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1. What does the persona do with his/her anger of the enemy?

2. “I told it not, my wrath did grow.”

Unstable emotion should never be kept inside. How can you release it? Provide a reason for
your answer.

Method: ______________________

Reason: ________________________________________________________________

3. What would you do if you had a misunderstanding with your foe?


4. Why do you think the persona did not tell his foe about his wrath?

5. What two things can you learn from this poem?


6. “Till it bore an apple bright”

Do you think revenge solves problems? Give a reason for your answer.

Opinion: _____________________________________

Reason: ________________________________________

7. How does the persona feel about his/her foe lying under the tree in the morning? Give a
reason for your answer.

8. ‘I was angry with my friend.’

How would you avoid getting angry with a friend? State a good effect of your action.


Reason: _________________________________________________

9. ‘I was angry with my foe’

State one bad effect of anger and suggest a solution to manage anger.

Effect: ____________________________________________________________________

Solution: __________________________________________________________________

10. What is the poem about? ____________________________________________________

11. What lessons have you learnt from the poem? State two.

12. Why does the foe want the apple?

13. In stanza 1, what happens to an anger that is not settled?

14. What does the word “deceitful” mean?

15. In stanza 2, which phrase suggests that the persona pretended and used tricks?

16. In stanza 3, which phrase tells you that the persona kept his anger all the time?

17. What does the tree symbolise?

18. Which word in stanza 2 that has the same meaning as “dishonest”?

19. In stanza 1, what happened to the persona when he did not express his anger?
20. In stanza 3, what did the apple refer to?

21. In stanza 4, why did the persona feel happy?


22. What did the persona do when he was angry with his friend?

23. In stanza 2, how did the persona allow his anger to grow?

24. In stanza 3, what does the word it refer to?


25. In stanza 1, who is the persona angry with? _______________________

26. Which word in stanza 1 shows the persona is similar to an apple tree? _______________

27. In stanza 2, what does the word ‘it’ refer to? ________________________

28. In the morning glad I see

My foe outstretched beneath the tree’. In your opinion, how did the persona feel that