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CSSC, Seremban

Name: ______________________________________ ID: ________________________

Batch: ____________


Skill: Venipuncture for Blood Culture and Sensitivity

1. Familiar with blood culture collection equipment.
2. Able to perform correct sterile technique in blood culture collection.
3. Able to label blood culture bottles correctly.

No Expected action (steps) Date (1) Date (2) Date (3)

1. Preparation Introduce self to the patient.

Identify the patient
- check patient’s identity with request form
Obtain consent
- explain procedure
- purpose of procedure
- fill in the request form
- label the bottle (do not remove or cover the
barcode on the bottle)
- apron and face mask
- sterile gloves
- sterile dressing set
- sterile drape
- 2% Chlorhexidine and 70% alcohol
- 10 ml syringe
- 21G needles x 2
- blood culture bottle (aerobic)
- alcohol swab
- trolley
- blood request form
Prepare equipments on sterile surface of the
- sterile dressing set
- sterile gloves
- syringe
- needles (at least 21G x 2)
- alcohol and Chlorhexidine solution
- sterile drape
Place tourniquet to identify suitable vein for
CSSC, Seremban
Perform *effective hand washing with
antiseptic solution and dry with sterile hand
Put on *sterile gloves.
*Prepare the venepuncture site in aseptic
technique with 70% alcohol followed by 2%
chlorhexidine gluconate solution and allow
to dry before draping.
2. Venepuncture *Aseptic non-touch technique (ANTT)
- Sterile skin can only be touched with
sterile glove if necessary.
Draw 10 ml of blood.
Release tourniquet prior to withdrawing
needle and apply cotton wool ball with firm
pressure to venipuncture site.
Discard the used needle into sharp bin and
replace with a new needle onto the syringe.
Clean the top of the blood culture bottle with
70% alcohol and allow to dry.
Inoculate blood into culture bottle.
Dispose the syringe and needle safely.
3. Post- Remove gloves, face mask and apron,
procedure dispose in appropriate bin and wash hands.
Bag and dispatch to laboratory.
4. Communication skills
5. Professionalism
6. Overall
Assessed by: Pass / Fail Pass / Fail Pass / Fail

Key: (√) Competent

(X) Incompetent
(*) Pass - must be competent in all sections