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Governor's School East

The Brid ge
Volun;'e 22, Issue 4
July 99

Laurinburg, North Carolina

Going ...
Tonya Ohver
If you missed the dance concert on Middle Eastern, Oz, and African. The sively, searching for appropriate litera­
July 15 and 16, then you really missed dance students divided up into five ture for each piece and rehearsing many
out on an awesome show. It was a very small groups, and each group choreo­ times with the dancers to make it all
interesting and powerful concert that re­ graphed their own dance. "Getting to flow smoothly. Many of the English
vealed the great talent and discipline of do our own choreography was fresh, students commented that even though
the nineteen dancers and their they had seen the dances many
instructors, Jennifer Tarrazi­ times before in rehearsal, they
Scully and Megan Kane. The were still very intrigued and
dancers were very pleased with paid close attention to each
the final product of their four dance on the nights of the
long weeks of hard work and shows. In fact, many GSE stu­
demanding rehearsals. "It dents that came on Thursday
came together really nicely," night also returned Friday to
commented dancer, Sarah watch it once more. It was
Putterman, "and I was really definitely not a dull experi­
excited by the response we got ence.
from the audience." If you ask Anne Lazovik
The theme of the show was what her opinion of the concert
travel. Elizabeth Carlton por­ was, she'll tell you, "It was just
trayed a traveler who, in visiting sev­ new, and exciting. l thoroughly enjoyed a fun concert to be in. . . it was a,lot of
eral diverse cultures and locations, wit­ it," Lori Moll remarked with a smile. fun to perform. The energy was high."
nessed and participated in many cultural Chris Merriman's Feminist Litera­ We may be seeing more of theSe tal­
dances such as: Latin, Gypsy, Ameri­ ture and Criticism Class provided the ented individuals in the future. l wish
can, Japanese, French and Greek, Aus­ text that served as an introduction to them all the best of luck. \
tralian, Klesmer, Eastern European, each dance. The class worked exten-
Prince of Camelot
A Tribute to John F. Kennedy, Jr.
Laura Nicholson
Saturday, July 17, 1999 is a date that and wishing him happiness. calm water is almost ironic. American
will always be remembered. Much like John F. Kennedy, Jr.'s influence was ·dreams were seemingly destroyeJ with
November 22, 1963, when recalled, it felt by all whom knew him personally John F. Kennedy's assassination, ybt the
will bring tears to the eyes and a pain to or merely knew of him. With the news Kennedy's held together and the .

the heart. On this day, the reigning of the disappearance of his single en­ learned from them. Now, with his son's
"Prince of Camelot John F. Kennedy, gine plane, Piper Saratoga, the world death, shattered illusions are once again
Jr. perished in a tragic airplane accident held its breath and prayed. They prominent, yet the world will go 1 one.
that also claimed the lives of his wife, thought, "the man who was heralded the We remember the date and where we
Carolyn Bessette, and her sister, Lauren. leader of the Kennedy family, the little were when we heard the news, as this
To a generation that never experi­ boy known as "John-John," the figure generation learns from the past, and the
enced the seemingly "magical" time of that allowed Americans to remember previous delves into their experience.
John F. Kennedy's presidency or the and wonder, JFK's son, the possible fu­ However, the grief that America feels
correspondingly tragic news of his as­ ture politician, he cannot die." If there will subside over time, as Joh h F.
sassination, JFK, Jr. was the link to the was a shred of hope, it vanished when Kennedy, Jr. is remembered differently
mysticism of their parents' past. With the search and rescue turned into a by all. However, in the collective

his death, the illusion of grandeur that search and recovery. On Wednesday, memory of society, John F. Kennedy,
encompassed the country in the early July 22, 1999, the body of John F. Jr. will always reign as the Prince of
1960's is dispelled. Kennedy, Jr. was discovered. Later that Camelot.
In his own right, JFK, Jr. had come day, Carolyn and Lauren were also
to head a family that is considered to be found. The Kennedy Curse had claimed
America's royalty. Through the years,
he experienced many successes and fail­
another victim, this time, the Prince him­
ures, and the world watched with almosi: The Kennedy's and Bessette's gath­ • Aaron and Abby

parental judgment and advice. From his ered on Cape Cod on Thursday, July 22 • The Hand that Feeds Us
failing the Bar exam twice after gradu­ for the burial at sea of John F. Kennedy, • Slice ofWry
ating from law school to his founding Jr., his wife Carolyn, and her sister
• Attention K-Mart Shoppers
of George magazine, Americans have Lauren Bessette. The ashes of all three
welcomed him into their lives with un- were scattered into the sea from aboard
• Spades Tournament

onditional love and support. To the the USS Briscoe, and closure was finally • Trust Me on the Alcohol
ounger generation, he was the most brought to the families. However, the • Student Poetry
eligible bachelor and the sexiest man world also watches from a distance as
• Groovin' in Granville
alive. After his marriage to Carolyn the Navy destroyer floats calmly in the
• Masquerade
Bessette, many girls' hearts were tom sea. After so much pain and heartache,
between losing him to another woman the presence of the destroyer in the now !I and more...
. Advice UJith Abby & Aaron · : .
Affirmative Action
Clem Brown
Dear Aaron and Abby, ting a life! (Abby: Aaron, that's mean!
The Social Science Department at �
I had thirteen dollars in my pants Aaron: Abby, could you do me a fa­
GSE conducted a public opinion polls
pocket that I had put there yesterday. vor? Abby: Sure! Aaron: SHUT UP!)
The purpose of this poll is to determine
Today, when I remembered it was Anyway, if you really want to stay in
the opinions of a segment of Governor's
there and went to get it I found my the library longer you could hide until
School students on controversial issues
pants on the floor and only one-dollar the library closes in the hospitality sec­
which confront society. The survey
was left in the pocket. No one could tion; St. Andrews employees never look
dealt with the issue of Affirmative Ac­
have been in my room except my there, except for the cafeteria workers,
tion. Affirmative Action is the setting
roommate and I know my pants the janitors, and that nice librarian who
aside of certain positions for minorities
weren't on the floor before. How let me check out a display book the other because of the past discrimination they
should I go about asking if he did it day (WE LOVE THEM!) Other than have been subjected to. Below are a list
without offending him? that you should have no problem avoid­ of questions which were asked and the
ing confrontations. responses which were given.
Money-less in Mecklenberg But come to think of it, don't attempt to
make it across the causeway at night on 1. Do you agree with Affirmative Ac­
Well, Money-less, there is no easy foot. There are too many counselors. tion?
way of accusing your roommate of So, hold your breath, sweetie, it's a long 29% Responded Yes
stealing. First, I would check all over swim! 68% Responded No
your room to be sure that you didn't
just misplace it. If you accuse him and Aaron and Abby would like to take 2. Is Affirmative Action reverse dis-
then find the money later, you'll look some time out, since this is one of our crimination?
like an ass. Then, after searching if last issues and ...because we can, to 71% Responded Yes
you still haven't found it, confront talk about some good and bad aspects 23% Responded No
yo4t" roommate and ask him what's ofGSE.
goipg on. If he denies the accusation �
3. Is Affirmative Action necessary?
(anti you are sure he's guilty) com- Good Thing: Friends 48% Responded Yes
mence flogging him until he looses Bad Thing: People who think they're 52% Responded No
consciousness or admits to the crime your friend but are really annoying Gust
(wqichever comes first). If he does kidding!) 4. Do you agree with the Bakke deci-
not ;admit and, as a result is now un­ sion of 1978?
consfiousness, place him in incrimi­ Good Thing: The campus landscaping 75% Responded Yes
nating positions, take Polaroid's, and Bad Thing: The campus architecture 18% Responded No
when he comes to threaten to distrib­
ute fuem around campus. Offer to ex­ Good Thing: The cafeteria ladies (es- 5. Would you fight legally to reclaim
chaJge the photos for payment of the pecially Linda)! a position lost by Affirmative Ac-
origtnal missing_ thirteen dollars p1u� Bad Thing: The chronic diarrhea I get tion?
payment for stress inflicted and inter­ from the food they serve 66% Responded Yes
est amounting to the grand total of .. . 28% Responded No
(insert Dr. Evil impersonation here) . . Okay, enough of that. Now back to

. $100 billion dollars! (hmmah ha ha the article ... *Percentages were based on responses
ha) given. In some instances certain ques­
Dear A and A, tions received no response.
Dear Aaron and Abby, I'm really sick of writing this stupid
article for the newspaper. I want to stop The following blank space is
I get really frustrated when the li­
brary closes. I have a lot of research but I feel like I have an obligation to dedicated to John Cage, composer
to do and the only nights it stays open make this issue longer. What should I
of "4:33."
are Monday and Wednesday. Can you do?

help me?
Tired in DeTamble

Kicked out in Concord

Dear Tired, -�--

Well, for starters you could try get- We give you permission to stop.

The Hand That Feeds Us

Anthony Palermo

pannesan, hot dogs, and pizza coupled "He1 e you go, baby. Now you have
Who would think that it could get
with ice cream and a salad bar? Did a nice day! "
any be er than chicken nuggets, veal
I mention six or seven Not only do the SAPC cafeteria

ladies as sweet as your ladies relate to the students, but also

grandmother serving the students relate to the ladies. GSE

up three meals a day? student David Dail shared: "I love
Miss Linda, Miss Joy, mixing with the ladies. I makes me
Miss Mary, and the oth­ feel good to thank them and make
ers spend their days in­ them a friend. " All the kids who eat
suring that Governor's in the cafeteria seem to enjoy frater­
School students are nizing with the ladies and sharing a
well fed and well nour­ simple "hello."

ished, and brightening I had the privilege of sharing a

our days with a sweet continued on page 6

-- 2 --
A Slice of UJry... ·

· ·

. .Hand lwo fiShes '

. . .' ..

Robert Bassinger

What Do I believe in? condemnation of homosexuality make sider it to be a high compliment. I

me question the validity of the text. means I am focused on my own life, m
The following is an essay from my Sometimes, I laugh at the ridiculous own abilities, and my own purpose fo
Area II class conducted by Robert minutiae in the Bible, thinking, "What existence, not searching futilely fo
Belton, in which I explain my sys-­ old man wrote this drivel?!" I would be meaning in other people's lives. If yo
tem of beliefs. even more frustrated were it not for the think about it, if everybody is seekin
teachings of Jesus included in the New to help or serve others and doing so i
My system of beliefs is a study Testament. He did not waste his time the name of morality, what few head
in compromise, a delicate balance preaching against trivialities, but sought strong individuals will remain who ar
between two seemingly contradic­ to address the bigger picture -personal content with their own lives?
tory ideals, Christianity and Objec­ salvation, charitable deeds, universal Of course, my very attachment t
tivism. The former is the religion brotherhood. Christianity makes me an "impure" Ob
that was more or less forced on me I also differ from most other Chris­ jectivist because the "pure" followers re
since my childhood, but on that tians in that I don't believe that orga­ ject a belief in any forces beyond thei
through exploration in the world nized religion is conducive to faith. I control such as God, fate, or upbring
and personal interpretation of the attend a traditional Lutheran church, ing. Also, Christianity in many way
Bible, I have come to accept and steeped in German heritage and founded emphasizes the minimal attention tha
cherish. The latter, though discov­ in 1945, one of the oldest in North Caro­ should be paid to the individual, focus
ered only recently through the lit­ lina. I enjoy participating with fellow ing on the service of others as a mor
erature of Ayn Rand, is another way Christians on church projects -highway moral purpose. This is evident by th
of thinking in which I believe, spe­ cleanups, i ns trumental ensemble, veneration of "saints" such as Mathe
cifically in the belief of the self. Christmas caroling -and I appreciate the Teresa, who assisted the poor and need
The first and most important te­ social activities that the church offers. her whole life, and the reluctance to rec
net of Christianity that I hold is a However, I catch myself during the ognize iconoclastic geniuses lik
belief in God, a higher being who worship service, absent-mindedly chant­ Galileo, Copernicus, and Darwin. Of
watches over humanity from a dis­ ing verses and mumbling hymns and I ten, the church praises qualities them
tance. Like the Deists of the En­ think, again, "How ridiculous." The . selves that defeat the self -mee�ess
lightenment, I believe that God is worship service that we use may as well mildness, charity. My solution, whe
an "almighty clock-maker," having be a Buddhist or Muslim text; maybe asked to perform talks to help others i
mad the world and now content to then, we would contemplate it more in­ my congregation, it to follow the rule
sit back while humans "run the stead of performing it as a habit. The "Give a man a fish, and he will eat for
show." Some people wish that God only time I am allowed true contempla­ day. Teach a man to fish, and he wil
would take a more active, tangible tion about God is when I am alone, and eat for a lifetime." If the person � a
participation in the earthly world t so, I may or may not join a church in helping is not learning to be self-suffi
prove his existence, but I contest my adulthood. I wouldn't feel like less cient in some way, I feel like my �ltru
that God's physical absence, allow­ of a Christian ifl didn't. ism is completely useless.
ing humans to take full responsi­ That leaves me with a reduced, re­ That, in condensed form -beli�e i
bility for their actions, is one of His vised Bible, a reluctance to worship with or not- is what I believe in. Two sepa
most precious gifts.I do find com­ other people, and an intensely personal rate entities -God and myself -take u
fort, however, in knowing that relationship with God, but that is what I the majority of my spiritual life. It rna
Jesus, the Son of God, was a real have established myself. I am proud that sound heartless, but I don't share a par
person who lived among real I didn't accept my parents' Christianity ticularly strong bond with other chris
people. To me, Jesus is proof of blindly and embarked on my own path tians, and I don't feel like we're unite
God's existence. to God.But I have also found a system on a path to righteousness. I believe Go
My version of Christianity is of beliefs that appears to be opposite of is a tolerant, accepting entity wh
quite different form that of my the teaching s of Christianity -Objec­ doesn't look down on any of the othe
church-going relatives and friends. thism, the philosophy of Ayn Rand. religions of the world -Judaism Islam
First of all, I don't believe the Bible The core of Objectivism is a belief that Buddhism, etc. -that come to know Hi
is scientifically or historically ac­ the individual, or the self, is superior to , but in a different form than Christian
curate in many ways. I am an ada­ the collective, or society.Man is an end ity. And, I believe that when I die,
mant defender of evolution, so to in his-self, not a means to the ends of will go to heaven surrounded not onl
me, the story of Adam and Eve bor­ others. I believe I must live for my own by fellow Christians, but also by al -��--'
ders on mythology. Other Biblical sake -my own income, my own prop­ people who showed goodness in thei
oddities such as arbitrary rules erty, my own happiness -rather than lives. I look forward to that day but i
about handling pigskin, entering the devoting my life to others. Most people the meantime, I have a purpose to ful
temple during menstruation as a would regard the term 'selfish" as hav­ fill on Earth.
woman, and especially the harsh ing a negative connotation, but I con-

-- 3 --
A Moment in Time
GSE's Spades Tournament
Collin Lee
' .---..._
Amidst the grueling tests and essays arriving at GSE, some there "just for from Betsy and Marsha as the rule�
accompanying nine hours of classes, the fun," and one in particular that had a stipulate. Ironically, the winners we-re
taxing hours of homework and work on member unknowing of the way of defeated in the third round, but seeing
the twelve-page term paper, many GSE Spades. This team comprised of Marsha as only three teams advanced to the
students somehow find the time to brush Anderson, a seasoned Spades veteran semifinals, an extra team was needed,
up on their card-playing skills during the from Fayetteville, and Betsy Fisher, a and thus the pair was drawn from a hat
initial weeks of GSE. Well, perhaps true novice from New Bern. As other to go to the semifinals. Betsy and Marsh
there was not so much stressful work to teams prepared with confidence and secured their berth in the finals with the
do, BUT ...there WAS a distinct aura conviction, Marsha gave Betsy a ten­ forfeiture of their opponents due to un­
of. .. well, card-playing in the lobbies of minute crash-course in the game's rules. foreseen circumstances. And, finally,
the dorms here at St. Andrews . .. And with quick learning, skill, and a one week later on July 7, 1999, in a
And this aura has never been stron­ little bit of beginner's luck, Betsy and match against Patrick Berry and Jeremy
ger than when Concord Hall hosted the Marsha did quite well. In fact, they Phillips, Besty Fisher and Marsha
campus-wide SPA D E S TOURNA­ eventually won the whole tournament. Anderson claimed their title...and one
MENT on June 30. Students were play­ The pair did not have an easy jour­ free pizza per champion.
ing Spades all over campus and at all ney to the final round, though. Their So, in the midst of rising up aginst
times: between the posting of announce­ first bound lasted nearly an hour as it all odds to win, and exceeding their ex­
ments for the tournament the first week was a neck-and-neck bout all through­ pectations just to "have fun and try to
and the fateful day, during free periods, out. Their opponents' sandbagging was get past round one," the winning pair
duri�g lunch, during the evenings. At their saving grace. They only won in reported a sense of pride and a sense of
6pm1 on the day of the tournament, ap­ the second round when an observer no­ being ecstatic over their accomplish­
proximately thirty teams of two regis­ ticed that they had to renege. Since their ment. But, as Betsy said, the best part
tereq: some team skillful, some with opponents did not catch this error, they of the championship, of course, was "the
members who had only learned upon decided not to take away three tricks free pizza!"

\ Twenty-five Fun Things to do at K-Mart

Edited by Anthony Palermo from an original list by Maria Smith
1. Lebve cryptic messages on the won't you people just leave me 21. Dart around suspiciously while
humming the theme from "Mission:
typeJ.nters. alone?"
2. Re dress the mannequins as you see 16. When two or three people are Impossible."
fit. \' walking ahead of you, run between 22. Two words: "Marco Polo."
3. Walk up to an employee and tell them, yelling, "Red Rover!" 23. In the auto department, practice
him ih an official tone, "I think we've 17. Make up nonsense products and your "Madonna" look with various
got a Fode 3 in Housewares," and see ask newly hired employees if there are funnels.
what happens. any in stock, i.e., "Do you have any 24. When an announcement comes

4. TJ.e
all the radios to a polka Shnerples here?'' over the loudspeaker, assume the fetal
statiofi; then tum them all off and tum 18. Take up an entire aisle in Toys by position and scream, "No, no! It's
the vqlumes to " 10 ". setting up a full scale battlefield those voices again!"
5. Walk up to complete strangers and . with G.I. Joes vs. the X-Men. 25. Drag a lounge chair on display
say, "Hi! I haven't seen you in so 19. Take bets on the battle described over to the magazines and relax. If the
long!..." etc. See if they play along to above. store has a food court, buy a soft
avoid embarrassment. 20. While handling guns in the drink; explain that you don't get
6. While walking through the clothing hunting department, suddenly ask the out much, and ask if they can put a
department, ask yourself loud enough clerk if he knows where the anti- little umbrella in it.
for all to hear, "Who BUYS this crap, depressants are. Act as spastic as *BONUS* Attempt all of the above
anyway?" possible. during the same visit.
7. Repeat Number 14 in the jewelry
8. As the cashier runs your purchases
over the scanner, look mesmerized
and say,""Wow. Magic!"
9. Put M&M's on layaway.
I 0. Move "Caution: Wet Floor" signs
to carpeted areas.
11. Set up a tent in the camping
department; tell others you'll only
invite them in if they bring pillows
from Bed and Bath.
12. Ask other customers if they have
any Grey Poupon.
13. Drape a blanket around your
shoulders and run around saying,
"...I'm Batman. Come, Robin-to the
14. Ran�omly throw things over into
neighboring aisles.
15. When someone asks if you need
help, begin to cry and ask, "Why
Trust Me on the Alcohol
Edited by Adam Shupe
In lieu of the fact that I'm a) too tired, Drink one thing every day that scares Do not read beauty magazines, just cut
b) too busy, and c) too lazy to write my you. out the pictures and put them on your
own article, I decided to present the Sing badly. wall.
population of Governor's School East Be reckless when buying other people Get to know your parents. You never
with probably one of the funniest paro­ drinks. Don't put up with people who know when you'11 have to tap them for
dies I've ever read. The opinions ex­ are reckless when buying yours. some cash.
pressed therein do not "necessarily" Gargle. Be nice to your barman. They're your
represent the opinions of this reporter. Don't waste your time on shandy. best link to the bar and the person most
Enjoy. Sometimes you're ahead, sometimes likely to stop you getting your head
If I could offer you only one tip for you're behind. The race is long and, in kicked by a bouncer when paralytic in

the future, alcohol would be it. the end, it's only to the bar. the future.

The long-term benefits of alcohol have Make up compliments you received. Understand that favorite drinks come

been consistently misunderstood by sci­ Return the insults. If you don't succeed and go, but with a precious flammable
entists, whereas the rest of my advice in doing this drink more beer now. few you should hold on.
has no basis more reliable than my own Keep your old ring pulls. Throwaway Work hard to bridge the gaps in strength
drunken experience. your old cans. and consistency, because the older you
I will dispense this advice now: Retch. get, the harder it will be to neck ales like
Enjoy the power and beauty of your Don't feel guilty if you don't know when when you were young.
alcohol tolerance. Oh, never mind. You you might dry-out in life. The most in­ Live in London once, but leave before
will not understand the power and teresting people I know didn't know at it makes you a ponce.
beauty of your alcohol tolerance until 22 when they would sober up. Some of Live in Liverpool once, but leave be­
it's faded. the most interesting 40-year-olds I know fore everything you own is stolen.
But trust me, in 20 years, you'll look still haven't. . Accept certain inalienable truths: Beer
back at photos of yourself retching in a Get plenty of kebabs. prices will rise. Bouncers will throw you
gutter and recall in a way you can't grasp Don't be too kind to your liver. You'll out. You, too, will get a hangover,. And
now how much alcohol you drank and hardly miss it when it's gone. when you do, you'll fantasize that when
how fabulous it really was. Maybe you'll score, maybe you won't. you were young, prices were reasonable,

You are not as sick as you imagine. Maybe you'll enter rehab at 40, maybe bouncers couldn't catch you, and ih.ang-
Don't worry about where the next beer you'll dance the nude conga at your 75th overs were NEVER as bad as thi .
is coming from. Or worry, but know Fraternity Reunion. Respect alcoholics.
that worrying is as effective as trying to Whatever you do, congratulate yourself Don't expect anyone else to buy �ou a
score with a page three model after 15 far too much and berate others. beer.
pints of Stella. Your choices are half alcohol influ­ Be careful whose cheap booze you buy,
The real troubles in your life are apt enced. So are everybody else's. but be patient with those who supply it.
to be things that never crossed your Dance, even if you have nowhere to do Cheap booze is a f01m of rip-off. Dis­
drink-addled mind, like the unexpected it but on the street with a can of Special pensing it is a way of fishing old stock
lack of ale in the fridge on some idle Brew. from the disposal, wiping it off, paint-
Tuesday. Ignore the directions, don't ever follow . ing over the sell-by date and re-selling
them. it for more than it is worth.
But trust me on the alcohol.

ognit�on. Although, I understand the

To the editor: concept of these spirit days, I truly be-
Spirit is a rare and precious gift in lieve that something less disturbing than .'
this oh so apathetic decade. Therefore, an article of clothing that conjures up
I was truly delighted to see students hav­ images of domestic violence could have �
ing things like Pigtail Wednesday. I been celebrated.
know that strong spirit is hard to come
'-"' by and these had to be truly enthusiastic -Emily Glover
people to want everyone to rally together
in support of Governor's School East.
However, this week, that enthusiasm
seemed to go too far. The creators of
Wifebeater Wednesday should have
practiced more sensitivity and respon­
sibility along with their school pride, for
the idea is quite offensive. All stereo­
types breed from some form of the truth.
So, at some point those shirts, which are
in effect white undershirts used to show **If you have comments
off muscles, must have been associated
or concerns you would like
·vith the act of beating one's wife. I re-
lize the originators of Wifebeater
to voice in Th�-Bridge, feel .. IF YO"U
Wednesday did not also originate the free to put them in the box TO"U�H IT,
names for these shirts. Nevertheless, YO"U I>IE!!!"'
located in the Belk lobby.
there was still no n e e d to honor
wifebeaters with their own day of rec-


In the Hills of West Virginia

Oh silent stalker of innocent souls Do you use a pure love
Withered flesh your delight To sharpen your shears?
Crunching brown leaves underfoot Spin, then.
Fallen so many months ago Spin your wheel
Amongst the brilliance of nature's aging Feed and spin and cut until your fingers bleed.
Dancing around your victim Stalk the helpless.
Taunting and pounding I wait for use still,
In utter silence And I will stand
· I have seen you, this I know for sure Before you
In clear blue eyes set deep in Hunt me; spare those without defense
Soft, peach skin Crave me; let me show you thc.t
And you came again, I
Your victim carefully selected: Will not be shorn from the origin
The eternal Nor from thread running through
The existing myth of sin and tragedy Your sisters' hands
And neglect, but through that Whisper my name on dark stormy nights,
Misdirected love When I am alone and frightened
With distance leaving much to the imagination Attack me and I will show you
Your arrival was expected What courage is.
Though we knew no the time nor the place
: Your irony is quite obvious, my wicked spinstress - by Susan Navarro, English

The child without a voice­

Silenced by society-
A society of monsters who have forgotten what it's like to be
a child:
Innocent, curious, enthusiastic, inquisitive, hopeful for the
future ...
Holding the future in their hands
While the monsters speak of the past-
A past they talk of yet often choose to forget.

-by Naomi Reagan, Natural Science

G uerr I I a
continued from page 3

break with Miss Linda earlier this

week and we shared a bit of conver­
sation. We discussed violence in pub­
lic schools, fundamentals of Chemis­ A r t
try, and how she's going to miss all
the GSE kids when they go. She also
While Ryan supports the
added that she loves to hear messages
frame, Lauren fixes Kristen
that previous students send to her
up to imitate a famous paint­
through new students. "I get real
attached to the young'uns every ing. Although Kristen will

year", she said. "While they are here, n o t be hanging around for
though, I like to make sure they's the next few days, we still
OK." All of the other ladies I con­ have the string that their fel­
versed with shared Miss Linda's sen­ l ow s tudents decorated
timent that "we sure will miss y'all with. You neverknowwhat
when you go. Certainly will." they're gonna do next.

Can you tell

which picture
they're imitat­
Groovin' in Granville
Kate Barnhill

So, be honest, how long was it

before you even realized that there is a
Granville Dorm? (Girls who live there
don't count.) The first week, I actually
heard someone say, "I went to Granville
for a quiet conversation." I'd like to
assume everyone knows where we are
by now, although recently I heard
someone say, "I don't think I've ever
been in the Granville Lobby."
So what, if we are the only
lobby without a video g.u-ne, or pool
table (or anything else other than a TV
for that matter)? This just means people
have to use their creative imaginations
in Granville. So far, people have re­
hearsed skits, watched movies, dyed
hair and even thrown a few birthday only dorm with a courtyard whose droppings and all.
parties there. lobby doesn't smell like urine! (Unlike It is important also to mention
Granville has other special a certain boy's dorm.) Don't forget the Suite 5's nighttime visitor, whom I will
qualities as well. For example it's the popular Granville Beach either, goose continued on page 8

M a s quer a d e I •

Mat_h Con test

Bulletin Board· · ·. ·

Reminder: Ifyou haven't alreadY.
Results of the Fifth Math Contest done so, please post your E-mrul

� Eighteen mathematics and natural address on one of the lists found in
science students took the fifth math con­ continued from pago 7 each dorm's lobby, the Belk Cen­
test� The top scores follow. ter, and the computer lab.
call Willie the Rat Snake. The three foot
Ken Chu (natural science) 6
slithering Willie decided to grace us with
Shane Farkas (math) 5 The Newspaper staffmeeting will
his presence one night in the showers be held at 4:00, Monday, in Or­
Michael Parsons (math) 5
around midnight. Big thanks to secu­ ange Lobby. ALL staff must be
Patrick Berry (math) 4
rity and Brain Lupei for saving us from present.
Cynthia Liu (math) 4
Willie's reign of terror. We all hope Bike
The Webpage staff will meet at
The cumulative leaders at this time Cop's hand heals quickly!
4:45, Monday, in the large com-.
follow. Granville also has a secret masc0t puter lab.
Patrick Berry (math) 26 named "Petey" who comes for visits at
Ken Chu (natural science) 25 night with Suite 5 's�_Q):lp.Selor Amy Palo l Everyone must pick up their T­
Michael Parsons (math) 21 ·
(See picture) Than]c God he wasn't shirts on Wednesday and Year­
Shane Farkas (math) 18 there the night of the snake incident! books on Thursday outside of the
Want to know something else spe­ GSE office. See calendar for
Jonny Waldes (math) 16
cial about Granville? A tour guide was times.

The final math contest for 1999 is overheard informing prospective SAPC
If you have ideas for newspaper
scheduled for Tuesday afternoon after students, that during the school year
articles or would like to submit
3:00 in LA-102. Students from all areas Granville Dorm is reserved for those
something, please leave it in the box
are welcome. A close contest for first who want to live in an alcohol and drug provided in the Belk lobby.
place-will be decided between Patrick free environment. Interesting, huh?
Berry� Ken Chu, and Michael Parsons. At any rate, if you go beneath the Thank you to:
Fourteen contestants still have the po­ surface, Granville Dorm is just as good Jennifer Baldock for contribut­
tential to place in the top five for the sum­ as all the other dorms, perhaps even ing the picture ofPetey, Granville's
mer. better. Certain})'· though, we will all be secret mascot.
left with it's great memory!

GSE Calendar Week 2

July25 9:00am Chorus to Presbyterian Church .

· · .
· Staff · .
. ·

Sunday 6:15pm Talent Show- Avinger

Kate Barnhill
July26 6:45am Yoga- Small Gym
Monday 7:00pm All-Star Game-Gym Kathryn Monroe

July27 9:55am Assembly -"Challenging the Assumptions ofPublic Education - Reporters:

Tuesday Avinger
3:15pm Math Contest- LA 102
Robert Basinger
3:15pm Images ofWo:nen in the Media (Elective)- LA 116 AndrewBeal
4:30pm French Class to La Terrace in Southern Pines Aaron Catrett
7:00pm Poetry Workshop (Elective)- Gathering Place
Abigail Clarke-Sayer

July28 8:30am Math Speaker- Avinger

Lani Golstab
Wednesday 10am- 1:40pm & Pick up your GSB T-shirts outside the GSE Office �athanielflorner
3:00-4:30pm This must be done today! Any extras will be available later. Dustin Joyce
7:30pm Choir Concert-Presbyterian Church
July 29 9:55am Assembly-Avinger Collin Lee
Thursday 11:15 am-1:40pm & Pick up your Yead>ook outside the GSE Office Susan �avarro
3:00-4:30pm Pleue do this today! Extras will be sold later. Laura �icholson
3:15pm Director's Discourse
Tonya Oliver
6:00pm Poetry Reading - Gathering Place
7:30pm Band Concert- Large Gym Anthony Palermo
Derrick Preston
July 30 3:15pm Dance presentation of"'rnelas"- Small Gym
Adam Shupe
Friday 7:30pm Choir Concert-Presbyterian Church
9pm-lam Formal Dance-Belle Patio
Data Entry;
July 31 8:30am Natural Science-Avinger Tsu-Yin Chang
Saturday 9:50am Closing Assembly/Good-Byes- Large Gym

Jonny Waldes

Robert Jailall
Michael Parsons

Jamie Palo