry chrisis in the eighties brought about a new way of thinking about cotton production and today. It takes time to change over to organic cultivation as the soil has to be “converted”. which symbolises their corporate philosophy. In the stairwell of the Bergmanhouse.” The company already had relations with Peru. and has been found to be perfectly possible. in 2008. has built up a company that elegantly combines ecology. Instead it was through Germany and Switzerland that the company first reached out. In the Designers’ Corner it is possible to see fabric and yarn samples in different qualities.and this is a factor Bergman Sweden has less opportunity to influence. on the other hand. The building is centrally located. is a sign bearing the words “Consulado Republica del Peru”. with ideas being evaluated by partners in different areas. To this day. colours and patterns from the Bergman Sweden’s various partners. economics and ethics. particularly in the United States.

These are efforts that have positive effects on nearby society but also have long-term. When asked how they want to be perceived as a company. but Stephan notes: “If you’ve made a commitment you can’t leave people in the lurch!” On the basis of the same. where Bergman Sweden in their own way has contributed towards shaping the future for Borås as a textile town. who can crate a higher degree of fashion. This too is linked to their long-term approach and has taken 3-4 years from concept to finished garment. It is raw concrete and does not try to be anything else. Stephan talks about how they support Peruvian environmental organisations and have also helped set up local children’s ombudsmen. In comparison with modern. In the near future the plan is. In the middle of the bridge there is a brick of ethics and without it the structure would collapse. On the basis of this reasoning it is not surprising that the commitment in Peru goes further than for an ordinary producer. however. For Bergmans it is a project that does not yield any financial profit. to complement the range through cooperation with designers. I usually ask “How sustainable are you?” Cotton takes nine months from sowing to harvest and it takes about three years to recoup the money. apparently simple reasoning. “is what you get.sers and environmentally friendly pesticides. There have long been plans “We wish to be a genuine company that is honest to people and nature. The clearest sign of this is obviously the Bergman Sweden building. “is what you get. in a fit and quality that are to function for many years. To make it possible to change over to environmentally friendly production. It is raw concrete and does not try to be anything else.” 34 . but so does their income. pointing towards the concrete-grey walls of the newly constructed building. A long-term approach and sustainability are concepts which often recur in conversation. Stephan talks about a smaller project in which the inhabitants of two villages have been given an opportunity to give up coca plantations in favour of cultivating colour-grown cotton. non-organic agriculture the workload of the farmers increases. What you see here. What you see here. which was released in 2007. “When we receive an enquiry about cooperation. The commitment in Peru also has an equivalent in Sweden. We stand aside from fashion and trends and have made a commitment to classic models and colours.” The company can be described as an old stone bridge where one foundation is economics and the other ecology. As sales have declined abroad and in recent years also in Sweden.” he says. Stephan replies: “We wish to be a genuine company that is honest to people and nature. One way of reaching this point has been to develop a separate clothing collection. environmental and health aspects which normally are rarely included in business descriptions are an important element here and they too are positively influenced.” he says. there is a system in which the price of this is deducted at the time of harvesting. pointing towards the concretegrey walls of the newly constructed building. This is the reality potential partners have to deal with. Social. there is a desire to be more clearly visible in the domestic market. good repercussions for Bergman Sweden. including for those farmers who do not have money to pay for fertilisers and to meet other overheads.

Stephan Bergman’s ambitions for the new building. “We believe that future demand will increase more than supply. are that it should serve as a heart for textiles which people can come to for many different reasons and that the soul of the company should permeate the various operations. At the office will be a designer’s corner to which people can come to look at materials and collections. The store is adorned with cartons waiting to be unpacked. which as well as offices and apartments also accommodate restaurants and stores. home furnishing and accessories. both for Bergman Sweden and for those who someday work with Swedish textiles. What we concentrate on instead is emphasising quality and added value and continuing to build our own brand. “We aim to be generous. With the school of textiles attached. being transparent in the information provided and positive in trade description. for a design house in the Borås municipality. The plan for the future is to increase the area under cultivation and further refine the cotton using hybrids. which makes it possible to spin thinner yarn and in so doing increase the opportunity to produce different fabric qualities.” 35 Stephan sums up. The modern facade of the Bergmanbuilding stretches towards the Viskan river.” Stephan continues: “For us it is not a matter of matching the giants.” Asked what has driven them forward over the past few years. skincare products. and the production of wool and linen awaits. There is also a desire to use the insights which have been gained over the years to utilise the website. VISIONARY ENTREPRENEUR. THIS PAGE STORE Ready to start. not taking short-cuts. with the climate change debate and large clothing chains starting to make a commitment to organically grown cotton. With the quality we achieve and the way we work it is impossible to operate at the same price level.LEFT FROM TOP EXTERIOR Past meets present. we will be introducing products we think fit the profile and also have a reading corner where it is possible to come and read books and magazines. Visible in the background is the disused textile factory which is their nearest neighbour. principally about design” he explains. when there has not been a straight line from the start to where we are today. It will also be open to those who perhaps are not shopping. It was Bergman Sweden that took the vision from paper to reality. For the store. to spread knowledge of organic cultivation. Today Bergman Sweden is the largest single producer of organic cotton in the world and the harvest in recent years has already been sold at the time of sowing. it is a move that will certainly be highly appreciated and which will help influence development. in Borås. The textile theme is common and is supplemented by lighting. in particular. “We have already seen signs of this. Creativity does the rest! n . MA Architects. The building was designed by Kia Bengtsson Ekström. in addition to our own range. Stephan Bergman is happy to share the company’s history and conveys a bright picture of the future. and everything is due to be ready in May 2008. and that organic cotton will be a natural ingredient of society. Stephan replies: “It is no doubt our entrepreneurial mentality that provides strength and ideas. It is a matter of being honest with oneself and others. Silk is already cultivated to a minor extent.

For this season. women’s wear or kids wear. People. Following extensive international expansion. In 1980. but the more research I did. It has a more fashion driven identity with luxury sports wear with a designer edge. Los Angeles is another favourite due to the use of strong colours among the people on the streets.000 selected retailers in over 70 countries. 36 Fashion for five years in London. The Gant collections are sold in over 300 Gant stores as well as in over 4. do not have total control of the organic process. the Bernard Gant family launched their first clothes collection in the US under the trademark Gant. the impact of the ecological concept increases and is here to stay permanently. Today it is common for many suppliers’ to require organic cotton. the rights were extended further to cover the sale of products in other markets around the world. This includes strong ethical contracts with our suppliers. How important is branding for you and Gant? It’s very important to provide a brand with a strong identity. three Swedish entrepreneurs received the rights to design and market a proprietary Gant collection in Sweden. In pace with their Swedish success. How important is packaging for Gant? Packaging is really important and the branding for Gant is not enough at this stage. In 2006. London is my favourite place since the people on the high streets are very conscious and extremely fashion minded. Received his masters at Royal Colleague of Arts (London) WORK EXPERIENCE: Worked at Escada in Munich for more than 20 years – with his latest role as Design Director for Gant.200. Favourite colours? Anything. What kind of clothes do you prefer to design? I love to define colours. Gant is a truly international lifestyle brand. From where do you get your inspirations? Anywhere and everywhere. How important is badges for Gant? It’s always important with badges and embroideries as these increase the value of the product and the brand itself. journeys and films are inspirational sources. gardening etc. Rugger and the Collection. the Swedish entrepreneurs. Favourite places to travel in the world based on inspiration and design? London. Scottish. From an ecological perspective: How does Gant take care of ecological demands? We at Gant meet once/twice per year where we discuss the philosophy and policies of Gant. classic but not too trendy and stays on a casual lifestyle. fabric’s and collections so I have no particular preference for men’s wear. The usage impact differs from country to country and therefore badges and embroideries have greater impact in some markets. SCHOOL/UNIVERSITY: Underlying factors for chosing Gant as a company? Gant has a successful history as a brand and I wanted also more international work experience. INTERESTS: Journeys. As a result. In 1949. Do you have any hidden talents? Cooking and painting. I did not have such a strong impression of Gant previously. Los Angeles and New York. profile and identity enhances the brands value to a greater extent. The new Gant collection is more driven to high street fashion regarding design and fabrics. n . What are Gant future strategies? (lets say in 5 years) Even more successful than today. Every season there are new collection updates which always enhance the branding philosophy of Gant. the more interested I became. The Rugger collection has been redesigned with more faded colours and washed comfortable garments. Strong branding increases opportunities for successful point of sales in stores etc. We see a huge potential for growth with women’s wear. but it is also important for consumers that products are developed from a natural source. but especially light colours. but unfortunately many of those. who jointly own the company acquired the global rights to the Gant brand in 1999. our strategy is to become just as successful in women’s wear as we are in men’s wear. consumers are much more aware on the impact of the environment. COMPANY FACTS Originating from the traditions and lifestyles of America’s East Coast. Today. For this season. Consumers want ecological clothes. but the trend is different from the last ecoboom in the 90’s where most of the clothes had dull colours. it is very important for Gant to be a part of the organic cotton alliance. GNH collection offers a stronger contrast with lighter text and more visible logotype with white on navy. To offer a unified image. Why has Gant succeeded in such a professional way? Gant offer affordable and comfortable fashion. music. lives in Stockholm (SaltsjöBoo) with two dogs.Interview with Brian Rennie – Design Director at Gant BACKGROUND AGE: 44 years old. However. As a result of this. any news? Gant has three different collections. GNH. One thing is for sure. Now people want fresh colours. Gant Brand Sales amounted to MSEK 6.


Lagom created specially sewn clothes worn by the Swedish hip-hop group Snook on the Swedish radio station P3’s Gold Show. Lagom.” What kind of a person are you? – ”I’m calm. I have a strong urge to develop. When she started at the Academy of Cutting and Tailoring in Stockholm in 2005. together with Daniel Adams-Ray and Martin Lydén. and the cooperation proved a success.” She agrees that it is important to strive towards sustainable development. bearing in mind that you are still at college? – ”I’m efficient and manage to find time to do quite a lot. Our brand offers a quite relaxed style. For example. and we play on the preconceived notion that Swedes live in ’just the right way’ with no extremes. This background led to the launch of Lagom by Nette. efficient. Nette Sandström. Nette describes the brand as “youthful but adult” and “older meets young”. Then she attended a fashion design course at Studiefrämjandet Adult Education Centre in Stockholm. It’ll be great to have college completely finished by the summer and be able to focus entirely on Lagom. She started her education at the Tomteskolan college in Sundsvall. have strong willpower – which means that I’m good at seeing things through. She acknowledges that she is curious about finding new design solutions. specializing in fashion and design. background and why fashion? Nette hails form Härnösand and is 26 years old. which is on its way to establishing itself in the fashion industry. Lagom 38 focuses on small details. together with Daniel Adams-Ray and Martin Lydén in 2006.” How many hours a week do you work. and therefore wants to test her way forward as far as she can.” Nette says that she ”views design as an antique sofa”. but we are also searching for new suppliers who have the machine capacity to sew what we want. Nette adds ”Only the jeans in Lagom collections are organic for the time being. Why did you choose the name Lagom? Describe the company’s business concept and focus. She is very interested in anything to do with design and construction.NEW FASHION BRAND FASHION IN BETWEEN Despite being in her last semester of studies at the Swedish School of Textiles in Borås. where she studied image and design.” . Nette’s age. analyse and to be respectful. Nette is enthusiastic about taking on challenges where she can find her own solutions in design and dressmaking. – ”The word Lagom in Swedish means something that is ’just right’. a deeper interest in the area of denim and jeans developed. naive. She says ”Our garments are sewn in Estonia. where buttons and fabrics are significant elements. I work about 60 hours a week. have already launched their own brand.

I have always been curious about new techniques. n . and it’s a great feeling.” Nette adds that it is important to contact companies and organisations that can offer advice and support your business concept at many levels. We feel that we have gained a good response in Sweden and Denmark. it is important to divide the products into various ”sub-brands”.” What makes Lagom unique? – ”We’re in between. – ”We’ll expand our cooperation with The Nilorn Group as we will be developing labels with a slightly exclusive feel that enable us to divide the collections into different groups of articles” she says. It’s important to persevere. and are all of equal importance. They complement each other very well” she says. large and largest. You have to be prepared to chance something in order to win. but will always retain contacts at the college. Despite still studying. How important is brand profiling to you? – ”It’s incredibly important to me. it’s quite risky. simply because I find it difficult to do things I’m not 100% enthusiastic about. When we’ve made our own fabrics. with everything having to be matched in a colour combination. I prefer to spend my time on culture rather 39 than visit museums. which was very exciting!” Where are your favourite places? – ”New York. Don’t be afraid to work hard at the beginning. – ”A good example of the commitment shown by the University College of Borås is the help they gave us in understanding processes involved in the development of various woven and knitted fabrics” she says. – Another very important aspect is for everyone involved to do what they are good at and how you must be able to rely on one another. Will you devote yourself in the future to Lagom? – ”In June I will be devoting my time entirely to Lagom. have strong drive and willpower. but now I know that I have found my flow. Nette “We’re in between.Tell us about the Swedish School of Textiles in Borås: – ”It’s a very good college with a highly skilled staff who are accommodating and willing to help. Daniel Adams-Ray and Martin Lydén. We want to reach out and appeal to as broad a group as possible. It is therefore very important to have goals if we are to be successful in reaching out to the world.” Nette adds that she has gained a thorough knowledge from the University College of Borås which has given her a great start in life. We want to reach out and appeal to as broad a group as possible. perhaps it might work later. As I have always been theoretically oriented.” Nette Sandström’s tips for anyone thinking about starting their own business: – ”Don’t give up. Between street and tailored.” At present Lagom offers a lined label on its collections which Nette is very pleased with. another important aspect is the recognition factor. She adds that Lagom will continue to work with The Nilorn Group. develop. Is it risky to start a company today? – ”Yes. An area in which the University College of Borås ought to improve is in forging links with the business community. Everyone there is a pleasure to work with. How can we reach out and make contact with companies if there is no relationship between the college and businesses? It’s quite common for students to feel that many companies are not particularly interested. – ”We at Lagom want to stretch ourselves. Between street and tailored.” finds time to work as a designer at their jointly owned firm. become more experimental and be able to deliver interesting products. because by then I will have finished college. Like many other brands. If it doesn’t work now. Paris and all parts of Italy. Recently there was an interview on the Danish television channel TV2. and here Lagom will focus on Lagom Liten. my plan was to be an economist or lawyer. Lagom Stor and Lagom Störst literally small.” ”They have different areas of responsibility in the company. Therefore it’s good that there are students who start up their own businesses. I’ll settle in Stockholm. but we know that this is not the whole truth.” Nette adds ”Lagom is self-financed and has three partners: Nette Sandström.

40 .

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