Summer Training Report On

General Awareness Of Life Insurance & Demat Account Of Reliance Money

Report Submitted In Partial Fulfillment Of Bachelor Of business Administration

Under the Guidance Mr. S. K. Mishra Submitted By Saurabh Sharma BBA(2007-10)

Under the supervision of Mr. Sanjeev Gupta (Center Head)



I would like to express my appreciation and gratitude to various people who have shared their valuable time and made possible this project, through their direct indirect cooperation. I would like to thank my corporate guide Mr. Sanjeev Gupta Central Head of Reliance Money for helping mein learning the lessons of professional management. His able guidance and valuable inputs have helped me a lot in successfully completing this project. I thank my respected sir, Mr. S. K. Mishra & colleagues, who help me in every possible ways, support me and encouraged me to explore new dimensions This acknowledgement would not be completed without extending my thanks to my friends, who did their summer internship along with me at Reliance Money Ltd, who helped me clear any doubts that arose during my internship and for extending their support to me during my period of internship.


I, Saurabh Sharma, a student of Mangalmay Institute Of Management & Technology hereby declare that the project titled “General Awareness Of Life Insurance & Demat Account Of Reliance Money” is an original work and has not been submitted to any other academic institution for award of any degree or diploma in full or part by me.

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This report contains a detailed description of two months summer project titled “General Awareness Of Life Insurance & Demat Account Of Reliance Money” for Reliance Money Ltd. This two months summer project was undertaken to aware people about Reliance Money ltd & recruit the financial advisors. This report contain the various factor influencing the purchasing behavior & people’s perception about private life insurance industry and financial consultant as a carrier, the effect of brand awareness of Reliance Life insurance on recruitment of financial advisors and the factors which can increase the conversion rate of financial consultant The conversion rate of financial consultant is very low because of reasons like --Lack of faith of people in private life insurance company, fear of IRDA exam, --People perceive this job as a very low profile job. Some of the suggestion given by different people from different profile regarding payment scheme, examination fee etc are given in details in my report in later proceedings and though I know that all of this suggestion are not possible to be implemented but if few of them Being incorporated can increase the conversion rate of financial Consultants from those particular profile. But then also private life Industry is a growing industry and as certain corrective measure are taken then the conversion rate can be improved because even if someone takes this as a part time profession then also earning potential is huge. Also one SWOT analysis is prepared.


Chapter 2. Chapter 6.CONTENTS: Serial No Topic Acknowledgement Declaration Executive Summary Introduction of Life Insurance  About Insurance  History of insurance  History of Indian life insurance  Types of insurance  IRDA  Major market players in the industry Introduction of Demat Account Objective of study Company Profile Competitors of Reliance Money Research Methodology Data Analysis Finding Recommendations Limitation Conclusion Bibliography Annexure Page no. 2 5 . Chapter 3. Chapter 9. Chapter 4. Chapter 5. Chapter 11. Chapter 7. 1 2 3 5 5 6 6 13 17 18 19 25 26 36 44 50 62 63 65 66 Chapter 1. Chapter 8. Chapter 10.

while uncertainties of death. floods. sea perils. Two thieves steal some priceless antiques from a museum or temple. it shall be distributed over the whole group. which are called premiums. “Thus. Traffic multiplicities on road. twenty-five years age dies. etc. The annual losses to repeal stories every day about financial losses. more companies at risk than ever before. each single in risk of some loss. negligence. A father. The simplest and most general concepts of insurance is a provisions made by a group of persons. In all kind of insurance the fundamental principle is that one man agrees to take the risk of another man’s life insurance business in consideration of certain small payments. unemployment. that when such loss occurs at any of these. Progress has put more people. sickness. resulting from Acts of Gods. A bank is robbed of lacks of rupees in a broad-day light. windstorm. The essence of insurance lies in the elimination uncertain risk of loss for the individuals through the combination of the large number of similarities expose individuals who contribute to common fund premium payment sufficient to make the good loss caused to any one individual. 6 . the multiplicity of activities and are growing Interdependent makes larger and larger disaster inevitable. The disaster caused death or hardship for many more people and properties than those directly involved. earthquakes. the incidence of which cannot be foreseen. his properly exposed to the risks arising from fire. are constantly starting at the face of a man. “The quick pace of industrialization of the modern age has rendered man and his property most vulnerable to the type of risk and uncertainties of life.CHAPTER-1 An Introduction To The Life Insurance The advance of technology. in the air and at sea. Mistakes to happen and accident can kill employees and general public. water accident. Defective goods can cause injury. dishonesty individuals from untimely death and to businessman from these risks are too great to be calculated and indicate the importance of meeting them in a planned manner. leaving being a wife and three children. Local newspaper.

The 1st stock company to get into the business was started in ENGLAND in 1720. ship owners and underwriters met to discuss and transact business.1956: 245 Indian and foreign 7 . But with the growth of the industrialized society and consequently a rapid increase in the number of situations in which the human life and property of these losses has been devised by shifting these risks to agencies or persons willing or qualified to share them. Insurance can be traced back to VEDAS. Some of the important milestones in the life insurance business in India are: 1912: The Indian Life Assurance Companies Act enacted as the first statute to regulate the life insurance business. The year 1735 saw birth of 1 st insurance company in American colonies in India. 1928: The Indian Insurance Companies Act enacted to enable the government to collect statistical information about both life and non-life insurance businesses.c. The rig Vedas suggests the existence of some form of community insurance prevalent among the Aryans in around 1000 b. HISTORY OF LIFE INSURANCE IN INDIA The business of life insurance in India in its existing form started in India in the year 1818 with the establishment of the Oriental Life Insurance Company in Calcutta. 1938: Earlier legislation consolidated and amended to by the Insurance Act with the objective of protecting the interests of the insuring public. HISTORY OF INSURANCE Insurance as we know it today owes its existences to 17th century in ENGLAND where it began taking shape in the Lloyd’s coffee house where merchants.Who bears the financial burden of these losses? Who should now support the widow and her children? Who is to replace the historical statue stolen from the museum? Who will compensate the Department Store or a bank for the theft and robbery? In the absence of any remedy or cooperative efforts concerned.

. Some of the important milestones in the general insurance business in India are: 1907: The Indian Mercantile Insurance Ltd. “A form of cooperation through which all those who are subject to certain risks and losses pool their resources to compensate those who really suffer a loss. a scheme for dealing with some of these risks has been devised.insurers and provident societies taken over by the central government and nationalized. the National Insurance Company Ltd. a wing of the Insurance Association of India.. 107 insurers amalgamated and grouped into four companies viz. 5 crore from the Government of India. the first general insurance company established in the year 1850 in Calcutta by the British. on the other hand. the New India Assurance Company Ltd. set up. GIC incorporated as a company. viz. 1957: General Insurance Council. The General insurance business in India. 1956. 1972 nationalized the general insurance business in India with effect from 1st January 1973. LIC formed by an Act of Parliament. can trace its roots to the Triton Insurance Company Ltd. which involve exposure to losses. the Oriental Insurance Company Ltd. 1972: The General Insurance Business (Nationalization) Act.” Different authors have defined the term “Insurance differently: 8 . with a capital contribution of Rs. and the United India Insurance Company Ltd.. 1968: The Insurance Act amended to regulate investments and set minimum solvency margins and the Tariff Advisory Committee set up. DEFINITION OF INSURANCE Since man’s life is open to risks of various kinds and degrees. This known as insurance. frames a code of conduct for ensuring fair conduct and sound business practices. LIC Act. the first company to transact all classes of general insurance business.

INSURED The party. is known as insure. BASIC DEFINITIONS INSURANCE The Insurance is a device for the transfer of risks of individual’s entities to insurer. Prof. to assume to a specified extent losses suffered by the insured. to assume to a specified extent losses suffered by the insured. It is a legal contract of technical nature. John H. Mostly the insurers are insurance companies. who agrees for a consideration (called premium). S. INSURER The party. Hansell: “ A social device providing financial compensation for the effect of misfortune. who seeks protection against a particular risk and is entitled to receive money from the insurer in the event of the happening of the stated contingency. Dinsdale: “Insurance is a device for the transfer of risks of individual entities to an insurer. is known as insured. A. who agrees for a consideration (called the Premium). risks that attach to individuals”. The word policy has been derived from the Italian work “POLIZZA” which means “a receipt” 9 . which agrees to pay money on the happening of a contingency. Magee: “Insurance is a plan by which large number of people associate themselves and transfer.Prof. the payments being made from the accumulated contributions of all parties participating in the scheme.” Dr. POLICY The documentation which contain the term and condition of the insurance contract is termed as the insurance policy. D. to the shoulders of all shoulders of all. W.

a person who 10 . Except in personal insurance the insurer contract to indemnity the assured for what he actually losses by the happening of the events insured against. the insured might suffer financial loss.PREMIUM The amount. INDEMNITY Indemnity is the compensation for loss. decrease or increase the chance of loss from a given peril. INSURABLE INTEREST An insurable interest is an interest of such a nature that should the event insured against takes place. Insurance3 companies are concerned with two types of hazard. If the happening of the event insured against does not clause financial loss to the assured. RISK Risk means uncertainty loss and not the loss itself or the cause of loss. which is paid by the insured to the insurer as a consideration of the insurance contract is know as premium. the chance of loss by fire to a particular type of residential house is 1 in 1000. In no case. THE UTMOST GOOD FAITH All contracts of insurance are contract of the utmost good faith that is they require that highest degree of good faith on the part of both the insured and the insurer. INSURED AMOUNT The amount for which the risk is insured is called the insured amount or policy money. the insured is entitled to make a profit out of his loss. LIFE INSURED It means the person on the duration of whose life the insurance depends. If for example. HAZARD Hazard may be defined as a condition that may create. or face value of the policy. In simple words premium is the price of insurance.

owns a single house cannot predict his loss either his flat will burn or will not burn.e. CHANCE OF LOSS The probable number of times in any given number of exposures that loss will occurs. He has no basis for predicting the outcomes. the smaller is the risk. In case of indemnity contracts like fire and marine insurance. It is measured by the measured by the probable variation of actual experience from expected experience. DOUBLE INSURANCE Double insurance implies that the same subject matter of insurance has been insured twice either with two different companies or with the same company under two policies. whichever will be smaller. when the same subject matter has been insured with more than one insurer. there is a hint that something is repeated. The lower the probable percentage of variation. exceed the amount of actual loss or the total insured value in the aggregate. REINSURANCE As with all words where “re” is added at the beginning of a word to add or change it’s meaning. the insured can claim his loss from each of the insurers. in no case. In other words reinsurance is an agreement between two or more insurance companies by risk of loss is proportioned. Each insurer is bound to contribute ratably to the loss in production to the amount for which he is liable 11 . I. the risk of loss is spread and a disproportionately large loss under a single policy does not fall on the shoulders of one company. but the total claim can. That highest chance of loss is at 100 percent. the degree of risk is also zero. This percentage variation decreases as the number of exposures increases. When the degree of risk is at zero and when the chance of loss is zero. DEGREE Of RISK The accuracy with which a given loss can be predicted is known as degree of risk. reinsurance means the insuring again by the insurer of a risk already insured. Hence..

In both the cases. for the total value of the property. life insurance possesses the elements of protection as well investment. he is entitled to a contribution from the other insurers. Life insurance. therefore. The purchaser of a life insurance policy is usually interested in protecting against risk pf premature death as well as in saving and investing his income on a long term basis. From the security point of view. which involves both the elements of protection and investment so well. A person can always take as many policies as one like up to any amount. though the inured can recover his loss from any of the insurers according to his preference. The co-insurers. 12 . The question of double insurance does not arise in the case of life assurance. a person can insure his property with any number of insurance companies. if any one insurer pays more than his legitimate share. incase of indemnity contracts (fire. Protection literally means “keeping safe from danger enemies”. marine. and the amount on all the policies can be realized on their maturity. property) double insurance is adopted by the insured only in those cases where the financial soundness of the insurers is doubtful. but in case of loss. The insured will not be entitled to benefit from over-insurance. Will bear the losses proportionately. ELEMENTS OF PROTECTION First we take the element of protection. which is not a contract of indemnity. where the insurance company promises to pay a certain sum either on the happening of death of the insured or his attaining a certain age. the sum assured in bound to be recoverable. In its modern form. Let us discuss the two points of protection and investment separately. the life insurance provides protection against the risk of early death. Thus if a person dies before the policy matures for payment. However. WHY LIFE INSURANCE? ELEMENTS OF PROTECTION AND INVESTMENT The chief peculiarity of life insurance is that it combines those elements of protection as well as of investment. life assurance undertakes to pay the promised sum to the representatives and dependents of the deceased. and as such.under the contract. the insured cannot recover more than the actual loss or the insured sum. There is no other form of economic device. Thus.

This is the element of investment. This is due to the fact that the insurance companies in various businesses and ventures invest the accumulated premiums along with the compound interest.It. Long-term savings can be made in a relatively “painless” manner because of the “easy installment” facilities built into the schemes (method of paying premium monthly. when a person’s earning capacity depreciated considerably. In other words. extend the hand of protection to those who are left without support and help due to the sudden and premature death of their bread-winner. half yearly or yearly). the insurance company undertakes to replace income to him and to his dependents in the evening of life’s. on death. the money is paid back to the policyholder from the accumulated funds. LIQUIDITY: loans can be raised on the sold security of a policy which acquires loan value. the full sum assured is payable (with bonus where ever applicable) as in other saving schemes. In life insurance. 13 . I oneself. The small sums paid to the insurance company by way of premium over long period of 10 or 20 years grow in to large sum. When the specified age is reached. life insurance also covers the investment aspect. which is lacking in other forms of insurance. it is one of the best means of saving for investment in future.e. quarterly. therefore. which is a source of great confidence. PROTECTION: where saving through life insurance guarantees full protection against risk of death of the saver. if an insured person lives up t maturity of the policy. marine. Life insurance is superior to the other savings because of following. like fire. accident. the accumulated small sums provide economic stability in his family life. In the old age.. only the amount saved (with interest) is payable. Besides a life insurance policy is also generally accepted as security for even a commercial loan. when one finds it too late in the days to struggle and work hard. AID OF THRIFT: life insurance encourages ‘thrift’. ELEMENTS OF INVESTMENT In addition. i.

start a life insurance or marriage provision or even periodical needs for cash over a stretch of time. Assesses can avail themselves of provisions in the law for tax relief.TAX RELIEF: tax relief in income tax and wealth tax is available for amounts paid by way of premium for life insurance subject to income tax rates in force. This may be source of unlimited income in respect COMMISSION BONUS INCENTIVES GROWTH 14 . MONEY WHEN YOU NEED IT: a suitable insurance plan or a combination of different plan can be taken out to meet specific need that are likely to arise in future. Apart from saving. Due to penetration of private players in INDIAN insurance market the potential persons get more option of employment here. In such cases assured in effect pays a lower premium for his insurance than he would have to pay otherwise. such as children education. the insurance field is fruitful for the employer’s point of view.

relieves the widow. up to an agreed extent. it also includes cargo and freight insurance. children and other dependants of the hardships and utter poverty. therefore. FIRE INSURANCE Fire insurance is a contract whereby the insurance undertakes to indemnify the insured against any loss caused by fire to the property insured up to the extent agreed upon between the insurer and the insured. in case death of the breadwinner takes place. mentioned in the policy. helps shipping companies and traders to insure their ships and cargo against risks of marine adventures. if not covered. In case of losses caused by fire. on the expiry of certain period of time or on the death or the insured person. god owns and residential houses. MISCELLANEOUS INSURANCE The miscellaneous form of insurance covers a number of risks such as: Accident insurance Workmen’s Compensation insurance 15 .TYPES OF INSURANCE LIFE INSURANCE Life Insurance is the most important and popular type of insurance whereby the Insurance Company agrees to pay a specified sum of money to the insured. against risks of marine adventures. houses. and includes health insurance and inutilities. cinema. Marine insurance. Such risks. This kind of insurance is taken by the owners of the factories shops. This kind of Insurance. Besides. will constitute a great obstacle to the international trade. therefore. A particulars ship along with its cargo on board may meet collision with sink in the sea. whichever is earlier. MARINE INSURANACE Marine insurance is a contract whereby the insurer undertakes to indemnify the insured. they get compensation from the fire insurance company.

personal liability and accident policies. Thirdly. Together with banking services it adds about 7% to the countries GDP. Secondly. there are buyers who seek insurance 16 . Firstly. In spite of all this growth the statistics of the penetration of the Insurance in the country is very poor. As with any other market that for insurance consist of Buyers Sellers Intermediaries THE BUYERS The buyers of the insurance or the insuring public include every one who requires insurance.Motorcar insurance Cattle insurance Crop insurance Public liabilities insurance etc. there are private individuals who buy life insurance policies. Buyers can be divided into four sections. INSURANCE MARKET With such a large population and the untapped market area of this population insurance happen to be a very big opportunity in India. there are persons who buy industrial life assurance. cars and scooters. Tracing the developments in the Indian insurance sector reveals the 360-degree turn witnessed over a period of almost two centuries. Today it stands as a business growing at the rate of 15 to 20% annually. which appeals to the wage-earners (as distinct from the salaried class) or the lower income members of the community. It was due to this immense growth that the regulations were introduced in the insurance sector the insurance sector in India has come a full circle from being an open competitive market to nationalization and back to a liberalized market again. This is an indicator that growth potential for the insurance sector is immense in India. household insurance on buildings. Nearly 80% of Indian populations are without life insurance cover and the health insurance.

The principal groups are: Proprietary companies (Joint Stock Companies) Mutual insurers Cooperative Societies Lloyd’s underwriters Self-insurers Collecting friendly societies State insurance THE INTERMEDIATE Like any other market. THE SELLERS Then there are sellers of insurance who are known as insurers. the rest of the buyers comprise all persons. Firm joint stock companies. the intermediate bring the buyers& sellers together but it is possible to approach an insurance company directly & arrange insurance counter. except in case of Lloyd’s. cooperation. government. clubs. Finally. trade and every other king of activity. association. through Lloyd’s brokers. Generally the business of insurance is sold by agent or middle man to call at the homes of the would be policy holders.with Lloyd’s underwriters. The principle groups of intermediaries are Industrial life assurance agent insurance agent insurance broker Lloyd’s broker 17 . societies. and under taking engaged in industry. according to their constitution. Insurers my be divided into several groups. and have huge overseas connections besides their home business.

The Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority Reforms in the Insurance sector were initiated with the passage of the IRDA Bill in Parliament in December 1999. The approval of institutions for imparting training to agents has also ensured that the insurance companies would have a trained workforce of insurance agents in place to sell their products. Since being set up as an independent statutory body the IRDA has put in a framework of globally Compatible regulations. which are expected to be introduced by early next year. The other decisions taken simultaneously to provide the supporting systems to the insurance sector and in particular the life insurance companies was the launch of the IRDA’s online service for issue and renewal of licenses to agents. 18 . The IRDA since its incorporation as a Statutory body in April 2000 has fastidiously stuck to its schedule of framing regulations and registering the private sector insurance companies. In the private sector 13 life insurance and 6 general insurance companies have been registered.

Major Market Players At A Glance ♣ Reliance Life Ltd. ♣ Bajaj Allianz ♣ ICICI Prudential Insurance ♣ HDFC Standard Life Insurance ♣ TATA Aig ♣ SBI Life ♣ Max New York ♣ Met Life ♣ Birla Sun Life ♣ Life Insurance Corporation ♣ Aviva ♣ Kotak Mahindra Old Mutual ♣ ING Vyasya ♣ Shriram Life ♣ Sahara Life 19 .

Group’s major interests ranges from communications (Reliance Communications) and financial services (Reliance Capital Ltd). 20 . Reliance Money has over 22 lacks customers and more then 10'000 branches in around 5000 cities in India. insurance and mutual funds. Money Transfer. Foreign exchange. structured is the web based investment portal (with Online Stock Trading) from Reliance Money. Stock Trading through RelianceMoney. Gold Coins and Credit Cards Services. The Reliance Money stock trading websites uses special security features 'Security Token'. General insurances.CHAPTER-2 ABOUT DEMAT ACCOUNT Reliance Money. Company is among the largest broking and distribution house of financial products and having share of more then 3% of total stock market volume at BSE & NSE. Reliance ADA group is among top 3 business houses in India with wide range of presence across various sectors. RelianceMoney. Company recently entered in to Wealth Management with tools like investment in equity-linked portfolio management services. Commodity Trading. A Reliance Capital Limited Company. IPO is available for BSE and NSE stock exchanges. infrastructure and entertainment. is the financial services division of Reliance Anil Dhirubhai Ambani (ADA) Group. to generation. Derivatives. Mutual Fund Investment. Life Insurances. This website enables its customer to invest & manage most of the services provided by Reliance Money including Equity (Stock) Trading. transmission and distribution of power (Reliance Energy). which makes your online trading experience more secure without complexity. Offline trading is also available through Reliance Money partners in more then 5000.

Although. 21 . and the deadline for submission of PAN details to the depository lapsed on January 2009. This account is popular in India. forgery of signatures. As of April 2006. Therefore. It eliminates delays. etc – can be effected across companies by one single instruction to the DP. Each share is a market lot for the purpose of transactions – so no odd lot problem Any number of securities can be transferred/delivered with one delivery order. It is a safe and convenient way to hold securities compared to holding securities in physical form. It facilities taking advances against securities on low margin/low interest. deletion of deceased’s name. paperwork and signing of multiple transfer forms is done away with. physical settlement is virtually not taking place for the apprehension of bad delivery on account of mismatch of signatures. a Demat account. fake certificates etc. What are the benefits of opening a Demat account? Demat account has become a necessity for all categories of investors for the following reasons / benefits: SEBI has made it compulsory for trades in almost all scrip’s to be settled in Demat mode.D E M AT A C C O U N T In India . the abbreviation for dematerialized account. thefts. trades up to 500 shares can be settled in physical form. interceptions and subsequent misuse of certificates Change of name. registration of power of attorney. is a type of banking account which dematerializes paper – based physical stock shares. address. The securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) mandates a Demat account for share trading above 500 shares. it became mandatory that any person holding a Demat account should possess a permanent Account number (PAN). The dematerialized account is used to avoid holding physical share: the shares are bought and sold through a broker.

India Infoline and Indiabulls offer a pay per use model where the customer pays a percentage of the amount transacted by him. Reliance Money’s pre-paid card for stock market brokerage. both off-line and online Reliance money has already tied – up with CMC Capital Plc UK to offer Off shore Investment products to Indian consumers as per guidelines.. Mutual funds. The Rs1000 worth pre-paid card. Investment Options The investment options available with Reliance Money online portal are as below: 1. commodities and off shore Investments. 2. IPO’s. the brokerage and distribution arm of Reliance ADA group.05paisa for delivery trades. bringing to the market per-paid cards in denominations of Rs 500. Rs 1000. 5.based activities.30crore is for non delivery option and Rs 70 lacks for delivery option. Rs5000 and Rs 10000. the total trading limit is Rs 7 crore out of which Rs 6. NSE and NSE F&O IPO Investment Derivatives Trading Commodity Trading(Gold. Reliance Money.. 4. (Buying and selling are treat separate transaction) Reliance Money’s advantage over others is that it’s charging the lowest brokerage in the market which is just 1 paisa on every executive trade irrespective of the column traded. Target low level of retail penetration in India less than 3 percent of household financing savings makes it into equity markets Reliance money consumers can trade in equities.DEMAT ACCOUNT There are many broking houses doing business in India and they charge brokerage on every transaction made online or offline. Silver.70 crore is for the non delivery option and Rs 30lakhs for delivery option. of which Rs 90 lacks is for the non delivery segment and Rs 10 lacks for delivery. For the Rs 10000 pre paid card the total trading limit is Rs 20 crore . 6. total trading limit is fixed at Rs3 crore.. out of which Rs 18 crore is for non delivery option and Rs 2 crore for delivery option. Crude etc. Insurance. For Rs2500 pre paid card. Sample this for a pre-paid card worth Rs 500. Reliance Money offers most competitive brokerage rate – 0. of which Rs 2. 3.) at MCX.01paisa for intraday trades and 0. The current leaders in the retail broking segment like ICICI Direct. Equity (Stock) Trading at BSE. aims to tap investors in the smaller town and cities through a flat fee structure. Money transfer and Money Changing-all through single window. Reliance Money. NCDEX and NMCE Mutual Fund Investment Life & General Insurance 22 . an investor can trade up to Rs 2 lacks in both non delivery and delivery option. total trading limit would reach Rs 1 crore. Rs2500. These card would offer brokerage at one third of the rate being charged by institutional and individual brokerage houses. For the Rs 5000 pre paid card. the financial service division of Anil Dhirubhai Ambani group promoted reliance capita.

For NRIs / Foreign Nationals. this service is available to users at a nominal subscription of Rs. 25/Rs. 12/- 23 . Post the trail period. i. DP Charges Rs. Recognia. 'Pure Swiss' Gold Coins (99. The technical services are available for introductory free 7-day trail period to Reliance Money users. currencies and indexes.For Individuals / HUFs / Trust Annual Services Charges . has proprietary pattern recognition technology capable of recognizing patterns in the price charts of any publicly traded financial instrument including stocks. The brokerages are as low as 0. Transaction Charges . automated.7. commodities. 179 for 6 months/ Rs. 299 for a year.075% for delivery based trading and 0. Fast Trade 3.e. bonds. 99 for 3 months/ Rs. funds.02 for now delivery. Reliance Money Brokerage and fees: Reliance Money offers lowest brokerage rates in today's online stock trading industry in India. less than Re 1 a day. Insta Trade 2.99% pure. Reliance Money Demat Account Charges: Fee Head Annual Services Charges . Easy trade Reliance Money Technical Analysis (A paid service) Reliance Money offers a simplified. 50/Rs. a Canada based company.SELL (Market & Off Market) For instructions received through Internet/ online trading through Reliance Securities Ltd. 24 carat) Trading Platforms Reliance Money provides 3 different trading platforms for equity trading: 1. 1000/Rs. sophisticated technical analysis to Indian retail broking consumers with the help of Recognia's Technical Analysis tools.SELL (Market & Off Market) For instructions given in physical form. Corporate / Others Transaction Charges . For more detail about Reliance Money’s brokerage and fees visit the below section of this webpage..

offshore Investments. As an introductory offer. which is the most secure and tested technology in computer world. 3. Branches are available in all major cities and the number is growing. Simple. Derivatives. Extra security features with 'Security Token''. you can do it all through Reliance Money.70 Cr 6. Mutual Funds and Insurance. Whether you wish to transact in Equity. 4. IPO. easy and fast online stock trading. Simply open a Reliance Money account and enjoy the convenience of handling all your key financial transactions through this one window. 2. Benefits of having a Reliance Money account: 1.Advantages of Reliance Money 1.and transaction through reliance money. Reliance Money Website: RelianceMoney. Its Cost – Effective: You pay comparatively lower transaction fees. IPOs. Useful links about Reliance Money 1. Life & General Insurance product or avail Money Transfer and Money Changing 2. This fee is valid for one year or a specified transaction value For more detail see the table: Access fee (Rs) 500 1000 2500 5000 10000 Time Validity 1 Year 2 Months 6 Months 1 Year 1 Year Turnover Validity 2 Lack 1 Cr 3 Cr 7 Cr 20 Cr Non-delivery turnover 2 Lack 90 Lack 2. Branch Locator: Reliance Money Branch Locator 3. Download Application Forms: Application Forms Reliance money – Transacting and investing simplified Get ready to change the way you transact and invest in financial products and services. Almost all investment options are available under one account including Equity Trading. or prefer to invest in Mutual Funds. Equity & Commodity Derivatives. we invite you to pay a flat fee of just Rs 500/.30 Cr 18 Cr Delivery turnover 2 Lack 10 lack 30 Lack 70 Lack 2 Cr 24 .

Transaction kiosks and over the phone. Its Convenient – Reliance Money’s services are through the Internet. It offers Single Window Access to almost all financial Products. 3.… I facility – Of banking.2. Trading and Demat Account through a single window and transfer funds across accounts seamlessly! 25 . Its provides you a 3…. This number works as a dynamic password to keep your account extra safe. Its Safe – Accounts are safe guarded with a unique security number that changes every 32 seconds.

Find out the customers feedback about the service of reliance money.CHAPTER-3 Objective of the Study • • • To Understand the customer requirement. Brand awareness for the customer of Reliance Money 26 .

Mutual Funds. Reliance Capital is one of India’s leading and fastest growing private sector financial services companies. Reliance Reliance Capital. net assets in excess of Rs. Money Changing and Credit Cards.325. Reliance Money is a single window. enabling you to products. life and general proprietary investments.CHAPTER-4 COMPANY PROFILE The Reliance – Anil Dhirubhai Ambani Group is among India’s top three private sector business houses on all major financial parameters.000 crores (US$ 81 billion).115. IPOs. of Money Transfer. Life & GeneralInsurance group company and companies. in terms of net worth. Reliance Capital Ltd. fastest growing private sector financial ranking among the top 3 private sector financial services and banking insurance. and ranks among the top 3 private sector financial services and banking companies. privateequity and proprietary investments. one Offshore Money of Investments. in terms of net worth. has interests in asset management.55. The company has interests in asset management and mutual funds. Equity & Commodities Derivatives.000 crores (US$ 29 billion). private equity and companies. stock broking and other financial services. and net worth to the tune of Rs. with a market capitalisation of Rs. is India's leading services a access. amongst others in Equities. stock broking and other activities in financial services 27 .000 crores (US$ 14 billion) Reliance Money offering to avails a wide way change the is a comprehensive electronic transaction platform asset and generalinsurance. Its financial Endeavour and is markets range of India transacts in financial services.


29 .

30 .


Through reliance money. ranked amongst the top 3 private sector financial companies in terms of net worth.RELIANCE CAPITAL Reliance Reliance General Insurance Reliance Life Insurance Reliance Money Finance Reliance Consumer Reliance money is a part of the reliance Anil Dhirubhai Ambani Group and is promoted by Reliance capital. Reliance money is a comprehensive financial solution provider that enables you to carry out trading and investment activities in a secure. the fastest growing private sector financial services company in India. you can invest in a wide range of 32 . cost-effective and convenient manner.

Mutual Funds. Vision of Reliance Money To achieve & sustain market leadership. Hard work. including its Portal. Integrity. insurance products. not a destination. Home work. Mission statement: 33 . Transaction Kiosks and at it’s network of affiliates. Empathy and Humility and last but not the least it’s the Network . These are the values that bind success with Reliance Money. Reliance Money shall aim for complete customer satisfaction. Learning and Innovation. Commitment. to provide world class quality services. “Success is a journey. Equity and commodity Derivatives. The company which is today known as the largest financial service provider of India. IPO’s to availing services of Money Transfer & Money changing. by combining its human and technological resources. Success sutras of Reliance Money: The success story of the company is driven by 9 success sutras adopted by it namely Trust. In the process Reliance Money shall strive to meet and exceed customer's satisfaction and set industry standards.asset classes from Equity.” If we look for examples to prove this quote then we can find many but there is none like that of Reliance Money. SOME KEY STEPS OF THE COMPANY THAT ARE AS ……. Reliance Money offers the convenience of on-line and offline transactions through a variety of means. Enterprise. Call & Transact. Team work play. Dedication.

enterprising . In addition Reliance Money provides independent and unbiased view on markets along with trading strategies and entry / exit points for taking an informed decision. Trading execution assistance provided to clients. and we aim to achieve this leadership position by building an innovative. Mutual funds: A mutual fund is a professionally managed fund of collective investments that collects money from many investors and puts it in stocks.” Equity: Reliance Money offers its clients competitively priced Equity broking. bonds. Reliance Money offers dedicated research & expert advice on Mutual Funds. Mutual funds are considered to have low risk factors owing to diversification of 34 .“Our mission is to be a leading and preferred service provider to our customers. short-term money market instruments. and/or other securities. PMS and Portfolio Advisory Services. and technology driven organization which will set the highest standards of service and business ethics.

General insurance: General Insurance is all about protecting against all kind of insurable risks. Life insurance: Reliance Money assists its clients in choosing a customized plan which will secure the family’s future and their expenses post-retirement. Then the ownership of the fund is just “joint” and “mutual”. Clients can choose from products and services that canalize their savings and protect their needs while guaranteeing security and returns for life. A mutual fund is a common pool of money into which investors place their contributions that are to be invested in accordance with a stated objective. Home insurance and Motor insurance. 35 .assets into various sectors and scripts or instruments within. Reliance Money assists you in areas of Health insurance. the fund belongs to all investors. A team of experts will suggest the best Insurance scheme which suits the client’s requirement. Clients can choose from different plans of almost all Insurance Companies where they can invest their money. Travel insurance.

Specially designed products could include Equity. art investments: Structured Products is a new class of financial products for investors apprehensive of increased volatility in stock markets. Offshore Investments: Reliance Money provides a unique opportunity to invest in international financial markets through the online platform which includes different product ranges. Lease rentals. NCDEX and MCX.e.Commodities: A single platform to trade on both the major commodity exchanges i. Overseas Investments and Infrastructure Investments. In addition In-house research desk shall provide research reports on all major commodities which shall enable in getting views for trading and diversify client’s holdings. Structured products. Tax planning: With a view to provide complete wealth management solutions. 36 . etc. Trade Execution assistance is also provided to clients. Real Estate Funds. Reliance Money’s wealth management offerings include tax related services like: Tax Planning & advisory Filing Tax returns for individuals Real estate advisory services: Broking Model for lease/rent and buy/sell of property Property Valuation Real-estate Consulting – Corporate earnings model. Art Funds. Index-linked in nature.

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A t R E L I A N C E M O N E Y Ltd , i n i t i a l l y w e w e r e i m p a r t e d p r o c ess and p r o d u c t k n o w l e d g e . We w e r e g i v e n s u ff i c i e n t t i m e t o k n o w about theproducts and also about sales and distribution cha n n e l . We h a d t o w o r k w i t h t h e s a l e s r e p r e s e n t a t i v e s o f t h e D i stributor and think of ways ofimproving the sales and distr i b u t i o n c h a n n e l a n d i mp l e m e n t i n g t h e m . T h e m a i n a i m w a s t o i n c r e a s e s a l e s a n d f o r t h i s d i ff e r e n t w a y s w e r e t r i e d a n d i mp l e m e n t e d . We w e r e p r o v i d e d w i t h d a t a b a s e a n d h a d t o m ake calls from the data. Company activity was also one of th e majorsources for generating business. Initially they even a c c o mp a n i e d s a l e s r e p r e s e n t a t i v e s t o t h e c l i e n t s p l a c e . M a i n o b j e c t i v e w a s t o k n o w t h e n e e d o f t h e c u s t o me r a n d h o w t o f u l f i l l t h a t i n t h e b e s t w a y. The project dealt with various fields like: 1. Demat account 2. L i f e i n s u r a n c e This experience helped me to understand the basic functioning of the Reliance Money as a Broking House and I came to know the products of Reliance Money. The Training Sessions were held by different persons from different organization like from TATA-AIG, RELIANCE MONEY and BIRLA SUN LIFE. We were assigned sell the Life Insurance of Reliance Money along of Reliance Money. The training for Life Insurance was targets to with Demat A/c

conducted by Mr. Prakesh Chandra from Reliance Money ltd. The training for De-mat was


conducted by Mr. Sanjeev Vij as a trainer of Reliance Money. These training gave me an insight into the products that Reliance Money deals in. The best learning experience was that I started from the very basics of getting to that position and not from the position itself. This helped me get useful insight and understanding of various financial products, the market details about them and the benefits provided by them to the customers.

O u r t a s k w a s d i v i d e d i n 4 phases : 1 . P ro d u c t k n o w l e d g e : T h i s i n c l u d e d t h e t h e o r e t i c a l k n o w l e dge a b o u t t h e f i e l d a n d p r o d u c t s w h i c h n e e d e d t o b e m a r k eted. 2 . P i t c h i n g i n re t a i l s e c t o r : T h i s i n c l u d e d t h e i m p l e m e n t ation of theknowledge imparted to us and the test of our ma r k e t i n g s k i l l s . I n i t i a l l y w e w e r e a c c o mp a n i e d b y o t h e r s a l es executive so that we can learnhow to deal with the cus t o me r s a n d u n d e r s t a n d t h e i r n e e d . T h i s a l s o e n h a n c e d o u r i nterpersonal skills and confidence level. 3 . I mp l e me n t a t i o n i n re t a i l s e c t o r a n d p i t c h i n g i n c o r p o r ate: By thestart of this phase we were confident enough a b o u t t h e p i t c h i n g a n d f u l f i l l i n g t h e n e e d s o f t h e c u s t o me r i n t h e r e t a i l s e c t o r. T h i s a l s o i n c l u d e d o f t h e w a y s w e s h ould pitch the corporate. 4 . I mp l e me n t a t i o n a t c o r p o r a t e e d t h e i m p l e me n t a t i o n of the and ways learnt for levels: This includ all the k n o w l e d g e thepitching and extra


cting business out of the corporate.

Wi t h t h e e n d o f 8 w e e k s e v e r y p h a s e w a s c o mp l e t e d a n d it gaveus the real experience of retail as well as corporat e world.

Competitors Of Reliance Money



Its mantra is to develop only the indispensable infrastructure so that it can match the pricing of LIC. upgrading skills of its agency force and managers and developing innovative products.While the public sector LIC dominates the Indian life insurance market with nearly 80percent of the market share. 115.69 crore polcies during the year compared to 18lakhs policies sold by private players. LIC sod 1.Apart from hat it 41 . It hires local people who are trained.It is using first mover advantage by opening an office in the most prominent location in a non-metro town. It has 248 branches. Bajaj Allianz And now to make the competition more intense the company to really watch out for is Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance. Bajaj Allianz has been focusing on second tire towns and cities which are yet to witness the entry of other life insurance players apart from LIC. I have also been improving internal processes and system.000 employees and over 1million agents.

It is also facing a challenge in terms of banking channels. Values were shared. particularly customer who bank with cooperative banks. Now.9 billion had a market share of 2. The relationship was based on a platform of trust. Standard Chartered is currently its biggest partner followed by Syndicate bank and CENTURIAN BANK. where delays in clearing cheques are that it is the only private player t provides policy servicing at the branch level. Beliefs merged. HDFC Standard Life aims 42 . commitment and excellence.8% HDFC STANDARD LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY LIMITED In 1995. the two partners stood by each other and emerged at the forefront on 23rd October 2000. HDFC Standard Life Insurance Company Limited was the first life Insurance company to be granted the Certificate of Registration by the IRDA. two companies – HDFC limited and Standard Life Assurance Company – entered into a joint venture relationship.Bajaj Allianz with sales of Rs . The biggest challenge that the company faces is the weak infrastructure particularly transports and communications is the smaller cities. Tied agencies comprise the biggest channel (68%) of new business acquisition FOR Bajaj Allianz (27%) is the other significant channel of growth for the company. Through the hurdle-race of time.

the yardstick by which all other life insurance companies will be measured. Currently 76% of shares held by foreign institutional investors. formed by the TataGroup and American International Group. 43 . TATA AIG LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY Tata AIG Life Insurance Company Limited (Tata AIG Life) is a joint venture company. (AIG). It seeks to serve as the hallmark of excellence. Tata AIG Life combines the Tata Group’s pre-eminent leadership position in India and AIG’s global presence as the world’s leading international insurance and financial services organization. Inc. Tata AIG Life provides insurance solutions to individuals and corporates. Tata AIG Life Insurance Company was licensed to operate in India on February 12. 2001. Besides the core businesses of mortgages HDFC has evolved into a financial conglomerate with holding in. ABOUT HDFC Incorporated in 1977 as the first specialized Mortgage Company in India. 2001 and started operations on April 1. The Tata Group holds 74 per cent stake in the insurance venture with AIG holding the balance 26 mirror the success of its parent companies. Almost 90% of initial share holding in the hands is domestic institutions and retail investors.

financial services and asset management around the world. Cardif is a wholly owned subsidiary of BNP Paribas. world leaders in insurance and financial services. is the leading international insurance organization with operations in more than 130 countries and jurisdictions. Cardif is ranked 2nd worldwide in creditor’s insurance offering protection to over 35 million policyholders and net income in excess of Euro 1 billion. (AIG). In addition. AIG companies serve commercial. Along with its 7 Associate Banks. Paris. institutional and individual customers through the most extensive worldwide property-casualty and life insurance networks of any insurer. which is the Euro Zone’s leading Bank. BNP Paribas is one of the oldest foreign banks with a presence in India dating back to 1860.American International Group. arguably the largest in the world. 44 . AIG's common stock is listed on the New York Stock Exchange as well as the stock exchanges in London. Switzerland and Tokyo. Cardif has also been a pioneer in the art of selling insurance products through commercial banks in France and in 35 more countries. AIG companies are leading providers of retirement services. State Bank of India enjoys the largest banking franchise in India. Inc. SBI Group has the unrivalled strength of over 14. SBI LIFE INSURANCE 74% of the total capital and Cardif the remaining 26%.500 branches across the country.

ensuring high standards of customer service and world class operating efficiency. with a turnover of over $ 4. the company started its business as on 1st march 2003.290 crores. BIRLA SUN-LIFE It is a joint venture between ADITYA BIRLA group & SUNLIFE Assurance Company with a paid up capital of Rs. comprising of the most productive force of more than 25. SBI Life extensively leverages the SBI Group as a platform for cross-selling insurance products along with its numerous banking product packages such as housing loans and personal loans. SBI’s access to over 100 million accounts across the country provides a vibrant base for insurance penetration across every region and economic strata in the country ensuring true financial inclusion. The group is a well-diversified conglomerate with 72. 45 . The company distribution setup comprises insurance advisors for life & an expert marketing team for group products ADITYA BIRLA Group is India’s 2 nd largest business house. Agency Channel.000 strong workforces spanning 40 companies spread across 17 countries.000 Insurance Advisors.SBI Life Insurance’s mission is to emerge as the leading company offering a comprehensive range of Life Insurance and pension products at competitive prices. offers door to door insurance solutions to customers.75 billions.

From FY2004-2005 it demonstrated a premium 46 . (KMBL)manages USD 4 billion in assets and it is in the only bank in India to have a non-profitable assets level of 0%.and Old Mutual plc.The Kotak Mhindra Bank Ltd.KMBL was the first private company to receive a retail bank license in2003.Mahindra Old Mutual Life Insurance was established in 2000 as a joint venture between Kotak Mhindra Bank Limited (74%) AND Old Mutual plc.Kotak Mahindra Old Mutual Life Kotak Mahindra Old Mutual Life Insurance Ltd.South Africa(26%). Kotak insurance. to make them financially independent.At Kotak Life Insurance. the company aim to help customers take important finanancial decisions at every stage in life by offering them a wide range of innovative life insurance a joint venture between Kotak Mhindra Bank Ltd.(KMBL).In he life insurance market. one of the fastest growing companies in India.

is a company with a high level of brand awareness Kotak Life Insurance aspires to a spiraling growth with a strong focus n customer. capital strength. and an employee force over 1. The year 2001 was a true test of the qualities that define MetLife. with 44 branches in over 30 locations. METLIFE LIFE INSURANCE MetLife’s corporate vision – to build financial freedom for everyone – guides the company’s response to people’s growing need for first-rate financial products and services through various life stages and economic cycles. MetLife’s trusted brand. MetLife 47 . were no more evident than in MetLife’s response to the tragic events that shook our nation on September 11. The company’s core values. products. geography distribution channel mapping and fund performance. brought to life in what MetLife does every day. Kotak Life Insurance.000 employees.income growth of 198%. and existing relationships with millions of individual and institutional customers around the globe uniquely position MetLife among its competitors.

In the future. MetLife will continue to grow its business with focus. honesty. This will be accomplished by drawing on the reservoir of history that has produced an enduring set of corporate values based on more than 138 years of integrity. caring. MAX NEW YORK LIFE INSURANCE Max New York Life Insurance Company Ltd. knowledge. The company served its customers. The strategy is to establish itself as a trusted life insurance specialist through a quality approach to business. MetLife invested $1 billion in a broad array of publicly-traded common stocks.responded quickly. strong leadership and financial strength. At the same time. Max New York Life invests significantly in its training programme and each agent is trained for 152 hours as opposed to the mandatory 100 hours stipulated by the IRDA before beginning to sell in the marketplace. social responsibility. it has developed a strong corporate governance model based on the core values of excellence. innovation and profitability. a Fortune 100 company and Max India Limited. communities and employees during this difficult time. one of India's leading multi-business corporations. The company has positioned itself on the quality platform. integrity and teamwork. In line with its vision to be the most admired life insurance company in India. is a joint venture between New York Life. Training is a continuous process for agents at 48 .

has been granted license by the insurance regulator – the IRDA on 6th February 2004. 49 .Max New York Life and ensures development of skills and knowledge through a structured programme spread over 500 hours in two years. SAHARA LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY The Sahara Pariwar’s latest foray is in the field of Life Insurance. The launch is with an initial paid up capital of 157 crores. MDRT is an exclusive congregation of the world’s top selling insurance agents and is internationally recognized as the standard of excellence in the life insurance business. This focus on continuous quality training has resulted in the company having amongst the highest agent pass rate in IRDA examinations and the agents have the highest productivity among private life insurers. The Pariwar’s life insurance company – Sahara India Life Insurance Company Ltd. becomes the first wholly and purely Indian company.. without any foreign collaboration to enter the Indian Life insurance market. With this approval Sahara India Life Insurance Company Ltd. The Chairman of the company is Shri Subrata Roy Sahara who is also the Chairman of Sahara Pariwar. 201 agent advisors have qualified for the Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT) membership in 2005.

000 people. It has a dedicated and committed advisor sales force of over 21. It also distributes products in close cooperation with the ING Vysya Bank network. and in a span of 5 years has established itself as a distinctive life insurance brand with an innovative. attractive and customer friendly product portfolio and a professional advisor sales force.000 employees.ING VYSYA LIFE INSURANCE ING Vysya Life Insurance Company Limited (the Company) entered the private life insurance industry in India in September 2001. working from 140 branches located in 74 major cities across the country and over 3. The 50 .

AVIVA LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY Aviva is UK’s largest and the world’s fifth largest insurance Group. In 2005.Company has a customer base of over 4. It is one of the leading providers of life and pensions products to Europe and has substantial businesses elsewhere around the world. ING Vysya Life earned a total income in excess of Rs. Aviva has a 40 million customer base worldwide. 400 crore and also has a share capital of Rs. With a history dating back to 1696.000 & is headquartered at Bangalore.50. 51 . It has more than £377 billion of assets under management. 440 crore.

SHIRAM LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY Shriram Life Insurance Company is the joint venture between the Shriram Group and the Sanlam Group. Shriram Group The Shriram Group is one of the largest and wellrespected financial services conglomerates in India. consumer durable financing. The Group has a customer base of 30 lacks chit subscribers and investors and operates through a network of 630 offices all over the country. stock broking. truck financing. 52 . The Group's main line of activities in financial services include chit fund. insurance broking and life insurance. The Group has the largest agency force in the private sector consisting of more than 75.000 loyal and dedicated agents.

CHAPTER-6 RESEARCH METHODOLOGY Scope of the study: The research was carried out in New Delhi and NCR region city only. I have visited people randomly nearby my locality. small retailers etc. different shopping malls. Data Collection Method Primary Data SOURCE 53 .

FIELD WORK All the field work has been done by me only visiting the different market in the selection area. It is actually a conceptual structure with which research is conducted.The primary data are those which are collected afresh and for the first time. Primary data are collected from:  Observation method  Interview method  Questionnaire method  Other method: o o o o Warranty cards Distributor audit Consumer panels. it was collected from Management and Sales office. Secondary data are:  Books  Magazines  Newspapers  Reports  Publication of various associations connected with business. highest selling brands etc. Distribution in case of Distributor. RESEARCH DESIGN A research design is the arrangement of condition for collection and analysis of data in such a manner that it aims to combine relevance to the research purpose with economy in procedure. It 54 . industry. and thus happen to be original in character. Whatever the data are required. etc SECONDARY DATA Secondary data required for this project are very few. etc. Moreover a detail diagram has been presented to overview the area of operation. running brands. banks stock exchange.

The questionnaire has been designed in a logical manner in such a way that the objective that is to be achieved is being met. Sample size: The sample size of my project is limited to 100 only.contributes the blue prints for collection of measurement and analysis of data. phrasing and the sequencing of the 55 . SAMPLE DESIGN: In our project we prefer to go for Random Sampling. For this type of research respondents should be given sufficient time express themselves. This type of research can be conducted to find out the possible causes like the sales might increase due to advisors efficiency. since our project deals with the finding out the advisors benefits. It includes the survey of related literature and articles. we can measure the errors of estimation or the significance of results obtained from a random sample and their facts brings out the superiority design over the rest sampling design. Random sampling is said to be a LOTTERY METHOD in which individual units are picked up from whole group not deliberately by some mechanical process. we conducted our research through exploratory research. Our research includes both DESCRIPTIVE and EXPLORATORY RESEARCH DESIGN. Descriptive research studies are those studies concerned with describing the characteristic of particular individual of a group concerned with specific prediction with material of fact & characteristic. depth interview and public opinion through questionnaire. The sample will have the same composition and characteristic as the universe. Adequate care has been taken in the contents. up to the final discussion of the questionnaire. In the initial stage. The result obtained from probability. Research Instrument Questionnaire As the whole study is mainly based on primary data the research instrument used to collect primary data has been the questionnaire. It focuses on the discovery of new ideas.

A sample is a subset of a unit of a population.questionnaire. so database has to be generated and for this a sample plays an important part. Generating Database For conducting the research. It involves monitoring the external and internal marketing environment. weakness. The targeted audience and their reference have been studied quite closely. Telephonic Interview Again data also been collected with the help of telephone as the cost involve in collecting data is low compared to personal interview. This is the most costly technique. Double barrel question have been avoided to prevent any confusion while analyzing the data. SWOT ANALYSIS The overall evaluation of a company’s strengths. In any research. The sample has been collected in such way that it represents the population. opportunities. The questions are designs are designed in manners that answer all the above set objectives. and threats is called SWOT analysis. Personal Interview This is the technique. as one has to actually go in person and fill the questionnaire this is also a Time consuming method of data collection. People can be easily reached on the telephones interview and the reluctances level of respondent is low. 56 . collected as a representative of it. the size of the of the sample plays an important element in the research process as the size of the sample has direct affect on he result of the research. Thus a sample of size 100 samples has been selected keeping in mind of the cost and accuracy factors in mind. which is widely buying used in collecting of data.

The third source often leads to a totally new product or service. INTERNAL ENVIRONMENT ANALYSIS • • STRENGTHS WEAKNESS 57 . competitors) that affect its ability to earn profits. There are three main sources of the market opportunities.EXTERNAL ENVIRONMENT ANALYSIS • • OPPORTUNITY THREAT A business unit has to monitor key macro environment forces (demographic- economic. This requires little marketing talent. dealers. to lower sales or profit. political-legal. social-cultural) and significant microenvironment factors (customer. The first is to supply something that is in short supply. A marketing opportunity is an area of buyer need and interest in which there is high probabilities that company can profitability satisfy that need. suppliers. as the need is fairly obvious. in the absence of defensive marketing action. The second is to supply as existing product or service is service improvements: by asking consumers for their suggestion (problem detection method): by asking consumers to imagine an ideal version of the product or service (ideal method). distributors. natural. An Environment Threat is a challenge posed by an unfavorable trend or development that would lead. technological. Threats should be classified according to seriousness and probability of occurrence.

 STRENGTHS • • • • • Meant for the masses.  WEAKNESS . Wide range of services. SWOT ANALYSIS OF RELIANCE MONEY LIFE INSURANCE CO. Less number of marketing managers. • • Lack of advertising of its schemes.It is one thing to find attractive opportunities and another to able to take the advantage of them. 58 . Wide network.  OPPORTUNITIES • • Growing population and expanding market. Increase in disposable income. Strong customer base. LTD. • Committed work force. Less charges that many of the private sector companies. • Availability of top R$D personnel. Each business needs to evaluate its internal strengths and weakness.

Tight money market in the future can be a major threat. Q. The basis and the foremost threat are from the competition both from the public and the private sector.• The company can still expand its range of services by providing more services it its customer.1 which area do you Preference of Investment? 59 .7 Data Analysis Data has been presented with the help of pie charts. which are offering a wide range of services.  THREATS • • Recession. duties import etc. • Fiscal policies resulting into increased taxes. CHAPTER. • Political instability.No.

with a more transparent system.2 Are you aware of Online Share Trading.NO. So. investment in the Stock Market can definitely be increased. the most favored investment continues to be in the Share Market. Q. 60 .Interpretation: This shows that although the mutual funds market is on the rise yet.

the awareness towards online share trading has increased by leaps and bounds.3 Why do you prefer to investing in stock Market.Interpretation: With the increase in cyber education. Q.No. This awareness is expected to increase further with the increase in Internet education. 61 .

62 .No. But a very few section of people vest because of the benefits they gain in tax. Q.INTERPRETATION: The study shows that most of the people prefer to invest in stock market because of high risk and high return whereas some other try to capture the short term gain from investment.4 Are you aware about the brand of Reliance Money.

Q.No. This brand image should be further leveraged by the company to increase its market share over its competitors.Interpretation: This pie-chart shows that reliance money has a reasonable amount of Brand awareness in terms of a premier Retail stock broking company.5 Are you aware the facilities of Reliance Money? 63 .

that. the company should concentrate more towards promotional tools and increase its focus on product awareness rather than brand awareness. it is to be noted that the customers are not aware of the facilities provided by the company meaning thereby.Interpretation: Although there is sufficiently high brand equity among the target audience yet. 64 .No 6 You have Demat Account of any Company. Q.

No 7 Are you satisfied with the current broker? 65 . India bulls hold on second position with 25% people. ICICI hold on third position with 20% people . kotak mahindra hold on forth position with 18% people and finaly 12 % people prefer to other company’s account Q.INTERPRETATION: The study shows that 33% of the people having a Reliance Demat account.

today. 66 . It shows that all the competitors are striving hard not only to woo the customers but also to make them Brand loyal by generating customer satisfaction. has gone beyond only meeting Sales targets and generating profit volumes.Interpretation: This pie-chart corroborate the fact that Strategic marketing.

NO 8 What is the Frequency of Trading? Interpretation: In spite of the huge returns that the share market promises. Q No 9 What type of Problem faced during trading? 67 . we see that there is still a dearth of active traders and investors.Q. It requires efficient bureaucratic intervention on the part of the Government. This is because of the non – transparent structure of the Indian share market and the skepticism of the target audience that is generated by the volatility of the stock market.

e.Whereas some other problems are also there like network problem. Customer statusQ.No10 What is your Occupation 68 .INTERPRETATION: The most common problem faced by people during trading is the information related problem i. in manual operating problem and services provider problem 10. they don’t get the required information about trading either online or offline.

Q.serviceman.10% are students.Businessman Students Service holder Ex-Serviceman INTERPRETATION: Most of the people who were Surveyed re businessman.14% are service holder and rest 16% are ex.No11 Do you have any suggestions. 69 .

Some others suggested on improving the customer services where as others laid emphasis on technical improvement.INTERPRETATION:Most of the people suggested reliance money to broaden their network so that is will be available to a large number of people. Q.No12 What percentage of earnings invested in share trading? 70 .

again reiterating the volatile and non-transparent structure of the Indian stock market. Hence. effective and efficient steps should be undertaken to woo the customers to invest more in the lucrative stock market CHAPTER.8 71 .Interpretation: This shows that people invest only upto 10% of their earnings in the stock market.

they don’t get the required information about trading either online or offline • Literacy level of the respondents is high. Kotak Mahindra but the impact of reliance Demat Account was positive. male respondents having Demat account than female.e. The functioning and responses from the respondents were authentic leading to a better view of the market scenario.FINDINGS The summary of "Survey" conducted for reliance Demat Account. majority of them are educated. • • • Mainly. The findings are listed below: • The company is targeting on emerging financial market in India with great potential. 72 .India bulls. people prefer to invest in stock market because of high return Most of respondents are having a Demat Account in Reliance Money. Mostly. Majority of the respondents are Businessman. The survey has been simultaneously taken up by the company's competitor's like. The most common problem faced by people during trading is the information related problem i. • • • The mutual funds market is on the rise yet. Can be listed down in conjunction with the data analysis presented.

Reliance is having too many financial products right from Demat account to General Insurance and not all the salespeople are familiar with each and every product so the work force should be segregated each group dealing in a specific product and the sales target should be given likewise. While interacting with the investors I found that most of the customers are unaware about the Mutual fund. Reliance should provide periodic training for updating the product knowledge of various financial advisors. People tend to think that there must be some hidden charges. Investors should be made aware of the benefits. Press releases.9 RECOMMENDATION The most vital problem spotted is of ignorance. Reliance should declare in black ink that they will charge just 1 paisa per transaction. 73 . and Television etc. Thus a mutual fund awareness program can help to increase the penetration of mutual funds in the market. Rs750 account opening charges are too high when targeting a corporate so the company should be flexible on this amount. Newspaper. Nobody will invest until and unless he is fully convinced. Company should have a scheme of rewards and recognition to employees and the field persons to boost their motivation. Some of the people look upon mutual funds and equity trading as gambling. There must be proper advertisement of the company by various media like Exhibition. After sales services and follow up calls are important for getting new references so trained telesales should be appointed for this purpose whose sole work should be to make feedback calls.CHAPTER. Investors should be made to realize that ignorance is no longer bliss and what they are losing by not investing.

There should be a good research team who has to survey the market and know about the client’s satisfaction level and also found out the potential customer. for the sake of development of the organization and also for the development of the employees’ performance simultaneously. Though majority of the customer were satisfied with the existing function but the organization should use some marketing strategies such as discount scheme on amount of transaction made in a month by the regular customer. and Meetings etc. Seminars. So it will enable the customer to retain in the organization and to attract new customer. There should be regular training programme like Workshops. There must be a good infrastructure of the company to get the attention of the public and the office should be at residential area so that customer get the service easily. 74 .

10 Limitations: The project has been subject to the following limitations: • • • The study was restricted to Reliance Money Limited to only in New Delhi The study is conducted with the data available and the analysis was made It was tough to get all relevant facts from the personnel and employees due to some secret document not provided by the business and NCR Resion. Time factor was a limitation as only a stipulated period had been ascertained to me while the personnel had little time to my queries due to their daily busy schedule. concerned • organization.CHAPTER. 75 . • It is not feasible to compare all the products of various brokerage firm. which is inherent in an industry. accordingly.

on of he fastest growing industries.CHAPTER. 76 . As our economy booms. The opportunity before the player is falling interest rate.the scope for entering related area like banking and pension in a bid for synergy and the promise of ecommerce are some of the other Opportunity for insurance sector . the collapse of many small time financial institution . this sector will have immense scope for business. Potential is immense in this sector. who still consider the advisory business equivalent to door to door selling. their progress has been remarkable.11 CONCLUSION It is evident that private life insurance companies are making their presence felt and over the last five years. Competition in this sector will bring benefits to the society as a whole. Though till now the conversion rate of financial consultants is very low but in Future due to unemployment problem at a large scale prevailing in India and in future the size of the market will grow and the insurable population of India is Indeed vast and the existing player has managed to cover one fourth of it. Finally while rounding up the project I would like to thank the organization for giving me this wonderful opportunity to explore the insurance industry. During this project I have realized that persuading people to invest their time in advisory business is not that easy. The flame of awareness is to be ignited more enthusiastically so that the untapped potential is translated into actual business. The Three months spend in the company has been an eye opener for me and look forward to more such association with the company. The private players will obviously grow as there will be pouring of capital once the 26% FDI cap is raised by the government. There is a major mind block among people.

com o www. Marketing Management ( Philip Kotler) Websites: o www. Market Research ( Naresh Malhotra) o 77 o www.indiabulls.investopedia.Bibliography Books o o o www.

Annexure A General awareness of Demat account Personal Information: Name: Address: Contact No: Occupation: Govt. Yes No 3) Why do you prefer to investing in stock Market? High return & high risk Tax benefits 4) Are you aware the facilities of Reliance Money? Yes No 5) Are you satisfied with the current broker? Yes no 6) What is the Frequency of Trading? Daily Weekly Monthly Yearly Short term gain from investment 78 . Employee Businessman Salary Rs < 50000/Rs 100000-Rs300000 Non Govt. Employee Non Employee Rs 50000 to Rs100000/Rs >300000 GENERAL AWARNESS ABOUT DEMAT ACCOUNT 1) Do you have any Demat Account? yes no a) If yes which company is it? 1) Are you aware about the brand of Reliance Money? Yes No 2) Are you aware of online share trading.

13) What is the best thing in our company. 8) Network Problem Information related problem Manual Operating problem 11) What is your Occupation? Businessman Service Holder 10% to 20% 40% to 60% Customer Service Technical Improvement. 79 . Service provide problem Student Ex-Serviceman 20% to 40% 60% to 80% Broad Network 12 What percentage of earnings invested in share trading.7) What type of problems faced during the trading.






85 .

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