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Debate: Should we lower the age of Criminality age?

PRO/Agree CON/Disagree
 The current law has “pampered  Lowering the age of criminal liability
youth offenders who commit would be disadvantageous to the
crimes” because “they know they poor.
can get away with it. - Given the current state of the
 Age doesn't matter Criminal liability justice system in the country, the
is the responsibility for any illegal bill risks victimizing the poor,
behavior that causes harm or among whom most offending
damage to someone or something. minors come from primarily
-Legal liability concerns both civil because of need. These families’
law and criminal law and can arise means barely cover their needs, let
from various areas of law, such as alone hiring a lawyer. While poverty
contracts, torts, taxes, or fines given is not an excuse to commit crime,
by government agencies. People there ought to be a clear distinction
should take responsibility for what between making the children
they have done. The age of the responsible for their acts and
criminal responsibility in the criminalizing them.
Philippines should be lowered, due  Based on the results of Pulse Asia's
to the reasons that youths should be March 2017 Ulatng Bayan Survey
responsible for the weight of their held from March 15 to 20, 55% of
actions; it is highly accepted in other Filipinos believe that the lowest age
country and to stop criminals using of criminal liability in the Philippines
children as frontline perpetrators of should be kept at 15 years old.
criminal acts.  Juvenile Delinquency is caused
 Juvenile justice system doesn't by a lot of factors and we cannot
say imprisonment automatically judge the child by his/her actions
-it aims to lower delinquency acts alone
happening or to completely wipe it 1.Family
out and for those violators there are 2. Personal Problems
assigned sanctions depending on 3. Society
their cases. It also aims to correct 4. Peer group influence
how minorities should act right and  Most of the juvenile delinquent
live right. are being used by the adults for
 To teach them their own gains
-they need to be responsible with  Young people’s maturity is
their words and actions. It does not different from the adult’s
mean that you are a child then you -They know what is right and wrong
can already do something that is but is not that aware of the
against the law. consequences of their actions and
 The rate of juvenile delinquency decisions
is increasing  Most of the juvenile delinquent is
Examples: in deep poverty and has
Property Crimes: burglary, larceny, experienced a lot of hardships in
theft, pickpocketing, arson life
Violent Crimes: murder, forcible  They are greatly affected by their
rape, robbery, and aggravated environment and the people they
assault interacts with
Drug use, Drinking, Gang wars and

RA 9344, which sets the minimum age of criminal responsibility at 15 years old, was
amended in 2013 through RA 10630, which allows children as young as 12 to be
detained for serious crimes such as rape, murder, and homicide, among others. It also
requires local government units to manage their own BahayPag-Asa (Houses of Hope),
or rehabilitation houses for young offenders.
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