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2/5 - in keeping with good taste - lacking a plan, purpose, or

and propriety; polite and enthusiasm
correspond restrained
- have a close similarity; match devout
or agree almost exactly defer - having or showing deep
- put off (an action or event) to religious feeling or
corroborate a later time; postpone commitment
- confirm or give support to (a
statement, theory, or finding) defile dichotomy
- damage the purity or - a division or contrast between
countenance appearance of; mar or spoil two things that are or are
- support/approval represented as being opposed
definitive or entirely different
craven - (of a conclusion or
- contemptibly lacking in agreement) done or reached
courage; cowardly decisively and with authority: a diffident
definitive decision. - modest or shy because of a
crusade lack of self-confidence
- a vigorous campaign for demean
political, social, or religious - cause a severe loss in the diffuse
change dignity of and respect for - spread over a wide area or
(someone or something): I had between a large number of
cryptic n. demeaned the profession. people
- having a meaning that is
mysterious or obscure demise digress
- a person's death - leave the main subject
temporarily in speech or
culpable demur writing
- deserving blame - raise objections or show
reluctance dilettante
cynic n. - a person who cultivates an
- a person who believes that denounce area of interest, such as the
people are motivated purely by - publicly declare to be wrong arts, without real commitment
self-interest rather than acting or evil or knowledge.
for honourable or unselfish
reasons depletion dimension
- reduction in the number or - a measurable extent of a
cynical quantity of something particular kind
- believing that people are
motivated purely by self- derision dirge
interest; distrustful of human - reduction in the number or - a lament for the dead,
sincerity or integrity quantity of something especially one forming part of a
funeral rite
daunt desiccate
- make (someone) feel - a hygroscopic substance used disarm
intimidated or apprehensive as a drying agent - to take away one’s weapon

decorous desultory discord

use ambiguous language so as dissent to conceal the truth or avoid .oval shape commonly or officially held eradicate elucidate . catch position or course diverge emollient erudition .a belief or set of beliefs held .a feeling of worry or unease .the state or quality of being egress ambiguous or open to more dissemble .distribute or spread over a .make someone’s energy other dogma drained a principle or set of principles discreet laid down by an authority as engender . disingenuous dubious enumerate . or condition): the discrete dormant issue engendered continuing .lack of agreement or harmony doctrine endow between things .make (something) clear. or taste .difficult to find.hesitating/doubting .separate from another route .to get rid/destroy completely .go out of or leave than one interpretation .the quality of having or and go in a different direction avoid confrontation or anger. dissipate explain errant .evoke or draw out .at rest controversy. showing great knowledge or calming or conciliatory learning.not in the right place. situation.temporary from a broad and diverse range disperse of sources equilibrium .ready to accept control or emulate esoteric instruction ..“smooth skin”.careful incontrovertibly true .conceal or disguise one's true feelings or beliefs elicit equivocate . typically . attempting to .cause or give rise to (a feeling. or other group enervate .not candid or list by pretending that one knows less about something than one eclectic ephemeral really does .the holding or expression of ellipse committing oneself opinions at variance with those . having disappear elusive moved from the correct .disappear or cause to .blessed or well-equipped and taught by a Church.separate . style. docile .deriving to converse with each .state of opposites being wide area effrontery balanced -insolent or impertinent disquiet behaviour equivocal .to make a model of . discourse political party.intended for or likely to be understood by only a small .

mistaken belief fractious inept furtive inextricable fallow fusion ingenious garrulous inhibit gibe innuendo falter gist inquisitive gourmand instigate intelligible . or way of life) faze guile gullible euphemism hallmark .a mild or indirect word or feign hallow expression substituted for one harangue considered to be too harsh or heretic blunt when referring to felicity heterogeneous something unpleasant or hiatus embarrassing fervid hoary hone exacerbate hyperbole .spend or use up (a resource impenetrable such as money or energy) flagrant imperative implacable extemporize implausible .improvise fledging implicit impromptu extort impudent .deceptive appearance forage indictment fortuitous indigenous fallacy fracas inedible . bad fetid ideology situation.adopt or support (a cause.obtain by force florid impunity inadvertence fabricate inane .number of people with a fastidious specialized knowledge or 3/5 interest fatuous gratuitous espouse grimy .invent in order to deceive fluctuate incipient incompatible façade incubation .pressing.make (a problem. grovel belief. demanding impalpable flaccid impassive expend impeccable . or negative feeling) ilk worse illicit fickle imbue exigent immaculate .

intransigent eccentric pigment intrepid eclipse pious intrinsic efface piquant intuitive egocentric pique inure nexus placid inveigle nocturnal plasticity invincible novice platitude irascible noxious plethora iridescent nuance plucky jeer nucleate plummet judicious nugatory pontifical keen nullify porous laconic obdurate prate lactate objective prattle languid oblivious precedent latent obscure precipitate leery obsequious precursor lenient obsolete predestine levity obstinate prescience liberal obtuse prevalent limpid occlude prevaricate lionize odious pristine loquacious opaque probity lucid orate proclivity ludicrous orb prodigal lurid orthodox prodigy magnanimous ostensible profligate malevolent ostentatious profound mandatory pacific profuse maverick pallid proliferate mendacious palpable prologue meticulous pandemonium prone mettle paradigm propensity misanthrope paradox propriety mitigate paragon proscribe mollify parry provocative monolith parsimony pummel mosaic pedantic pungent multifarious peer querulous mundane peripheral quisling nadir permeable quixotic naivete perspicacious quorum negligent pertinent quotidian negligible perturb rancid peruse rant pervasive rarefy 4/5 phenomenon ratify phlegmatic rational dynamic pied recalcitrant .

recapitulate stark unkempt reciprocate stasis unprepossessing reclusive stereotype unscrupulous reconnaissance stipple urbane recumbent strata vanquish redolent striate vapid redoubtable subjective variance redundant subordinate veracity refute succinct verbiage relic superfluity vernacular relinquish superfluous vestige supersede viable suppress vie 5/5 surly vigilant susceptible vilify renegade sylvan vim reprobate synchronous vindictive requiem synthesis viscous resolute tableau vituperate restive tacit vivacious resuscitate tangential volatile reticent tantalize voluble retract tapestry welter rife tawdry whimsy rift temperament zealot riveting tentative rudimentary tenuous runic tepid salient terse saunter thwart scruple timorous secluded tirade secrete toady seine torque seminal tortuous sequential tout servile transcendental sever transpose shard travesty shirk trite simulate trivial sluggard troupe sojourn truculent solicitude tryst specious turbid spectrum tyro sporadic ubiquitous spurious unassailable stagnant unequivocal .