A One-Year Road Map
A Simple and Powerful Program to Get Yourself on Track for Success in Business and Life

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Welcome & Overview How to Use This Guide The Exercises:
1: The 8 Categories 2: Taking Stock 3: Your Vision 4: Create Your Vision 5: Your Theme

Put The Exercises into Action
Action Steps Gauging Your Progress

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We’re glad you’re here and are ready to get going! In working with hundreds of clients, we’ve found that making an overall plan and then following it is an effective way to get everything you want out of life. This process can be fun & easy, if you are willing to let it be that way. And while we’re at it, we want to acknowledge you for being willing to engage with this workbook. You may be new to planning your life this way; we promise to challenge you and can guarantee that the more you put into this process, the more you will get out of it. Let’s get started! Warmly,

Bill Baren Coaching Team
“If you don’t know where you are going, any road will get you there.” ~ Lewis Carroll 3 4 . Taking time now to get the plan in place will help insure that you will take focused action on what’s most important to you and achieve the goals that you are about to set. www. as you will see on the next page. and then work our way up. and you can chunk this down into smaller goals.Overview Life: A One-Year Road Map is designed to guide you in the creation of a personal one-year plan for your life and your business. We think of this process in terms of a pyramid. Why one year? Is it too long? No! Setting shorter goals – 3 or 6 months – is too small to really push you forward. What you can accomplish in one year is substantial. First we lay the foundation.

and how you can do something about it.billbaren. he says. Once again. "Yes. When the jar is packed to the top." The moral of this story: Pick your "Big Rocks" first." "No. you will never get them in at 5 . "Is this jar full?" Everyone watching says." they say." the speaker replies. no matter how full your schedule is. and only then look at what else we want to add into the remaining spaces of your life. "that's not my point. the group is skeptical. "What do you think is the point of this Illustration?" One eager beaver raises her hand and says. "Maybe not. he asks. Then he asks again. "Good!" he answers. "Is this jar full?" "No!" they shout. A time management expert places a large wide-mouthed jar on the table. He then looks at the group and asks. "Really?" He begins to add pebbles into the jar and the group watches as they work themselves down into the spaces between the big rocks. www. and then puts several large rocks carefully into the jar.Big Rock Story One of our favorite stories is one of the Big rocks. if you try really hard you can always fit more things in. We think it is relevant because it helps you see what is important in your life. Once more. organize your priorities around those. The Truth is: If you don't put the big rocks in first. He then adds sand to the jar and it fills in the spaces left between the rocks and the pebbles. "Is this jar full?" By this time. "Good!" Then he takes a pitcher of water and began to pour it in until the jar is full to the brim." Then he says. "The point is. he asks.

com 6 .billbaren.The One-Year Workbook Pyramid Achieve Goals Action Steps Theme Vision Taking Stock via 8 Categories (foundation) www.

you can (and must!) celebrate as you go. To get the most out of this One-Year Workbook. Put it in a 3-ring binder. Logistically. decide that you are going to work this program and get as much from it as possible. and get closer to your vision. and include plastic sleeves and lined paper. Yes. You’ll use the sleeves to hold the various pieces we ask you to create.billbaren. Doing so is a mistake and you will shortchange yourself. we really want you to do this (let out your inner 3rd grader and have fun). print out this Workbook now. As you accomplish your action steps. Set aside an hour per week to plan and review. give yourself an afternoon to lay the 7 . as well as items that inspire and support you in achieving what you want. As an entrepreneur. we know that you may be inclined to focus solely on the elements of this process that point directly to your business.How to use this guide To begin. www. Successful entrepreneurs align their work with their overall life.

billbaren.The 8 Categories 8 .

billbaren. www. followed by where you would like to be in each.Introduction to the 8 Categories Using the 8 categories outlined. Use the following pages to record where you are now in each category. assess each aspect of your 9 .

6. Business / Professional / Career / Job Financial / Income / Debt Reduction / Investments / Net Worth Fun Time / Recreation / Sports / Hobby / Travel Personal / Learning / Projects / Purchases Contribution / Service / Community / Legacy Relationships / Family / Friends Health / Fitness Celebration / Noticing what is working well / Acknowledging your progress / Practicing gratitude / Rewarding yourself www. 7. 10 .billbaren.The 8 Categories 1. 2. 5. 4. 3.

com 11 .Taking Stock: Business / Professional / Career / Job Where you are now Where you’d like to be www.billbaren.

Taking Stock: Financial / Income / Debt Reduction / Investments / Net Worth Where you are now Where you’d like to be 12 .billbaren.

billbaren.Taking Stock: Fun Time / Recreation / Sports / Hobby / Travel Where you are now Where you’d like to be 13 .

billbaren.Taking Stock: Personal / Learning / Projects / Purchases Where you are now Where you’d like to be 14 .

billbaren.Taking Stock: Contribution / Service / Community / Legacy Where you are now Where you’d like to be 15 .

Taking Stock: Relationships / Family / Friends Where you are now Where you’d like to be 16 .billbaren.

Taking Stock: Health / Fitness Where you are now Where you’d like to be 17 .

Taking Stock: Celebration / Noticing what is working well / Acknowledging your progress / Practicing gratitude / Rewarding yourself Where you are now Where you’d like to be 18 .

Create Your Vision 19 .

billbaren. let’s use them to create a compelling vision! A vision increases your clarity about what you want. The more clarity and detail .the better. when they put all 8 to 20 . faster. we know that you may be tempted to focus exclusively on the categories of career and finance. We strongly encourage you to include every category. as we have found that our clients get further.Your Vision Now that you have taken stock of each category. As a reminder.including how you’ll feel when you are living your vision . www. This is what attracts what you want to you and helps you create it in physical reality.

your rational. What are your business and life 21 . and how you feel as you experience this day. Write a letter from your future self to your current self. Act from the place of it already being true.just for this one moment . Pick a time 1 year in the future.billbaren. act as though it does. If you find your critical mind not believing what you’ve written. and how would you describe them to your current self? Your letter may include: a description of your ideal day. Note: Although what you’ve written may not exist at this exact moment.Create Your Vision: Future Letter A future letter is a simple and effective way of getting your vision down on paper. logical mind. what activities fill your time. try this: suspend . www.

com 22 .Future Letter Worksheet Create your letter here: www.billbaren.

really go to 23 . put random images in your page protectors.billbaren. Add as many images to this page as you can. We encourage you to really have fun with this piece. Remember the part about letting out your inner third grader?! www. You will likely need more than just this page for the process.Create Your Vision: Collect Images Use this page to start your image bank.

Create Your Theme 24 .

It also becomes the filter through which you evaluate opportunities and actions. Your theme acts like the “glue” that holds everything together. inspired leader.Your Theme Looking at the 8 categories and where you would like to be in each. etc. they don’t get in. If they fit the theme.billbaren. innovative leaps. they’re in. If not. It is the overarching concept that captures the essence of the year. drink more 25 . www. and your vision. Examples include: business growth with ease. outrageous fun. find a theme that captures the essence of them all.

com 26 .billbaren.My Theme My theme for the year is: www.

billbaren.Putting the Exercises into Action 27 .

You may find it easier to create action steps from the overall vision. Either way is fine. your 28 . and where you’d like to be in each of the 8 categories) and make them tangible by creating a road map to get there. Assess those things you are currently doing which are getting you closer to your vision. Acknowledge yourself and keep going. or it may be simpler to use the 8 categories to help you organize your action steps. www.Action Steps Now you’re ready to take these big pieces that you’ve created (your theme. The point is to create actions that will help turn your vision into reality! The first step is to look at what is already in progress.billbaren.

billbaren. simplest first step that will help you go in this direction? Ex: If you want 10% business growth. Notice what he or she is saying. ask yourself. then take action on the inspiration and/or advice that you receive. Make your action steps personable and easy (no points for making this hard…) Now get busy! 29 . what’s the smallest. talk with a fellow entrepreneur who has accomplished this.Action Steps For the parts of your vision that you are not yet in action toward.

Action Steps My action steps are: 30 .billbaren.

Take those actions! Celebrate what’s working and what you’ve accomplished.Gauging Your Progress Weekly Decide what actions you can take this week that will support your vision. www. Be realistic while stretching yourself.billbaren. How satisfied are you with your progress towards the vision? Is your time frame still realistic? Reassess as needed. Notice what isn’t working and tweak where needed. Monthly/Quarterly Does your vision need refining based on what you’re learning? Give yourself permission to make the changes in your action plan that you feel are 31 .

If it does. Notice what you did not do and/or what did not work and decide whether it matters. how can you use this information for next year? If it doesn’t 32 .Gauging Your Progress Annually Where are you compared to your vision? Notice what you have accomplished acknowledge yourself for how far you’ve come. Write a new vision for the next year! www. let it go.

way to go!! Please celebrate your achievement by treating yourself to something that is fun and/or meaningful for you.billbaren. www. give yourself a pat on the back for being willing to take tangible steps to improve your current situation. Great 1st step! Now we encourage you to go back and work your way through it. If you have so far just scanned through the 33 .Wrapping It Up If you have diligently worked your way through the entire workbook.

please let us know of other programs that you would find useful. less of. Email us at life@billbaren.Feedback We want to continue to support you in the process of reaching your goals and dreams. www. 34 . To help us be more effective. please share your thoughts with us about this program: what you like.billbaren. what you’d like more of. We appreciate feedback and are committed to a process of continual And while you’re at it.

com 35 . money. Since 2001 we have coached hundreds of entrepreneurs. Please visit us at www. We would love to talk with you about how coaching can support you in creating and/or completing your own 1-year plan.billbaren. Together we create prosperity by aligning their business and life so that there’s more tan enough money. or energy is missing from their work/life mix. time and energy for what’s really meaningful to them.billbaren. and/or about other ways that coaching can help you take your business to the next www. business owners and executives to success and prosperity.About Us Bill Baren Coaching is an organization that works with intelligent and conscious entrepreneurs who find either time.

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