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William Thompson
Hair: Brown (Currently Shaved) Weight: 200 lbs.
Eyes: Green Height: 5’9”

Austin at Dinner Lead Rivers INKD
This Is Honey Bunny Supporting Rivers INKD
The Three B’s Lead Rivers INKD
Not Even Close Lead Rivers INKD
Pretty Messed Up Lead Rivers INKD
Better Men Supporting Rivers INKD
Bonfire, Falls Lead DoesLittleProductions
All Sewn Up (Pilot) Lead Rivers INKD
Weed Shop (Pilot) Supporting Romark Films
These Fangs Lead DoesLittleProductions
Surviving Therapy Supporting Majestic Entertainment
Too Many Hitlers Hitler #7 Hollywood Fringe Fest 2017
The Next Big Thing Mickey Theatre Planners
Romeo and Juliet Peter A Noise Within
Henry IV, Part 1 Sheriff Shakespeare in Delaware Park
Dancing at Lughnasa Michael The Leary Theater
MacBeth The Porter The Leary Theater
Orpheus Descending Dog Hamma The Leary Theater
Niagara University - Theatre, BFA; English Literature, BA
Acting: Upright Citizens Brigade – Improv, Tom Lachiusa – Meisner, Brendon Powers – Shakespeare, Paul Todaro – Camera
Dance: Stacey Janusz – Jazz, Gary Marino – Ballet, Terry Philips – Tap
Voice: Amanda Lytle Sharpe – Voice and Dialects
Other: Robin Patterson – Mime/Physical Theatre, Steve Vaughan – Combat

S.A.F.D. Actor Combatant in unarmed, quarterstaff, and rapier & dagger; 10 years of drumming experience; Slapstick, Pratfalls,
Clown; Conversational German; and American Standard, Southern, Brooklyn, Boston, British Standard, Cockney, Manchester,
Liverpool, Scottish, Irish, Australian, Kiwi, French, German, Russian, Armenian, Persian, and Israeli dialects.
Hines and Hunt Entertainment – Justine Hunt, Manager