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RIPTSO You have the opportunity to get in the best shape of your life with RIPT90. Resistance - muscle contraction with the expectation of increases in strength, definition and mass. Interval - short periods of intense work followed by rest breaks designed to improve speed and cardiovascular fitness elu ee aM LAL Ee Micha moacelEI(ol|) to contraction in an “explosive” manner, further 7 increasing speed and power. 4 Training - developing and strengthening your body over an extended period. Promoting ongoing overall physical fitness and health. This program will challenge you to complete a tough, no nonsense workout, approximately 30 minutes each day. Each of the 14 unique workouts included are designed to build lean muscle and shred fat, testing your body and reconstructing it into the designed athletic form you desire. Follow the program for 90 days, complete each workout and utilize the included nutrition [eM CoM oD Cola TUL AULT: Zeta Ley eR COLOR LLL SCM yAce aCe LLC nO UL a ==) 1 oT Valcom The program is broken into three 30 day Pu Conditioning, Strength and Sculpting. Each is designed to contribute to your progress in different OEY keeping your body guessing and maximizing results. CONDITIONING Days 1-30 We start with this phase to build a foundation for the program. You will quickly learn where your strengths and weaknesses lie while preparing your body for , the strength and sculpting phases. Days 31-60 This phase focuses on building lean muscle mass and strength. We will focus on large muscle groups with push and pull exercises that develop calorie burning muscle, but we won't neglect the rest of your body. This stage is also designed to really rev-up your metabolism. Days 61-90 This stage is the finishing touch and what we thinkis the most fun. By this point in the program your body will be more efficient and a lot stronger allowing you to push through to even greater results. We'll further focus on shedding fat and shredding muscle.